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Here are some facts characters and NPCs might know about Overdrive if they succeed with an appropriate Skill Roll:

N/R: Overdrive is a mutant with the power to enhance any of his natural physical or mental abilities — for example, he can make himself immensely strong, superhumanly fast, or incredibly smart.

If he focuses all his

“overdrive force”

into any one attri-bute, he can usually become as good at that (or better) than the most powerful superhumans.

K/R: His real name is James Proudman;

he’s a Cheyenne who grew up on a reservation.

-6: Overdrive is especially vulner-able to attacks that directly target his

“life force.”

Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains n Kinematik 79

Val Char Cost Roll Notes

10 STR 0 11- Lift 100 kg; 2d6 HTH damage [1]

10 DEX 0 11-10 CON 0

11-15 INT 5 PER Roll 12-10 EGO 0

11-10 PRE 0 11- PRE Attack: 2d6

3 OCV 0

3 DCV 0

3 OMCV 0 3 DMCV 0

3 SPD 10 Phases: 4, 8, 12 2 PD 0 Total: 10 PD (8 rPD) 2 ED 0 Total: 10 ED (8 rED)

4 REC 0

20 END 0 10 BODY 0

20 STUN 0 Total Characteristics Cost: 15 Movement: Running: 12m

Cost Powers END

120 Overdrive Enhancement: Multipower, 120-point reserve

12v 1) Stronger: +60 STR 6

12v 2) More Agile: +30 DEX 0

12v 3) Hardier: +60 CON 0

12v 4) Smarter: +60 INT 0

12v 5) Stronger-Willed: +60 EGO 0

12v 6) More Charismatic: +60 PRE 0

12v 7) More Accurate: +12 OCV 0

12v 8) Better Dodger: +12 DCV 0

12v 9) More Mentally Defensive: +20 DMCV 0

12v 10) Faster: +6 SPD 0

12v 11) Tougher I: +60 PD 0

12v 12) Tougher II: +60 ED 0

6v 13) More Resilient: +30 REC 0

5v 14) More Stamina: +120 END 0

12v 15) More Durable: +30 BODY 0

6v 16) Sturdier: +60 STUN 0

6v 17) Swifter: Running +28m (40m total) 3 16 Armored Costume: Resistant Protection (8 PD/8 ED) 0

OIF (-½)


20 +2 with All Combat 3 Acrobatics 11-3 Breakfall 11-3 Charm 11-3 Conversation 11-3 Deduction 12-3 Persuasion 11-3 Stealth 11-3 Streetwise 11-3 Tactics

12-Total Powers & Skills Cost: 362 Total Cost: 377

400 Matching Complications (75)

10 Distinctive Features: Mutant (Not Concealable; Always Noticed; Detectable Only By Unusual Senses) 25 Hunted: UNTIL (Infrequently, Mo Pow, NCI, Capture) 25 Hunted: the Champions (Infrequently, Mo Pow, NCI,


15 Social Complication: Public Identity (James Proudman) (Frequently, Major)

10 Vulnerability: 2 x STUN from attack that Drain or affect his “life force” (Uncommon)

10 Vulnerability: 2 x BODY from attack that Drain or affect his “life force” (Uncommon)

Total Complications Points: 75 Experience Points: 0

To make Overdrive tougher, expand his existing power to cover Leaping and Swimming, or give him gadgets or abilities beyond his Multipower. A small jetpack, for example, would compensate for his lack of movement abilities. To weaken him, reduce his Multipower reserve to 90 points, and/or the size of each slot to 50 Character Points’ worth of Characteristic each.

Appearance: Overdrive is an Amerindian male who’s six feet tall.

His mildly athletic build belies his ability to augment any of his personal attributes at will. He doesn’t bother with a costume if he can avoid it (other than a simple mask to hide his identity), but if Kinematik insists on it (and he often does) he dons a blue bodysuit with yellow shoulderpads, kneepads, short gloves, and belt. The costume has a half-face mask.

80 n King Cobra Hero System 6th Edition

Background/History: How does it feel to wield true power? To unleash a blast of energy from your hand, powerful enough to knock holes in a stone wall? To crush a man’s throat in one hand with barely a fraction of your strength? To create a legion of fanatically loyal followers with the merest touch? To look upon those perfect ranks of faithful subjects, hear their adulation, and know they go out into the world to work your will?

