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Clearwell must first discover all EV related sources to be used for collection, including EV servers, sites, vaults, and archive directories. By selecting Symantec EV as the archive source to be discovered, administrators can perform a new discovery, or add to an existing list of previously discovered EV archive sources.

Note: The EsaEVCrawlerService is used to perform the discovery.

Enterprise Vault Index Levels Index

Level Description

Brief Allows searching of the metadata associated with the Author, Recipients, Subject, Date Range.

Medium Allows searching of the metadata associated with the Author, Recipients, Subject, Date Range, as well as key word searching of the content contained in the message body and the attachments.

Full Allows searching of the metadata associated with the Author, Recipients, Subject, Date Range as well as key word and phrase searching of the content contained in the message body and the attachments.

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Step 1: Perform EV Discovery/Vault Administration

From System > Email Servers, for Symantec EV servers, you can discover new EV vault directories, and perform other administrative tasks such as check site/vault store and archive statistics, and create policies which you can later use to your collection filters (under the

“Retention and Policy Tags” tab).

About EV Policies

As of 7.1.2, you can filter your collections and holds in EV by creating policies using policy tags.

Policies are updated automatically every time a collection occurs. If documents are encountered with a new policy, that new policy is automatically added to the list of existing policies, by its name, and type.

CAUTION: Before performing EV discovery, check that the correct version of EV API Runtime is installed. For both new installations, and upgrades from older versions, 7.1.x automatically installs EV 10.0.1 API Runtime on the appliance. Clearwell also supports EV 9 SP3. To connect to the EV 9 SP3 version, follow the steps to uninstall 10.0.1, then re-install a supported version first.

See the entry for “Enterprise Vault (EV)” in the table under “Checklist 3: Data Source Setup” on page 18.

To perform discovery on the Enterprise Vault server 1. Log on to the Clearwell appliance using “Admin Account”.

2. In the Clearwell interface, in the All Cases view, click System > Email Servers.

3. From the drop-down menu, select Symantec EV.

Under the “EV Discovery Results” tab appears either a blank field, or list of any previously discovered EV directories:

4. To discover a new EV Directory server, enter the Directory Server Host name.

Note: The version of the installed EV client is shown. This must exactly match the EV server (API Runtime) version. The EsaEVCrawlerService must also be running with the credentials that grant you Read permissions to the archives you intend to collect or hold.

5. When ready, click Start Discovery. This automatically detects the appropriate directories, and performs discovery on the EV Directory server.

When discovery is complete, your discovery results display all EV vault directories that have been discovered.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter issues during discovery, check the server logs, including output from the EsaEVCrawlerService. Any archives that were dropped for any reason are not reported through the Clearwell user interface. Be sure to check these logs first to determine what was dropped.

6. Continue with “Step 2: Add EV Sources” on page 64. Alternatively, continue to the next set of steps to view statistics on your discovered directories.

To view vault directory statistics

1. Click any link displayed in your discovery results to view statistics about that site and/or its vault stores and associated archives.

Clicking a parent vault directory displays the Site window:

This view shows the directory server, associated vaults and total size for the selected site.

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Clicking on a vault from the Site window displays the Vault Store’s statistics and its associated Archives.

The Archives section displays all associated archives, including its Vault Store, Created Date, Last Modified Date, and Size. Click on an archive to view these same statistics, plus view its Index status in a new window.

2. Continue with “Step 2: Add EV Sources” on page 64. Alternatively, continue to the next set of steps to create a new policy.

To create a policy

1. From System > Email Servers, with Symantec EV selected, click the Policies tab.

2. Click Create New.

3. In the Add Policy window, enter a name (required) and choose the type of policy (Include, Exclude or create a Category).

4. Click Save. The policy can be applied when you create a collection or hold task. The

“Retention and Policy Tags” tab appears allowing you to select this (or add a new) policy.

5. To delete one or more policies, click the “trash can” (delete) icon in the Action column, and confirm deletion.

Step 2: Add EV Sources

An EV source is defined by the combination of a Site and Archive Type. Once selected, the system will collect or hold from all specified archive types of the selected site.

To add an Enterprise Vault source

1. In the All Collections module, click Sources.

2. On the Sources screen, click Add, then enter the Source Name, and for the Type, select Enterprise Vault.

Note: If the Enterprise Vault selection does not appear, your license may not have been updated. See "Managing Your Collections License" in the Identification and Collection Guide.

Note: A warning message appears at the top of the screen if discovery on the EV source was not performed first.

In the screen example, the selected site is “EVVAULTSITE”, with the “EV Domino Mailbox Archive” as the type. This allows collections from any mailbox in the Lotus Domino Mailbox archives from within EVVAULTSITE.

3. Select the Site and Archive Type.

4. Click Save.

Note: If there will be multiple users for the Symantec Enterprise Vault source, you must add an account for each added local user.

Step 3: Update your License

Collection from an EV source requires a Clearwell 7.1.x version license. If you are upgrading your Clearwell appliance to 7.1.x, be sure to update your license. In the Clearwell user interface, go to System > License. For details, see “Collection Administration and Maintenance” on page 119.

Continue to “Creating and Managing Collections” on page 70 to start adding collections and tasks for your EV source.

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The Clearwell appliance supports collection from various add-on source types called

“collectors”, each licensed separately for use with the Identification and Collection module.

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