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An Elegant Development Contacts: Developer 1433023 Alberta Ltd. Tel: (403) 242-1889 Email: Architectural Controls

Suburbia Design Co. Ltd. Tel: (403) 717-9790 Email: Engineering Consultant IBI Group Tel: (403) 270-5600



1.0 Introduction

1.1 Intent and Theme

2.0 Zoning Regulations

2.1 Land Use Bylaws 2.2 Building Setbacks 2.3 Building Height 2.4 Lot Coverage 2.5 Minimum Floor Area 2.6 Garages and Driveways

3.0 Lot Grading

4.0 Architectural Design

4.1 French Country 4.2 Modern Prairie 4.3 Neo-eclectic 4.4 Bungalows 4.5 Exposed Elevations 4.6 Chimneys 4.7 Retaining Walls 4.8 Primary Entry 4.9 Windows 4.10 General Notes

5.0 Building Materials & Colours

5.1 Primary Wall Materials 5.2 Masonry

5.3 Trim, Fascia and Soffits 5.4 Roofing

5.5 Flashings 5.6 Front Doors


5.7 Garage Doors 5.8 Railings

5.9 Driveways and Front Steps

6.0 Additional Requirements

6.1 Recreation and Commercial Vehicles/Equipment 6.2 Satellite Dishes 6.3 Construction Regulations

7.0 Landscaping

7.1 Fencing 7.2 Landscaping 7.3 Outdoor Fireplaces

8.0 Approval Process

8.1 Preliminary Review 8.2 Pre-Construction Inspection 8.3 Formal Application Submission 8.4 Final Inspection

8.5 Schedule of Applicable Fees

9.0 Discretion

9.1 No Right to Enforce 9.2 Right to Amend 9.3 No Trespassing

Color Selection Sheet

Lot Information Plan



1.1 Intent and Theme

Elegant Developments welcomes you to Aspen Rose Estates, which is a master- planned

community on the Westside of Calgary and is conveniently located in Aspen Woods and consisting of 63 single family home parcels. Aspen Rose Estates will be accessed from 85th Street and 13th Avenue S.W. Aspen Rose Estates will be accessed from 85th Street S.W. and 13th Avenue S.W. Lots vary from level to full walkouts and are bordered by existing aspen trees which encompass a true estate environment. To ensure that the built form of each home adheres to the architectural guidelines; Elegant Developments (The Developer) has commissioned Suburbia Design Co. Ltd. to be the Architectural Coordinator for the community. Suburbia Design Co. Ltd. will review all home plans submitted by the builders for

conformance of these guidelines. IBI Group will review all plot plans to ensure proper grading and drainage of each lot. IBI Group will be issuing Building Grade Slips once approval has been obtained by both Suburbia Design Co. Ltd. and IBI Group.

The intent of these guidelines is to create a community of harmony and continuity while maintaining a number of traditional architectural styles to offer variety and flavour. The Architectural Guidelines will enhance the integrity of the development and ensure that each home that gets built will add value to the community. The guidelines have been prepared to promote a high level of architectural detail, ensure a pleasing building form, and promote an awareness of environmental sustainability.


The Architectural Coordinator will complete a review of all house plans to ensure compliance. An Approved” stamp must be issued prior to the builder submitting a building permit application to the City of Calgary. All construction must comply with the current Land Use Bylaw and Alberta Building Code. Construction may only begin upon receipt of a building permit from the City of Calgary and an issued Grade Slip from the Architectural Coordinator. Conformity with the Guidelines does not supersede the required City of Calgary approval process.

2.1 Land Use Bylaws

All of the lots in Aspen Rose Estates are Zoned R-2. Designers are to ensure that all homes are in conformance with the City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 in regards to setbacks, building height and lot coverage.

