New Playboy Friend and Cyber girl party

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Kelly dropped me off at the airport the next morning and that would be the last time I would ever step in her vehicle again.

At the airport, I met a girl who had gone to the party.

“Were you at Midsummer Night’s Dream last night?” she asked. I nodded.

I think she based that assumption on my breasts, platinum blonde hair, and the wings I was carrying that were part of my outfit. We sat together on the plane, and we hit it off right away with our Playboy connection. I mentioned that I had gotten to party with Hef and stay at the mansion.

“I’m going to write Hef a letter and tell him that I want to become a girlfriend.”

I gave her a strange look and said, “They’re intimate with him. I found out the hard way so if you’re not prepared to sleep with him, don’t write the letter.

She shrugged. “I’m willing. Tell me about your visit.”

“Unfortunately, I signed a confidentiality agreement so I really can’t talk about it.” I hadn’t signed any such thing, but I didn’t want to tell someone about my experience if it was going to jeopardize my being invited to future parties or getting into the magazine. I also still, on some level, was processing it all. What would I tell people—other people?

She said, “I made Cyber Girl. My pictorial’s coming out soon.”

“That’s great!” I said. “How about I throw you a party? We can round up a bunch of girls, get a limo and go to a club to celebrate.”

We became better friends, and I did throw the promised party on September 7th, 2002. She made these incredible invitations that had the bunny in all different colors with fancy paper saying “Private Party”

Scottsdale, Arizona We had a huge twenty-two passenger Lincoln Navigator and since she had only a few girlfriends I brought many of mine to ensure the best turnout.

It was a crazy night. We got a VIP table at one club in Scottsdale that threw in a huge free appetizer plate and a whole bunch of shots. After leaving there we got into the Lincoln Navigator Limo and headed to another club where we were whisked into the VIP room. Chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne were waiting for us at the next stop. We ended up going to the third club that we were supposed to go to, and it was even crazier than the two before. People were making out and were naked upstairs in the VIP room.

Two girls were going at it and another couple as well. Girls were topless up there, and it was pretty wild.

The night was still not over for many of us. Running into a gal I had met many months before in Vegas at the Bellagio Light, she talked us into taking the rest of the crew to a strip club in Phoenix. A few of the original girls didn’t go but most of them did. The problem was they didn’t tell us it was about a forty-five minute drive to the club that the girl worked at. So by the time we were there we were all a little bit

exhausted. We pulled right up front, and our new group of girlfriends got us the VIP treatment here as well.

They were whisking us off to our own private area. It was surprising how many people were still out even though it was very late into the night. Next thing you know a group of strippers came over to me and said they wanted to give me a lap dance. I said no that is okay. The one girl was much more aggressive and said,

“Please, it is no charge. I just want to do it for you.” I finally agreed, especially with the entourage of girls there cheering, “Go, Jill Ann! Go, go Jill Ann, go.” Next thing you know she had pulled my top up and was in-between my breasts! The girls of the party were snapping pictures, and I was handing them my camera to take pictures as well. I stuck ten dollars into her shirt when she was done, and she shoved it back down my shirt as to say no way this was on me. The terrible thing is somehow that night I lost my camera. Even though it was a throwaway one, it was so sad to have lost all those great shots of a crazy night. I got my other girlfriends to send me copies of what they had taken but it just wasn’t the same.

I did eventually reveal the story of my visit to my new friend, and she decided not the write the letter to Hef about becoming a girlfriend. The unprotected sex information really floored her, and I believe that was the deciding factor changing her mind. She told me many stories of what she had encountered.

Apparently, it was the same in Chicago’s Playboy department with the person that ultimately made her Cyber Girl. She told me that some of the employees told her that they would see a star on the photos

indicating that they were Hugh Hefner’s girls and to pick them. The employees would get so mad having to choose some of the ugliest girls to please their boss. So it wasn’t always talent and beauty that graced the magazines, but sex.

Bridget, who had finally made an official girlfriend, asked to be playmate and Hef had them pull up pictures of her from many years before and use those because he didn’t want her gone to Chicago. I remembered Bridget bringing a Special Edition Playboy to Sunday Fun in the Sun when I was staying there and showing me a picture of herself in the magazine. She said it was years ago but was so excited to have been in there. I looked at it fondly and complimented her. She looked way different now, and it was neat to see the changes.

These shared experiences really brought my new friends and I together, and we had something to complain about to each other. She read all of my correspondence with Hef so she wouldn’t make the same mistake I had. I wanted her to know that it was not a game and if she was not willing to go through with it, she had better be careful because he wasn’t kidding or flirting. He was serious.

184 Inside the Limo

Karen, Kelly, Amanda, Melissa, Guy, Carrie and Monica

In document Hefnerland - The Book (Page 182-185)

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