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(2) ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY A Thesis The Submitted the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Candidacy for the Degree College In to of FINE ARTS MASTER OF A QUESTION OF REALITY By Bruce Chapin April, 1985 of

(3) Gr- Q3COO7 APPROVALS Adviser: Fred Meyer I ~/ . , ' ', j" , //./ / D a t e: ____________________________________~~~!~!_L L~ ! ~J_LL } ___ Associate Adviser: Lawrence Williams ~~~~~~~~~----------------- Date: / 5 ~#? Associate Adviser: ~~~~~------------------------Ed Miller Date: r-.( (' .J\,.....- ------~~-------------------- Assistant to the Dean for Graduate Affairs: __~F~re~d~M~e~y~e~r------------------____~---./ r..-'-/,~ / 7' / / .:.,/ Date : ----------------------~ '7,+ / ! I~/~ ,I ! 7 ·'", J ~ /+ i ~-J~ . .' Dean, College of Fine & Applied Arts: Dr. Robert H. Johnston Ph. D. Date: r\~\\, it\ - I, Bruce Chapin, hereby grant permission to the Wallace Memorial Library of RIT, to reproduce my thesis in whole or in part. Any reproduction will not be for commercial use or profit. Date: ------------------------------------


(5) ILLUSTRATIONS Page 1 2 3 . "Neither Life Nor Death" 17 "Fragment" 18 . "... Voices 4. "The Polemics 5 "Untitled" . . . . messages of " . Space" "Icon 7 "Untitled" . to the 20 21 . 6. 19 Wall of Light" 22 23

(6) PHILOSOPHY A question of Intrinsic to ultimately hidden religion and formulate the fragmentizing tion, that sive, that have reality best that are of those and can truth which For so be it are answers, of our does is for things this all as by elu mystery questions explanations answer sheets are reach. difficult done is complete the the imagina reality it, without who particularly It mysterious. others look in solutions human The regard Fortunately results. is and succeed than meets more will and grasp absolute known, the of meaning. out is eye to while eye. searching available just around If ments its offer there inner Philosophy, they cases is reality ways fatih,' faith' 'blind readily predictable blowing the life the limits latent subtle, do who this the bypass who gives would and beyond most possibility by reinforced in notion own question. a exploration. their 'blind a includes that are those Those the realize and eye, it. have but nature, the finite any each incorporate usually inquire from that, simply is question science its is reality to to comprehend, pay reveal. meaningless, then attention Amongst mixed in to those to probably the frag fragments confuse and

(7) 2 misdirect one's ascending a giant information, and each or is Each another to are shadow for and including lected every the continues truth revealed dozens fragments which necessary? "These vital despair the and but death, questions climbed, the in remain will arise, those of be one's does as more relativeness And proved? Carl useful. Man will place Carl a of needs meaning in Jones, Minnesota, of col to the life Physics 1982), p. as can truth never be be known ideas and convictions 2 enable Are Metaphor him to to find projections of (Minneapolis: 175. Jung, Man and His Symbols Inc., 1964), p. /b). Gustav the and are and universe." that against they that general his facing really life meaningless a thoughts is they screen a from us those "It Are provide prevent states, himself Publishing Co., lies about positively S. Roger University what Jung give for also illusory. are horror awesome they squarely." a or ever additional and climbing absoluteness When tempt Once you. above more myth acceptance one and The dozens of outright engage horizon the fragments humanity. judgment--can of to illusion, and of propose front in step are compared truths. The that not one's truth each part information offered. For cycle. must fact of be can tread each necessary fills again step a of the course mixture limit bits as curiosity a one but Those sure? clues is analyzed, rejection, On staircase. containing symbol. that and course; (New York: Dell