2.2 Building Setbacks

Front Yard Setback

• For front drive garage homes the minimum setback will be 6.0 meters from the back of walk or curb (if applicable) or front property line to garage face

• For side drive entry garages, the minimum setback will be 4.5 meters from front property line to the garage face

Side Yard Setback


• For corner lots a minimum of 1.2 meters on garage side and 3.0 meters on street side

Rear Yard Setback

• Minimum of 7.5 meters • 6.0 meters to deck structure 2.3 Building Height

Principal building height shall follow the approved Calgary Land Use Bylaw. The final building height will be approved at the discretion of the City of Calgary Bylaw department.

2.4 Lot Coverage

The maximum parcel coverage is 45.0 percent of the area of the parcel 2.5 Minimum Floor Area

All homes must have adequate massing and the design coordinator will approve the home based on the design merits and attention to detail. The design coordinator has the right to increase the square footage or massing of any home if deemed necessary.

• Two Storey Homes Minimum 2800 ft2 (1400 min. on main floor) • Bungalow Homes Minimum 1800 ft2

Minimum house sizes may be amended from time to time by the developer and the Design Coordinator. Certain homes may be judged on merits of overall design and massing of the homes. Consideration is also given to optimizing sight lines and creating acceptable size transitions between adjacent homes and areas.

2.6 Garages and Driveways

All homes will require a minimum double front attached garage. Triple car garages are encouraged as long as they are designed not to overpower the front façade.

Side drive garages may be possible provided the driveway will not interfere with any site furniture such as hydrants, pedestals or light standards. Garage locations will vary as per the building grade plan. If a side drive garage is desired, the garage should stay on the same side of the lot that it was intended to be on so it does not impede the views out of the front of neighbouring homes.

Rear detached garages will not be accepted.

If a triple car garage is used on a front drive home, at least one of the bays of the garage must be offset from the other bays. This offset should be a minimum of one foot and the roof line of this bay should be offset and articulated to enhance the overall garage design.

It is encouraged that the wall between the garage door and the front entry porch of a front drive not exceed 4.0 meters (13 feet). This will make the garage look more like part of the design and not an


addition to the home. When this distance is exceeded, the design must incorporate some sort of detailing along the garage wall such as a window, or batten detailing.

Materials on the front face of the garage must return along the side wall of the garage to the entry at a minimum height of 3 feet. The distance between the top of the garage door and the fascia of the roof above should not exceed 2 feet without the addition of extra detailing such as a shadow band.

Driveway length must be a minimum of 6.0 meters from the back of curb or sidewalk to the face of the garage wall. Desirable driveway slopes are between 3% and 7%. Maximum driveway slope is 10%; minimum is 2%.


Lot grading must follow the natural slope of the land and is to be consistent with the subdivision grading plan. Builders should give due consideration to building grades when determining house types in order to assure that an appropriate house is designed on each home site. Lot slopes should be absorbed within the building massing as much as possible. Builders must also pay close attention to drainage patterns created on the home sites in order to ensure surface water is channelled away from the house on all sides and into adjacent drainage swales and storm water systems.

Builders must ensure that all of the corner and intermediate elevations, as established by the

development engineer, be maintained exactly as specified. Maximum permitted front, rear or side yard slope is 3:1, builders are encouraged to stay within 3% - 25% slope.

The lot grades create a drainage pattern, as indicated on the Building Grade Plan, and must be

maintained. Site drainage must be established prior to commencing construction and maintained by the builder throughout the construction period.

Individual lot grading (including drainage swales and retaining walls) must be completed within individual home site property lines.



Three architectural styles will be preferred in Aspen Rose Estates: French Country, Modern Prairie and Neo-eclectic. These styles are intended as design guides only. Attractive interpretations within these styles are strongly encouraged. Homes designed outside of the three preferred styles may be approved based on the merits of the design at the discretion of the Architectural Design Coordinator.

Diversity, originality and individual expression are encouraged, while still maintaining a sense of overall design unity throughout Aspen Rose Estates. Distinctive floor plans and elevations are necessary, and individuality between nearby home sites will be required.


