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A psychic's best friend is her neutrality. A psychic's worst enemy is her emotional response as well as expectations and attachment to outcome. When you are neutral, you are calm and collected. You are like a conscientious captain, navigating his ship safely through stormy seas, which may require changing the ship's original course. When you are caught up in the whirlwind of your emotions and expectations, you are like a desperate captain who is so intent on reaching the desired destination that he forces his ship into the eye of the storm, becoming lost at sea and causing his crew to declare mutiny. During a clairvoyant reading, the psychic must navigate her way through emotions and energies as tumultuous as any hurricane and address problems of tidalwave proportion. If you don't know how to swim well, you are likely to sink, no matter how clearly you can see images or pick up extrasensory information.

Many of your clients will be in pain, in fear, in doubt, and in trouble. Many people who come to you for a reading are not just coming for a reading. They are coming to be healed, to have all their pain eliminated, all their problems solved, all their worries banished-instantaneously. If they don't leave the reading feeling better (even though you just gave them important or even life-saving information, but information they did not want to hear), there is one person they will blame ... YOU.

Some people will ask a question, but will then do everything possible to block you from seeing the true answer. Some will demand that you tell them everything while revealing nothing, greedily guarding their secrets with every ounce of their being, erecting fortresses around their quivering souls faster than you can burrow through their walls of defense. Some will lie. Some people will worship you, some will lust after you, some will compete with you, and still others will hate you, being unable to be okay with themselves until they have turned you to mush. On very rare occasions a client could actually become violent.

In your readings you will see people who are hapless victims of insidious abuse and who are molesters of children. You will read thieves, liars, drug addicts, and adulterers. People's problems will range from being unable to find their favorite toothbrush, to losing custody of their children, to

Actually, this may sound crazy, but some of the most fun, exciting, interesting, and inspiring readings I have done included many of these elements. When you are reading from neutrality, it is like watching a scary movie or an emotional drama. You will view all kinds of interesting life experiences, to which you ordinarily would have no access, in the safety and comfort of your own mind. You can be totally absorbed in what you are watching, and even experience a variety of emotions (without becoming the emotion). You might have some level of expectation or hope for the end of the movie, but know that there is nothing you can do to change the characters or to rewrite the script. You may go home pondering the moral of the story or recalling some climactic moment, but you likely will not lose any sleep over them.

On the other hand, if you lost your neutrality during the reading, it will be a lot more difficult to deal with these challenges. You will have a hard time maintaining your focus, and you will be inclined to give advice based on your own limited information rather than wait for the infinite wisdom of your clairvoyance to reveal itself. If you lose your neutrality, you may lose your temper and lose your ability to communicate effectively and honestly. So, with all of that said, how does one accomplish neutrality? you will be in your second chakra. When doing a clairvoyant reading, oftentimes your energy will naturally go to your sixth chakra (corresponding to the third eye), since this is where your clairvoyant abilities lie. However, as the reading continues, you will be vulnerable to matching whatever chakra your client is operating from, or falling into your own matching pictures.

When you read from a chakra other than your sixth chakra, the reading will tend to take on the energy of that chakra. Since your lower chakras have more to do with emotions, you will read through the filters of these feelings and be more vulnerable to their influence. When you remain in your sixth chakra, or the center of your head, you can maintain a certain degree of neutrality there that you cannot maintain in the lower chakras. (Note that being in the center of the head is not the same as being in your analytic mind, whose location is also in the head.)

Many psychics perform readings because they are natural healers. They care about people and want to help them. Unfortunately the majority of psychics out there aren't aware of the difference between the center of their head and their fourth chakra. This is fine until they encounter a difficult person to read and then lose their ability to objectively see information and communicate it, or they weaken their own system by taking in too much of the readee's energy because of their emotional involvement.

I always know that I have dropped down to my heart chakra during a reading when I begin to cry or feel so hopeless or angry that I can barely remain in my seat. Sometimes I become so wrapped up in saving the person that several minutes will pass before I realize I have stopped reading and am just spewing advice that is not helping anyone. Eventually I realize that I have lost my neutrality and within a minute of performing the neutrality technique described in the next section, I'm back on track, providing clairvoyant information that contains far more wisdom than my logical mind or my heart are able to provide.

