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At the end of each adventure lies the objective room, the final location, and invariably the greatest challenge to the Warriors. Upon dealing with the contents of the objective room the Warriors normally get a Treasure card.

Now you are using the Treasure Tables, however, you should instead roll a D66 on the following table for each surviving Warrior to determine the precise nature of the treasure he has found. The items are split up between the Warriors in the most appropriate fashion.


Ring of Seeking (BDEW) 500G

This glittering ring is fashioned from some material that looks like quicksilver. Once placed on the finger, the ring shifts and changes as a shining, liquid-metal band.

This ring allows your Warrior to attempt to avoid a trap he has just activated.

Roll 1D6. On a score of 1, 2 or 3 the ring's magic fails to work and the trap goes off as normal. On a score of 4, 5 or 6 the trap is magically disarmed and fails to work.


Chalice of Sorcery (W) 700G

This dull metal chalice sits in a small alcove in the wall, covered in verdigris and cobwebs. Rubbing the grime of years from its pitted surface, the Wizard recognises it as a Chalice of Sorcery.

The Chalice of Sorcery acts as a source of Power that allows the Wizard to carry on casting spells when his own Power has run out.

The Wizard can try to draw as many points of Power out of the Chalice as he likes. For every point of Power the Wizard draws to cast spells with, roll a D6. All the extra Power must be drawn at once 5o all the dice are rolled at the same time. For each dice that scores a 1 the Wizard loses 1D6 Wounds. with no modifiers for Toughness or armour.


Enchanted Jade Amulet (BDEW) 600G

The amulet of enchanted jade looks like a stone washed up on a beach, worn smooth by the action of the sea.

The Amulet of Enchanted Jade allows your Warrior to attempt to regenerate (1 x his Battle-level) wounds per turn, up to his Starting Wounds score. Each turn that your Warrior uses the amulet roll 1D6 on the following table:

1 The amulet crumbles to dust, causing 1D6 Wounds on your Warrior, with no modifier for Toughness or armour.

2 The amulet has no effect this turn.

3-6 The amulet works as usual.

The amulet automatically fails to work while the Warrior wearing it is on zero Wounds.

One use per turn.


Book of Arcane Knowledge (W) 1,000G

This book has a cracked and aged leather cover, with a rusted metal spine and lock. Upon opening it. the pages rustle with a life of their own.

The Book of Arcane Knowledge contains spells that the Wizard may cast. AS soon as the book is found roll 4D6. these dice are used to buy spells for the book in the same way that the Wizard gains spells when he goes up a Battle-level, as described under 'New Spells' in the Wizards' Training section.

Each spell in the book may be cast once automatically at no Power cost. Once a spell has been cast that page of the book crumbles to dust.


Brooch of Power (W) 1,000G

This brooch glows too brightly to look at, as if it contained the energy of a fallen star.

At the end of each turn the Wizard may use the brooch to store any unused Power he has left over, up to a maximum of (6 + his Battle-level). This stored Power may then be used at any time to augment his spellcasting.

In addition, the bright aura cast by the brooch distracts any Monsters attacking the Wizard, adding +1 to his Toughness.


Wand of Jade (W) 600G

This wand is the size of a walking stick and is made from a single piece of fine jade. Strange icons engraved upon its surface glow with power.

This wand increases the effect of any spell that requires you to roll one or more dice for its effects, such as Heal wounds or Lightning Bolt, by adding +2 to the total. Note that the wand does not increase the spell's chance of success in any way.

For example: if the Wizard uses this wand to increase the effects of the Finger of Life spell it still succeeds on a roll of 4, 5 or 6. but now heals 6, 7 or 8 Wounds (depending on the success of the roll).

When found, the wand has 2D6 charges. Each use of the wand expends 1 charge.


Dawnstone (BDEW) 500G

This crystal-like stone is mounted in a black iron brooch and radiates a pale


Rune of Death (BDEW) 500G This stone has a Dwarf rune embossed upon its surface and is warm to the touch.

When pressed into contact with any bladed weapon. the Runestone burns a Rune of Death into the blade and then vanishes. The Rune of Death itself is permanent.

If the to hit roll with this weapon is a natural 6, the Rune of Death causes an extra 2D6 Wounds on the target.


Crown of Sorcery (BDE) 1,000G

As soon as he puts this crown on, the wearer is plunged into the alien and dark world of magical power familiar to Wizards.

The Crown of Sorcery allows any Warrior who is otherwise nonmagical to cast spells and use items of Wizard-only treasure. The Warrior wearing the crown can still wear armour. As soon as your Warrior finds the crown take two Spell cards from each deck at random: these are the spells he may cast.

Each turn your Warrior gets the same amount of raw Power as a Battle-level 1 Wizard (roll 1D6+1 in the Power Phase), and may use it to cast one or more of his spells according to the normal rules.