4.1 French Country

The French Country style is inspired by the rustic manors found across rural France. As its roots, the styles range from modest farmhouse designs to estate-like chateaux combining rustic warmth and a sense of character. Impressive on large properties, French Country style homes also fit well into upscale suburban enclaves.


Steep Pitched Roofs / Multiple Front Gables / Dormer Windows / Asymmetrical Elevations Emphasis on Front Entry / Grouped Casement Windows / Stucco or Masonry Cladding






4.2 Modern Prairie

Inspired by the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Prairie style homes were designed to complement the flat prairie landscape. The typical Prairie style home is defined by strong horizontal lines and wide open floor plans. Blending in today’s building materials to this age old style, the Modern Prairie has evolved and become a timeless presence in many affluent communities.


Low Pitched Roofs / Projecting Eaves / Decorative Brackets / Heavy Column Details Stone Base / Grouped Casement Windows / Stucco or Wood Cladding






4.3 Neo-eclectic

The Neo-eclectic style is commonly found in many prestigious communities throughout North America. A combination of historically themed elements, are attributes which have made these homes

distinguished and a popular choice in today’s market.


Steeped Pitched Roofs / Covered Arched Entries / Arched Windows / Mixture of Materials Stone Details / Distinct Columns / Bay and Turret Windows






4.4 Bungalow Plans

All bungalow plans must have a 10’-0” main floor ceiling height. An upper loft incorporated into the roof line and displayed by a dormer/windows are encouraged.


4.5 Exposed Elevations

Elevations exposed to pathways, roads, open spaces and corners are to have the same level of detail as the front elevation.

Rear elevations located on lots 1 thru 24 on block 37 are required to have roof lines to break up any 2 storey massing. Stone columns extending above the rear deck c/w caps are also required. Window trim and gable treatments are encouraged.


4.6 Chimneys

Chimneys and vents should be integrated into the overall design of the home. All chimney flues must be boxed out and the finish consistent to the material used on the house. Direct vent fireplaces must not be visible to the street.

4.7 Retaining Walls

Where retaining walls are required it is recommended that they are constructed using natural materials, i.e., sandstone boulders, rundle rock, grizzly boulders or allan blocks. Retaining walls not constructed from natural materials will be constructed out of concrete and finished with the same masonry material found on the house. Concrete wing walls will be acceptable when not visible from the street and require architectural Design Approval. Retaining walls will be limited to a height of 4 feet (1.22 metres). All retaining structures must be within property lines. Any retaining wall exceeding 1.00 metre in height MUST be approved by a professional engineer and may require a development permit by the City of Calgary.

4.8 Primary Entry

The front entry is the key defining feature on every home. The entry should be the main focal point from the street and exhibit the style of home chosen. Solid metal doors will not be accepted. Attention to detail will be required.

4.9 Windows

All windows must be aluminum clad. Vinyl and wood windows will not be accepted. All windows facing a street must have S.D.L. grilles.

4.10 General Notes:

Minimum Roof Pitch for all homes is 4 in 12. Minimum Roof Overhang for all homes is 1’-0”.

Bonus rooms over garages must maintain a minimum 7’-0” setback from front wall of garage. This will ensure that over shadowing will not occur.

Front steps shall have a maximum of 4 risers. If more risers are required, they must be incorporated into the concrete sidewalk leading to the garage.

Rear decks shall be finished with a vinyl deck material or a composite wood material in order to minimize maintenance.

All patios whether located at the rear walkout level or front courtyard will be finished with an exposed aggregate concrete.


Corrugated metal window wells are not permitted. Pressure treated wood ties or stone window wells are preferred. Window well details must be specified on the landscape plan and will require approval prior to construction.

Address plates for every house will be provided to all builders by the developer. The builders will be charged for each address plate provided.

No Repeating Elevations will be allowed.


5.1 Primary Wall Materials

In order to maintain distinction and timeless character for each individual home in Aspen Rose Estates, the following materials will be allowed:

• Natural or Artificial stone and brick • Acrylic stucco with a smooth finish • Wood shakes

• Styrofoam battens c/w Acrylic stucco finish. Battens should be an architectural mould, please visit for design ideas.