(8) 3 reality and largely formed fear death? the istic of man-nature spirit, and self, and coalescent. tenet 'as of but places with its neglects much of of the thought or notion there, same logical the has mysticism of views to one with Eastern Western individuated. factual practices, In offer. nature physics, aspects account the the different to while and into taking followed other. accord, and nature interpenetrative unified dualistic more viable provides the of Eastern or will riddles Shall we one greater by listen Upanishads?--"Neti, black of structure and insight the an be neti"--"not of quite in entertain the here and and a of the mysticism sufficient gained alloy voices believe we white, hold itself creating to and theories quantum by each one should and Western, believer, Does Should enlightenment. Can and and atheist thoughts? an other? metaphysical that." the now and saw man referring without matter- mind-body, Ancient dual- be universe. contribution the are as simultaneously? of one rational, theories Each one dependent much what of astrologers --not condition constructs radically medieval be be to Science, mystic on as below' so cannot tend quantum fancy, interacting, work terms human the reality heaven-earth? and above, philosophies concepts in Likewise There another. Should and reality to response i.e. integral, or in into differing Hindu that, the not gurus quite

(9) 4 "Reality, evolve mind the is and creative reality, reality a process be contradictions mind and to/about the human should so evolu of multifacets its and is an only boundaries the and ambigui entertaining it For limits creativity that the the of challenging illogical. also changes deceptions and the and and must of state reflection questions, truths the of evolves speak its its consciousness, expression should pursuing of As addressing understanding. The artist personal and collective "Thus must this is shared is whereby The dominate, but contemplation, Jones, Marc goal to induce in a Thames H. the not Olivier, (New 1940-1980 39. Smith, p. or forms, new Physics (London: Ellen that given as being to must be the a mani are intellect with . whether motivate educate, or into senses. 171. House, Ltd., 1977), of Hudson , p. it . Towards sensations the concrete. . art". equilibrium Psychology ed. of the and know, not future, unity" to searching, sensitize and Harper or and Metaphor, and does state images and the and leading one finding perfect Johnson, York: which present subconscious birth, perpetual beyond past, intuitive the invention called the upon experiences, towards work fested. Wood call unconscious, projection point will creativity "one a 3 act inappreciable of timely a Creation tion. the projection spirit." and ties, a the trans. p. Jessie 78. American Artists on Art From Pub. , Row , 1982) , David and

(10) 5 One must the mystery work and Magritte be must to writings, in more latent There and most The answers both or is life banal the to the an of the and confronting and that His was death. to objects ultimate when the most reality are of many said the words, about space, exists in complex could his isolated an search thinking Mystery in Klee, between be should art there a one mystery, merely interchangeability particularly of Paul is world universe about goals reality. realities reality, matter, of speak the of visible to relation mystery. time, "The cannot One mystery adds, other mystery it." by when reality. "One stated, this of disinterest and clarity paradox seized embody case with lie all of from spaces. within one, neither. Influence on the "DeChirico's Rosenstock, (New Rubin York: William ed. in DeChirico, Modern Art, 1982), p. 118. Laura Surrealists," Museum 7 Knopf, of Robert Inc., Hughes, Shock 1980), p. 304. of the New (New York: Alfred A.

(11) SYMBOLISM AND METAPHOR In works metaphors have and a not directed are beyond a conscious the this towards 'unconscious' wider goes in represented a question that aspect "The obvious. A effort. thesis, cannot best symbol of symbols They reality. be symbolic should and pinpointed imagery be not is inserted o into a They work of to speak vehicle for it art; others perceiving should enter into inner it unconsciously." level on an and understanding as an various effective aspects of life. Space and Time "In my in vast spaces. everything To tivity pictures," explain required. time once space, stripped has explore and quantum said, empty "There always theories it will approach to ideas a more be more and complete metaphors Hughes, Shock of the of the New, 6 House, p. 235. p. 30. 9 of rela is analysis conducive o Psychology me." terms . Olivier, empty plains, impressed in tiny forms are horizons, space-time Therefore, poetic more is that and/or Empty Miro of to take space a and

