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Halloween Party at the Mansion

In document Hefnerland - The Book (Page 187-191)

I next party I went to at the Playboy mansion was the Halloween party. This was actually one of the only parties that I actually drank more than I should have. I did feel slightly fat in my UPS outfit wearing next to nothing, and from dieting I had eaten hardly anything so the first drink I had hit me right away.

The haunted house was really the best I had ever been through. At the Halloween party Karen and I hung out together most of the night. She laughed through the entire haunted house and was tickling many of the ghosts that tried to scare us. I was screaming, she was laughing.

We ran into Kelsey Grammar, and he was wearing a priest costume. He was very nice and let Karen and I pose next to him.

We saw the late-night show host Craig Kilborn sitting all by himself by the pool.

Karen and I asked “Is there any way we can get a picture with you?”

He said “I’m sorry, I don’t do the picture thing, but I’ll autograph something for you.” We were very excited and I ran to get two napkins for him to sign.

He began to sign both of them for us and then he said, “What the heck, I will let you take a picture.”

I handed Karen my camera and went behind the table to pose with him. While I was smiling for the picture, he reached his hand up my UPS outfit and touched my genitals. I was posing; smiling, trying not to blink and he did this to me.

It was Karen’s turn and as we switched the camera I told her, “Don’t stand too close.” I motioned with my eyes really wide to warn her. I snapped the picture as quick as I could and reached back at the table to get the autographed napkins.

He said, “Why are you running off?”

“I’m Hef’s girlfriend. He doesn’t like me to be gone long.”

We both hurried off. This is when Karen wondered what was that all about (the Hef girlfriend thing). I said,

“He goosed me while you were taking the picture.” She said he’d done the same to her.

I told her I had just said the Hef’s girlfriend thing hoping that he would be embarrassed and that he would be worried I would tell Hef what he had done.

My last star to meet, which was my first autographed Playboy that had started this whole thing, was Drew Barrymore.

My girlfriends knew that I had missed her each and every party so they were not going to have me miss her again.

Karen said, “There’s Drew.”


She pointed her out. I started following and trying to get her attention. I started to speak and Drew turned completely around and started talking to her large group of friends she had brought with her to the party. I tapped her on the shoulders again and then they all decided to walk off. I had had a few Malibu’s and Diet Coke so wasn’t as shy as I normally was. One of the guys in the group happened to fall behind as they headed out and I let him have an earful.

I said “Do you know how much it would mean to me to have Drew talk to me? Do you have any idea that taking the minute to talk to me would mean so much. That she purposely turned away like that was so harsh.” I walked away.

I was at the bar with a huge group of people trying to make it back to where we were sitting with my drinks and Karen’s as well. Holding them high up in the air to try and squirm through the crowd I was

188 bumped and almost lost my balance. I remember a little bit of my drink rolling down my hand but didn’t think much of it. Karen was just on the outskirts waiting for me and she said “Oh my god, you just spilled your drink on Drew Barrymore!” I was like oh my god I hope she didn’t see who it was. I had not done it purposely and didn’t even see her standing amongst the huge crowd of party goers.

Later that evening, I saw Drew again outside with just a few of her friends about to light up a cigarette using Hugh Hefner’s personal match book. I figured I had nothing to lose. Karen was with me and I said,

“Please Drew is there any way I can get a picture with you?”

She said “Sure,” and posed for the picture. I went on and on telling her how great she was and how much I loved her and told her I was sorry for acting so excited.

She said, “You’re fine.”

Karen was next, and both of us got a picture. When we got the pictures back, on different cameras, both were ruined. Huge lines went through the picture. We could not figure out how both cameras had done this. She was so upset with me that I had put my thumb in the picture and then when I got mine back it was even worse. I could barely make out the two of us. I always wondered if it was what I said that let her take a picture with her or if she was just a little nicer after the party got later. Who knows but I got to talk to her, and I still love her and think she is awesome!

Left “Invitation” Right Top Drew Barrymore and Jill Ann. Right Bottom Drew Barrymore and Karen.

Kelly, friend, Michelle, Britney and Jill Ann

Craig Kilborn

190 Jill Ann and Kelsey Grammar

Jill Ann inside the Grotto

In document Hefnerland - The Book (Page 187-191)