Results of three Drekkana or Decanate of a sign .1 Aries

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The Dreshkan Chart (D-3 Divisional Chart)

5.5 Results of three Drekkana or Decanate of a sign .1 Aries

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : If D-3 chart ascendant falls in first decanate of Aries the native is generous charitable, genius, bright, valiant in the battle field, suffers ups and downs of fortune and loss of loved ones. If afflicted, he is cruel to co-borns, children and desirous of others money.

(b) Second Decanate (10°-20°) : The native is fond of art and music. He is romantic, adventurous and eager to have sex relations with flirtatious women.

He is wealthy, good looking and enjoys other's money.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is learned, virtuous, talented, strong, powerful and serves the Government. He is loved and served by his friends and relatives. He is egoistic and scornful at times.

D-3 Divisional Chart 111

5.5.2 Taurus

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native enjoys good, rich and tasty food. He is soft, delicate and beautiful in appearance like a woman. He is blessed with gems, jewels, ornaments and costly costumes. He suffers mental agony due to separation from his wife.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is sober, mild, attractive, wealthy, steady, intellectual and well versed in many branches of knowledge. He is successful in love affairs and is surrounded by beautiful, greedy and aggressive women.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is clever, brave, dirty and less fortunate. He earns money through foul means. He suffers from sorrows and grief, because of his misdeeds.

5.5.3 Gemini

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is big, tall, talented, attractive, wealthy, virtuous and wins the trust and favour of high executives of Governments.

He is blessed with luxuries and comforts of life and eloquent speech.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is short in height, handsome with a small face and scanty hair. He is well behaved, gentle, wise, fortunate and famous.

112 ______________________________ Secret of Vargas (c) Third decanate (20°-30°): If birth ascendant falls in

third decanate of Gemini the native has a strong muscular body with rough dry skin. His hands nail and nose tip appear to be rough and dry. He is determined, steady and obstinate. At times, he is rude and ill behaved as well. He abstains and maintains distance from women. Unknowingly he creates many enemies without any valid reason.

5.5.4 Cancer

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is intelligent, handsome, fortunate, sympathetic and-helpful. He respects the noble and virtuous people.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°): The native is greedy, romantic, unsteady, immoral, talkative and lives in his dream fantasies He is blessed with brothers, suffers ill health and is easily captivated by the charm of women.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is gentle, attractive and fond of water sports. He loves nature and often goes to the forest, mountains, the sea coast or river banks. He is blessed with gems, jewels and luxuries. He is desirous of staying in a foreign land. He has defective eyes and weakness for wine and women. He, generally, follows his own standards of morality and righteousness.

D-3 Divisional Chart 113

5.5.5 Leo

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is rich, prosperous, generous, charitable and engages in religious activities. He is brave, courageous, determined and eager to vanquish his enemies. He commands a respectable position in the King's Court.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is religious, happy, wise, charitable and broad minded.

He follows his own traditional and religious values and feels no hesitation in resolving issues by using physical force.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is of medium height with a strong body. He is wise, knowledgeable but gets confused and is melancholic. If afflicted the native is wicked, cruel, greedy and desires others wealth.

5.5.6 Virgo

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is gentle modest, tall, handsome with honey like golden eyes and dark brown long beautiful hair. He is blessed with beautiful woman, wealth and eloquence. He is slightly dark or wheatish in complexion.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is independent, practical with artistic inclination and business abilities He acquires wealth through industry, thrift and down to earth, practical propositions in business. He is appreciated by the

114 Secret of Vargas

learned and noble people. He is intelligent, serious, well versed in scriptures and reference manuals, on different subjects. He loves to stay abroad.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°): The native loves music and beautiful dresses. He is short in height having sharp eyes and a beautiful face. He is talented, intuitive, fortunate and business minded. He is patient, with strong determination and enterprising spirit.

5.5.7 Libra

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is beautiful, attractive, charming, intelligent with expertise in financial planning and business matters. He is well-versed in the sacred scriptures and loves to serve the needy and poor people. He is courteous, kind, sympathetic, and affectionate. He is controlled by emotions and intuition rather than by reason. He may be slow in action and needs encouragement, motivation and incentive to work.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native has big beautiful lotus like eyes and a charming face. He is adventurous, philanderer, good conversationalist and works for the progress and prosperity of his clan. He loves social gatherings and meeting people.

His fortune is affected by friends, relatives and associates.

D-3 Divisional Chart 115 (c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is dull,

deceitful, wicked, ungrateful, inconsistent in thought and action, suffers loss of wealth, brother and friends. The decanate lord, if afflicted would make the native restless and foolish lacking commonsense, but a strong and well placed Lord would improve the intellect and fortune through educational achievements.

