Overview of Cases

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2.7. Overview of Cases


Full case studies

Case No.

Case title Country Organisation Level of



2.3.1 Alert Team 44 Austria Trade Union of Commerce, Transport, Traffic (VIDA) National

Counselling and support to help prevent post-traumatic stress

2.3.2 ‘My back is devilishly important’ Belgium Van Dievel Transport Company Training to help prevent MSDs

2.3.3 Knowledge-sharing among drivers to prevent non-traffic

related work accidents Denmark NRCWE & Arla Foods Company

Using the knowledge of experienced drivers and sharing it with others to raise awareness of the risks associated with various delivery/collection locations

2.3.4 Outsourcing and safety: Shell’s QHSSE system Denmark Shell et al. Multiple companies SMEs adopting Shell’s QHSSE safety system


Sketching out safety: A campaign for accident

prevention and reporting among goods transport drivers

Denmark BWC National Tools to encourage accident reporting and to raise hazard awareness

2.3.6 Driver’s Manual Finland ADR-Haanpää Company Instructional training manual for drivers


‘Trim Truckers’: promoting truck drivers’ health and wellbeing by minimising risk in cooperation with an occupational health service provider

Finland FIOH Company Occupational health service for drivers, including actions to combat driver

fatigue and improve ergonomics

2.3.8 ‘Transport online’ Finland Tyvi Freight transport company Company Management system for drivers’ working hours

2.3.9 Prévost Transport: Project 80 km/h France Prévost Transport Company and beyond Speed limiting devices and driver training

2.3.10 Instruction programme for team instructors Germany BGF National (BGF members) Training trainers to deliver on-the-job training in all aspects of health and safety

Case No.

Case title Country Organisation Level of




The Driver Assistance Systems

campaign Germany BGF National (BGF members)

Subsidies for installing driver-assisted systems to help prevent RTAs. Driver training is provided and the

effectiveness of the systems will be assessed.

2.3.13 Practices in a chemical road transport enterprise Switzerland/Germany Bertschi AG, Europe Company / Multi-national Driver training and appraisal, and vehicle integrated safety features 2.3.14 Safe Driving Project Greece Heracles General Cement Co. Company Defensive driver training, driver assessment, policy development and

equipment control to prevent RTAs 2.3.15

Safe opening and entry of

gassed sea containers The Netherlands BGZ Wegvervoer National Step-by-step guidance on opening and entering gassed sea containers

2.3.16 The risk of occupational fatigue in road transport Spain Trade Union Federation of Communication and Transport of CCOO

National Study/campaign and best practice advice focusing on driver fatigue

2.3.17 John Lewis Partnership UK John Lewis Partnership Company

Fully integrated safety policy that covers risk assessment, driver assessments, incident reporting, vehicle maintenance, journey scheduling, incentive

programmes, etc.

2.3.18 Robert Wiseman Dairies UK Robert Wiseman Dairies Company Road safety policy with main focus on driver training

2.3.19 Driving at work policy UK Coca-Cola Enterprises Company Safe driving policy

2.3.20 Royal Mail Network Health and Safety Management System UK Royal Mail Company

Proactive safety management system featuring a number of training, vehicle design and vehicle maintenance initiatives

2.3.21 Lenses for foreign lorries UK HA & VOSA National Distribution of wide-angle lenses to foreign lorries to minimise blind spots and prevent RTAs

2.3.22 Falls from vehicles UK HSE National Study into the main causes of falls from vehicles and the provision of best


Snapshot case studies

Case No.

Case title Country Organisation Level of



2.4.1 Safety adviser service Denmark DTL National Safety expert consultancy service

2.4.2 Leading road safety in express

deliveries France TNT Express France Company Collective action, to instil road safety instincts at all levels of management. Signatories to a Road Safety Charter. Road safety working group

2.4.3 Ergonomically correct seatbelt

adjustment Germany BGF National Development of ergonomically correct seatbelt to encourage seatbelt use

2.4.4 Innovative rest area for HGV

drivers Germany LHG National Enhance rest facilities to encourage HGV drivers to exercise and relax

2.4.5 Mr Nobody Germany Rheinkraft International National Recorded message to remind drivers to

take care when climbing out of the cab 2.4.6 Workplace transport safety

management information sheet

Ireland HSA National Best practice advice

2.4.7 Anti-accident systems in freight

carriages The Netherlands TNO National Installation of anti-accident systems in 3,000 trucks. Analysis of action to follow

2.4.8 Safe grab hook for waste

containers The Netherlands Van Gansewinkel National Development of a new safe grab hook system for waste containers

2.4.9 Good practice guide for occupational risk prevention in the transport sector

Spain Foundation for the prevention

of risks National Best practice advice to minimise risks

2.4.10 Hoyer Safe Driver Policy UK Hoyer Haulage UK Ltd. Company Comprehensive road safety policy and

recognition scheme 2.4.11 The management of

occupational road risk

UK Powergen UK Ltd. Company Health and safety guidance document

2.4.12 Safety in and around loading bays

UK HSE National Examples of how safety of loading bays

can be improved 2.4.13 Cooperation between dispatcher

and receiver of goods to make deliveries safer

UK HSE National Describes how cooperation between

dispatcher and receiver of goods can make deliveries safer for drivers 2.4.14 Simple improvements to make

loading easier

UK HSE Company New ways of working to make loading

safer 2.4.15 The working conditions of

In document Managing risks to drivers in road transport (Page 113-116)