Voltas is one of the world's premier engineering solutions providers and project specialists. Founded in India in 1954, Voltas Limited offers engineering solutions for a wide spectrum of industries in areas such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, electro-mechanical projects, textile machinery, mining and construction equipment, materials handling equipment, water management & treatment, cold chain solutions, building management systems, and indoor air quality.


The Company's strengths lie principally in:

• Management and execution of electro-mechanical projects, including air conditioning and refrigeration

• The design and manufacture of industrial equipment, cooling appliances and materials handling equipment

• Sourcing, installation and servicing of diverse technology-based systems serving Indian industry through representation of global technology leaders


No. Designation Name

01 Chairman Ishaat Hussain

02 Managing Director A Soni

03 Director Nasser Munjee

04 Director N J Jhaveri

05 Director Ravi Kant

06 Director N D Khurody

07 Director N N Tata

08 Director Jimmy Bilimoria

09 Director S N Menon

10 Director Nani Javeri


Voltas has modern manufacturing plants spread over an area of over 35,000 square meters, located in Thane (Maharashtra), Dadra (Union Territory) and Pantnagar (Uttaranchal) respectively. With a total workforce in excess of 800, Voltas' plants manufacture:

• Room ACs

• Commercial refrigerators • Water coolers

• Air conditioning equipment for central plant projects • Forklift trucks, cranes and warehousing equipment



Voltas' engineering skills and knowledge base are seen in advanced design and development, as well as adaptation and improvement, of products and equipment. The Voltas approach of intelligent innovation and customized problem-solving is given full play through use of advanced design software. These include the RR programme for coil designing, and AutoCAD Mechanical Series 6 with Solid Modeling package ('Inventor') for alternative designs and quick evaluations. State-of-the-art shop floor equipment and manufacturing processes yield products, components and assemblies of high precision and complexity, validated through a rigorous QA cycle.


Voltas' manufacturing plants have all been certified for ISO 9001:2000 by TUV of India. Emphasis is placed not just on product quality and consistency, but on economies and efficiencies which deliver greater customer value for less outlay. The highest priority is given to protection of the environment, with effluent treatment plants which operate continuously around the clock. The statutory norms of Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health (DISH) are strictly complied with.


(1) Air Conditioners: Superior Features, Unbeatable performance, Stylish ACs, that not only cool, but save for you. Presenting Voltas range of Energy Efficient Star Rated Split and Window ACs. Our ACs have energy efficient compressors that ensure perfect cooling at minimal cost. So, go ahead and choose the AC that cares for your money as much as you do. (2) Commercial Refrigeration: Sturdiness, efficiency and superior design,

featuring state-of-the-art technology, Voltas Freezers and Coolers not only consume less power but also withstand long power cuts. Add to this the trust of TATA, and you have the freezers that set the benchmark for


the industry. Backed by a quick and friendly Customer service, Voltas products know the worth of every rupee.

(3) Water Cooler: The success of every office, institute and establishment depends on the efficiency of its most valuable assets. These assets are none other than its employees. And to keep them going, they need to be recharged. That's what the Tushar range of Water Coolers have been doing since 1964. They hold a prominent place in thousands of establishments across the Country, for they provide cool water round the clock. No Wonder, we call them the official thirst quenchers of India. (4) Water Dispenser: A perfect blend of beauty and brains, the new mini

magic is what every office, home and shop need. Experience the versatility of water. Hot enough to stimulate you with a cup of tea or coffee and cold enough to refresh you with a glass of pure water or with a soft drink concentrate. An ode to nature's most marvelous gift.


Subsidiaries (India):

• Rohini Industrial Electricals • Universal Comfort Products Ltd.

Subsidiaries (overseas):

• Weathermaker Limited

• Saudi Ensas Company for Engineering Services WLL • Metrovol FZE

• VIL Overseas Enterprises B.V


• Lalbuksh Voltas Engineering Services & Trading Company LLC • Universal Weathermaker Factory LLC

• Universal Voltas LLC


• Terrot GmbH



Whether it be product quality, people, business systems or knowledge or customer satisfaction, whether it be in contributing to the development of society or protecting the environment, Voltas sets - and is driven by - new values in all these areas. To institute excellence at work and to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace, Voltas has made the Tata Business

Excellence Model (TBEM) a way of life in all activities. TBEM offers the best

way to improve business performance, bringing about a common platform for people to share their knowledge, follow the best business practices and pursue excellence across all functions.

In addition, TBEM enables a continuous and measurable assessment of improvement in several internal processes that leads to better financial performance, and greater customer and stakeholder satisfaction. It lays a strong emphasis on leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, process management, information and analysis.


As a concept that goes far beyond mere philanthropy, ‘giving back to the community’ is a significant pillar of Voltas' engagement with Society. Whether as individual volunteers offering their time and efforts, or as an organization generating benefits on many fronts, Voltas through the years has stood for Corporate Sustainability – essentially the creed so dear to the heart of Jamsetji Tata, which set its stamp on the entire Group which he founded. It is fitting that sustainable value-creation occurs at Voltas in the spheres of both people and technologies. Today’s increasing ‘Green’ concerns find an echo in Voltas culture, and in the hearts of Voltasites. They are the focus of initiatives which are yielding valuable returns, in an increasing quantum. Community service too takes a technological turn, in which our ‘know-how’ is used to build entrepreneurial self-reliance within the community.


The current growth of our economy and the confidence with which we face the world provide a compelling context in which corporate need to engage with the larger social and ecological habitat. In the coming years, it will more and more be necessary for Voltas – as for all corporate – to encourage and generate internal passion for volunteering and community service, as well as to focus the organization's efforts into sustainable community benefit.

Voltasites are blessed with the legacy of the parent Tata Group, of being able to return benefits to society while serving the community and nation. It's an opportunity to spread joy and happiness, while enhancing one's competitive advantage as well as corporate reputation.

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