Love is Irrational

In document The Red Pill Handbook, 2nd Ed (Page 190-194)

By IllimitableMan.

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We have a love-hate relationship with women. I mean speak for yourself but I don't love women. Seeing them for what they are I appreciate what a minority of well-raised women can contribute to my life and I can see how men are idealistic romantics that need/crave a woman in their life to "have that connection they can't have with another man," but by the by women are nothing to be lauded or

worshipped. Western women in general are just shitty people. We have all the reason in the world to hate them but being hateful doesn't help you improve

yourself so you have to look past it for the sake of your own mental health. You do this by being selective with your women and employing RP strategies to hold frame/maintain dominance, enjoying their positives whilst mitigating their negatives and if necessary dropping them like hot shit when they cross the line.

Which many, if not almost all, will.

I think loving as in, worshipping women or even preferring them to men, despite having read a lot of TRP material is not RP at all, but really, blue pill gone full circle. It looks something like this: you were BP because you were ignorant.

Then you 180'd to Red Pill and bitter. Then again you 180'd so now you're purple pill and wilfully ignorant because RP truths were painful. Only now you have no ignorance to blame, just the fact that reality hurts and you can't deal with the pain it causes you. To be honest I don't know what's more pathetic, a dude who never knew better or a dude who knew better but couldn't handle the truth. Not meaning to present a false dichotomy as it can certainly be more nuanced, but you get my drift, I'm not trying to get too deep with this specific idea.

Ultimately I think we're fighting our instincts. Our instincts are to romanticize

women, care for them, provide for and protect them, seeking sexual favours in return to pass on our genes. Meanwhile our culture has made our instincts deadly to our own survival, exacerbated by cultural marxist indoctrination which makes us ripe pickings for women who have been trained to be less empathetic, more

narcissistic and more predatory in both their view of and relation to, men. Women are manageable when their egos are kept in check (this is why negging works) but allowed to get high on "you go girl!" instant validation for the tiniest and most asinine things (such as a selfie) they become incredibly narcissistic. Combine that with man's natural predisposition to romanticize women and woman's inherent Machiavellian instinct and what we have is a disaster waiting to happen. What we have here is a culture that brainwashes men to give into their romantic instincts instead of utilising them selectively and giving into them sporadically; whilst dissecting and supplanting their masculinity to populate their psyche with feminine viewpoints. These feminine viewpoints then get mixed in with male protector/

provider instinct (man's in-built masculine concept of romanticism) as to make them hard to tell apart from one another. In part, this is why guys sometimes

pathetically bicker over "what being alpha is", especially in relation to women and long-term relationships which are no doubt the trickiest sphere for any man, let alone an RPer.

Feminism as institutionalised as it is in society is responsible for exacerbating female narcissism, encouraging them to monopolize and exemplify their worst traits (hypergamy/entitlement and solipsism) to scapegoat us collectively (as men) for their own material betterment. Effectively today's generation of women have been trained to hang men out to dry rather than learn to love and work with them in spite of our monumental gender differences. Part of the facilitation of this is

making it so women can't love/trust/pair bond to any one single man by

encouraging them to be "sex-positive" aka huge sluts. This is great if you want casual sex, but it's bad if you actually want to be in love. The more partners a woman has had the less capable of falling in love she is. A woman who's had many dicks and relationships no matter what she rationalises is near incapable of pair bonding. These women are often bitter and they feel owed something from their chain of suitors as a symptom of their latent narcissism. Resultantly they view men collectively as an arbitrary segment of the population that can be exploited for


Where it was traditionally incentivised for women to depend on men, it has now been demonised. Instead, women now depend growingly on men indirectly via big daddy government's wealth redistribution efforts. When opting for direct

dependence on men they opt for insidious methods (wilful manipulation and gold digging) rather than cohesive and functional methods (a promise of sexual loyalty and a union focused on family creation/maintenance.) We, as a species, may be naturally polygamous, but our civilization is based upon monogamy, thus we are at the impasse where we must choose what is more important to us. Hedonistic sexual freedom or family? You enjoy the decline or you endeavour to rebuild civilization one long-term relationship at a time. Most guys seem to have given up hopes of a family, others naively hang on. Some are reasonably competent in "maintaining a woman" within the long term despite all the odds stacked against them, but shit's grim.

Without a patriarchal society in place to enforce honour, our ability to love women is diminished because they have the ability to destroy us and get away with it. Due to to a few core differences: their lack of logic, their lack of honour and their exceptional ability to rationalise and delude themselves that the bad things they do are necessary for their own emotional well-being and therefore "just" and perfectly acceptable (this is aided by weak logic and is an instinct that will even override women who uncannily possess strong logic), they simply do not hold themselves to account in a way that a man would. Neither does society. By making them our legal and social equals (well actually, superiors) without them being our logical and spiritual equals, we have upset the balance between leader and

follower, captain and first mate, and left ourselves susceptible to the impulsivity of their emotionally driven whims. What has this done? Destabilised society, utterly.

This has resulted in divorce, suicide and a whole bunch of other fucked up crazy shit that no hot chick's soft touch, sweet voice, long hair and gentle kisses is worth.

For all the flak they get, the MGTOWs are the rational ones here. They're rational in pursuing their own happiness, however from an evolutionary standpoint they're irrational for effectively consenting to end their own genetic line. If there was ever a war between nature and nurture, this is it and it's socially engineered human

reproductive kryptonite.

Yes, we may be biologically programmed to romanticize women so that we pass on our DNA, but no, it's not rational to "love women" from a contemporary

perspective. I fear men who give themselves over to irrationalism are doomed no matter what they know about women because they are willing to overlook all manner of red flags for the sake of "love." Women really are man's ultimate

weakness, as distasteful as that is to acknowledge. What all men must know is this:

you never get to "just fall in love with a woman" and give into the deepest

romantic yearning within you. This is a privilege reserved for women. As a leader, you may not let love consume you. You must always manage her for the benefit of you both and the success of the relationship. Where she will not yield or allow you to do what needs to be done - you must walk away. This is probably one of the most bitter pills to swallow that there is. You never "just get to be in love." Ever.

You don't. You don't get to be complacent.

In document The Red Pill Handbook, 2nd Ed (Page 190-194)