The Contractor shall furnish a robust invoicing model to support direct, uncomplicated 3.15.1

mapping of invoice items to either the Operational Baseline or to an individual Work Order. Contractor invoices shall clearly map units and pricing defined in the Contractor’s pricing 3.15.2

model submitted as Attachment F.

The State is generally exempt from federal excise taxes, Maryland sales and use taxes, 3.15.3

District of Columbia sales taxes and transportation taxes. The Contractor; however, is not exempt from such sales and use taxes and may be liable for the same.

For the purposes of this Contract, an amount will not be deemed due and payable if: 3.15.4

a) The amount invoiced is inconsistent with the Contract and/or a Work Order. b) The proper invoice has not been received by the party or office specified in the

c) The invoice or performance under the Contract is in dispute or the Contractor has failed to otherwise comply with the provisions of the Contract and/or Work Order. d) The item or services have not been accepted.

e) The quantity of items delivered is less than the quantity ordered.

f) The items or services do not meet the quality requirements of the Contract and/or Work Order

g) If the Contract and/or Work Order provides for progress payments, the proper invoice for the progress payment has not been submitted pursuant to the schedule contained in the agreement

h) If the Contract and/or Work Order provides for withholding a retainage and the invoice is for the retainage, all stipulated conditions for release of the retainage have not been met.

i) The Contractor has not submitted satisfactory documentation or other evidence reasonably required by the Procurement Officer or by the Contract concerning performance under the Contract and/or Work Order and compliance with its provisions.

Invoices submitted without the required information will not be processed for payment until 3.15.5

the Contractor provides the required information as defined in this Section 3.15. All

invoices submitted for payment shall follow the appropriate submission procedure defined in 3.15.6, 3.15.7, and 3.15.8. Payment of invoices will be withheld if invoice submission requirements are not met. Payment in respect of deliverables as defined in Section 3.12 will only be made upon completion and acceptance of such deliverables as provided in Section 3.12.

Invoices shall be submitted monthly in accordance with the following table: 3.15.6

Section Ref #

Deliverable Pricing Billing Requirements

3.4 Transition-In Plan - Not Separately Priced (NSP).

3.4 Final Transition Status

Meeting FP Upon Final transition-In status meeting (Section and acceptance of all Transition-In activities by the Contract Manager as documented with a signed DPAF, Contractor may bill for the Transition-In. DPAF required Operational Baseline Support FP Contractor shall bill for the rate as

provided on the Price Sheet after final transition status meeting.

No DPAF required. 3.5 End of Contract Transition

Services (Transition-Out) FP Contractor shall bill for Transition-Out on the final invoice for the Contract. DPAF required.

3.13 Fixed Price Work Order FP Contractor shall invoice for all FP Work Orders that were completed in the prior month and accepted by the

Section Ref #

Deliverable Pricing Billing Requirements State as documented by a DPAF. 3.13 Time and Materials Work

Order T&M Contractor shall invoice for all T&M hours performed in the month prior to the invoice date as documented in monthly timesheets. No DPAF required unless specified in Work Order.

3.13 Hosting Services component

of a Work Order FP Contractor shall bill for the fixed price production services. No DPAF required.


Within three (3) business days after the 15th and last day of the month, the Contractor shall submit a semi-monthly timesheet for the preceding half month providing data for all T&M resources provided under the Contract and/or Work Order.

At a minimum, each semi-monthly timesheet shall show:

A. Title: “Time Sheet for Cloud Hosting and Web Shared Services”. B. Issuing company name, address, and telephone number.

C. For each employee /resource: 1) Employee / resource name

2) For each Period ending date, e.g., “Period Ending: mm/dd/yyyy” (Periods run 1st through 15th and 16th through last day of the month.

a) Tasks completed that week and the associated deliverable names and ID#s b) Number of hours worked each day

c) Total number of hours worked that Period d) Period variance above or below 40 hours

e) Annual number of hours planned under the Contract f) Annual number of hours worked to date

g) Balance of hours remaining

h) Annual variance to date (Sum of periodic variances) D. Signature and date lines for the Contract Manager.

E. Time sheets shall be submitted to the Contract Manager for approval by signature. INVOICE SUBMISSION PROCEDURE


Contractor shall submit invoices within 30 days of delivery of products/services and shall include, at the minimum, the following information:

A) Proper invoices for payment shall contain: 1. Contractor name

2. the Contractor's Federal Tax Identification Number, 3. DoIT as the recipient,

4. date of invoice,

5. invoiced item description, invoiced item number (e.g.,“”), 6. period of performance covered by the invoice,

7. a total invoice amount,

8. Contractor point of contact with-mail address and telephone number.

9. Products(s) and/or service(s) purchased listed separately including the amount for each individual charge (e.g., 5 – ABC Hardware @ $2,000 Total $10,000.00, 2 - CD Training @ $100.00 Total $200.00, Installation one-time cost $300.00)

10. Invoice Credit Percentage Amount according to Contractor’s credit table, if applicable (See Section 3.11.1 and

11. Supporting Documentation 12. Remittance address

13. Work Order # being billed, Requesting Agency and associated line item (if applicable)

B) The Contractor shall e-mail the original of each invoice and signed notice(s) of acceptance to DoIT at e-mail address:, with a copy to the Contract Manager.

C) All invoices submitted for payment shall be accompanied by signed notice(s) of acceptance as described below. Payment of invoices will be withheld if the appropriate signed

acceptance form documentation is not submitted.

1) An invoice for fixed monthly services does not require signed acceptance documentation, as described in table 3.15.6.

2) To be considered a proper T&M invoice (T&M activities and Work Orders) Contractor shall include with the signed invoice a signed timesheet as described in 3.15.7. Include for each person covered by the invoice the following, individually listed per person: name, hours worked, hourly labor rate, invoice amount and a copy of each person’s timesheet for the period signed by the Contract Manager.

3) To be considered a proper Fixed Price invoice requiring acceptance documentation per 3.15.6, the Contractor shall include with the signed invoice a signed DPAF for each deliverable invoiced. Payment will only be made upon completion and acceptance of the deliverables.

D) Invoices for final payment shall be clearly marked as “FINAL” and submitted when all work requirements have been completed and no further charges are to be incurred under the Contract. In no event shall any invoice be submitted later than 60 calendar days from the Contract termination date. Any final monthly invoice shall include all charges for data retention.

In document Department of Information Technology (DoIT) REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) DoIT Cloud Hosting and Web Shared Services. SOLICITATION No. (Page 103-106)