The current Balance Sheet (green) shows the total available funds (both bank balances & short term investments) as at March 31 as $76, 369.






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Master Bowlers Association of B.C. Annual General Meeting

April 10, 2010 Abbottsford, B.C.

Meeting opened at 7 p.m. by Russel Hunt, Vice-President

Minutes to previous AGM were presented. There were no errors or omissions reported. Moved by John Petipas and seconded by Dwayne Engelmeyer to be adopted as


TREASURER’S REPORT – SHERRY WRIGHT Financial Results for 2008/2009 Season

Financially, the 2008/2009 season was a good year. The following is a brief summary of the season’s highlights. The balance in the bank at August 32, 2009 was $45,555. Membership in most divisions was down from the prior year. Airfare for the nationals was $14,319 and accommodations were $16,485. The association was fortunate to obtain such affordable airfare. This year and the following two years will be more expensive for airfare. Therefore, fundraising will be vital to the financial stability of this association. The equity sheet (white) shows the balance in each of the funds. The travel fund grew slightly from the past year. The national hosting fund is in the process of being rebuilt after the 2007 hosting. The association will have to continue to work towards

accumulating funds for the next hosting.

Financial Results for this current season to March 31, 2010

This season’s Income Statement (yellow) reflects the financial results to March 31, 2010. Still to be recorded are the revenues from the last tournaments in April and all the costs for Nationals in Sudbury.

The current Balance Sheet (green) shows the total available funds (both bank balances & short term investments) as at March 31 as $76, 369.

The board relies on the continued support and dedication of all the members to ensure the continued success of the Master Bowlers Association of BC. The board welcomes any ideas and suggestions that you may have to increase the financial stability of this organization.

John Petipas moved and Cathie Kopp seconded that the report be adopted as given. Passed.



I apologize for not being at this meeting. My son and his wife are renewing their wedding vows at the same time, and as they have had family health decisions to make for 12 of their 15 years of marriage, I feel that I should be there to support the strength they have in their marriage and each other. I have asked Russel Hunt, as Vice President, to chair the meeting tonight, and am grateful for his help.

I would like to thank everyone who is present for taking the time to attend. I appreciate your being here.

I thank the Board for their help during the past season in getting things done. All of you were very accommodating to doing the tasks needed, and I am grateful for your support. I am sorry to have had to accept the resignation of three of the board members and at this time would like to express my gratitude to Rhonda McDougall for her full backing of the Masters first as Membership director and then as Vice-President, and to Jackie Grosart and Debbie Ealey for supporting the Masters with their efforts at fund raising. I wish all of you who are retiring all the best in your future endeavors. Iain Walker has done a superb job on the lane draw for Teaching and Seniors and has agreed again, to do the elimination draw later this evening. He has done a commendable job on the website keeping things current on there, and I would like to recognize all of his help over the past season as a volunteer. Well done, Iain. Hopefully, the people who are elected today to the board will add their skills and expertise to keep the board a strong body of individuals. We held several Community Coach courses, updated Level 1 coaches to Community coach by their taking the Making Ethical Decisions course, and one Level Two course. Thanks very much to the Course Facilitators who made these courses possible. Please remember that all Level One coaches have to be updated by 2013 and those who only have their theory or technical will have to take the full course by the same date. Don’t hesitate to do this at the time the courses are offered – generally at the start of the season. We are currently working on getting a Mentor league started. This will be a prize money league with participants being one Master, one graduated YBC bowler, one Senior and one Junior YBC. It will be province wide, and it has been suggested to make it a spring league consisting of 8 weeks. The board is working out the details and we will start the league when this has been completed.

This year the Nationals are being held in Sudbury, Ontario. The theme for Northern Ontario night is NASCAR and the rookies will be given a jump suit in order to create a pit crew outfit. Everyone else is asked to wear something with NASCAR in their outfit. During the tournament they will be holding NASCAR races with remote controlled cars which will be auctioned off. As was mentioned in the Spring newsletter, we have had to raise the individual assessment for the National to $400, which goes towards the cost of rooms, airfare, Northern Ontario night, and other expenses we will incur this year. I am sorry for this increase of $100, but it is very necessary.


Now for the commercial. As a Fund Raiser, Fluid Spa in Surrey has agreed to donate back to the Masters 10% of the cost of every service given to a member of the Master Bowlers Association every month. You only have to mention that you are a member for this to happen. The next time you need a pedicure, manicure, massage or any other service please give them a call. We are getting posters made up for display at bowling centres, and you can also go to our website at to view the poster. In closing, I congratulate all of you who have qualified for the Provincial finals, and offer Good Luck to those who advance to the National Tournament.


Voted to 2-year terms: Dave Andres, Kelly Gorsek, Joan Ritchie, Victoria Dacosta, Barrie Wright and Cathie Kopp

Voted to 1-year term: Nick Allen, Lee-Anne Wilson

Moved by Fred Hickey, seconded by Cathie Kopp to destroy ballots. TECHNICAL REPORT – LEE-ANNE WILSON

I am sorry that I could not be there in person but some home time is required at this time of year. I hope all participants bowl well and have a good time.