(12) 7 In They to stand experience becomes viewer space and space- is viewpoint Time and created by cleaner the hum or womb space to the in the is like universe, the vast world. intimate a sigh where place of of his Such a proportions, past the inner A 'magic while can to of own in his one to as to that a micro of universe enter the a is of climate propitious the if place plenitude contemplation reduces allowing size, a space to its vacuum solitude, the of breathe, a a space; return his face of space and listening space universe, place' hum in this to the bed and future and in the and womb the self from times present steady space he One simultaneity. snuggled safety place in move object affecting Past, the a to piece. the of between the to, intimate deep a ideas the rhythms. return expanse revelation outer body "an creative which to between it. and warmth the to space- actual directed observe child by is surface relationships must sandwiched returning internal private a with be space existence our deal future. A in exist two-dimensional spaces and to time. and space experience 'see' to awakened feeling to One and body of individual the entertain present the aware space-time intermingle. and of order depends; The order times of being coverings, in in exist adequately require space the of overlap in in and memories spaces to insufficient. positions many be time. and time life to Actual object must which from, out insufficient through The on interests. time one exist, forms the are means to order into for the to its

(13) vastness." These re-experienced as the find to spirit intimate back spatial forth and time to one one be space two and and enlivening The times in at often spaces. allow evoking places the at of flow spaces same different simultaneously its change. Changes rhythms reflected creation-birth flux constant be within, appearance Amidst often turmoil concealed by to regroup, existing the of at the on to process exterior in to and but each each the control decay of the Psychology of It is a House, p. 131 the death. a calm, introduced a place different a man those in Both recreate. representing the of of is interior, marking The and form the light. physical leverage some of its control . Olivier, in forces death. and certain gain artificial time, remain from or altering outside a somewhere or Things forces the processes natural decay of world rediscover process the violently attempt simultaneously time and natural space natural by in man-made. hints an the with that quietly space- is Changes space. outside aspects which forces struggle object or unpredictable object natural from natural address vicarious, an an in destruction-death. and either they Burning in new letting in creates life process; and actualities, explore to returned . Time of and or feelings, to be to and times memories be to spaces to spaces point fragment of

(14) 9 fragments The This of analogy does two not complete the broken the rest likened that to by fascinating fragment image. So fragmented absent, effect, has object yet formation irrationally as tions, no formal results the to that of onto image nervous than if knew how you more instinctive, the image you 1:LDavid could is is which is the of applied done it no if the to the more the immediate." Sylvester, interviews, Francis Bacon Pantheon Books, Inc., 1975), p. 104. as preconcep actual work. irrationally, much ... done is predict system more that objects to or do The whole. mystery chance, capacity the the is, exerted image. hologram. a as fragmented or forces formation come act possible; of the unknown, the preplanning recall plate original entire the be broken: hologram is represents to type dimensional the project ability would relationship original part also of of three the it may knowledge a to fragment prior laser, the the to photographic the the without in difficult a when draws one is used particularly The seems be can in unexplored; "If occurs a viewed be would second which of way be can whereby it and object The hologram, a projects, any the of relationship. whole relationship vessel, whole pieces. remaining first ceramic the represent to part metaphor The ways. a a its and relationship basically The indicate it strongly making is Breaking (New York:

(15) 10 and One fracturing does know not where it found article The perhaps. likely uncommon at what had more is object in original the nature chance common and be begins when An inflicted uncommon, process the as and with it, the thing, opposed a object upon be hard will occur. when starting disinteresting 'preciousness or appearance. process made the which and to accidental piece particularly a to the allows point in common it the outdo randomly finish, will having already more wood to an fought to ' . Architecture "Architecture ization of a has spirit. no A offering reflecting the The elements walls, such the periods worlds, in many concerns of doors, with the overlap illusory and as 12 p. 25. al . , has allusory well. On the (New York: as an "12 to architectural passages, spatial from of made real and surreal level of temporal and meta reality. inner the and and A outer conscious. element in meaning Louis Kahn et Guggenheim Foundation the and is openings, derived the as spirit allusions junction the architectural metaphoric, that different a subconscious of different of exists architecture windows, respects representing Each they as of nature intermingling is physical reality work intermingling but presence its own symbolic However, connotations. Doors Future and of walls Art, and stand Solomon at R. Viking Press, Inc., 1970),

