Naturally Parallel Measuring System Based on FPGA Hardware

The hardware not software solution proposed here, based on a programmable FPGA integrated circuit allows simultaneous in the full sense of the word reading data from all used sensors

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Robust portfolio selection under norm uncertainty

In Section , we consider the robust portfolio selection problem which has data uncertainty described by p, w-norm in the objective function and we show that the robust formulation of

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Smart Mining Communication Systems

anti-explosion structure according to the PN-EN 60079-25, wireless control & communication—no troublesome wiring, robustness to damage of communication nodes due to adaptation and

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On an upper bound for Sherman’s inequality

3 Upper bound for generalized Sherman’s inequality In the previous section, under special conditions which are imposed in Theorem  and Remark , we obtained the following estimations

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Development of Laser Cutting Technology with High Quality of the Cut Surface

The main objective of the developed technology is to eliminate the additional mechanical treatment of the surface following the laser cutting and to allow the classification of the

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Analysis and construction of a family of refinable functions based on generalized Bernstein polynomials

The graph gives the symmetry and compactly supported refinable function corresponding to the mask τ,,. ω, which has approximation order  and decay rate

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The Influence of Cutting Fluid and Diamond Like Carbon Coating on Cutting Tool Wear

When comparing the values of surface roughness parameters on the edge of the machined workpieces after the dry turning process and turning with a cutting fluid containing zinc

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An extension of the estimation for solutions of certain Laplace equations

Abstract In this paper, by using a new type of Carleman formula with respect to a certain Laplace operator, we estimate the growth property for solutions of certain Laplace equations

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Hot Pressing of Tungsten Monocarbide Nanopowder Mixtures by Electroconsolidation

The applied electric field led to the formation of a temperature gradient around the pores, with a favourable impact on the compaction of large pores and an increase in the final

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Two weighted inequalities for B fractional integrals

3 Two weighted inequalities for B-fractional integrals In this section we prove an analog of Heinig’s result for the B-fractional integral Iα,γ f.. Further, the Stein-Weiss inequality

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Drill Base Body Fabricated with Additive Manufacturing Technology: Structure, Strength, and Reliability

Keywords: additive manufacturing, selective laser melting, porosity, drilling, drill body design, coolant ducts.. INTRODUCTION Additive Manufacturing AM technologies are opening new

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Some approximation properties of \((p,q)\) Bernstein operators

MSC: 41A10; 41A25; 41A35 Keywords: p, q-Bernstein operators; p, q-calculus; Voronovskaja type theorem; K-functional; Ditzian-Totik first order modulus of smoothness.. 1 Introduction and

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Rehabilitation Robot for Upper Limbs

A PC with control software makes it possible to remember the trajectory of the movement of the rehabilitated limb in the form of a training program as well as makes it possible to

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Lyapunov’s type inequalities for hybrid fractional differential equations

5 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Research Center, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Science, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Bangkok, 10800, Thailand..

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Relations between generalized von Neumann Jordan and James constants for quasi Banach spaces

In the third section, we establish a relationship between the generalized von Neumann-Jordan constant and the modulus of convexity, the James constant and the modulus of convexity, the

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Modular Design & Construction in Automotive and Building Structures: Eliminating ‘Show Stoppers’ in the Use of Wood Based Facade Cladding

2 Functional requirements FRs involve the translation of CNs and FRs into a set of design parameters which must lead to a nearly-100% guaranteed ability of making the product satisfy

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The boundedness of commutators associated with Schrödinger operators on Herz spaces

Liu, Y, Huang, J, Dong, J: Commutators of Calderón-Zygmund operators related to admissible functions on spaces of homogeneous type and applications to Schrödinger operators.. Liu, Y,

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Topological Optimization in Mechanical Constructions—An Example of Application

As already mentioned, the models obtained as a direct result of the optimization process are only theoretical although nowadays technologically feasible, for example, with the use of

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Inequalities for finite trigonometric sums An interplay: with some series related to harmonic numbers

Theorem . For every positive integer p and every nonnegative integer n, the sum of cotangents Jp defined by . satisfies the following inequalities:... Remark . Note

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Modal Analysis of Loader Crane with Variable Configuration

In the presented paper, a method of loader crane model reduction by replacing hydraulic actuators by substitute elements is presented.. This simplification enables shortening both the

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Monotonicity of the ratio for the complete elliptic integral and Stolarsky mean

Yang, Z-H: Very accurate approximations for the elliptic integrals of the second kind in terms of Stolarksy means.. Yang, Z-H, Chu, Y-M, Zhang, W: Accurate approximation for the

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Fatigue Life of Butt Weldments Made of S1100QL Steel

CONCLUSIONS The following conclusions and observations were made on the basis of the conducted research:  Fatigue tests performed on two groups of specimens made of S1100QL steel

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Homogeneous approximation property for continuous shearlet transforms in higher dimensions

Theorem . is very different from the univariate continuous wavelet transform case [], it is only a sufficient but not necessary condition for the pointwise HAP for a continuous

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A Digital WATERMARKING Algorithm with High Efficiency Based on DWT and LSB

Experiments show that our algorithm is improved the robustness and high efficiency embedding and anti-clipping digital watermark algorithms based on the LSB, watermark separation and

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