This year being Technical Director I have to say a big “Thank You” to Bowl BC Mickie Keepper and Sheilagh Meyers. They co-ordinated and helped things move forward getting the coaches that needed the MED or the Community Coaching course out to one of the courses that were being held. Some of the clinics that were planned fell through due to lack of participation, we will still be offering more clinics in the near future but please don’t wait. We need everyone to help improve the course to make it a success. This year we were able to hold 4 in the Okanagan, 5 in the Lower Mainland, 1 in Prince George, and 3 on Vancouver Island for a total of 111 Certified Community Coaches in BC. We also had 2 Level Two courses in Kamloops and 1 on the Island for a total of 18 certified. There is one more Community Course planned for Fort St. John in May. I would like to acknowledge these individuals who have given their time in doing this. I would like to say a big “Thank You” to Joan Ritchie, Jim Bushell, Diane and Terry McPhee that have had a very supporting role. Also, the tremendous work Rob Patterson and Wendy Boudot do on the Island. I would like to extend this to Fred Hickey on the Island as well. I would also like to recognize Larry Richet in the Okanagan, Shelly Stoushnow and Gina Kidd in the Kootenays. Without these individuals, this program would not have been as successful as it has been. Please keep up the hard work. TOURNAMENT DIVISION – SHAWN EBY/DAVE ANDRES

I would like to thank Shawn Eby for stepping in and covering the tournament division during my illness, he did a wonderful job. Results:

Tournament #1 – Scottsdale: 22 men (Chris Richet), 13 ladies (Kelly Gorsek), Barrie Wright bowled 435.


Tournament #3 – Grandview: 17 men (Ron Sandnes), 12 ladies ( Kelly Gorsek). Tournament #4 – Old Orchard: 18 men ( Matt Schultz), 12 ladies (Sandy Waage). Tournament #5 – Galaxy: Men (Chris Richet), ladies (Victoria Dacosta)

Tournament #6 – Maple Ridge: Good luck, and good bowling. TEACHING DIVISION – SCOTT HAWRELAK

Verbal report only, written report to be submitted. SENIOR DIVISION – JIM BUSHELL

Verbal report only, written report to be submitted.


Our website stats are up, it seems that quite a lot of people visit the Masters Website for results. Results have been posted as received. I would like to thank Joan, Scott, Jim and Shawn for getting the information to me promptly. If you have visited the Masters Website recently you will see we have a new sponsor on the home page. Please take the time to read the information and use this company if you require their services.

With regards to communications, I updated the Masters Wants You poster and it was distributed to the Bowl BC centres. The Master Bowlers Association of BC needs members, we need input from current members on how to get NEW MEMBERS.

Whether we need an advertising blitz, meet and greet function, bowling camp for adults --- I don’t know, but our numbers need to increase to help defray the cost of membership and travel to national championships.

I urge you to help the Board of Directors to get new members. MEMBERSHIP – KELLY GORSEK

I would like to thank everyone for a full and busy year for my first year as being

membership director. All board members past and present have been very helpful in my transition into this position. I hope that my job was done well and if any issues arose that they were dealt with in a timely manner. I am looking forward to hopefully continuing in this position in the following year.

As for this year, we have a total of 177 members which include:

Seniors Division – a total of 29, 4 of which also did teaching, 2 in tournament and 10 lifetime seniors.

Teaching Division – 1 total of 91 members, 4 of which also did seniors, 2 in tournament, 54 teach only, 23 teaching participants, 4 lifetime teaching, and 1 first-time teaching. Tournament Division – a total of 35, with 2 in seniors, 2 in teaching, 3 lifetime members, and 1 first-time member.



Kelly read out 10, 15 and 20 year pin recipients, Russel presented pins.

Membership plaques (25 years) awarded to: Gail Chambers, Dianne McPhee, Terry McPhee, Russel Hunt.

400 plaque presented by Dave Andres to Barrie Wright for his outstanding game of 435. TOP 100 BOWLERS IN CANADA

Honoured the people selected for the top 100 bowlers in Canada. Handed out pictures of Masters that were taken at the Nationals in Saskatchewan in 2009.


Senior Division Master of the Year awarded to Chris Jackson. TRAVEL – DIANE FRANCIS

Will optimize seat prices for travel for flexible people. With full contingent, flight from Toronto to Sudbury is filled, therefore, no “seat sale” pricing available.


Jo-Anne Borgford spoke about rescinded motion re President elected by membership rather than by Board. After some discussion, it was stated that our selection is by the Board.


Diane Francis: Dates for AGM need to be separated from the Open by more than 1 week. Can Sunday tournament be slated for 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. starts? Principally to allow out-of-town bowlers opportunity to travel.

Motion: That teaching division coaches can coach 2 years consecutive rather than 1 year. Moved by Iain Walker, seconded by Cathie Kopp. Defeated.

Motion: That only teaching division members can coach teaching division at Nationals. Moved by Jo-Anne Borgford, seconded by Rick Redwood. Carried.

We were cautioned by Jo-Anne Borgford to be careful when sending information to membership re Privacy Act issues.





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