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Day Four at the Mansion

In document Hefnerland - The Book (Page 146-156)

It was Saturday morning and I was safe. I ate in the dining room alone. Two very large,

mangy-looking dogs apparently had the run of the house and sat on my feet while I finished my meal. After I returned to my room, I decided to call Kelly. We gossiped about what had happened the night before. I actually told her a little bit about what Michelle and some of the other girls had hinted concerning her. I didn’t quote Michelle because no one needed to hear such hurtful things. I told her that they were being mean to me for talking to her. She had noticed it as well. I didn’t want to cause any problems for her or myself.

“They just don’t like you because you’re so nice. They don’t realize that you’re genuinely a good person and want to be part of their group. They must feel threatened by you.”

I wasn’t planning on returning, and I knew she really wanted to be in the group so I told her the things she could maybe change that wouldn’t irritate them so much. We talked a while longer and then hung up. I ordered some iced tea sat in the living room.

Michelle’s daughter flew out of their bedroom. I asked her what was wrong. She moved her eyes up and motioned her head towards the bedroom. I frowned. I didn’t understand. She took me over to the other end of the living room and said very quietly that the camera light just came on. I wanted to know where it was. She said it was between the plants right above the closet in the middle. I wanted to know how she knew, and she told me she could see the red dot of light. I wanted to see this. She looked a little frightened but led me into the room and motioned with her eyes where I should look. She started showing me pictures of her mom to act like we were doing other things than looking for the camera. I sat on the bed for a moment and commented on how cozy a room it was. We left, and I told her that I didn’t see it. She said he wasn’t watching at the moment. She wanted to know if I had found the one in my room. I hadn’t but asked her if she knew where it was. We couldn’t locate it using the same ruse we had in her room.

I couldn’t understand why there was a camera in their room. What about the thought of the twelve-year-old having to undress? Hopefully she was smart enough to stop undressing in the room and went to the bathroom to do so. Maybe Hef got off on seeing Michelle just watching TV or maybe he was insanely jealous and was making sure she didn’t have any unwelcome visitors. Whatever it was I thought it was creepy.

I called Bruce and told him about the cameras. He wanted me out of there immediately. I told him I planned to leave a night early. I wasn’t going to stay Sunday night and that as soon as the dinner and movie was over I would head back to the hotel where he was staying. I wanted to stay for the parties because there were going to be a lot of celebrities I would never have a chance to meet any other way.

It was Fight Night. They had a buffet dinner similar to the night before except there were movie stars at this event. Verne Troyer (“Mini Me” from the Austin Powers movies) was there, and I had a picture taken with him. Bill Maher, Thora Birch, Scott Baio, Judd Nelson, and some of the older movie stars were there, too. Lots of Playmates had driven up for the day; Lisa Dergan, Michael Bay (director of Pearl Harbor and others), Miss June—with whom I had hung out at the birthday party— and many more. I had pictures taken with everyone I recognized, and we all ended up in the screening room where there was a big fight to watch.

“My life is an open book with illustrations.” Hugh Hefner

Afterward everyone wandered around a bit. All the girls gathered for a picture as we had for the last three nights and then headed out to a large limo. We went to another club and the night was very similar except for the fact that two other girls had joined us. After a few hours we headed back to the mansion, I was told the following day was “fun in the sun day” and the festivities started at 2:00 p.m. I was exhausted and fell into bed, relieved this wasn’t a night where sex was expected.

That night I looked up from my bed and just waited for a red light to come on. I figured with it being pitch black in the night I would see it. I never did see the light, which I was glad about, but maybe he was too smart to turn it on in the night because the red light would automatically be seen, or maybe he was sleeping like I should have been and didn’t watch at night.

Thora Birch, Bill Maher and Jill Ann. I asked Bill Maher if I could take a picture with him and he said "It's night like it is going to take my soul or anything"

148 Jill Ann and Scott Baio

Victoria Fuller, Lisa Dergan, Jill Ann and Hef's Girlfriend prior to Holly Tina Jordan.

Britney, Michele Rodgers, Jill Ann and Shallan Meiers

Jill Ann and a guy that they called "Ladies Man"

150 Jill Ann, Judd Nelson and Kelly Jill Ann, Judd Nelson and Britney

Michele Rodgers and Bill Maher Mini Me and Jill Ann outside the back door of the Playboy Mansion.

Mini Me and Michelle

152 Jill Ann and Hugh Hefner in the back of the Playboy Limo with his bottle of Dom Perignon. As you can see Holly to the far right not looking very thrilled.

Shallan Meiers, soon to be playmate, Kelly and Jill Ann

Jill Ann, Kelly and Bridget out-front of the Playboy Limo.

Soon to be playmate, Bridget, Shallan Meiers and Kelly

154 Soon to be playmate, Bridget, Shallan Meiers and Kelly

Kelly inside the Playboy Limo.

Amber and Nicole striking a sexy pose for me.

Left: Shallan Meiers, middle not sure, and Nicole. Right: Out at a club dancing. Kelly, Amanda and Nicole.


In document Hefnerland - The Book (Page 146-156)