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Annual Report


A Message from the Executive Director/Treasurer

Through the years, God has been faithful to the WMU of Virginia. The faith-fulness of God has continued through the ebbs and flows of life in 2020. With the cat-aclysmic life-change of a global pandemic and the resurgence of blatant racial ten-sions, we have persevered keeping our missions focus.

We began ministry in the New Year with a focus on our partnership with the Mully Children’s Family in Kenya. We launched a 3-year partnership with a focus on medical missions led by Dr. Lynne Stockman, WMUV President. In this issue, you will read her report of the mission work in Kenya.

Like every church, business, and organization in the world, we were compelled to shift the way we inspired and equipped the church for mission. Our staff and consultants adapted well as we met virtually for prayer and direction from the Lord. Although our face-to-face gatherings were cancelled, we were able to do the following:

• Hosted Virtual Mission Trips to Austria and Southwest Virginia

• Offered physically distanced day camps at CrossRoads Camp and Conference Center hosting over 300 children for Adventure Days

• Designed and facilitated S~P~A: Women on Mission and Racial Reconciliation, an experiential pro-cess that deals with race and missional responses

• Hosted Refresh: A Virtual Women’s Conference, the 120th Annual Meeting of WMU of Virginia and a Korean’s Virtual Women’s Conference online with over 350 in attendance

• Customized Alma Hunt Offering allocations to support ministries in the local churches during the COVID crisis

• Published Sistahs: Stories of African American Women’s Lives and of Finding Place in Christian Missions, highlighting women whose lives havebeen changed through the ministries of WMUV • Hosted two mission workshops online: Mission Folks in the Time of Social Distancing and HOPE:

Children and Mental HealthDuring COVID-19

• Maintained relationships with the WMUV Board of Directors, WMUV Leaders and Ministry Councils.

• Hosted Abigail Girl “Joy” Retreat at CrossRoads

May you be encouraged in our work together! As the WMU Watchword reminds us that “…we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved” (NIV). Valerie Carter Smith


A Message from the President

As my last year as WMUV President comes to an end, I am nothing but grate-ful. Grateful for the organization that WMU of Virginia is--an organization we can be very proud of as we reach out to make a difference in people’s lives. There are so many needs out there and WMUV has been meeting these needs that are emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Through our HOPE Teams, WMUV is relevant in dealing with real world is-sues to meet these needs. These team members are experienced and educated to help

educate and encourage those affected by mental health issues, dementia, human trafficking, and domestic vio-lence. If you have not seen the HOPE team videos go to https://wmuv.org/involvement/hope/ to be more in-formed on how to reach out through your local church.

As we are told to go in Acts 1:8, as Christians we are to be His witness in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. This command lays out our life mission to be God’s hands and feet to our neighbor, those in our country, and all around the world. Through our Women on Mission groups doing mission projects, many of our neighbors are being touched by our witness. The ongoing work that is done in the Dakotas at Standing Rock is all about showing God’s love to those who have many needs. As we reach out around the world, WMUV met needs in Kenya this year on our first international medical mission trip .

Through the medical mission trip to Kenya, I saw physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met. Those of us who went to serve were also blessed by just being there and being a witness to what was accomplished. God worked mightily through our medical outreach at Mully Children’s Family.

May we work daily to be on mission for God and look for those opportunities to serve Him! WMUV has many places for you to connect your passion with God’s plan.

Lynne Stockman WMUV President

Feature Story


is in Partnership with Mully Children's Family

in Ndalani, Kenya

From March 7th-15th, 50 persons traveled to Kenya for WMUV's first international medical mission trip. Many months of preparation went into this trip. Zoom calls, phone calls, prayers, a 40 day prayer devo-tion called "Draw the Circle," and an orientadevo-tion in September 2019, all were a part of our preparadevo-tion.

