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Creating The World’s First

Open Programmable City



Bristol: Liveable, Sustainable & Resilient City

A vibrant ecosystem – largest digital

cluster in UK outside London


Urban Challenges with a very real local echo


Bristol is 3rd most

congested city in UK

Population - Bristol has fastest growth of under 4 yr old children in UK cities & 50% growth in 85+ over 10yrs

Pollution – increase in health problems, 2,000 deaths pa

Bristol has the first local authority large-scale wind turbine

9 year difference in life expectancy Between Clifton and Easton (1 mile distance)


‘I see Bristol as a laboratory for change’

Mayor George Ferguson

The political will to make a change

‘The world’s first Programmable City:

City Experimentation as a Service’


A Joint Venture between the Council & the University

• Top five UK research institution,

according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF)

• Top 30 university in QS World

University Rankings® 2014/15

• 83% of research rated as "world

leading" and "internationally excellent“

• 11 Nobel Prizes awarded to Bristol

graduates and members of staff

‘Why’ are we doing this? ‘How’ are we doing this?

The aim is to build a research network integrating optical, wireless,

IoT and computing to provide a unique open and programmable

experimental platform in the centre of Bristol

BIO will offer the test-bed as utility for experimentation

BIO will support City-driven research and innovation





A Test-bed for Diverse Requirements

Infrastructures Services Applications

Wireless /

Sensors Fixed/ Wired

Compute/ Storage

Peripherals/ Device IMS Service Delivery Platforms

Media Transport eHealth ...

.... En ab lin g Te ch n o lo gy Users Clouds


Who is this for?

Ggj TMT businesses & academia ___________ Culture & creative content ___________ People, community, service delivery ___________ Better city management


The “Bristol Is Open” Network


Optical Network

144-fiber core network connecting 4 nodes

Wireless Network

1Gbps access network Wi-Fi, LTE, LTE-A, 60Ghz,

Massive MIMO

IoT Network

54 Fiber-connected lamppost

Clusters & 1500 sensors

Cloud Infrastructure

HPC and commodity compute and storage


Watershed – pervasive media -

experience design at scale,

impacting 100,000s

Connected & dynamic local host partners

At-Bristol – hi-def, 3D,

visualisation in a Dome


Business incubation

& regional collaboration


Fibre Network Node

SDN enabled L1/L0 Optical Switch 100G

SDN enabled L2 Switch 10 G/40G/100G OpenStack Managed DC in a Box



The Bristol Is Open Solution

Telecoms Sensors, M2M, IoT Computers

Data centres & Cloud

Network Operating System (NetOS™)

Virtual Network A

Virtual Network B

Manage a diverse “Network-of-Networks”

IT, Telecoms, Wireless, Sensors, Actuators, IoT, etc.

Multi-Technology Support

Software Defined Networking

Abstractions of the underlying hardware Logically centralized control

Eliminate Vendor Lock-ins – white box solutions?

Network Virtualization

“Slice” network to share resources among many users Efficient utilization & monetization


VSwitch VSwitch VSwitch VSwitch VSwitch Network Abstraction Network Virtualisation Information Model Advanced NIC TOR

Space Switch Fast switch WSS OF Agent

Monitoring Filtering Analytics Uniform switching Switch as a Server Node Slicing Bandwidth Slicing

An SDN Architecture:


Extended OpenFlow Channel Capability Abstraction

(Resource Model)

Technology specific interface

FPGA- based NIC

TL1 Socket Raw Ethernet Frame

OF Agent

Flex-grid WSS Space

Switch Switch OPS Raw Socket

OF Ex.

An SDN Enabled Architecture:


Smart City OS (NetOS



CCTV buildings public weather sensors . . . parking traffic gates smart grid transport public

city resources home meters smart- phones cars citizen resources sensors Wireless HPC Optical aux resources Gateway /Driver Gateway /Driver Gateway /Driver Gateway /Driver Gateway /Driver Gateway /Driver … …

City Network(s) SDN Controller Data Collection Engine sync async

Information Models

OpenStack OpenStack Platform Virtualization/Slicing

OpenStack, etc. Data Pre-Processing Services service 1 … service N

Data Presentation Layer

Service Development Kit Enhanced SDK

end-user services

App 1 App 2 App 3 … App N

core services

experimental services


Optical Backplane Amplifi cation Fast Switch Multica sting MUX/D EMUX TDM Frames/slots Ethernet/ TDM Switchover QoT Overhead Nodes Synchronization Resource Controller Ethernet Switch

Physical technology drivers And Transmission


Elastic TDM Switch


Switching functions Node Function blocks System operations

Control comm interface

Network function blocks

Switch control Multicasting

FPGA-based Electronic Backplane

Traffic Control


Have an idea/Application 1

Log on to the OPRC network portal 2

Configure your own network

3 Run your experiment!!!

Firewall, Load Balancer Controller (Intelligence) Application 1 Application 2 Application 1 Application 2 Data Center Services Network as a Service (NaaS) 4

Minimize the Barriers for User Interaction



The Network Emulator

Programmable hardware platform Farm

SDN Backplane HPC - Exascale Computing Quantum Computing Optical Network research Wireless Networking FPGA DSP Network Processor General Processor

Network & IT Emulation Platform


Thank you


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