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European Communities Commission Delegation Newsletter to the United Nations Vol. 4, No. 3, 1981
The Commission notes that even in those member countries in which the market provided by the official stock exchange is the central market, a number of public offers take place outside
The origins of spontaneous grain refinement in deeply undercooled metallic melts
We show that subsequent remelting of this dendritic seaweed can give a highly grain refined microstructure and the occurrence of such a ‘seaweed’ structure at both intermediate and high
Alterations in Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in the Mouse Hippocampus Following Acute but Not Repeated Benzodiazepine Treatment
Two-way ANOVA examining drug effects on the association with promoters I or IV indicated a significant increase in pCREB binding to BDNF exon I promoter following ZP treatment [F2,27=
European Communities Commission Delegation Newsletter to the United Nations Vol. 4, No. 1, January-February 1981 (second edition)
it notes the intention of the Commission to submit concrete proposals and invites the Council to submit a report to the European Council in June on progress made both nationally and at
A non-contact, thermal noise based method for the calibration of lateral deflection sensitivity in atomic force microscopy
We find good quantitative agreement between the two methods, as long as the cantilever geometry is suitable for calibration by the torsional Sader method, that in-plane bending of the
European Communities Commission Delegation Newsletter to the United Nations Vol. 4, No. 1, January-February 1981
Community Trade Mark Office CMTO At present those wishing to register their trade marks in other Community countries have to apply to up to ten trade mark registration off1ces, each
Alterations in brain structures underlying language function in young adults at high familial risk for schizophrenia
Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI studies have implicated several brain regions underlying language function in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia reviewed in Shenton et al, 2001;
European Co-operation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research. COST
The Council approved : a the four categories of co-operation set forth by the Commission in its communication concerning activities in the context of European co-operation in the field
Knowing their place on the roads: what would equality mean for walking and cycling?
Factors guiding assessment of conditions and measures for change [L] Indication of safety inequality obtained by transport statistics on rates of death for distance travelled [M]
Exposure of primary keratinocytes induced to differentiated in high calcium or a 3-dimensiosnal raft culture of human epidermis to a combination of growth factors and cytokines elevated
Narratives of Spatial Division: The Role of Social Memory in Shaping Urban Space in Belfast
Narratives of Spatial Division: The Role of Social Memory in Shaping Urban Space in Belfast Clare Mulholland, Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem and Gehan Selim School of Architecture, Planning
Preparatory study for the revaluation of the EQ-5D tariff: methodology report
The ‘Preparatory study for the Re-valuation of the EQ-5D Tariff project’ PRET is a methodological study funded by the Medical Research Council MRC-National Institute for Health Research
Alteration of Innate Immunity by Donor IL-6 Deficiency in a Presensitized Heart Transplant Model
Characterization of innate immune cells in PCImediated injury in the pre-sensitized transplant host engrafted with IL-6 deficient donor To clearly identify the impact of PCI on
Europe today. State of European integration 1980-1981
- food aid - food aid convention - own resources - precedence of law European company European cooperation grouping European export bank European Foundation for the improvement of
Alteration of Galectin-3 in Tears of Patients With Dry Eye Disease
As with human tears, gelatinolytic activity and MMP9 immunoreactivity have been identified in human seminal plasma, however, endogenous metalloproteases purified from seminal plasma
The ALS-Linked Gene TDP-43 Regulates \(IFN\beta\) Expression through a Novel Mechanism of 3' UTR-Mediated Promoter cis-Regulation
Interestingly, high levels of antiviral gene expression was identified in spinal cords from the G93A SOD1 mouse model of ALS Wang 2011, and I have found that perturbation of SOD1
“Enabling” Participatory Governance in Education: A Corpus-Based Critical Analysis of Policy in the United Kingdom
Draft version of Chapter to appear in ‘International Handbook of Interpretation in Educational Research’ conclude with a brief reflection on the insights afforded by the interpretive
Immunogenicity of undifferentiated and differentiated allogeneic mouse mesenchymal stem cells.
LTA and one-way MLR for chondrogenic-differentiated MSC and DF.  Balb/c and C3H MSC P5 and DF P5 were differentiated in pellet culture as described by Bosnakovski et al.28 Briefly, 1 ×
Europe in the 1980s. Speech by the Rt. Hon. Lord Carrington, KCMG, MC Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, to the Foreign Policy Association at the Sheraton Centre, New York, 23 September 1981
"If the United States waited for nearly two centuries before adopting an active foreign policy, it is small wonder that the European Community took two decades, from its first steps
Europe and the United States: how alike, how different. Opening address by Mr. Gaston Thorn, President of the Commission of the EEC, at the symposium "Europe and the United States". Nice, 19-20 October 1981
C'est dans ce contexte qu'il taut situer l'evolution recente des relations entre les Etats-Unis d'Amerique, l'Europe et les autres partenaires du systeme economique occidental.... Je
Staff burnout in paediatric oncology : new tools to facilitate the development and evaluation of effective interventions
Measure development involved: 1 qualitative interviews with a purposive sample of paediatric oncology staff to develop an ‘item pool’ n=32; 2 selection of items for draft measures; 3
Europe and the US: How Alike? How Different? [excerpts from speech by Commission President Gaston Thorn before a symposium on US-EEC relations, 19 October, in Nice]. European Community News No. 30/1981, 21 October 1981
The liberalization of international trade cannot make progress unress there is order on the monetary front, not only at world level, but between the Community countries too.. The EMF is
Rules, precursors and parameterization methodologies for topology optimized structural designs realized through additive manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing Build Economics Direct Metal Laser Sintering Design Rules Electron Beam Melting Geometric Distortion Residual Stress Selective Laser Melting Surface Roughness
Europe and the North-South crisis. Speech by President Thorn, President of the European Commission, to the Congres de l'Instituo Studi Politici Internaziona. Florence, 17 October 1981
To give a few examples: the European Council has proposed that there should be a constructive dialogue between energy producers and energy conaumers,_and that an international forum
Europe 81 Nos. 8/9, August/September 1981
A combination of hostility to the Community among both many Conservatives and most British Socialists, foined to ourfarcical election system, whichhas keptthe only consistently
Subunit positioning and stator filament stiffness in regulation and power transmission in the V1 motor of the manduca sexta V-ATpase
The V-ATPase stator has a more complex arrangement of three subunit E/G filaments that are all linked to the membrane domain of subunit a via a collar feature that partly encircles the
PA1b inhibitor binding to subunits c and e of the vacuolar ATPase reveals Its insecticidal mechanism
Using electron microscopy, we show that PA1b binds at the base of the c ring, the first direct visualization of inhibitor binding to V-ATPase.. In contrast to predictions of existing
Blind Pilot Decontamination
P ERFORMANCE A NALYSIS We have demonstrated above, that the proposed algorithm works in principle in massive MIMO systems if the number of receive antennas is much larger than the
Europe 81 Nos. 1/2, January/February 1981
The basic aim of Europe 81 will be to spread information about Community decisions and policies, and to show their impact on the lives of the British people and those of other member
Rapid synthesis and electrical transition in p-type delafossite CuAlO₂
Synthesis of a phase pure delafossite CuAlO2 through the conventional high temperature processing of mixed component.. Funding from the Commonwealth Scholarship Council and the School