The sensing of God leading WMUV to partner with Mully Children's Family began in June 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona at the National WMUAnnualMeeting. At this meeting a preview of the film "Mully" was shownwhich was truly astonishing. The movie starts with the story ofCharles Mulli as a six-year-old boy in Kenya being abandoned by his family and left to raise himself on the streets of Nairobi. Mully is no ordi-nary rags-to-riches tale. It's the true story of Charles Mulli, whose unlikely stratospheric rise to wealth and power leaves him questioning his own existence, searching for meaning in life. Against the better judgment of family and community, Mulli followed God's direction to enrich the fate of orphaned children across Kenya. Jeopardizing his own life and the security of his family, Charles Mulli risked everything and set in motion a series of events that to date has rescued over


At this National Annual WMU Meeting in Phoenix, we were able to meet Charles Mulli and his wife Esther in person. Valerie Carter, Executive Director of WMUV and I were scheduled to be on the same flight back to Virginia after the meeting concluded but God put into place other plans for us. Valerie ended up on the morning flight and I on the afternoon flight. On Valerie's flight she ended up sitting right next to the pro-ducers of the Mully movie. Valerie in conversation found out the greatest need at Mully Children's Family was medical. I ended up sitting in the airport right next to Charles and Esther Mulli and was able to speak with them prior to our flight. This change in circumstances was not by coincidence, but God ordained.

After Valerie and I got back to Virginia, Valerie posed the thought "You know their greatest need is medical and we have a President of WMUV who is a doctor." In October 2018, we took an exploratory trip to Mully Children's Family in Kenya to see if this is where God was leading us to partner and to do a medical mission trip. The trip confirmed in our hearts that this is where God wanted us.

So this past March, 50 medical personnel, students, teachers, chaplain, and lay persons traveled to Kenya. COVID-19 was hitting the US now and Europe much more severely at this time. Questions came up about needing to cancel the trip as fear was pressing in but we went forward in faith knowing God was in control.

We all arrived in Kenya though some came from other states and traveled through Europe. We provided care to over 2,200 persons in the 5 days we held medical clinics. Most people traveled by foot, some walking 20 miles to come get their physical needs met. We provided medical, gyne-cological, dental, eye, and wound care.We also had 3 pharmacists, a phar-macy tech, and lay persons who helped prepare and distribute

medica-tion. Our dental team did 146 extractions. Counseling was provided and ser-mons were preached as the people waited to be seen.The eye team distribut-ed both distance, reading, and sun glasses. The gynecological team provided PAP smears and treatment to many women who had never had this care. The

wound care team treated leg injuries and ulcers. Being a part of the medical team, we diagnosed and treated typhoid, pneumonia, and intestinal parasites to mention a few. The total number of diagnoses made was 4470 and we dispensed 4453 prescriptions.

We felt God's presence in a mighty way especially as we trav-eled back to the US in the midst of COVID-19 cases exploding. We arrived back on Sunday, March 15th,

the last day international flights were being allowed into the US due to a travel ban being but in place.If this was not providential, I don't any other way to explain it. We had set the dates for this medical mission trip over a year previous to COVID

-19 and God brought us all back safely.

I thank God for His direction, protection and the blessings we all received being a part if this magnificent trip. We plan to go back in future years once this pandemic has subsided.

Lynne Stockman


Ministry Briefings 2020

S~P~A: Women on Mission and Racial Reconciliation

S~P~A provided a safe place to connect with likeminded women who were not afraid to process and explore the mis-sion possibilities amidst racial tenmis-sion in our country. These sessions resulted in the formation of three cohorts with a wait-ing list for a fourth, a facilitator’s guide, a 4-week curriculum for churches and a devotional guide.

Sewing Masks

Women on mission began sewing masks in April as requested by one nursing home in central Virginia. At this point,WMU members, neighbors and friends have made and distributed over 2,700masks to prevent the spread of COVID

-19. These masks were sent to nursing homes, homeless shelters, church mem-bers, neighbors and to the migrant workers on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Annette Greenwood, WMUV Trustee, was a major leader in this work.

Focus on the Eastern Shore

Marisa Sanchez, Community Missionary on the Eastern Shore of Virginia requested prayer support for the many families who had suffered losses due to the spread of the pandemic among migrant and poultry workers. WMUV made a commitment to support Marisa as she was on the frontlines min-istering to these families to include distributing food, conducting memorial services, and providing masks for the many unmasked faces in the community. Marisa did eventually suffer from the virus but is now well. Women in the Portsmouth Association and Karen Stokes of the New Zion Baptist Church in Williams-burg made personal visits to make deliveries.

Refresh: A Virtual Korean Women

s Conference

To hear the gospel in one’s heart language is like music to the soul. WMUV hosted a virtual gathering of women as our multicultural consultant, Esther Shin continues to promote the work of WMU in Korean churches. We have witnessed an increased level of involvement at WMU events and an increase in giving to the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions. Many of the churches have given for the first-time in the last two years.