However, each time your Warrior casts one of his spells roll 1D6. If the score is 1 that spell fails and your Warrior is immobilised by the backlash of magical Power and can do nothing for the rest of the turn. While he is immobilised any attacks made against him hit on anything but a 1.


Talisman of Obsidian (BDEW) 500G

This black talisman throbs dully with the rhythm of a pulsing wound and the air around it hangs heavy.

This talisman negates the powers of any Wizard or other spellcaster adjacent to the wearer. Any spells cast by such models fail on a 1D6 roll of 4, 5 or 6 and the Power used to cast the spell is redirected to heal 1D6 of the wearer's Wounds. If the wearer attempts to cast a spell himself roll 1D6. On a score of 1 the spell fails.


Tablet of Adain (W) 1,000G

This stone tablet weighs surprisingly little and is covered in indecipherable hatching and markings.

When used by a Wizard, the Tablet of Adain allows you to re-roll any or all of his 'spell determining dice' when he goes up a Battle level (see 'New Spells' in the Wizards' Training section).

You may only re-roll each dice once and must take the result of the second roll, even if it is worse.


Armour of Taakan (BD) 1,500G

This matt black suit of full armour - with dull bronze battle runes engraved on the breastplate, arms and helm - is said to be endowed with a life of its own, striking at the enemy no matter what its wearer intends.

While wearing the Armour of Taakan your Warrior gets the benefits of Heavy Armour and Warhelm (+5 Toughness and -1 Movement).

Every time an enemy wounds your Warrior the armour immediately retaliates and forces its wearer to strike back straight away. Your Warrior must make a single attack against the enemy that just hit him, in addition to his normal attacks this turn. Note that, if successful, this attack does not cause a death-blow.


Wand of Diabolum (W) 500G

This wand is pure white, shot through with streaks of diabolum, a bright red substance capable of harnessing magical energy.

While using this wand all your Wizard's spells have their casting number reduced by -1.


Ring of Cheshnakk (BDEW) 1,000G

Cheshnakk was a great wizard from Araby whose expertise was the creation of exquisite flying carpets. The pinnacle of his achievements, however, was forging the Rings of Cheshnakk. On command, one of these rings can transport its wearer back to his home, be that a castle, a forest clearing or a humble cottage.

While wearing this ring your Warrior may at any time leave the dungeon and be transported to his home and safety. He is out of this adventure and meets the Warriors at the next Settlement.


The Hammer of Sigimar (BD) 2,000G

This is perhaps the most ancient and revered of all the magic weapons in the Empire, forged by Dwarf Runesmiths to cement an ancient alliance between Dwarfs and Men.

The Hammer of Sigmar ignores all except magic armour when rolling for damage. In addition, if the to hit score for the attack is a natural 6 it causes 4 x normal damage.

There can only ever be one Hammer of Sigmar in the party.


Blade of Leaping Gold (Bdew) 1,000G

This blade is superbly balanced and moves in a swift golden arc with almost no effort on the wielder's part, slicing through the enemy ranks with ease.

While wielding this weapon your Warrior gets +3 Attacks.


Frostblade (BDEW) 750G

This pale metallic blue weapon exudes a freezing aura and its blade glitters like ice.

When wielding the Frostblade your Warrior may only make 1 Attack per turn.

If your Warrior makes a successful attack with the Frostblade that causes at leas+1 Wound (after taking into account Toughness, armour, any special abilities such as Ignore Blow, etc.) the target is automatically slain. A blow from a Frostblade can cause a deathblow.

The Frostblade may only be used once per adventure.


Rending Sword (BDEW) 1,200G

The serrated points along the cutting edge of this blade grind and gnash together like teeth, tearing through armour, flesh and bone.

This sword causes an extra 2D6 Wounds upon a successful hit. In addition, the blow ignores 2 points of armour if the to hit roll was a natural 5 or 6.


Sword of Destruction (BDEW) 750G

This sword resonates with a deep hum and flickers with lightning.

When drawn from its scabbard, this sword nullifies all magic within 1 square of the wielder. As long as the sword remains drawn. the wielder and any models in adjacent squares cannot use or count the benefits of any magic items or spells. In addition, the sword causes +1 Wound and gives the bearer the Magic Dispel 6+ special ability (see the Bestiary).


Bane Sword (BDEW) 500G

As soon as it is drawn in the presence of its hated foe this blade snarls and growls, eager to spill blood.

As soon as your Warrior finds this sword make a D66 roll on the Monster Table that is the same level as your Warrior s Battle-level. The sword does 2 x normal damage against all Monsters of that race (if you roll Skaven Assassins,


Dragon Sword (BDEW) 1,200G This blade is fashioned from the venom fang of a Great Fire Dragon and is ancient beyond all telling.

