A Germanist-Javanist Ethical

In document Franz Magnis Suseno’s thoughts on religious pluralism (Page 75-78)


B. Overview of Franz Magnis-Suseno

1. A Germanist-Javanist Ethical

In 1973 he earned a doctorate in philosophy in Munich with papers on Karl Marx. Achieving that is to continue the line of specialization field of study that already he began almost 15 years earlier in Pullach, near Munich city. He has been interested in Critical Theory, Ethics and Political Philosophy. Ethics, more specifically the Political Ethics is the most basic areas of study for him.

Other themes, such as has he to say about the epistemological problems of quantum physics and the theory of evolution, must be

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3 He mentioned again, precisely the combination of past Germany with a new identity that continues to grow inwardly for over 40 years, it has allowed him to contribute a specific and limited in Indonesia's efforts to build a humane future. The donation, which if seen in terms of philosophy and the Christian faith, is a form would be a good traveling companion who participated in the search direction of travel.

ruled out. With Ethics, there are goals that focus on the real challenges in a common life as in the social, political, and economic in Indonesia that has been outlined.

Some Germans who lived in Jakarta, particularly through the German Embassy are very familiar with Franz Magnis through the work of his book on "Ethics of Java". In Indonesia, book "Etika Jawa" and other publications, such as book "Wayang dan Kita" published by Lappenas 1983, in Jakarta, bringing their own impact Frans Magnis. For example, since published a book about a puppet on average each year he received an invitation and then participated in the puppet all- night.

However, if only he as a speaker to be impressed to say too much, or what it says arise everywhere, seems too often to say something even if not actually say anything. If it was so then, if there is an acquaintance said that lately why you give a lot of lectures, it is enough to know you should just rest for a long time ago. Alternatively, for two or three months of Franz Magnis limit ourselves to lectures about medical ethics or Javanese mysticism.

In the field of medical ethics or Javanese mysticism is never a time Franz Magnis have a strong reaction. In commemoration of Youth Pledge Day he was interviewed by the daily "Kompas" about the meaning and importance of Javanese culture in the life of Indonesia. Franz Magnis Opinion was published "Compass" apart with a great title, that the Javanese culture has a special significance for the unity of Indonesia. Various reactions appear pitched disagree and argue.4

In fact, two major newspaper "Sinar Harapan" (later to become the "Suara Pembaruan") and "Merdeka" specifically discussed in an editorial full. Both condemned the opinion of Franz Magnis as

something detrimental to national unity. Franz Magnis actually realized this before, that the themes are flung it is a theme of the most warm and can be offensive. But he was estimate the depth of emotion that will appear and strong tabuisasi about the matter.

Strong reaction also never appeared in February and March 1990, when Franz Magnis publish an article series consists of four articles in a daily newspaper. Two first articles analyzes the implications of changes in international communism, to review the communist system is very critical. The third article is still relevant, discusses the theory of Karl Marx, the history of Marxism, and is also very critical even among his peers too negative. And at last or fourth article, Franz Magnis catapult view that socialism as the hope of salvation by the abolition of private ownership of the means of production is a view which is obsolete. Only, this time directed not to the strong reaction Franz Magnis but told the newspaper that received a written warning for having published something about Marxism.

Each lecture is always served Franz Magnis in speaking style "official". He must take into account, that on the next day, especially after large seminars, lecture material will be written in the form of a large sentence in newspapers. In fact, sometimes he was written in bold letters above the middle of the first page. In fact, the sentence according to Franz Magnis actually is a statement that has been so common, for example, "Social Justice should be embodied".

He actually felt embarrassed to see a sentence like it find big as if no special wisdom. Even if there really is not anything there, but since the sentence was actually read by everyone then so be it into a political issue. And people, like myself Franz Magnis, shown as a person who does have something to say.

In fact the real Franz Magnis has not ever got into trouble. However, if giving a lecture he would always pay attention to whether there is a press there or not. If there is, then he will confine himself to

reading the written text he had prepared carefully. In fact, if not, then usually Franz Magnis will often talk freely though still based on the text.

Franz Magnis understand among the world altogether Germany press would never find a scholars opinion in the news, especially in headline, unless opinion of politicians. It shows difference in the atmosphere of public disclosure. Franz Magnis-Suseno said in Indonesia, press can catapult views quite safely by not being involved directly; it's up to the reader to discover what is implicit in the express it.5

However press should always be careful because in seminars covered issues discussed openly. About it Franz Magnis said:

"Verily never know for sure whether the seminar as it was more in the form of the use of empty spaces, or whether we, the scholars only enliven a zoo, which was left to us, just so we still feel busy with something that seems important. Perhaps both are true."6

In various seminars Franz Magnis often experience a memorable event. That he was the only "foreigner" who invited any workshop. People really want to hear his opinion. In order to keep his opinion to be heard Franz Magnis know very well how to put yourself and place. For example, he was always present themselves as a Kasman or former Germany. So that, whatever their views and criticism of the state of Indonesia is not patronizing, not showing Franz Magnis know more, but participatory alone.

In document Franz Magnis Suseno’s thoughts on religious pluralism (Page 75-78)