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Dear Mr. Johnson:

They'll be doing it in the boardroom, the backroom, the mailroom, around the water cooler. After the next big meeting you plan, they'll be talking about you Mr. Johnson.

Planning a successful seminar, meeting or convention can give you important new visibility in your company. It can gain you recognition throughout your organization and industry as an executive who knows how to get things done -- how to do things right.

A successful meeting can give you a real leg up the ladder. And when you do it the professional way -- with the OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE -- you'll be amazed at the time, money, effort, energy, work and worry you'll save for yourself, your secretary and your whole staff.

What do I mean when I say "the professional way?" Well, the OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE comes to you twice a year from Ziff-Davis, publishers of the definitive Meetings & Conventions magazine for full-time professional meeting planners and the Official Hotel & Resort Guide, which has become the "bible" of top-flight travel professionals.

The OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE gives you the same kind of information in the same way they demand. Accurate information. Authoritative information. Up-to-the-minute information.

Instantly accessible and usable information.

The latest information on 1025 top meeting sites

In this lavishly illustrated 1034-page guide, you get complete descriptions of premier sites worldwide. To save you time, they're arranged geographically: The United States including Hawaii, followed by Canada, the Atlantic and Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

To make comparing properties easier, each half-page site listing has a consistent format. You get...

...The Basics. Name, number of rooms, address, telephone numbers, key personnel. Toll-free numbers. Sales office numbers and addresses. Telex and cable addresses. Chain affiliations.

...Type and location. Each property is categorized: Conference center, convention/exhibit center, mid-town resort, suburban club, cruiseship. Then its exact location is

pinpointed with reference to transportation availability and transfer costs.

...Accommodations. A general description of the property's architecture and decorative style is followed by a listing of the equipment and special features like balconies in individual rooms.

...Services, shops, dining, entertainment, recreational and amusement facilities. The highlights of on-site facilities are described in terms of ambience, cuisine, entree price ranges, types of entertainment and hours of operation.

...Principal Meeting Facilities. The number of meeting rooms available, their location and access, their structural features and conveniences. A chart includes data on specific rooms -- their dimensions, locations, floor surfaces, flexibility and capacities in varying usages and configurations.

...Meeting Equipment and Support Services. Details exactly and completely what equipment and services are provided by the hotel, free or at a charge -- and what you can obtain from local vendors. For instance:

PA systems. Podiums. Chairs. Blackboards. Easels. Tables. Corkboards. Lobby bulletin boards. Microphones. Portable stages. Lighted lecterns. Flannel boards. Reel and cassette recorders. Players.

Phonographs. Multilingual simultaneous translation equipment. CCTV equipment.

Projectors. Screens. Typewriters. Duplicating machines. Trucks and vans. Pads, pens and pencils. Direction signs. Namecards.

Musicians. Entertainers. Electricians. AV operators. Photographers. Carpenters.

Display builders. Sign painters. Painters. Plumbers. Decorators. Translators. Tour leaders. Registrars. The works!

...Rates. Group rates, seasonal rates, European and American Plan rates. Taxes. Check-out times. Credit cards. Direct billing arrangements. With the OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE, you get everything you need to know about prices to make sound cost comparisons and cut down on-site inspections.

The easy way out that's also the best way out

The OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE is more, much more, than a listing of sites and their amenities.

It gives you destination reports -- mini guidebooks that describe 80 appealing and popular meeting destination areas! It gives you convention center listings -- page-long, detailed descriptions of convention and exhibit centers in major cities. It gives you a directory of transportation executives and companies -- specialists who can speed your people to the meeting with the greatest comfort and convenience -- at the lowest possible cost.

With the OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE, you have-- in one, big, handy, cross-referenced and indexed volume -- all the facts, figures and objective information you need to plan your next meeting the time-saving, money-saving, work-saving, worry-saving professional way!

Your secretary will thank you for ordering the OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE. So will your staff and all the other meeting workers and speakers. So will all the attendees -- all the way up in your own organization and throughout your entire industry.

With the OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE, you'll make even more of a name for yourself, Mr. Johnson!

And if you Join us today, we'll be glad to give you savings of 50 per cent on your first year's subscription.

That's right! Mail the enclosed card in the postpaid envelope today and get two issues (one year) -- of OFFICIAL MEETING FACILITIES GUIDE for just $15. That's half the regular price like getting an extra thousand-plus pages of need-to-know information --free!

And there's no need to send money now. We'll be glad to bill your company later. But please place your order today. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can start helping you build a reputation as an executive who knows how to get things done -- and how to do things right!

Thank you.

Sincerely, Name Title

In document Greatest Sales Letters PDF (Page 126-129)

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