For Timothy Blank, it feels good.

After a lifetime of consoling himself with the cliché “knowledge is power” while those stronger yet less intelligent than he dictated what he would do and how he would do it, Blank finally under-stands the truth about power. Knowledge might lead to power, but knowledge doesn’t equate to power. As King Cobra, Blank now possesses true power.

He finally understands what temptation the serpent offered Eve in the Garden of Eden, and why a wrathful God expelled those first humans from the Garden. The serpent didn’t offer knowl-edge; it offered power. God feared the power that Adam and Eve might come to possess. The same sort of knowledge transformed the impotent Timothy Blank into the powerful King Cobra.

Blank spent a lifetime working for others — first his thesis advisor in graduate school, then the department head when he was a professor, still later for VIPER’s Council Of Thirty and Supreme Serpent. Bad enough he worked for their benefit rather than his own, but to add insult to injury, the presumptuous imbeciles had the audacity to tell him how to conduct his research. At the university, they told him he couldn’t experiment on human subjects and tried to punish him when he did. VIPER’s leaders cancelled his funding for important projects because Phillippe Moreau advised them Blank’s goals were dead-ends.

Well, they were wrong — and Blank proved it to them in the starkest way possible. In 2004 he activated a plan he’d been working on in secret for years. Using his research into the “Coil-Gene,” he transformed himself into an immensely powerful serpent-human hybrid and defected from VIPER, dealing that organization a major blow in the process (partly to cover his tracks, partly for revenge at the “mistreatment” he’d suffered at its hands). Later that year he launched his “Ophidian Plague” scheme, in which he tried to transform the people of Millennium City into reptile-man

hybrids obedient only to him. If not for some quick work by the Champions, Dr. Silverback, and other heroes, he’d have succeeded. As it was, he barely escaped, and his superpowered followers, the Ouroboros, were captured and sent to Strong-hold. King Cobra hasn’t been seen since, and the authorities are deeply concerned about what he may be planning that requires so much prepara-tion (even if all he’s been doing is expanding and improving the ranks of COIL). Four of the five members of the Ouroboros escaped captivity in the 2009 breakout, and now that they’re back with King Cobra it’s probably only a matter of time before he launches another deadly scheme.

Personality/Motivation: Before becoming King Cobra, Timothy Blank had an insane lust for power and a sheer disdain for his fellow man. The dramatic physical and genetic changes he inflicted on himself have only increased his megalomania.

He no longer wonders why people don’t obey him — now he makes them obey him. He uses his Coil-Gene Touch to force people to follow his commands and worship him as a god.

King Cobra’s fascination with snakes goes back to his earliest memories of childhood, when one Sunday morning during church the preacher told the story of the Serpent and the Apple.

Later that same day, a garter snake bit him as he tried to catch it. He held the snake by the tail and watched it bend upwards, defying gravity, to bite him on the finger and make him let go. He remembered the sermon about how the Serpent tempted mankind and gave him knowledge of Good and Evil. These events left an indelible mark on his memory and motivated his researches into ophidian genetics as much as any scientific interest. As King Cobra, Blank’s fascination with serpents has only grown. He considers them his brethren and nearest equals — or at least far supe-rior to humankind.

King Cobra no longer answers to the name

“Timothy Blank” — he responds to the name only with a fit of rage and threats of death. In his mind, Blank is somebody else; as time passes, Timothy Blank becomes almost a different person entirely.

Blank was weak... intelligent, almost as intelligent as King Cobra, but still a weak man who knuckled under to those in power. King Cobra would rather forget the mammalian indignity of having served other, lesser men.

Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains n King Cobra 81 Quote: “Ever since Eden, it’s the Serpent who’s held

true power.”

Powers/Tactics: King Cobra’s powers stem from his mutated genome and his ability to generate bioenergy. He can project “bioenergy blasts,”

sap another person’s bioenergy to weaken him in various ways, interfere with a person’s senses, induce debilitating seizures, and “poison” a living being’s bioenergy (causing them to die through rapid cellular and nervous system decay). His energy projections are usually reddish-brown in color.

His most fearsome use of bioenergy is the Coil-Gene Touch. This attack radiates bioenergy that seeps into his target. The invasive energy causes a change on the cellular level, inserting a mutated gene into the target’s DNA. The change is quick;

it’s only seconds until the target’s appearance — and his very being — transforms into a half-serpent, half-man wholly loyal to King Cobra.

