Completing a work order

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When the repair person completes the repair he sets the status to Completed Suggestion: Take a picture of the repaired work as proof of completion

The work order is now visible under the Completed tab on the app.

It can still be checked for details but all fields are now read only on the app.

Web Application 49

4.9 Notification Messages

The following chapter shows notification messages and explains meaning and possible action to take.

4.9.1 Double entry notification

A notification message is show if a work order that is either new or not yet completed is already existing for the same location

Note: This notification is only available when templates are used.

4.9.2 New comment notification

A notification message appears when a new comment is entered to:


Maintenance comment The notification goes to:

The person who reported the work order

The repair person who acknowledged the work order

The work order number is displayed and when clicked is a hyperlink to the detailed work order description:

Note: the notification does not appear for work orders that still have the status new and are not yet acknowledged.

4.9.3 Server connection failed

Should the connection to the server (database) be disrupted the following message appears:

 Please re-start the application

 If the issue persist please contact your IT technician or server administrator

MXP Work Order section 51

5 MXP Work Order section

Mostly supervisors will have access to the Work Order tab in MXP

The first three tabs show the same list as on the web application. Use the mouse to change the column with to suit your needs.

The first columns up to the thick bold line are frozen and will always show but you can adjust the width of the frozen line.

Use the slider below the grid to view columns to the right.

At the bottom is a blocked view of the work order that is selected

5.1 Acknowldedge & Complete

Work orders can also be Acknowledged or Completed in MXP:


1. Select the work order with the cursor 2. Click on Acknowledge

3. Work order status will change to "Acknowledge" and move to the Acknowledged tab

Complete work orders:

1. Select the work order with the cursor 2. Click on Set to completed

3. Work order status will change to completed and move to theMaintenance Completedtab

MXP Work Order section 53

Maintenance Completed:

This tab shows all work orders with completed maintenance status.

1. Use the From & To dropdown to filter for a specific time frame

2. The Completed tab shows the date and time when the work order has been completed

5.2 Dry Dock

Work orders can be marked for Dry Dock

1. Tick the box for Dry Dock in MXP --> work order is visible in the Dry Dock tab

5.3 All Completed

This tab shows all work orders where maintenance is completed and guest follow up is completed. If a work order is not marked for follow up it will show here as well.

5.4 Deleted

This tab shows deleted work orders - note that the ability to delete work orders is only a high level user right.

MXP Work Order section 55

5.5 Analysing work orders


In the work order grid you can sort by any column by clicking on the column heading, an arrow is indicating the sort direction:

Example: sorting by room number descending by clicking on the column heading Room


Filters can be applied to any column:

1. Click on the arrow in the box in the right upper corner of the column 2. choose from the drop down

3. A blue arrow indicates that a filter has been applied to that column Please note that the filters remain until they are physically cleared again.

MXP Work Order section 57 Pictures

At the bottom in the tab image you can view all pictures or upload additional pictures. Click on the icon with the magnifying glass to view the picture in your default picture viewer. A picture viewing program needs to be installed on your computer.

Audit log

The tab Audit Log shows changes made to the work order. For example you can see here if the work order has been re-assigned and if a comment has been changed or deleted.

5.6 Exporting lists to Excel

For further Analysis or to print a list of open work orders for the repair personnel any view in the work order grid can be exported to Excel it is best to filter the needed data first in the work order grid.

Example - print a list of open work orders for the carpenter:

1. Filter the grid in the column Maintenance Department for Carpenter 2. Click on the Export to Excel Icon

3. The save to file command window opens up, the file will be automatically named with the tab and day of export, save in your preferred folder 4. Open the excel file from your preferred folder

5. Change the page layout to Landscape

6. Delete or hide columns not needed (Note we always recommend to include the work order number for ease of identification in any printouts) 7. Adjust the column width or scale the printing to fit to one page width

MXP Work Order section 59

MXP Work Order section 61

5.7 Creating work orders via MXP desktop

Work Orders can also be entered directly in MXP:

In the Work Order tab, click on the new icon, a command window will open up:

5.7.1 free entry form

Same as on the mobile app a work order can be entered using the drop down and free text fields:

Priority: Choose from the drop down:

Standard Urgent Very Urgent

Location: Choose from drop down

Room: Enter guest room number

Room occupant: This will automatically populate with the name of the person occupying the room Description: Free text field to enter description of repair needed

To be repaired by: Choose from drop down maintenance departments

Follow up: Check this box for guest service follow up required -> if this box is checked the work order will be listed in the Follow up tabs in MXP

Click Create to finish entering the work order.

MXP Work Order section 63

The work order will appear under the New tab in Work Orders:

There also pictures can be added from file

5.7.2 Creation from Template

Same as on the mobile app the templates can be used to enter work orders:

Click on the template button:

Choose your template from the form and either double click or click Assign

MXP Work Order section 65

The fields Location Description, Issue Description, To be repaired by and Requires follow up are prefilled

Nevertheless additional comments can be added to the Location Description and Issue description:

6 Guest Follow Up

The tabs Pending Follow up Approval and Pending Follow up can be used to keep track of Guest follow up In general any work order that was marked for Follow-up when it was created will appear in the two tabs.

