Major Surface Transportation Improvements

In document Massachusetts Statewide Airport System Plan. Technical Report (Page 131-135)


Major Surface Transportation Improvements

Major surface transportation improvements can have an impact on aviation as these improvements can change how residents and visitors travel within the state, and in particular, to and from airports. These improvements can also influence future population and employment growth as new opportunities emerge to reach locations that previously were less accessible. Through information provided by the MassDOT Highway Division, there are numerous active roadway improvement projects occurring around the Commonwealth, with multiple improvements planned for the future. Due to the proximity to the largest concentration of population within Massachusetts, the majority of improvements are in or around greater Boston. Figure 5-5 shows the location of major highway improvement projects identified to have a potential impact on aviation. These major highway improvement projects are listed in the following:

• I-93 / I-95 Canton Interchange Reconfiguration: Intended to reduce truck rollovers and eliminate weaving maneuvers that intensify congestion.

• Methuen Rotary Interchange Reconfiguration: Intended to relieve congestion and improve safety.

• Route 128 Add-A-Lane: Widening of the highway between Route 9 in Wellesley and Route 24 in Randolph to incorporate a fourth travel lane within the median area and a 10-foot shoulder in each direction. It is intended to relieve traffic congestion along the corridor and reduce diversion of traffic to parallel routes.

• Route 1 Transportation Improvement Project: 2.4 mile project through Revere, Malden and Saugus intended to relieve congestion, improve access, and improve safety.

• Route 24 Interchange 8B in Freetown: Create a new interchange in Freetown between existing exits 8 and 9 intended to reduce congestion and provide access to the new Fall River Executive Park.

• I-93 Tri-Town Interchange Project: Intended to relieve congestion on I-93 by constructing a new interchange between interchanges 41 and 42 while adding one travel lane in each direction.

• Whittier Bridge / I-95 Improvement Project: Intended to bring bridge up to current safety standards while accommodating I-95 traffic flow by adding a high speed shoulder and breakdown lane in each direction.

• I-91 Interchange 19 Improvements – Northhampton: Construct a new on/off-ramp to/from Damon Road and design new signalized intersection at Damon Road. I-91’s north and southbound bridges will also be widened over Route 9 and the Rail Trail.

• Improved Access to Worcester Airport: New access roadway intended to reduce travel time from Worcester to the airport is included as part of the Worcester Regional Mobility Study, which is still in the conceptual stages.

• Construction of the New Brightman Street Bridge (Route 6) – Fall River: Construction of a new bascule four-lane bridge to carry US Route 6 across the Taunton River, replacing the smaller, existing two-lane bridge.

• Safety Improvements to Route 2 – Town of Orange: Five miles of improvements along Route 2, including shoulder widening, extending existing climbing lanes, and improving acceleration/deceleration lanes. The project also includes widening of the bridge over Route 122.

2010 MASSACHUSETTS STATEWIDE AIRPORT SYSTEM PLAN Figure 5-5: Major Highway Improvement Projects

Sources: MassDOT Highway Department, Wilbur Smith Associates Prepared: June 2010


• Route 2 Crosby’s Corner Improvements – Concord, Lincoln: Safety improvements at the intersection of Route 2, Cambridge Turnpike and Route 2A/the Concord Turnpike.

The project will also construct neighborhood service roads to parallel Route 2 and a bridge to carry Route 2 over these roads.

• Route 2 Concord Rotary Reconstruction: Replace the existing traffic rotary and create a typical overpass to enable it operate more efficient and safely.

In addition to road/highway projects, major changes in mass transit systems can also impact the demand for aviation. As listed by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation Transit Division, the locations of all major rail/transit projects identified in Massachusetts are shown in Figure 5-6. These major improvement projects are listing in the following:

• Knowledge Corridor – Restore Vermonter Project: The project will restore Amtrak’s intercity passenger train service to its original route by relocating the Vermonter from the New England Central Railroad back to its former route on the Pan Am Southern Railroad. The Pan Am Southern route provides a shorter and more direct route for the Vermonter between Springfield and East Northfield, and improves access to densely populated areas along the Connecticut River. This route also includes station stops at the former Amtrak station at Northampton and the new intermodal station at Greenfield.

• South Coast Rail: The project will implement passenger rail transportation from South Station in Boston to both Fall River and New Bedford along an existing north-south freight rail corridor. It is intended to improve accessibility and promote economic development along the corridor.

• Fitchburg Commuter Rail Improvements: The project will modernize an existing commuter rail line to provide greatly improved service and reliability to riders and commuters in a 50-mile long corridor extending from Fitchburg to Boston.

• Fitchburg Commuter Rail Extension – Wachusett Station: The project will construct a commuter rail station, layover facility, and track improvements in the Montachusett region located west of Fitchburg in Wachusett.

• Additional Service on the MBTA Worcester Commuter Rail Line: CSX, MassDOT and the MBTA have reached an agreement to add 20 new weekday commuter rail trips to Worcester intended to accommodate heavy demand.

• Expansion of MBTA service to T.F. Green Airport: The project will be a 20-mile extension of commuter rail service from Boston to Warwick (T.F. Green Airport), south of Providence, operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

2010 MASSACHUSETTS STATEWIDE AIRPORT SYSTEM PLAN Figure 5-6: Major Rail/Transit Projects

Sources: MassDOT Highway Department, Wilbur Smith Associates Prepared: June 2010


In document Massachusetts Statewide Airport System Plan. Technical Report (Page 131-135)

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