By some process only King Cobra understands

— and since he’s never explained the process, it could simply be an accidental discovery that in his pride he refuses to confess to — the mutate is tied to King Cobra by bonds of loyalty far deeper than those brought on by belief in a cause or a leader’s charisma. The genetic “hooks” implanted in the mutate’s genome — at the heart of each one of his cells — somehow makes him instinctively subservient to the villain. It’s almost impossible for him to question an order from King Cobra, let alone disobey.

The Transform caused by the Coil-Gene Touch heals back normally, but King Cobra has discov-ered that exposure to radiation makes the muta-tion permanent. If he exposes a victim to radiamuta-tion

— and that’s always the first thing he does unless some event intervenes — then only elaborate gene therapies known only to him can reverse the transformation. King Cobra has currently assigned

“highest priority” to research into increasing the power of the Coil-Gene Touch so the change is permanent without radiation.

Despite his considerable power and the dramatic physical changes caused by his muta-tion, King Cobra isn’t tactically adept compared to many master villains. To make matters worse, his megalomania often overrules his common sense. His basic tactic is to Grab a foe, then use the Coil-Gene Touch to turn him into a mutate (though he’s not stupid enough to do this if he’s facing multiple foes, since the Touch takes time).

If attacked from the air, he blasts away with his Bioenergy Blast. He never “cowers” behind cover.

He also has a tendency to ignore active opponents if a foe who insulted him — which, given King Cobra’s arrogance, doesn’t take much — is down and helpless. In these cases, he kills the downed opponent with a dramatic proclamation about what happens to those who defy King Cobra.

Resources: King Cobra maintains a number of small, carefully-hidden bases throughout the world — mainly trivial, out-of-the-way facilities once belonging to VIPER that Timothy Blank

“stole” by erasing all trace of them from VIPER’s records before he defected from the organization.

Most of them have extensive laboratory facili-ties; King Cobra tends to be more interested in his scientific pursuits than providing comforts or luxuries to his followers.

King Cobra’s COIL agents have infiltrated many other organizations, governments, and levels of society. This gives King Cobra far greater influence than the small size of his organization would suggest.

See COIL, below, for more information about King Cobra’s resources.

Campaign Use: Although he’s got the ambition and ruthlessness to move up to the “big leagues,”

for now King Cobra is a second-tier master villain.

He’s not as powerful as Gravitar or Mechanon, or even Holocaust, and his COIL organization (see below) is smaller and less well-equipped than the likes of VIPER. On the other hand, it’s more insidious, and its fanatically loyal followers unhesitatingly sacrifice their lives for King Cobra.

The real danger King Cobra poses involves his scientific acumen. He’s no Teleios, but he’s smart and evil enough to bio-engineer grave threats like the Ophidian Plague. Adventures involving King Cobra often focus on his efforts to infect people en masse with the Coil-Gene, transforming them into his reptile-man slaves.

As a Hunted, King Cobra is a severe threat to a superhero’s life. Many heroes are Hunted by VIPER, but since it’s so large and has so many plans and plots going on at one time, it doesn’t focus all of its attention on killing any one hero.

COIL functions differently. If King Cobra and COIL Hunt the hero, he devotes the full resources of his organization to destroying the superhero’s life and killing him. The hero finds people he’s close to mutated by the Coil Gene, suicidal assassins threatening his life at every turn, and unexpected problems and attacks arising from every quarter. And the megalomaniac King Cobra doesn’t accept anything but success. VIPER might decide to cut its losses after several catastrophic failures deplete its resources. King Cobra doesn’t care about resources or risk. No matter how many agents the PC captures and locks away, a new agent is only a single touch away. That said, King Cobra looks down on and hates everybody.

It would take a lot for him to divert his atten-tion from conquering the world to Hunting an individual hero.

To increase King Cobra’s personal power, add the Advantage Penetrating to the Coil-Gene Touch so it’s a threat even to heroes with Power Defense

— in other words, the superhero knows if he doesn’t free himself from King Cobra’s grasp soon, he’ll become a loyal follower of the villain. You can also add slots to his Bioenergy Powers Multipower.

Or perhaps he continues to mutate, becoming stronger, tougher, and more serpentine.


In document DOJHERO 1105 - Hero 6th - Master Villains (Page 78-81)