A work order can also be marked retrospectively for follow up after creation by ticking the box Required in Guest Follow-up in MXP Pending Follow-Up Approval

This tab relates to the column Guest Follow-up and the sub headings Required, Approved by and Category

ALL work orders that are marked for follow-up will appear in this tab. Pending on the business process you can filter by the status for example if work orders are only followed up after they are completed.

Configuration and Setup 67 To approve a work order:

1. Select a Category from the drop down (see section Lookups to see where these are configured) 2. Click on Approve follow-up

3. The field approved by will be populated with your user name and the work order will be removed from that tab but visible in the tab Pending Follow-Up

Pending Follow-up

This tab relates to Guest Followed-Up and the sub headings Followed-Up by, Followed-Up on and Comment

ALL work orders that are marked for follow-up will appear in this tab. Pending on the business process you can filter by the status for example if work orders are only followed up after they are completed.

The work order will appear in this tab until it is "Followed-Up by"

To follow-up:

1. enter comment into comment field (max 250 characters) 2. Click on Guest followed-up by

3. Fields Followed-up by and Followed-up on will be populated with the user log on and current time stamp 4. Work order will be removed from the tab and is now visible in the All Completed tab

Example of a completed work order:

Note: If Guest follow-up is done on work orders that do not have status "Completed" the work order will not yet be visible under "All Complete" but under the respective tab (New or Acknowledged).

Flexible use of the two tabs:

The two tabs are flexible in it's use to suit any business process for follow up. They can be used as described above or in any order with the above functionality.

69 MXP Hotel Maintenance User Manual v.02

7 Configuration and Setup

The module is operational with minimum setup. When using templates a more detailed structure can be used for standard reporting and analysis.

The minimum setup required is:

 Maintenance Departments

 Maintenance Locations

7.1 Lookups

Lookups are fleet wide configurations.

They are set up in Maintenance>Lookups

Under Lookup Categories are Maintenance/Work Orders

Maintenance Departments: Enter all different departments that are responsible for repair. Work orders are assigned to these repair departments and can be filtered in the mobile application by these departments.

Work Order Follow Up Categories: Standard follow up categories are entered here for selection in the

Configuration and Setup 71

Work Order Location Types: These assist to filter templates by a third level.

7.2 Template setup

Work order templates can be set up to standardise reporting. Also when reporting is standardised it makes it easier to do an analysis of work orders.

Templates are set up in Maintenance > Organisational Structure > Ship > Maintenance Templates Templates can be set up by Department responsible for an area on the ship. Each department can then set up Maintenance Template groups. Each group then contains the individual maintenance items. The items are additionally categorised by Location type.

An example below shows the hierarchy levels that can be applied:

1. Level: Department - example: Housekeeping

2. Level: Maintenance Template - example: Staterooms 3. Level: Location Type - example: Balcony

4. Level: Item - example: Balcony light OOO

Below shows how the template hierarchy is show on the mobile app:

Configuration and Setup 73

Setting up Items:

Location Type: Is a drop down and needs to be first configured as a Lookup Item Code: A Code (up to 15 characters) can be entered

Item Description: up to 50 characters

Report to Department: Default repair department is set from a drop down, Repair departments first need to be defined as Maintenance Departments in Lookups

Follow-up Required: A default follow up for this item can be entered here.

7.3 Maintenance Locations

Maintenance Location: Is a required field when creating a work order.

This is not part of a template, although locations are set up under the department - All locations are available for selection by the reporter. Therefore more than one department can set up templates for one location.

Location code: up to 15 characters Location Name: up to 50 characters

Below shows how the Maintenance locations are selected on the mobile application:

7.4 User Roles web application

For access to the web application the employee must have the repair or report user role assigned on the person sign on/off record.

In general two user roles for the web application are created which can then be assigned to the employee

HOM Repair HOM Report

To assign go to Employee Maintenance > Sign On/Off

Configuration and Setup 75

Log on for the mobile app is set at Person Details:

Local code: User code Pin code: Pin

The user roles and other access rights are assigned under Maintenance > Users > User Roles >


Reporting party app (stewardess) the user access needs to be set to visible and create for Work Order: General

Repairing party app (repair person) the user access needs to be set to visible, create for Work Order: General and Modify for Work Order: Acknowledge

Configuration and Setup 77

7.5 User Roles MXP Work Order

Access to MXP Work order tab is assigned as follows:

Maintenance Templates

 Visible can only view template setup in Organization Structure

 Create & Modify can create templates

 Delete can delete templates Work order: Acknowledge

 Modify can acknowledge work orders Work order: Approve Follow-up

 Modify can approve follow up (Approved by field will be populated with the MXP user name) Work Order: General

 Visible - can only view the Work Order tab in MXP

 Create - can view and create work orders

 Modify - can edit all work order content related to creating a work order

 Delete - can delete work orders - these will be visible in the Deleted tab Work order: Guest follow-up

 Modify - can check the box for follow up and enter a follow up category from the drop down Work order: Guest followed-up by

 Modify - can enter comment, button enabled which populates MXP user name and date/time Work order: Maintenance follow-up

 Modify - can enter maintenance comment, estimated completion time and mark for Drydock Work order: Set to complete

 Modify - can set work orders to status complete

In document MXP Hotel Maintenance. User Manual v.02 (Page 47-77)