Obviously, it is not necessary or desirable to be in the center of your head, or sixth chakra, all the

time. Some of the greatest joys in life are when you feel intense love in your heart chakra, when you have a sexual experience in your second chakra, or when your spirit flies off into daydream land somewhere high above your seventh chakra. There is a proper time and place for objectivity just as there is for reckless abandon. You must remain objective during a clairvoyant reading. Your effectiveness and well-being depend on your ability to do so. if it were a window in your forehead, right where your finger is touching the skin. (You can keep your finger there or remove it at any time during the exercise. If at any point you are no longer certain that you are in the center of your head, bring your finger back to your forehead and repeat the procedure just described.) Pretend that you can actually look out this window and that you are looking at what is really in the room. For a second you can open your physical eyes to remind yourself what the room looks like, then close your eyes and pretend that you are seeing what you just saw with your eyes. Since the window of your third eye is slightly above your physical eyes, you may want to imagine what the room looks like from a slightly elevated position. Now call any of your energy from your lower body or chakras, as well as any of your energy that may be floating above your head, and tell it to come to that point in the center of your head, a couple inches behind your third eye.

Now we are going to create a special place for you in the center of your head. See it as a single room. Put a comfortable chair or sofa in the center of that room with your imagination. See the color of the upholstery. Sit down in the chair and notice how it feels. Is it soft like a pillow or hard like metal? Imagine that you are taking a magic marker or some paint and then paint your name on the four walls of the room. As you do this, know that you are owning this room, which is a representation of the center of your head.

Next, give this room, the center of your head, a grounding cord. You can ground this room in the same way that you would actually ground a room in a house (see chapter 7). Put columns of golden light in each corner and connect these to a large column in the center. Then command any foreign energies that may want to keep you out of the center of your head, or that have been occupying that

center of your head by dancing the silliest dance you can think of. Congratulations, you have just claimed the home of your neutrality!


Your physical body is in a state of health when your energy is flowing through it. When the flow of energy has completely stopped, you will be dead. When the flow is sluggish, you will feel sluggish and your immune system will be compromised. When energy is stuck or has ceased to flow in a specific area of the body or energetic counterpart (i.e., in the chakras or aura), you will often experience pain, numbness, or disease in that location.

When energy is flowing through your body, it not only reflects a state of health, it also protects the body from invasion by foreign energies and entities. Most people have either learned or intuitively discovered that a good way to protect the body from harm or evil is to visualize light around the body. What they don't realize is that this light should be flowing. After all, a moving target is much harder to shoot than a stationary one. If you don't want someone to find you or glob on to you, then moving often or quickly will be your best strategy. Think of the vitality and power generated by Niagara Falls or the rapids of the gushing Colorado River compared to the stagnancy of the stale, flea-infested, and oftentimes putrid waters of the Great Salt Lake in Utah or the lethargic swamp lands of the South teeming with all kinds of mischievous varmints.

There are many ways to increase the energy flow through your body and aura. Acupuncture, massage, physical exercise, energetic healing, dancing, singing, painting, and even showering increase the flow of energy and therefore relieve pain and discomfort.

Exercise is one of the easiest and most natural ways of increasing the flow of energy in the body.

When you are engaged in aerobic exercise, such as jogging, walking briskly, rollerblading, playing basketball, etc., you are obviously moving your body, which causes your energy to move within your body. When you are sedentary for a long time, the energy in your body slows down. Breathing also circulates energy through the body. The ancient art of yoga uses exercise and breathing to consciously propel energy throughout the body to attain optimal health, peace, and even euphoria.

Another easy way to circulate energy throughout the body is through visualization.

During a clairvoyant reading, your body remains sedentary. Because your attention is so focused on whatever it is you are clairvoyantly viewing, your breathing and autonomic nervous system will often significantly diminish to match that of a person in a deep state of sleep. While it is helpful to remind yourself to breathe whenever possible, it is not really practical or possible to perform structured breathing exercises at the same time that you are clairvoyantly reading another person. And

I have yet to see anyone jog around the room at the same time that they were doing a clairvoyant reading.

Earth and Cosmic EnerSies

Both your body and the earth consist of the same energy, called earth energy. When you are outside in nature, you naturally run more earth energy than when you are inside a building made out of synthetic materials. I began to see the value of running earth energy when I moved to Sedona, Arizona. The difference between a person who has spent a few hours trekking through the meandering canyons of Oak Creek or climbing the stunning red rocks compared to someone who has just flown in from a city like New Jersey and has been away from nature for months, if not years, is phenomenal. Those who had spent even a couple hours outdoors had vibrant auras, spinning chakras, and appeared far healthier and more attractive. Oftentimes I would feel the tingling of earth energy in my feet as soon as heavy a dose as your lower body and chakras. Your upper chakras are better designed for the processing of what are commonly referred to as cosmic energies, energy gained from the air and from the source of your spirit.

