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In document NELSON SENIOR MATHS ESSENTIALS 12 (Page 144-150)


6.01 Medical measurements

6.02 Grams, milligrams and millilitres

review metric units of mass (and weight), their abbreviations, conversions between them, and appropriate choices of units (ACMEM098)

recognise the need for milligrams (ACMEM099)

Ill convert between grnms and milligrams. (ACMEMl00)


review metric units of volume, their abbreviations, conversions between them, and appropriate choices of units (ACMEMl0l)

recognise relations between volume and capacity, recognising that 1 cm3 = 1 mL and 1 ni3 = 1 kL (ACM EM 102)


interpret and use graphs in practical situations, including travel graphs and conversion graphs (ACMEM124)


How are we ever going to use this?

• When we have to measure medication

• When we have to give medication to children

• To evaluate medical information presented in the media


Medications are an important part of modern medicine. When we are measuring medications, it is important to measure and interpret the quantities accurately. Making a mistake can affect

someone's health and wellbeing.

Reading scales

Scales always go up by a constant amount.

9 8 7

_:::��===== �

4 3 2 1 In this measuring cylinder, the scale goes up by ones.

134 I NELSON SENIOR MATHS Essentials 12

The scale on this cylinder goes up by 0.1. 2.0 1.0 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2

The scale on this cylinder goes up by 0.2.

0 Example 1

How much penicillin is in this syringe?


• The scale is going up by 0.2. There is 3.8 mL of penicillin in the syringe. • The amount is between 3 and 4, so it will be

3 point something.

• It's on the 4th line, 4 x 0.2 = 0.8.


Medical measurements




Read the scales carefully and write down the volume enclosed in each container.

-40 -=-30 = 20

= =

15 10 -=--5 b C

2 Joanne feels very hot. Her mother took her temperature with an old-fashioned thermometer. Read the thermometer to find out her temperature.


3 The scale on a 'drip bag' tells you how much of the drip has already gone into the patient. When it was full, this bag held 500 mL.

a How much of the drip has the patient received already? b How much is left in the drip bag?


300 400


4 The doctor in the sports clinic measured Kara and Samantha's height. How tall is each girl?

Samantha's height ,

5 Trent is a newborn baby. The midwife measured Trent just after he was born. What is Trent's weight, length and head circumference?

0 \.1!111111111 d II 11 I) Trent's weight in kg


For the remainder of the questions in this exercise, you will need to either copy diagrams to write on or print the 'Scales sheet' on NelsonNet to use.

6 Paul's family doctor asked him to stand on the scales. a How much does Paul weigh?

b Paul needs to lose 8 kg. His doctor told him to follow a special diet and exercise regularly. Mark Paul's target weight on the set of scales.

7 Jody has a fever. Her doctor wants her to take 35 mL of Panadol to help bring down her temperature. Show the volume of Panadol that Jody should take on the measuring container.

8 Marcelo is on a 'restricted fluids diet'. He is only allowed 1.2 L of liquid per day. The nurse gives Marcelo a drink every 2 hours. His first drink is at 0600 (6 a.m.) each day and the last drink is at 2000.

a How many drinks is Marcelo allowed per day? b Express 1.2 L in mL.

c How many mL is in each of Marcelo's drinks? d Mark the level of Marcelo's drink on this cup.

kg 160 mL 140- 120- 100- 80- 60- 40- 20- Scale� sheet

Moosuring boby's tcmperolurc

9 Dale receives a dietary supplement each day. He receives 150 mL of supplement every 2 hours through a nasal tube.

a How many litres of supplement does he receive in 24 hours? b Show the height of the supplement in the feed bag 14 hours after

a new bag was started.


Dale's mL 200 400 600 dietary 800 supplement 1000


Measuring baby's temperature

1200 1400 1600

Modern, digital technologies have changed the way we measure temperature, but what's considered as 'normal temperature' or 'a fever' is still the same.

Use the link on NelsonNet to help you answer the first four questions, then do your own web search to answer question 5.

What is normal body temperature for babies and young children?

2 At what body temperature should parents or babysitters become concerned for: a babies less than 3 months old?

b older babies and children?

3 When should you take a baby or young child with a temperature to see a doctor?

4 What things can you do at home to assist a baby or young child with a.temperature? 5 One way that modern parents can take a baby's temperature is by using a digital

thermometer in a baby's dummy.

a Describe five other modern and different types of digital thermometers for measuring babies' temperatures.

b How accurately do these thermometers measure babies' temperatures?


In document NELSON SENIOR MATHS ESSENTIALS 12 (Page 144-150)