Specific Taylor Drag

In document Anisotropy analysis of pressed point processes (Page 42-44)

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A unified approach to Credit Default Swap- tion and Constant Maturity Credit Default Swap valuation

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Interval Methods for Analog Circiuts

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MBS Simulation of a hexapod based sus- pension test rig

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Dynamic transportation of patients in hos- pitals

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Resampling-Methoden zur mse-Korrektur und Anwendungen in der Betriebsfestigkeit

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(16 pages, 2007)

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Survey of 3d image segmentation methods

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Keywords: interest rates, Vasicek model, CIR-model, calibration, parameter estimation

(17 pages, 2007)

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Facility Location and Supply Chain Manage- ment – A comprehensive review

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(54 pages, 2007)

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Bringing robustness to patient flow manage ment through optimized patient transports in hospitals

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Homogenization in elasto-plasticity

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(40 pages, 2008)

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(20 pages, 2008)

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Network design decisions in supply chain planning

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Anisotropy analysis of pressed point pro- cesses

Keywords: estimation of compression, isotropy test, nearest neighbour distance, orientation analysis, polar ice, Ripley’s K function

(35 pages, 2008)

In document Anisotropy analysis of pressed point processes (Page 42-44)