• Wood battens


When acrylic stucco is selected as the exterior finish, horizontal expansion joints must be installed at the transition points between floor joists. The expansion joints will absorb shrinkage which should prevent cracks on the finished walls. The joints facing any streets or green spaces should be covered with batten boards and be consistent with the overall design of the home.

Stucco colors should be of an earth tone nature. Deep rich colors are also encouraged. Bright colors will not be permitted. Secondary wall materials and colors should contrast/complement the primary wall colors.


5.2 Masonry

Masonry will be required on all homes in Aspen Rose Estates and it must be used in portions reflecting structural integrity. There will be no minimum amount of masonry required. The placement of the material must ground the home and act as a structural element. All masonry must wrap at least three feet around all corners. On corner lots, the masonry must wrap the side of the home facing the street and continue to the rear elevation. All rear deck / front porch columns must have a masonry base. Colors for the masonry material should blend with the rest of the exterior. Stone caps must be used on all masonry.

5.3 Trim, Fascia and Soffits

Trims may be stucco or painted/stained wood. Wood shakes must be finished with a stain. Gable end fascia boards will be a minimum of 8” wide and finished with painted wood. Aluminum to gable ends will not be allowed.

Fascia and gutters are to be aluminum and colors to blend in with the house.

Soffits may be aluminum or a vented wood finish. The vent wood soffit may be painted or stained.

5.4 Roofing

All roofs will be finished with asphalt shingles. Only one color will be allowed for the entire sub-division: • IKO CAMBRIDGE (MINIMUM 30 YEAR)– DUAL BLACK

• Ridge caps are to be IKO Ultra HP

• All roof vents and flashings must match the roof color

5.5 Flashings

The builders should try to match all flashings to the material colors used on the exterior.

5.6 Front Doors

• Front entry doors must be either real wood doors or fibreglass doors that are stained to look like real wood

• Single or double front entry doors are allowed


5.7 Garage Doors

• Garage doors must be a traditional style Carriage or Renaissance door with vertically proportioned panels.

• Doors are not to exceed 8’ in height and 16’ in width

• Material may vary from metal, wood, fiberglass or glass. Garage door styles and materials will be assessed at time of submission and may be changed by the architectural coordinator.

5.8 Railings

Acceptable railing materials:

• Wrought Iron or Aluminium to Front • Aluminum and/or Glass to Rear only

5.9 Driveways and Front Steps

All driveways and sidewalks leading to the front steps will be exposed aggregate finish “natural color”. The driveway perimeter will require a stamped border detail with “charcoal color” finish. The border must be a minimum of 18” wide to a maximum of 24”. The driveway length must be a minimum of 6.0 meters from the property line to the face of the garage wall. Driveways should be the full width of the garage itself, not the width of the garage door.

All front steps will be poured in place and finished with exposed aggregate finish “natural color”. Pre-cast and wood steps will not be permitted.


6.1 Recreation and Commercial Vehicles / Equipment

Recreation and commercial vehicles shall not be parked or stored on site unless they are fully contained within a garage. Trailers, motor homes and boats may be stored for the purpose of loading and

unloading for a maximum of 48 hours. (As per City of Calgary Bylaws)

Building materials and equipment may be stored on site during construction. Items stored will have to be organized to ensure site cleanliness. All garbage must be placed in a container/bin for each site. 6.2 Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes are allowed provided the dish size does not exceed 24 inches in diameter and the location of the dish is concealed.


6.3 Construction Regulations

• Builders must ensure that they do not trespass or disturb any other properties. • Cleaning of paint, solvents, stains, etc. will not be permitted on site.

• Concrete trucks may not clean shoots anywhere on site.

• Temporary sanitary services are to be provided on site by each builder for their construction crews to use in compliance with the Public Health Act of Alberta.

• Construction debris and waste must be contained on site each day and removed at the end of the project.

• Debris may not be burned, dumped, or buried anywhere on site at any time.

