Strengths and Weaknesses

In document Himalayan Bank Limited Internship Report (Page 34-39)

PART I: Operational Duty

3. Strengths and Weaknesses

While working at the bank, we had certain strengths that helped us carry the assigned tasks very efficiently. Along with strengths, we also faced certain weaknesses that acted as barriers to quality work. The individual strengths and weaknesses have been given below.

Nikhil Agrawal Strengths:

While working in Himalayan Bank, I indentified some of my strengths that were very helpful during the tenure in the bank.

In the day to day activities of the bank, regular conversation with customers and colleagues is evident. My good communication skills were pretty helpful for the tasks

assigned to me. Good communication skills were important not only in the customer service department but also in credit department where communication skills was important to build a good rapport with the customer as well as make an effective credit approval package.

Another major strength was the financial analytical skills. I was good at the financial analysis of balance sheets and the cash flows when I was told to analyze the balance sheets which were presented for the approval of loans by clients. This skill of mine helped to perform well in the credit department and remove the workload of the department colleagues as this took the major chunk of their working time.

Another major strength was my attitude towards professionalism and co-operation.

Coming from a well reputed management college in the country helped me to encapsulate professionalism in my behavior. Working environment today requires working in teams for which the behavior of co-operation is of utmost importance. The ability to work with almost everyone with utmost team spirit was commended by the colleagues of the bank.

Working with computers appeared as a major strength as I was very comfortable and affluent with the various applications used in the bank and also the system software of the bank i.e. Globus. This skill enabled me to complete the assigned task quickly and precisely.


While working in the bank, I faced many shortcomings. The major weakness that I encountered was the patience to work for long hours. Since this was the first time for me working in the office environment, I found it very difficult to maintain my patience and concentration to work for long office hours. This possessed the biggest challenge to me while working in the bank.

The lack of exposure to real time working conditions was another challenge that I faced as I found it difficult to put the theoretical knowledge into practical reality. This possessed many situations where I found it difficult to move ahead with many problems and situations, which was disappointing and embarrassing to me in many situations.

Another weakness that I encountered was the ignorance of the new regulations and rules in the Nepalese financial system. Though I had studied this subject earlier but the lack of update of this knowledge possessed a great challenge to me while working in the bank.

Rishabh Tibrewala Strengths

Working at HBL as an intern gave me a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The biggest thing that I learned from this 10 weeks program was the understanding of my individual strengths. I realized that I have a knack for numbers and have a good understanding of the financial statements. I could easily make the basic balance sheet, income statements and cash flows. Also, analysis of financial statements based on ratio analysis and the analysis of cash flow came easily to me. This to my advantage helped me in impressing the relationship managers under whom I was working. They showed more confidence in me and gave me more challenging tasks to perform.

My regular visits to the bank and a basic knowledge on the working of the front end managers/tellers was also advantageous. This gave my supervisors more confidence in me in the initial stage itself. I also had good knowledge about businesses of different fields such as retail, information technology, manufacturing of carpet and pashmina, etc which helped me in interacting with the clients and gain better insight into their businesses.

My skills of basic computing are good and this helped me in doing the regular work. I could easily work on MS word where the CAP was made and MS Excel where

financials were made. I soon got accustomed to the software used by bank i.e. Globus and could check the credit line and the outstanding of the customers. My supervisors were very happy by the dedication with which I worked. I wanted to gain maximum knowledge that I possibly could in this short span of 10 weeks. My motivation to work and learn encouraged my supervisors to guide me well and I was able to learn more than required. My communication skills are also good and this helped me in interacting with the clients better. I was assigned certain clients and had to communicate to them about the processing of their credit case. I could easily maintain a good relation with the clients and they were generally happy with the relationship.

I also realized that my suggestions were mostly appreciated and at times implemented by my supervisors. They were quite impressed by my analytical skills, I was able to understand various project and perform analysis of their credit appraisal.


Along with these strengths, I encountered certain weaknesses that acted as a barrier while working at HBL. The most important barrier or weakness that I faced was that I lacked knowledge of the real world. The book teaches us a lot of theories and practices but it is not always the same in the actual working scenario. We often have to mould these theories into possible solutions so that they are more appropriate in the real world. And for me this was difficult as my understanding of the real working scenario was less and implementing the theories turned out to be a challenge.

I did not know how credit appraisal is done at banks as I had never taken a course on that. I felt constrained as I could do nothing initially when I was given the first case. I was taught credit appraisal and its procedures at the bank itself and this took up a lot of time which I could have spent doing something more productive.

Also my spokenNepali is not good and my knowledge of technical Nepali terms is lame, I had difficulty while expressing myself in Nepali. I also felt constrained

because often balance sheets and financial statements were presented in Nepali which was difficult to understand.

Finally I feel that lack of patience was one thing which I should try to overcome. I often got restless as things didn’t move the way it should. Often work got delayed because of some silly reason and that was irritating. Also sometimes, clients behaved in an unexpected manner and patience was the most important thing that I needed at that time.

Section C

1. Description and analysis of roles of fellow workers

In document Himalayan Bank Limited Internship Report (Page 34-39)