Standing Rock

Ministry continued to happen this year although we were unable to serve on-the-ground due to the pandemic. Maintaining relationships through social media kept us in contact with the leadership at Standing Rock. We hosted an online worship experience as a way of being to-gether in decentralized locations. The work of the Lord continues and WMUV is committed to our friends at Standing Rock. Gift cards were collected


Testimonies of Adventure Days at CrossRoads

When the chance to spend a day at camp was offered to us, we jumped at it. It was so much fun for me to see my daughter interact with other girls since we have had very little time with friends lately. And I also got to see what she would have done as a camper: hiking, swimming, repelling, climbing, ropes course. I learned that she is tough and independent. I learned that I am not as flexible as I used to be. I would recommend Adventure Days to families of all ages. I am grateful for the opportunity. Krista Wilson, Bonsack Baptist Church, Roanoke

The camp counselors are fantastic and have such great energy! The wor-ship by the fire was lovely. One counselor shared a very brief but powerful testimony of how he used to feel like he was not being heard or could not make a difference. He told how that changed when he heard his pastor read from Jeremiah 1:7-8 “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you, says the Lord.” This testi-mony was meaningful to my 9-year-old son. My kids are looking forward to being old enough to work as counselors. Rachel Contreras, Branch’s Baptist Church, Richmond

Having time with Nadia at CrossRoads was just what I needed. We were able to partici-pate in activities together, mother and daugh-ter. I had a lot of fun, and I think that the counselors do a terrific job of leading the worship and activities. It appeared that the staff was very serious about keeping the areas clean to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. I much appre-ciated this. I know that Nadia is sad to have missed camp there this year. Thank you for the opportunity and experience! Jessica Gutierrez-Arnold, Cooper’s Grove Baptist Church, Roanoke

Sistahs: African American Women Finding Place in Christian Missions

Inclusivity and diversity in terms of race, age and ethnicity was one of our six strate-gic goals from 2015 – 2020. Noting the excitement about WMUV among African American women, we decided to tell the story to the world. We published a work entitled, Sistahs: African American Women Finding Place in Christian Missions. You can purchase a copy of Sistahs at all major book distributors.


2020 WMUV Board of Trustees

Lynne Stockman, President Lucianne Warren, Vice President/Secretary

Aaron Doyle, Member-at-Large Marilyn Graves, Member-at-Large

Merle Prince, Member-at-Large Sylvia Bradshaw, Member-at-Large Nora Burton, Advisory Board Representative Claudia Hatfield, Advisory Board Representative

Susan Gaske, Advisory Board Representative Cheryl Grubbs, CrossRoads Council Representative Annette Greenwood, Adult Ministry Council Representative

Lauren Pillow, Student Ministry Council Representative Heidi Craft, Children’s Ministry Council Representative

Jocelyn Henry-Whitehead, Sisters Who Care Council Representative

Roi Ji Marip, Multicultural Council Representative Valerie Carter Smith, Executive Director/Treasurer

WMUV Staff

Valerie Carter Smith, Executive Director/Treasurer, vcarter@wmuv.org Laura Davis, Director of Missions Involvement, ldavis@wmuv.org Cathy Banton, Promotion & Services Administrator, cbanton@wmuv.org

Lynn Alexander, Administrative Assistant, lalexander@wmuv.org Tina Hutchinson, Staff Accountant, thutchinson@wmuv.org Emily Lucas, Student Missions Consultant, elucas@wmuv.org

Rhonda Marstin, Children’s Missions Consultant, rmarstin@wmuv.org

Esther Shin, Multicultural Consultant, eshin@wmuv.org

Jenee’ Shearin, Sisters Who Care Consultant, jshearin@wmuv.org

Steve Dalton, RA Consultant, sdalton@wmuv.org Marisa Sanchez, Spanish Coordinator, pzsmrs@gmail.com Sara Hubble, CrossRoads Director, shubble@crossroadsccc.com

Eric Womble, CrossRoads Food Service Manager, ewomble@crossroadsccc.com Bobby Murray, CrossRoads Facilities Manager, bmurray@crossroadsccc.com

Susie Shimp, Office Assistant, sshimp@crossroadsccc.com

Woman’s Missionary Union of Virginia

2828 Emerywood Parkway Henrico, Virginia 23294 804.915.5000 or 800.255.2428 ext. 8267 Fax: 804.672.8008 wmuv@wmuv.org wmuv.org

CrossRoads Camp & Conference Center 2247 Little Piney Road

Lowesville, Virginia 22967 434.277.8465 Fax: 434.277.5901 crossroads@crossroadsccc.com



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