(16) 11 once barriers as "Walls time. speak language. magical us they form in; and resistance and at a once They a there are whole and protection, language. ambiguous very a to protect prison cell and relaxation--in keeper of silent partner, life, They sounds beyond, faned so The between inner to the space. In 'entrance' entering or a cave If of of the womb; of Mother windows, other the means anxiety They the are They interac voices and be to waiting a stand, and the to; pro space of toll. Doors beyond word in The worlds. confines for door guardian their of also means the societies form the aspect of of or a the the space man where closed remain the in a contemplation, primitive was of sanctity macrocosm, link the provide openings the shelter the passageways, 136. and shut Q intervention world, the Japanese, 13Vilem p. explore It coziness, secrets. contained; inner outer to a sacred. and their 'mysterious' and the and the to one messages microcosmic take universe tempting a view safely the is of listened are windows outer world and reveal doors, and fact and us womb." and for human waiting the to as knowledge of listen tion. tomb short space- In between them. whole 1 and in transformations as and open, present 'obscure' door vulva, Great as or if Mother Earth. doors they Flusser, and openings invoke "Walls," the are idea Main thought of a Currents, of in terms journey. Mr-Ap A 1974,

(17) 12 physical effort spiritual enrichment. and multiple into the trek to to ceremonial Mecca, all church; directed at The make a that physical what spaces can are marked by Once system, these up in in and a tation, disorientation might further the dark trip in time will, occurs be with when we the some car sort into the if a the space, infinity. in are took the the nervous with entering can be of an becomes one sort The usually struggle "if a inner with on one of wood, tiny openings, interiors, or physical curious . . to the more The the impact . asked perhaps, They as and is effort. torn engage divine 'religious' a cases. and roof, experience between provide the fully the initial the of thesis more remaining; through exploring this from been the driving of reaching, some the space. should but have explore you it in edges passing to order stairs ziggurat, in kiva, effort relationship that openings Indian or in hole a analogy place of a Egyptian hypostyle an physical that obvious limitless if in of Hopi objects the clear to a of through modern experienced jagged place. pieces be openings splintered, absorbed the of experience Assyrian ancient a experience, not invitation more effort understanding and of particular 'spiritual' even the intending not an ladder, a space of to order regions requiring viewer object; an or of dark the hallway, climbing down into in made Consider ascending hundreds platforms back walking be must the caught confron experience play between of the

(18) 13 concrete the space." inner There are interior the just unlimited and building its of across is "Immensity of sort arrests, as we in a of motionless, that ourselves. that again are we man of in play Marilyn ican Craft, size of Pappas Feb/Mar , when we and p. is and endless little travel to projected light the are scale. of is objects is the soon move engage will an a dreaming are immensity Size As alone. we to caution and objective William Wyman " Amer , 24. The Poetics of Space, Bachelard, Orion York: (New Press, Inc. , 1964) trans "^Gaston Maria-Jolas just large a attached curbs elsewhere; "The Temples 1980, It Motionless motionless the shapes silence life Indeed, man." ment one is expression. immense. is light and similar what spilling the walk, being starts which become world The A seemingly enticing beckoning area, through wandering of space silent adjacent lit, sense qualities fruther? explore another, a suggest an of themselves; unto one corridors, with within expansion but of mystery disruptions or illuminating Dimly of contemplative a to from when darkness. floors. wooden for blend to occurs doors objects Often, emanating darkness open path; floating sufficient for its crisscrossing the onto are temptation -a or import. light a during networks light by the Silence light and experience solitary which light. and view- of protrusions spiritual brightened out no space in and 14 spaces, silence mental exteriors reassuring , p. 184.

(19) 14 perceptual tion spatial real experience scale immensity is is one size, large macrocosm ceptions with operates and in an object small microcosm realities Smithson, and vice scale appears The to size be from certain experience new It to to playground versa. where to a of immense, release us enable correlate, is images, of what where per arise. American p. that more a the perceptions make uncertainty." by is what the to in objective on to refuses miniaturization and and one function requires allows miniaturize, When left l6Johnson, Robert to logic. transcend level in processed to dependent informa the give is however, is inner the it one allowing It senses and Scale, approach. imagine, to play, manner, but one's object, environment. subjective ... the concerning logically wherein analysis, 172. Artists on Art From 1940 to 1980,