5.5.8 Scorpio

(a) First decanate (0°-10°): The native is courageous, brave, aggressive, tall, having a strong body and big eyes. The native is a furious fighter. Some natives can be shrewd, secretive, prudent, having self control and highly dignified.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is intelligent, attractive, amiable with fair complexion and restless eyes. He loves rich, oily, spicy food and derives benefit from the wealth of others. Alan Leo says because of extremes of scorpio the native is born in a poor environment and seldom raises himself above mediocrity.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°): The native loves occult sciences and psychic studies. He can be possessive and jealous. He is patient, resolute with long arms, pale eyes and a big tummy. He may suffer loss of sibling or desire of others wealth.

5.5.9 Sagittarius

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is gentle, righteous having a round beautiful face and big eyes.

116 Secret of Vargas

He earns money through his own efforts and thus is self made. He leads the society or his community.

The native is broad minded, honest, generous and helpful. If afflicted, he could become reckless, erratic, rebellious, extravagant and careless.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is well versed in religious scriptures. He loves to perform yagna and religious rituals. He is an eloquent speaker and an authority on application of Mantras. The native is headstrong, impulsive and may go to extremes, to exhaust his physical and mental energies. Lack of control or perception of capacity, may lead to trouble of the brain or a nervous breakdown.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is clever, attractive, religious, righteous, noble and the leader of his clan. Some of the natives could be sensuous and adulterous. Alan Leo states that the native would have intuition, inspiration and ability to foresee and foretell the future. He is kind, sympathetic, demonstrative and affectionate.

5.5.10 Capricorn

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native has dark complexion, lean tall body with long arms. He is cunning, soft spoken, smiling and attracts women.

He is crafty, deceptive and earns wealth through foul means. The native is ambitious, persevering, plodding, firm, self reliant and anxious to be at the

D-3 Divisional Chart 117

head of affairs. Lack of moral growth and power to organise his resources, leads to problems. At times 'get rich quickly' mania brings disrepute, insult and humiliation to the native.

(b) Second decanate (10°-20°) : The native is clever, charitable, respects the noble and is difficult to subdue when agitated. He desires the money of other's as well as their wives and has a small face with restless looks. The native shows persistence, firmness and inclination towards conservative and orthodox conditions. He is of a reserved type and does not bend in social life.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°): The native is tall, lean, very talkative, wicked and suffers separation or loss of parents at an early age. He may indulge in wicked deeds in a foreign country. The native is self reliant, an intellectual and helpful to others. He, however, is ruled by circumstances with very little power to change his destiny.

5.5.11 Aquarius

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native is tall and thin, hard working, rich and glorious. He has a happy married life and serves the Government. He is greatly influenced by his friends and associates. He has great ability to read character and study human nature. If in a bad company, he may commit sins without any intention of doing so.

118 Secret of Vargas (b) Second decanate (10°-20°): The native is humble,

wise, capable, humorous, having large pale eyes and a fair complexion. He is rich, greedy and speaks with authority. He is intelligent, capable of attaining great success in the literary field or education but lacks concentration and continuity. He thus, prefers mechanical or physical activities of the business more than mental pursuits.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is tall and slim with large eyes and small arms. He is rich and romantic, blessed with noble sons. Some of the natives can be cunning, deceitful, evasive, cheats and confused. Alan Leo says that the native possesses a high standard of intellect, clear discrimination and refined tastes. Marriage or love affairs would do miracles in life but the native prefers a celibate existence.

5.5.12 Pisces

(a) First decanate (0°-10°) : The native has fair complexion and pale (honey like) eyes. He is noble, righteous, brilliant, happy and capable of giving maximum pleasure in sex relations. The fate pushes him towards good or bad unconsciously. He is kind and just but sentimental, emotional and romantic as well. Thus he is often torn between two different sets of emotions.

(b) Second decanates (10°-20°) : The native loves good, rich and spicy food. He is an eloquent speaker,

D-3 Divisional Chart 119 loved and respected by noble persons and women.

He is well versed in comforting women (can be a gynaecologist). The native is ambitious, virtuous, adaptable, persistent and useful to society.

(c) Third decanate (20°-30°) : The native is dark complexioned with large feet. He is humorous, helpful, expert in art and fond of spicy and delicious food. Sometime a native is selfish, jealous, hard and unsympathetic. If the horoscope is strong the native would be generous, broadminded, righteous and would defend the poor and weak people.

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