Viewing/Editing the Collections Admin Role

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As with other user accounts, the Collections Admin role specifies a set of access permissions that can be assigned to the specified user’s account. Only a system administrator with the role management privilege can create and assign user roles. To assign a role to a Collections Admin account, refer to “Defining Collections Administration User Accounts” on page 119. Among other user roles listed, the Collection Admin role allows collection set management, and access to the data map, collection tasks, and collection analytics (by default).

Follow the steps in this section to define the Collection Admin role by editing permissions from the Edit Role page.

Email Address Enter the user’s email address (up to 255 characters).

Show Info-bubbles Select whether information icons are displayed next to some fields.

Moving the cursor over the icon opens a “bubble” describing the field.

Display Microsoft Office documents

Select whether a selected Microsoft Office document is opened in the browser (the default) or in a separate application window (requires Microsoft Office 2007).

Comments Enter additional comments about the account.

Collections Admin Account (Continued)

Field Description

Collection Administration and Maintenance: Managing Collection User Accounts PAGE: 122

To view and edit the Collection Admin role 1. In the System view, click Users.

2. Click the Roles tab to view the list of user roles.

3. To edit the collection admin user role:

A. Click Collection Admin.

The Edit Role (Collection Admin) page displays.

B. Specify the following information. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.

Collection Admin Role Details

Field Description

Role Name* Enter a role name (up to 35 characters).

Description Enter a description of the role (up to 255 characters).

General Rights Allow dashboard access

Allow access to the management charts and reports shown on the Dashboard pages.

Collection Rights Allow collections access

Allow read-only access to Identification and Collection module in Clearwell.

Includes: Collections, Collection Templates, Collection Sets, Sources, Source Accounts, Source Groups, Custodians, and Destinations.

• Data Map Management - Allows users to add/modify data map objects.

Includes: Sources, Destinations, Source Accounts, Source Groups, Custodians, and Collection Templates.

• Collections Management - Allows users to add/modify Collections)

• Clearwell Collection Set Management - Allows user to add/modify Collec-tion Sets)

Document Access Rights

Allow Viewing Select whether users can view all or no documents in their authorized cases. For users who can view documents, you can enable or disable tagging (including bulk and smart tagging), folder operations, redaction, tag history viewing and searching, exporting, and printing.

Allow tagging Allow users to assign documents to folders, select values for one or more tag categories, and enter comments. Allow Viewing must be selected for these options to be available.

If you select this check box, you can choose the following options:

• Allow move or removing from folders — Allows users to move or remove tags from folders.

• Allow bulk tagging — Allow users to tag multiple items in one operation. If you choose this option, you can also enable smart tagging. Smart tagging allows users to apply a set of tag values and comments to all current and/or future documents that match the specified search criteria.

Allow redacting Allow users to use the redaction features. This option appears only if the cluster is licensed for the redaction features.

Prompt for reason code

Select to prompt the user for a reason when specifying a redaction. This option appears only if the cluster is licensed for the redaction features and Allow redacting is selected.

Allow tag history search

Allow users to perform tag history searches. Allow Viewing must be selected for this option to be available.

Allow exporting Allow users to export documents from the Clearwell platform. Allow Viewing must be selected for this option to be available.

Allow printing Allow users to print documents generate PDF files with information obtained from the system. Allow Viewing must be selected for this option to be available.

All review preparation

Allows users to cache a set of review documents before the review cycle begins.

Allow searching and filtering by processing flags

Allows users to search and filter for documents flagged during processing.

Case Administration Rights Case

Administration Rights

Allow users to perform case administration functions. If a user does not have case administration for any cases, the Collections module is not displayed.

The following options are supported:

• No case admin rights — User cannot perform any case administration func-tions.

• All case admin rights — User can perform all case administration functions.

• Custom case admin rights — Select from the following options to customize the use case rights:

– Allow case and user management — Allows management of users and case document sources (including the ability to process documents into the case). If this check box is selected, all of the other custom rights are automatically activated. If you choose not to allow the role to manage users or case document sources, you can still individually configure the other administration rights shown below.

– Allow tag definition — Allows user to define tags.

– Allow folder setup — Allows user to configure folders.

– Allow production folder management — Allows user to configure production folders. This option appears only if the cluster is licensed for the production feature and is selectable only if Allow folder setup is selected.

– Allow custodian management — Allows user to manage custodians.

– Allow participant management — Allows user to define aliases and add, delete and edit the list of participants in an alias.

– View and manage exceptions — Allows user to handle exceptions associated with a case.

Collection Admin Role Details (Continued)

Field Description

Collection Administration and Maintenance: Running Collections Backups PAGE: 124

C. Click Save to submit the new account, or click Cancel to discard your changes.

In document Clearwell ediscovery Platform (Page 119-122)

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