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Click-n-Print User Guide

Selecting PDF print module

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Selecting an Email Campaign

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Viewing Campaign Reports and Analysis Page 7

Creating Mailing Lists

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Adding HTML variables

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Searching/Adding Contacts Manually

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Creating Product Lists

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Creating Your Own Campaign

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Email Successfully TIPs

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To access promotional templates

Change personal details and password

Create mailing lists, amend contacts and personalise campaigns


Selecting PDF print module

Once logged in, click on the “Wizard” tab and this will show all promotional templates available. Below each promotional template thumbnails there are small icons, “magnifying glass” (to preview the templates), “PDF” (for the print module) and the “Internet Explorer” (for the email module). Select the ideal template by clicking on one of the icons.


Accept the Terms and Conditions, “Confirm & Continue”.

Simply click on the PDF icon and download the PDF to your computer.


Selecting an Email Campaign

Once you have selected the email template through the Wizard by clicking on the “Internet Explorer” icon, choose the options for List Type. Enter the price field in the text box and sales price by products.

Accept the Terms and Conditions and continue.

This will appear as the price heading in the pricing table. Different wording could be used such as, Big Offer, Massive Reductions, Huge Discounts etc.


Enter all necessary details into the text box provided, save & continue.

Campaign Title – This is for your reference only as the tile will show in the design stage.

Subject – This is the email subject line, please ensure that it’s relevant and clear, experiment with different subject lines to improve your open rates.

Click enlarges and minimise the HTML content to check that all information is correct.

Once minimised, scroll right down to the bottom to view different actions as per below:


Select appropriate mailing list. It’s always a good practice to create a test mailing list and send it internally to this test mailing list before sending it out to the customers, save & continue.

The campaign can be sent out immediately or scheduled to be sent out at a specific time by clicking on the calendar icon.

On the calendar, specify the time and date by clicking on where highlighted. If the time and date is not specified then the email campaign will be sent straight away.


The campaign will sit in the “Processing stage” before it’s sent out. This could take up to 5 -15 minutes before completing the sending process depending on the size of the email database.

Viewing Campaign Reports and Analysis

On the “Complete” tab, select the campaign report icon.

This brings up the analysis of the campaign and breaks down each campaign. Click on a specific one as shown to export the report in an Excel format.

Choose the appropriate one for your analysis; click on “CSV Export” and save it onto your computer for further investigations.


Creating Mailing Lists

Select “Add Mailing List”

Enter appropriate title and click “Add Mailing List”, “Name” will show at the point you have to select which mailing list to use before sending a campaign. Description only shows as a reference point in your mailing list tab.

Choose the “Download CSV Export” icon to get the template.

- Date Created - Edit Mailing List - Upload CSV file - Download CSV file


Select “Browse” to choose the file. As you can see from column A – F, these are column headings in Row 1 which will be used as “Variables”. Please select “Ignore Line 1” (Row 1). It’s very

important that you select “no” on “Delete contacts not in CSV” unless you want to clear your contact database.

Accept the Terms & Conditions and upload.

*Variable – is a custom HTML code can be inserted into a campaign for that particular field which will automatically populate the information needed.

Adding HTML variables

Heading on column A – F is a standard template given, you can also add more columns (variables) on the template by choosing “Custom Fields”


Input the “Field Name” which will show as a heading in the next column within the template. “Variable Name” is what you would as a custom HTML code in the campaign to bring the information on this column in. Click “Add Customer Field”

As you can see that another column has been added with a variable [[ACCOUNT_MANAGER]].

The variables can be used to customise your communications. If you create a letter and want the letter to mention a specific variable for example “account manager” for a specific customer. This is how it would be used, at the end of the letter;

Kind Regards [[ACCOUNT_MANAGER]]

Account Manager

When sent, the HTML will automatically populate the name of the account holder for that customer;


Searching/Adding Contacts Manually

You can add a new contact manually be selecting “Add Contact”. You can also search for an existing contact by using the search box, the contact will either show under the Active or

Unsubscribed tab.

The contact can also be deleted manually by selecting the X button.


Creating Product Lists

Select “Add Product List”

Enter all details and select appropriate option to allow which type the product list can be ordered from.


The overview of the product list database, feel free to add more product lists according to your promotions.

Understanding HTML Content Editor

Creating You Own Campaign

*Please contact our online marketing team on 01223 822575 or email for more information.

Account image server



Insert hyperlinks

Customised data

Full screen/minimise

Insert tables/cells


Tips to Avoid the Outlook Junk Folder

The Outlook and Windows Mail junk mail filters scan messages to determine whether or not a message is junk mail. Unlike many junk mail filters Outlook is looking not only at your content but the Subject, From, and To sections of your message as well. Avoid the things listed below and you will have much better inbox delivery to your subscribers that check their mail using Outlook:

Avoid the following in your FROM address

Numbers in the first 8 character of the address Success

Sales Profit Hello Mail

public in the domain saavy in the domain

Avoid the following in your TO address

friend@ success@ public@

Avoid the following in the body or subject

Subject contains "advertisement" Body contains "money back " Body contains "cards accepted" Body contains "removal instructions" Body contains "extra income"

Subject contains "!" AND Subject contains "$" Subject contains "!" AND Subject contains "free"

Body contains ",000" AND Body contains "!!" AND Body contains "$" Body contains "Dear friend"

Body contains "for free?" Body contains "for free!"

Body contains "Guarantee" AND (Body contains "satisfaction" OR Body contains "absolute") Body contains "more info " AND Body contains "visit " AND Body contains "$"

Body contains "SPECIAL PROMOTION" Body contains "one-time mail"

Subject contains "$$" Body contains "

Body contains "order today" Body contains "order now!"

Body contains "money-back guarantee" Body contains "100% satisfied"

Body contains "mlm" Body contains "@mlm"




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