• Site damage (curbs, site furniture, sidewalks, roadways, vegetation) will be the charged to the responsible builder.

• Should a site not be maintained as these guidelines document, the developer reserves the right to rectify any deficiencies at the cost of the responsible builder.

• Vegetation material, top soil, or similar materials may not be dumped on site at any time. • Changing oil on any equipment or vehicles is not permitted on site.

• Alcohol is prohibited at all times on site.


7.1 Fencing

The developer will provide rear yard fencing to all sites. Side yard fencing must match the developers fencing to a maximum of 6’ height for composite fence and 4’ height for chain link fence. The

homeowners are responsible for hiring a professional contractor to construct the fencing around their property.

Fence options:


Black Chain Link Fence maximum 4’ height

Side yard fencing is required and is restricted in location from the rear property line to the front setback line of the house. The City of Calgary Bylaw governs the heights of the side yard fencing. Fencing on the street side of corner lots will be tapered to 4’ height at the front setback line. Front yard fencing is prohibited with the exception of decorative or iron fences and gates. Decorative and wrought-iron fencing may be used for court yard details at a maximum height of 3’. The length of all side yard fencing between houses shall be indicated on the landscape plan and will require approval by the developer prior to construction.

7.2 Landscaping

Each home site in Aspen Rose Estates will require a comprehensive landscaping package which will include the minimum planting of one tree and twenty-four shrubs per standard lot, and two trees and twenty-four shrubs per side lot. This applies to front yards only. The front yard of each home site must be sodded. Due to seasonal weather, landscaping may have to be completed the following spring. City owned boulevard’s will be landscaped by the developer and will have sod, and boulevard trees. The landscaping will be maintained by the developer for one growing season after landscape construction is completed. The planting of the boulevard trees shall be as per the Tree Line Assignment Landscape Plan approved by the City of Calgary. All tree spacing and setback requirements shall be as per the City of Calgary’s standards for boulevard tree planting. Upon completion of the landscape maintenance period, the boulevard landscaping will then be Inspected and turned over to the City.

All home builders and homeowners are fully required to protect the completed boulevard landscape work and shall be fully responsible for any damages to the boulevard landscaping. All sod damages must be repaired to City standards. All damaged City trees shall be assessed by the City of Calgary Urban Forestry, and the home builders will be required to compensate for the damaged tree including the cost of damaged tree removal, the cost for a new tree replacement and cost of tree watering for one season. Damaged boulevard landscape work not restored by the home builder will be restored by the Developer and the cost will be charged against the home builder’s deposits. It is the home builder’s responsibility to ensure that all sub-trades are made aware of the need to protect the boulevard landscaping, especially boulevard trees, and the cost consequences. All boulevard landscaping damages caused by any sub-trades will be charged against the home builders and the costs deducted from the home builders deposit.


The Builders will provide each homeowner with the following landscape package: • Standard Residential Lot: supply and plant one tree and 24 shrubs. (5 gal.) • Corner Residential Lot: supply and plant two trees and 24 shrubs. (5 gal.)

• The types of trees will be specified by the developer during the landscape approval stage The tree(s) and shrubs must be planted in the front yard and located away from all underground utilities, surface utility pedestal / box and easements. The tree species shall be native to the Calgary climate. Poplar trees are not allowed to be planted. The homeowner is fully responsible for watering the tree(s) and shrubs immediately after planting and continual watering and maintenance of tree(s) and shrubs to ensure proper establishment. The homeowner is required to replace all dead tree and shrubs that are not properly cared for. Replacement tree calliper and shrubs container size must be equal to existing. No replacement tree species substitution will be permitted.

• All front yards must be sodded. Seeding of front yards is not permitted. • Rock mulch in-lieu of sod in the front yard will not be permitted • Tree(s) and shrubs must be planted in a continuous planting bed.

• Mulch all planting beds with clean bark mulch. Artificial coloured bark mulch will not be permitted.

• Natural rock mulch for planting bed will be permitted.