This sword causes double damage on a successful natural to hit roll of 5 or 6.

However, the sword is partially sentient and refuses to be drawn from its scabbard by a Warrior of Battle-level 3 or below.


Hellfire Sword (BDEW) 1,500G

Flames leap and burn along the length of this other-worldly sword. As it swings through the air, it leaves a trail of spitting magma in its wake.

If your Warrior hits his opponent with a natural to hit roll of 6, as well as causing normal damage the target and all adjacent models (including your Warrior) burst into flames and take an extra 1D6 Wounds for each of your Warrior's Battle-levels, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour.


Gromril Blade (BD) 1,200G

This mighty two-handed axe is a Dwarf artefact, able to cut through all but the most powerful armour.

This axe ignores all except magical armour and does double damage on a successful hit. However, the axe is partially sentient and refuses to be drawn by a Warrior of Battle-level 2 or below.

The Gromril Blade may not be used with a shield.


Hydra Sword (BDEW) 850G

Steeped in the blood of a hydra as it was forged, this blade has taken on some of the properties of these terrible beasts.

On each successful hit, this blade does an extra 6D6 Wounds.

The Hydra Sword may be used once per adventure.




The blade shines with a pure light and never dulls. This sword ignores the Monster's Toughness and all except magical armour when determining damage. In addition, the wielder can re-roll one miss per turn.


Axe of Slaying (D) 500G

This axe was once wielded by the Dwarf Giantslayer Umgrul Grunnson at the final battle of Karak Azgal.

This axe automatically hits its target - the wielder does not have to make a to hit roll. In addition, instead of a normal damage roll, to work out the axe's damage roll 1D6: if the score is a 1 the axe causes 1D6 (+ Strength) Wounds, if the score is a 2 the axe causes 2D6 (+ Strength) Wounds, and so on.

Use for one turn per adventure.


Sword of Heroes (BDEW) 900G

This sword shines with an undimming fire - the fire of righteousness smiting down evil wherever it may be found.

This sword causes an extra 3D6 Wounds when used against Monsters with a Toughness of 6 or more.


Blade of Leaping Bronze (BDEW) 450G

As soon as it is drawn this blade strikes with incredible speed.

This sword gives its wielder +2 Attacks.


Bow Of Loren (E) 2,000G

This slender bow was fashioned by the Wood Elves of Loren.

This process continues until either there are no more Monsters in the direct line of fire. or one of them survives.


Surefire Bow (BDEW) 900G

This elegant bow has a single rune of Surefire. Ancient stories tell of a bow that never misses and this may be that very weapon...

This bow has Strength 4 and adds +2 to the wielder's to hit roll.


Enchanted Shield (BDE) 500G

The surface of this shield gleams as brightly as a mirror. Clouds roll across its surface, and shards of light cut the air around it.

This shield gives its bearer +3 Toughness, but may not be used with any other armour, except a helmet, until the wearer is Battle level 4 or above.

A Warrior may not wield a two-handed weapon while using the Enchanted Shield.


Armour of Meteoric Iron (BD) 1,000G

This armour's appearance is pitted and dull, but it glows with a dim radiance that betrays its true nature.

This armour gives its wearer +3 Toughness, with no deductions for movement. However, once worn it fuses to the flesh and cannot be removed.

Unfortunately, because the armour is so heavy, it cannot be carried. It must be worn immediately or left where it is found.


Shield of Ptolos (BDE) 250G

This shield throws a shimmering haze around its bearer, making him a difficult target in battle.

This shield gives the bearer +2 Toughness. In addition, when drawing Warrior counters to determine who has been hit by missile fire, the first time the bearer's counter is pulled out you may put it back and draw again. If it comes up a second or subsequent time he is hit as normal.


Armour of Dargan (BD) 1,000G

The glow from this deep red armour lights up the dungeon.

This armour makes the wearer harder to hit: he gets +4 Toughness and any Monster attacking him is at -1 on its to hit roll unless using a magical weapon.


Spelleater Rune (BDEW) 500G

This rune contains powerful spells of negation. Magic in the immediate vicinity arcs as the rune tries to pull it in and absorb it.

When pressed into contact with any bladed weapon, the Spelleater Rune burns a copy of itself into the blade and then vanishes. The Rune on the blade itself is permanent.

Any spells cast against the bearer of this magical blade now fail on a 1D6 roll of 5 or 6.


The Staff of Command (W) 900G

This staff had runes of command burned into it many centuries ago.

Once per Event the Wizard may use this staff to attempt to control any Monster on the board. The attempt must be made as soon as the Monsters appear. Roll 1D6. On a score of 1, 2, 3 or 4 the magic fails. On a score of 5 or 6 the Wizard may choose one Monster and make it do whatever he wants, as

In document WHQ - Roleplay Book v1.01 (Page 72-75)