(20) EPILOGUE How structure fruits in tecture is reflected in evident integral to placement for context to those of and the man with his and sprawling safe attention His a new large of loss nature of of network himself; from the forms He power and seems to His symbol and of to tend nature. effective the so game streets scale by project a i.e. which the of the became had tribe be would Civilized focuses his technology. dominance of or separateness appear one a skyscrapers his his view structures making, their and archi and journey highways, man have the fertile. its elements, spaces If events. symbolized cities, nature. aloofness in man's Objects architectural commenced rich bears architectural life. their nature, the uses, of spiritual were land architectural control and on rituals with to economics, spirit Primitive daily in objects meaningful relocate, he use primitives' the Their connection materials relation philosophy, architecture. symbolic in space religion, spiritual the the and and technology. of a time upon and form the buildings in depends architecture social live people to reflect working with . The materials works and in ideas this of a thesis have civilized, 15 attempted technical to culture combine with a

(21) 16 primitive cultural zoomorphic aesthetic and aesthetic, anthropomorphic seeks an the differences and new questions. Are are they closer tive or will What roots? reflects tion is if The spatial searching the an artist is with so be time his that can far a man part of ancestors, by his Perhaps does and that create apart Will work? warps two and content? confused in his the of and combined cultures really always touch cultures of primitive and but one are unexplainable evolves, for truths not his primal society the or primi and or to so the . will architectural that indica extend step As the question in an artists' time visions of allusions, of the and explana experiences, as artist, reality. Contemporary Art and Lippard, Overlay: Pantheon Books, 1983) , Pre-History (New York: Lucy of lose metaphors consciousness both with " use of in meaning spaces "... that forms two he other indefinitely. tion forms, concepts, spirit he really of inter-relatedness the This allusions. appreciation forms in especially the p. Art 130.

(22) 17 Life Nor 79"x48"xl0", 1984. "Neither Death," acrylic on wood, tar paper,

(23) 18 2. "Fragment," oil on wood, styrafoam, 48"x34"x7", 1984,

(24) 19 3. "... Voices construction, messages," ... 69"x54"x6%", acrylic 1984. and sand on wood

(25) 20 "The gold Polemics leaf of frame Space," and oil, electrics, paper, staples on 91"x58"x4", 1985. wood,

(26) 21 Untitled," maple, 47"xl7"xl2", 1984,

(27) 22 "Icon to the construction; Wall of Light," electrics, acrylic 72"x31"x5V, and 1985. sand on wood

(28) 23 7 "Untitled," 84"x48"x36", acrylic 1985. on wood construction, electrics,

(29) BIBLIOGRAPHY Bachelard, Gaston. French by Inc. , 1964. The Poetics the Foss, Martin. Princeton: Flusser, 30, Symbol S. Ellen H. ed. New York: Kahn, Gustav. Louis; Toynbee F.; Seawright, A. J.; James; Overlay: Marc. Jessie Wood. Patton, Art "The News, Sylvester, ed Wheelwright, Indiana Univer York: to Dell of R. Inc., Art Books , Guggenheim 1970. and 1983 the Art of . and Translated by Hudson, Ltd., 1977. William Wyman." American 24-27. pp. World pp. the of 'Little People.'" 84-90. New York: The Museum of 1982. David. Pantheon A. House. the of Thames DeChirico. . New Solomon Pantheon February 1983, William, Modern Art, Rubin, Lost Symbols. Art. of Temples 1980, "The Phil. Alfred Minneapolis: Contemporary London: Feb/Marc York: Viking Press, Psychology Marilyn. Craft, Vol. Michelson, Annette; Skinner, Burnham, J. W. ; and Marcuse, New York: . Olivier, , 1974, Mr-Ap 1964. On the Future Foundation. New York: Pappas His and , Herbert. Lucy. Lippard, Pre-History New as Metaphor. 1982. Man Inc. , B. , American Artists on Art From 1940 Harper and Row, Pub., 1982. 1980. Publishing Co., New. the of Physics Minnesota, of Carl Main Currents 136-138. Jones, Roger Jung, Metaphor in Human Experience. 1949. and "Walls." Shock Hughes, Robert. 1980. Knopf, Inc., Johnson, Space. Translated from New York: Orion Press, Princeton University Press, Vilem. pp. sity of Maria-Jolas. Books, Philip. Francis interview. Bacon. New York: 1975. Metaphor University Press, 24 and 1962. Reality. Bloomington:


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