• Natural rock as ornament incorporated into planting bed will be permitted. • The planting of a continuous hedge along the front yard will not be permitted. • All homeowner are encouraged to enhance front yard landscaping with additional trees, shrubs and the use of natural rock ornament.

• All homeowners will install a water efficient underground sprinkler system for the landscaped yard. 7.3 Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces and built-in bar-b-que enclosures will be permitted and must conform to all building codes and bylaws. Fire pits are prohibited.


8.1 Preliminary Review

To achieve the desired traditional look in Aspen Rose Estates, designers are encouraged to create preliminary renderings or sketches of home plans and elevations and email it to the Design Coordinator for preliminary review to ensure that they are on the right track. The Design Coordinator will assist the designers with notes and sketches if required and return the plans stamped “reviewed”.

The approval process consists of 2 phases. Phase 1 is the approval of the elevations and colors by Suburbia Design Co. Ltd. Phase 2 is the approval of the plot plan and issuing the Building Grade Slip by IBI Group.

When final submitted plans are stamped approved by Suburbia, the submission will be emailed back to the builder. The builder must upload the stamped plans on to IBI Group’s website at


8.2 Pre-Construction Inspection

A $10,000 damage deposit will be required prior to release of the building grade slip.

Builders must pre-inspect their lot for damages to utility boxes, water valves, sidewalks, curbs and fences and list any damages in writing to the Developer prior to construction commencing on the lot. If damages are not sent to the Developer in writing and there are damages, the builder will be invoiced.

8.3 Formal Application Submission

Builders will have to submit their plans to the design coordinator for architectural review and

confirmation of compliance with these architectural guidelines before they will be permitted to apply to the City of Calgary for a building permit. The Design Coordinator will require the following information submitted via

Plot Plan (1:200 scale) showing the following: • Lot size

• Building envelope • Setbacks

• Lot coverage

• Easement and utility rights of way • Property and house corner grades

Construction Drawings (1/4”=1’; 3/16”=1’) • Front, Rear and Side Elevations

• Basement, Main and Upper Floor Plans • Completed Architectural exterior selections

Builders can email applications using PDF files. This process eliminates printing and courier costs, as well as cuts down on return time. Please email your submissions to

8.4 Final Inspection

Upon completion of the exterior of the home, the builder is to request in writing a final inspection from the Architectural Coordinator to ensure that the home is in compliance with the design guidelines and the approved home plans. If Non-Compliant, the damage deposit of $10,000 shall be retained to correct any discrepancies.


8.5 Schedule of Applicable Fees

Fee’s which will be applied to the process of Architectural Approvals, Change Requests and consultations:

• The fee for first Architectural Approval and Pre Approval will be paid by the Developer

• Change Requests ………..$75.00 • Secondary Architectural Approval …………..…$350.00 • Fee for consultation: ……….$150.00


Notwithstanding anything else set out in these guidelines, the developer, Elegant Developments and Suburbia Design Co. Ltd.’s design coordinators may apply their respective judgements when considering and approving anything regulated or controlled by these guidelines. In so doing, the developer and the design coordinator may provide waivers of or relaxations to any matter set out in these guidelines in their sole and absolute unfettered discretion.

9.1 No Right to Enforce

Only the developers may enforce the guidelines, no purchaser of a lot in Aspen Rose Estates may enforce these guidelines.

9.2 Right to Amend

The developer may from time to time amend these guidelines as it sees fit in its sole and absolute unfettered discretion.

9.3 No Trespassing

No person shall infringe upon, excavate on, destroy, paint, fill in, cut, remove or tamper with any lot in Aspen Rose Estates that is not their own. If done so the Developer has full right to take legal action for relief of any violation.




Roof Asphalt Shingles IKO Cambridge Dual Black

Walls-General Walls-Secondary Brick or Stone Trim Fascia Soffits Rain ware Entry Doors Garage Door

Driveway Exposed Aggregate Natural

Driveway-Border Stamped Concrete Charcoal



Front Step Exposed Aggregate Natural