In acupuncture, the earth and cosmic energies are referred to as the yin and yang, and much attention is paid to the balancing of these energies for the relief of pain and disorders such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, epilepsy, paralysis, etc. In his enthralling book Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda attributes cosmic energy to the acquisition of miraculous powers. Yogananda describes his meetings with two women from India who never ate. He explains that one of these women, Girl Bala, did not eat any food for over fifty-six years, yet she remained in a state of maximum health. At the age of twelve, she had pleaded with God to help her control her insatiable appetite for food. Her prayers were answered in a vision where a guru appeared and taught her a secret yoga technique that allowed her to recharge her body with cosmic energy from the ether, sun, and air. (Yogananda, p. 536). Her case was rigorously investigated by several reputable Indian scientists and found to be authentic.

The other woman, Therese Newman, had not consumed any food or drink in over twelve years.

Upon praying to Saint Teresa in 1923, she was miraculously healed of blindness and paralysis. Soon after, every Friday, she would fall into a deep trance in which she would relive the crucifixion of Christ. The stigmata (sacred bleeding wounds of Christ) would appear on her head, breast, hands, and feet, and blood would pour from her eyes. She stopped eating soon after her healing, knowing that she would be sustained by the grace of God and the cosmic energies of the universe. Her case was authenticated by the Catholic Church, who oversaw the rest of her life and monitored her activities and associations. (Yogananda, p. 537).

I must admit that although I frequently run my cosmic energies, I still have an enormous appetite

for edible food and am not yet ready to totally replace my passion for chocolate chip cookies and french fries with a diet of cosmic ether! However, in the several years that I have used visualization to consciously replenish my cosmic energies (sometimes accompanied by exercise and breathing), I have been able to eliminate pain within my own body and other people's bodies and to revitalize myself when feeling tired and stressed. I have also observed many students and classmates undergo remarkable changes in their mental, emotional, and physical health as the cosmic and earth energies helped release generations of programming, MEI pictures, and foreign energies.

During a clairvoyant reading, the simplest and most effective way to make sure that energy is circulating adequately throughout your body is through visualization. The following techniques will teach you how to tune in to your cosmic and earth energies and circulate these throughout your body and energetic fields. These techniques can be used during a clairvoyant reading as well as during any other activity, whether you are simply sitting in meditation, working at your desk, or running a marathon.

Running Your Earth Energy

Find a comfortable chair to sit in. Close your eyes and turn inward. Destroy your current grounding cord and create a new one. Let your attention drop down to your feet. Imagine that you can see your little feet chakras spinning around. Postulate that they are going to open up as wide as possible. Notice how this feels. Now close them down as far as possible. Repeat these steps several times and then postulate that you are opening your feet chakras up to 80 percent.

Now visualize a spot deep in the earth directly beneath you where the energy of the earth lies waiting for your call. Find the cleanest spot, where there are no toxins or chemicals. See a color for this earth energy and bring it up through the ground, through the grass or floorboards, and up into your feet chakras. Let the earth energy circulate through your feet chakras, cleaning them out.

Imagine that your feet chakras look like miniature washing machines where you can see into the circular doors. The earth energy is washing out foreign, stuck energy from your feet chakras.

After a few moments, let the earth energy effortlessly rise up your legs, running through the bones, muscles, skin, and veins of your ankles and calves up to your knees, where they circulate through and cleanse your little spinning knee chakras. After a few moments the earth energy will rise up through every cell of your thighs, buttocks, and genitals until it reaches your first chakra (root chakra), located at the base of your spine, or at the opening of your cervix if you are a woman. Let the powerful flow of earth energy circulate through your root chakra until that chakra is spinning and glowing brightly. Then watch as gravity sucks 80 percent of the earth energy back down your grounding cord and into the center of the planet. Take the other 20 percent of earth energy that is flowing freely through your first chakra and bring this up through your body. As it rises, let it circulate through each of your major chakras as well as through your muscles, bones, and skin, until it rises up and out of your crown chakra, spilling out into your aura. Let the earth energy fall to the bottom of your aura around your feet and rise up again until it reaches the top of your aura.

Continue to watch this energy pattern for several minutes. You can visualize your body as it is sitting there and watch the circulation process. In addition to using your visualization, notice how the flow of energy feels throughout your body. Do you feel any peculiar or unexpected bodily


If you are having trouble with this exercise, you may need to adjust the flow in terms of the strength or amount of energy coming in. Play around with these. If that still doesn't help, then try

If you are having trouble with this exercise, you may need to adjust the flow in terms of the strength or amount of energy coming in. Play around with these. If that still doesn't help, then try

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