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Gate 21

The Gate of Control

I‘ll refrain from calling you a control freak. That would be unfair. Possibly. But life brings all sorts of challenges and demands, and you‘re someone who thrives when in a position of control, seizing the reins and taking decisive action over money, property, business, or relationship matters.

There is something of the hunter/huntress in this gate, and the skillful hunter knows how to hide and wait for his opportunity, to let the ―game‖ come to him. You decide what game you are hunting and mark out the territory accordingly. Then you will feel balanced. At the very least, be in charge of your wardrobe, what you eat, and where you live.

In all aspects of life, you want to be the go-getting, front-running, dominant force

— the big boss, the managing director, the one in charge. Partners and colleagues require great understanding to appreciate this. If your partner happens to share this gate, then welcome to a tug-of-war. It really will require great understanding of each other‘s respective authorities to know when to allow and concede if this power struggle is to be tolerated long term.

When you are permitted the driving seat, no one could be more dependable.

Indeed, you‘ll feel completely out of control should anyone else take the reins, and this frustrating prospect is more likely when your Heart Center is undefined. In that case, see that your wisdom extends to recognizing exactly who else merits control and can handle it well.

Difficulty arises when you use Control to arrange situations that are not yours to direct. You will find that these kinds of situations only happen when you are pushing with your ego and not paying attention to your true and wiser wishes, or not following your Human Design authority.

Gate 26

The Gate of Accumulation

Maximum results at all times — that‘s what you wish to squeeze out of life. The Accumulation of material wealth and prestige is possible, as you vigorously and cleverly chase — or dream about — positions of great power or status. You don‘t beat about the bush or waste time haggling if something doesn‘t have value for you. But if it does, the rewards must compensate your efforts.

The Heart is always striving to strike a balance between fulfilling wholesome

wishes and ego power trips, and you often find it a challenge to find that equilibrium.

There can be something of the egotistical salesperson about your attitude, something power hungry, but you will also know the value of your contribution to others in pointing out to them what they really want to have in their lives. You‘re not interfering, just trying to better what you see by recommending enhancements, improvements, or renewal in all aspects of life, be they new art, architecture, diets, fashions, vacations, philosophies, music, or travel.

You might tend to exaggerate your abilities, exuding an air of ―I‘m the greatest‖

or ―I‘m the best,‖ whether you say it out loud or state it silently to your reflection in the mirror. But stature is important in your life.

Pitching to people and being persuasive come naturally, but these skills bring with them a responsibility to acknowledge when something is of genuine service to others and not just your own reward.

Gate 40

The Gate of Deliverance

I suspect you are in great demand. This is because you are capable of always delivering the goods, whatever is asked of you. You engage the Heart‘s willpower to work hard and efficiently in the interests of everyone. You might even announce to the world, hands on hips, ―I don‘t need your help, thank you very much!‖ but take care that you do not isolate yourself unnecessarily.

Once you have accomplished what you set out to do, you will know the satisfaction of a job well done but also know that need for peace and quiet afterward.

Then your nature craves alone time. People can tend to overlook this, so you need to explain to them your need for uninterrupted replenishment. You enjoy supporting many kinds of people — in fact, you don‘t take friendship lightly — but you have to be firm in honoring your alone time, too.

A big question is also asked by this gate: ―Can you forgive yourself and others for the wrongs you have committed?‖ You see, some of the abilities of Deliverance involve being able to untangle and resolve life‘s complications, ultimately within yourself. If you learn to find forgiveness in your heart and genuinely let the past go, it can feel like an enormous release and clear the complications that may block progress or cooperation in the present. Matters of the ego may well challenge this natural inclination, but once you discover the power of true forgiveness, it brings tremendous relief. Forgiveness is part of your nature, whether you realize it or not.

Gate 51

The Gate of Arousing

Physically, this gate relates to the gallbladder, that part of our makeup that has a reputation for being shocking or full of gall, meaning that if you have this gate turned on you have a level of audacity that goes beyond plain cheekiness as you spur people into action.

Life brings its challenges and we tend to get caught up in mundane and material issues. Gate 51, however, is ready for something more brash, competitive, and

unpredictable. You therefore have a great knack for creating — as well as handling — surprise. You know how to push all sorts of people‘s buttons, using shock tactics to elicit and inspire positive reactions, and also become adept at handling shocking situations in your own life. Gate 51 can light the fuse under people, shocking them into a reality that gets things moving in their world. You are that great clap of thunder that acts as an alarm call to make everyone sit up, take note, and get moving!

This can come across as a devil-may-care attitude, so be aware of this and understand that your words and actions can stun people like a lightning bolt. Nothing is quite the same afterward.

This is your nature, so celebrate it, but perhaps learn to temper it — and choose your moments. That way, you can arouse astonishment instead of shock! And know that in the moment in which people‘s jaws drop, they are open to receiving all sorts of fresh insights.

Extra Dimension

With no gates on, the Heart is open as well as undefined, meaning you are

generous to a fault. You can find it difficult to place a value on anything in life, including your own self-worth. This openness makes you naturally openhearted and modest and constantly perplexed by those who proclaim how great they are. You‘ll avoid such egotists wherever possible, preferring more intelligent folks.

Whenever you seek to place a value on a service, or something you are offering or considering purchasing, it‘s probably wise to seek a friend‘s, colleague‘s, or consultant‘s advice to ensure your values are appropriate and respected, especially when negotiating deals or contracts.

In document HumanDesignParkyn Chetan[1] (Page 122-125)