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4 Cloud Simpliciti is a multi-tenant unified communication platform

for outbound and inbound communication with prospective clients and businesses worldwide. It can be used as a communication tool for small, medium and large businesses and organizations.

Cloud Simpliciti allows clients to broadcast Voice, Faxes, SMS

messages, Emails, Surveys and Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs). It offers smart auto-dialer and smart predictive auto-dialer capabilities that boost your staff efficiency by 500%.

Cloud Simpliciti interfaces with most Customer Relationship

Management (CRM) applications through API system integration to provide a comprehensive Client Management and Communication solution.

Cloud Simpliciti uses the newest development technologies to


6 Cloud Simpliciti has a Smart Predictive Auto Dialer functionality that

has all the features and built-in capabilities to process multiple simultaneous automatic calls, play recorded message prompts and transfer calls to agents if the recipient wants to transfer by pressing some DTMF key. Cloud Simpliciti enhances agents ’ efficiency by 500%. The platform supports various campaigns:

Agent Campaigns: An Agent campaign dials numbers from a contact

list and on answer by the recipient, directly forwards the call to an agent/external call center/IVR system.

Interactive Campaigns: An Interactive campaign allows a call

recipient to respond by pressing some DTMF keys on the phone. This campaign starts by dialing numbers from a contact list and, on answer by the recipient, plays a recorded message and if recipient presses a desired key, it forwards the recipient to a live agent for further call handling.

Voice Broadcasting Campaigns: A Voice Broadcasting Campaign is


IVR Campaigns

An IVR campaign broadcasts IVR (Interactive Voice Response) messages. IVR is a technology that allows Cloud Simpliciti to interact with humans through the use of voice and keypad inputs.This campaign dials a number from a contact list and, on answer by the recipient, plays an IVR message. Based on the recipient responses, the systems performs certain operations: For example, transfers the call, gets digits, announces the date and time and plays some other messages, etc.

Inbound Campaigns


8 Email Campaigns

An Email campaign sends an email message to all specified email addresses in your contact list.

SMS Campaigns

An SMS campaign, just like any other campaign, simply broadcasts a text message to all the phone numbers from a contact list.

Fax Campaigns

Faxing campaigns have a re-birth since the advent of FoIP communication and Internet Telephony (IP). A Fax campaign in Cloud Simplicity dials numbers from contact lists and on answer by the recipient, transfers fax documents to recipient. Built-in support for pdf and tiff documents can be easily upgraded to support any document format.

Survey Campaigns


10 CRM

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Application that

combines sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting.

CRM automatically records all the stages in a sales process. It

includes a contact management system which tracks all contact that has been made with a given customer, the purpose of the contact, and any follow up that may be needed. This ensures that sales efforts are not duplicated, reducing the risk of irritating customers.

CRM also includes a sales lead tracking system, which lists





Cloud Simpliciti is an enterprise grade communication platform that provides the following features:

Scalability: It is capable of making a large number of

simultaneous phone calls.

Integration: It is capable of providing an application



Cloud Simpliciti scalability means upgrading its functionality to

accomodate more users and calls with minimal upgrdaing of resources. Cloud Simpliciti can be scaled up to blast thousands of simultaneous / consurrent calls by adding multiple dedicated servers to provide scalability and load balancing.


14 Integration


1. Secure Cloud-based platform

2. Automated Telemarketing Features 3. Fast and easy to use

4. Accurate and effcient 5. Multiple campaign support 6. Multi-tenant support

7. Multi-plaform support

8. Fax, SMS, Email, IVR and Voice broadcasting 9. Phone Surveys and Polls

10. Real-time reports, graphs and charts

11. Interactive/Demand dialing at the press of a button

12. Excel sheet, CSV and CRM support of contact lists to dial into a campaign

13. DNC (Do Not Call) lists management


16 Cloud Simpliciti Features

 Cloud-based Fax, SMS, Email, IVR and Voice Broadcasting  Multi-tenant platform meaning that Service Providers / ITSPs

can create secure accounts and work independantly  Separate web portals for users and adminisntrators

 Smart Auto dialer and Smart Predictive Dialer capabilities

 Importing phone number lists / contacts for use in multiple campaigns

 Filtering and categorization of contacts

 Scheduling of campaigns on the basis of selected days of the week and particular times

 Set up, configure, and run multiple campaigns simultaneously  Custom CallerID with personalized Names


 Real-time Management of the number of concurrent channels/calls for active campaigns

 Simple Voice Broadcasting as well as Interactive Voice Broadcasting support (press 1 voice broadcasting)

 Inbound Voice Campaign support for inbound telemarketing  Store and display Customer Responses for results and call

status data reports

 Multiple technologies support including SIP/IAX2 and multi codecs

 User-friendly cloud-based configuration interface

 Seamless interface with multiple long distance carriers and gateways

 Control rate of concurrent calls for multiple campaigns  Intuitive cloud-based IVR Designer

 Real-time system and call statistics charts for active as well as completed campaigns



 Basic call center functionality allows agents to receive calls

 External call center support for advanced call center functionality

 Queue calls with custom music on hold or pre-recorded messages

 Single extension or batch of extensions creation


 Non-profit fund raising  Polling

 Lobbying firms  Political campaigns  Wedding invitations

 Outbound appointment reminders  Inbound IVR Support

 Emergency and alarm dialer

 Retail sales and business advertisements  Banks



 Automated telemarketing

 Enterprise-grade message broadcasting  Business to Business (B2B) lead generation  Emergency Notification System

 Interactive Voice Broadcasting / Press 1 Campaign type  Customer Phone Surveys or Collections

 Mass communications or notifications  Robocall

 Phone Reminders


Auto Dialers can be simple Voice broadcasting to Smart Predictive dialers. Following are a few of the important telephony concepts related to auto dialers that will help you understand Cloud Simplicity auto dialing technciques.


22 Voice Broadcasting:

Voice Broadcasting allows you to deliver a message that has been pre-recorded to answering machines and live call answers by humans. If a new call status is mentioned, such as busy, away, etc then the phone systems have the capability to schedule the call for another date and time. Messages that are simple can be delivered to the recipient or an IV script is presented to the recipient that can accept responses from touch gadgets.

Preview Dialer:


Progressive Dialer:

A Progressive Dialer has an added advantage. The phone assistant can view the caller information at the same time the caller is dialing the number. However, the caller can only view the information for just a few seconds and can not stop the call from connecting or proceeding. This is commonly referred as Force

Preview Dialing. Predictive Dialer:


24 Smart Predictive Dialer:




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