Relay Auto Tuning Of Parallel Cascade Controller


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It can be summarized as follows: i word embeddings are initialized using a neural language model Ronan Collobert, 2008; Mikolov et al., 2013 which is trained on a large un- supervised

Abstract: Objective: To explore the change of Cx43/Cx45 heteromeric gap junction after the model of subarachnoid hemorrhage SAH in rabbits, which will provide the basis to investigate

We have described the five subtasks organized as part of SemEval-2015 Task 10 on Sentiment Anal- ysis in Twitter: detecting sentiment of terms in con- text subtask A, classifiying the

On univariate analysis, anemia, lesion location, lesion length by barium esophagogram, computed tomography imaging characteristics including lymph nodes metastasis, GTV-E, GTV-LN, GTV-T

Aiming at promoting a more holistic approach to sentiment analysis, combining the detection of implicit polarity with the expression of opinions on events, we propose CLIPEval, a task

Using linear-array high-frequency transducer, among the 77 cases with submandibular gland sialolithiasis, 63 cases were correctly diagnosed before operation, 13 cases had missed

Runs run1 and run2 rely on second– order co–occurrences, run1 uses words that co– occur near the target verb as features, and run2 uses words that occur anywhere in the contexts to be

 Predicate Lemma & PP Parent Head Word We added additional features adapted from the.. aforementioned features to generalize better

Results: NGAL and MMP-9 expression in tissue and serum in ovarian cancer group were significantly higher than that in benign ovarian tumor group and normal control group both

3.3 Configuration of the Submitted Runs For the final evaluation we considered the two fol- lowing sets of features: Set1 = {current word, 2 next words, 2 previous words lemmas,