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Becoming friends with Karen was a great thing because she was a heck of a promoter. Not only was she involved in a lot of charities she also was still digging her feet in to get into the pages of Playboy.

She had connections with people from Playboy because of her Chicago Cyber Club Photo Shoot, and they were holding the Arizona Playboy Golf Event at a far away club called Jillianns.

Two official Playmates showed up and of course Jill Ann and Karen were there. We were wearing our official Playboy Golf Shirts that we were given because we were considered hosts for the event. The

Playmates received money to attend, which we did not we were just volunteers. It was a great time taking pictures and giving out gifts. Playmates Stacy Fusion and Michele Rodgers were the paid Playmates, and luckily I knew both of them from the mansion parties and during my stay at the Playboy Mansion so they were excited to see me and welcomed us instead of feeling we were a threat. Especially since we were doing much of the work for them and they just had to sign and take photos it worked out great. That night went over good, and Karen worked hard to get people signed up to play golf to raise money for the charity.

A local radio station advertised heavily that the trials for the Playboy Golf Tournament were going to be held at a local bar, and Karen and I showed up for the event. The famous triplets—Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole Dahm arrived and Karen, Kelly, Paul Bruce, Hold ‘em and I were all in the VIP room. Tons of great food and drinks flowed, and we were having a great time. Now listen up girls because this is a great thing to get involved in and it was a heck of a lot of fun. They did tons of advertising and guess what? Only about twenty girls showed up. So every girl got picked! Picked for what? The following day you are then out at a golf course and at a particular hole with another girl and you pretty well are just the officials that make the whole look a lot better and more entertaining for the golfers. Two out of the twenty girls would be chosen from each golf city to go to the Playboy Mansion.

I had already told Kelly about the event, and she wanted to come to Arizona and hang out anyways so she flew out to be part of the festivities. Even though Karen had said I was going to be a host I was pushed in with the rest of the wannabe girls and put up on the stage with Kelly along in tow. The girls already knew that I had connections because I had come to the event in my Playboy shirt. I thought I was the host not a participant. So then they handed out the other shirts to all the eighteen other girls that got picked (which luckily were all of them) ,and they asked how I had gotten a shirt. I told them I had already done a pictorial for Playboy and had the shirt.

We were VIP, though after the stage appearance we got to go back to the VIP room where as the other eighteen girls that had been chosen were not invited into this room. It was just the triplets, Karen, Kelly, and I and all the golfers that were signed up for the following festivities. And of course both of our boyfriends in tow!

The following day came for us to be on the golf course. I was excited and even called my mom to find out if she would like to come out and join. She amazingly agreed and came over to my house. She was wearing clothes from the seventies and I gave her a pair of jeans and a Playboy shirt to wear instead. She looked great and young, and we headed out.

Kelly, my mom and me pretty well guarded the one hole most of the day. It was great fun because the guys were extremely nice and all were flirting with my mom. Of course Karen didn’t have to watch a golf hole like us. She got the pleasure of driving around the famous triplets that were the hired Playmates for that day’s event. We were forced to standing out in the heat of the sun. We still had a great time and got burgers

192 and hot dogs to eat and all the pop or water we wanted to drink at a nearby hole. They told us that we had to tell each person at the golf hole who we were because the golfers were going to pick two of us to go to the mansion.

I began to think of it like a competition, especially since I was with the “common folks,” I figured I needed to win to get to go and I wanted to go. Later that night they had the big award ceremony and this is when they ultimately picked two girls that got to go from Arizona. How crazy girls can be, one girl began to physically promise things to golfers if they voted for her. She was crazy. All of the ballots were handed out, and they were supposed to write the girls name on the slip of paper that they wanted chosen to go to the mansion. This girl was so ballsy that she just went around to each table and crossed out other girls’ names and wrote hers. I had not stooped that low, but I had tried to be as nice to everyone on the course as possible.

A little competition was good for all of us. About five girls went up to complain about the other girl crossing off other girls’ names. They announced the two girls that had won, and it was neither me nor the girl that obviously would have had more votes. I was later told they had disqualified her for fixing the ballots and that I weren’t ineligible because I was already invited. I was happy. That meant all the volunteering would hopefully pay off.

We were the MCs for the night, and Karen and I took over the microphone because we were simply asked to give out the awards. They had a crazy raffle that was for charity and we helped sell a ton of tickets for different prizes prior to the award show. Then I got on the speaker because I had already told Karen about my lesbian experience at the mansion, and she said she had never kissed a girl before. I announced that anyone that was willing to donate $100 to the charity that night would get to see an up close and personal kiss between me and Karen and to let everyone know that it was her first kiss with a girl. Almost immediately someone volunteered up the $100 and we did a pretend drum roll and I kissed her. It wasn’t one of those quick kisses either. We actually gave them their $100 worth.

The triplets were at the award ceremony, and Bruce came with me for the night’s event. I introduced him to Mr. Smiley, who was the staff photographer for the Playboy Golf event. I figured if he was helpful to him that maybe he would be able to go to many more events. Sure enough they hit it off and Bruce helped him much of the night to put pictures in frames for people and help him in other ways to make his night go more smoothly. Mr. Smiley took some pictures of the Dahm Triplets, and they were signing them for the guests. He was making a ton of sales from this when one of the triplets noticed that one of the pictures of the girls had her eyes looking slightly crossed. She suddenly became enraged and started cussing out the camera guy. Telling him how terrible he was and what an idiot to print such an ugly picture, and didn’t he have any talent? Bruce had gotten a few pictures of me on the course and of the triplets for free for helping out, and we got them all to sign it. That is why I was there during the huge argument. The guy right before me had brought up the picture that flipped her out. He apologized a hundred times over and tried to explain that he was just in a hurry and hadn’t really looked at the picture. Other then that it was a great night and lots of fun.

Playmate, Karen, Jill Ann and Michelle Rodgers. Notice the note that Karen made to Hugh Hefner. We sent him a copy of this photo.

194 Triplets and Jill Ann out at the golf course in Arizona.

Playmate, Karen, Jill Ann and Michelle Rodgers

In document Hefnerland - The Book (Page 191-195)

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