ICAEW Courses Live Online Brochure For students progressing through full ICAEW qualification

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ICAEW Courses

Live Online Brochure – 2015

For students progressing through full ICAEW qualification


ICAEW Live Online Pathway

Kaplan has designed a new approach to studying the ACA qualification that minimises

day release through the use of Live Online webex technology.

Programme delivery

Certificate Level – a mixture of classroom, self-study and e-Learning

Professional Level – all six papers delivered fully Live online

Advanced Level – a Live Online for the tuition stage and revision stage

Certificate papers

At this first stage of the qualification there are six Certificate papers that examine mainly factual elements of the ACA syllabus. This provides a foundation to the qualification. Kaplan provides the following learning solutions for these six papers:

Accounting – 7 day class room course Assurance – 3 day class room course

– To be completed before Financial Accounting &

Reporting and Audit & Assurance Application papers. A range of dates and locations across the UK are available to complete the 10 day Accounts/

Assurance course

Management Information (self-study with tutor support) Principles of Tax (e-Learning)

– To be completed before Tax Compliance,

Business Planning Tax and Financial Management Application papers

Business and Finance (e-Learning)

– To be completed before Business Strategy Application paper

Law (e-Learning)

– This e-Assessment can be taken at any time and does not directly link to an Application paper

The flexible nature of Kaplan’s e-Learning and self-study products allows students to complete four of these modules in their own time. All e-Learning and self-study options are supported through the provision of a tutor monitored email address where technical issues will be directly answered in a timely manner.


ICAEW Live Online Professional

and Advanced Stages

Kaplan Financial is leading the way in online learning and we are pleased to offer

ICAEW Live Online courses in 2015.

Live Online has been built on 50 years of Kaplan’s award- winning expertise as a professional accountancy provider, using the same experienced, dedicated tutors and exam focused materials as our UK classroom courses.

Live Online provides:

Real-time fully interactive Live Online lectures Expert UK tutors used for each live lecture

Live Lectures are recorded allowing you to re-play on demand until the real exam date

Tutor support outside of the Live Online classroom Exam-focused, use the same material as our classroom courses

Should you wish to attend a course, but there is not a planned live course for that sitting, you can purchase recordings of previous courses. You are provided with:

Bank of Tuition and Revision recordings Tutor support

Marked course and mock exams

† Excludes ICAEW study materials, these can be purchased separately. Visit www.gillards.com/icaew

ICAEW Professional Level Courses 2015

FAR: Financial Accounting & Reporting Sitting

17 Tuition Lectures June

7 Revision lectures June

AA: Audit & Assurance Sitting

5 Tuition Lectures June

4 Revision lectures June

BPT : Business Planning Tax Sitting

13 Tuition Lectures June

7 Revision lectures June

BS: Business Strategy Sitting

7 Tuition Lectures June

5 Revision lectures June

TC: Tax Compliance Sitting

13 Tuition Lectures December

6 Revision lectures December

FM: Financial Management Sitting

11 Tuition Lectures December

5 Revision lectures December

Marking of practice exams and Kaplan lecture material

ICAEW Advanced Level Courses 2015

ACS: Advanced Case Study Sitting

10 Tuition Lectures July

6 Revision lectures July

CR: Corporate Reporting Sitting

13 Tuition Lectures November

8 Revision lectures November

SBM: Strategic Business Management Sitting

9 Tuition Lectures November

6 Revision lectures November

Marking of practice exams and Kaplan lecture material


ICAEW Course Fees

Standard Live Online course fees – prices NOT inclusive of VAT

For courses starting after 1st Aug 2014. Courses include Kaplan workbook.

Professional Stage

Application Papers

Financial Accounting and Reporting £1,226 Audit and Assurance £544 Tax Compliance £992

Business Planning Tax £1,048

Financial Management £831 Business Strategy £636

Advanced Stage

SBM £1,101 CR £1,101

ACS Only £917


Professional Stage application courses will be invoiced 100% on day 1 of the course

Advanced Stage courses will be invoiced 100% on day 1 of the course

Our standard terms and conditions are on our website – www.kaplanfinancial.co.uk/termsandconditions Course fees are reviewed annually. Materials and Open Book Text prices are subject to change.

Kaplan workbook included with live course. Official ICAEW materials and open book texts must be purchased separately via www.gillards.com/icaew

ICAEW Live Online

01908 540 050


Please contact us to discuss flexible options to study for the e-Assessments. To enrol, simply complete the attached enrolment form and return it to:

Once we receive your completed form we will then enrol you on the course and confirm this with you. Payment will then be taken from your account.

How do I enrol?



ICAEW (ACA) - Live Online Enrolment Form

Please complete all parts of this form in BLOCK CAPITALS AND BLACK INK

Bookings can also be made through your local Kaplan Financial Centre via one of the following methods:

(further details overleaf)

If you wish to submit a manual enrolment form and the employer is responsible for the payment of fees, please complete the following:

As employer of the student for whom this form is completed, we are responsible for payment of amounts due to Kaplan Financial on receipt of invoices, unless credit facilities with Kaplan Financial have been granted in respect of the student and undertake to inform you in writing promptly of any change to this arrangement. We understand that we are fully responsible for the payment of amounts due to Kaplan Financial in all circumstances (including termination of employment or course cancellation). We confi rm that we have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions and Policies (as defi ned below) detailed on www.kaplanfi nancial.co.uk

Employers Signature Name

Purchase order number (if applicable) Kaplan customer number (if known) Invoice Address (if different to the employer address shown) Contact Name



C _



Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Surname Forename(s)

Date of birth / / Address for correspondence

Postcode Home phone

Mobile Work phone

Please provide an email address you have access to during and outside offi ce hours. All communications, including those relating to your MyKaplan online resources, will be sent to this email address.

Email address

ICAEW (ACA) registration number

Note: It is your responsibility to complete the ICAEW (ACA) registration formalities and enter the ICAEW (ACA) examinations.

Have you previously studied with Kaplan Financial? Yes/No If yes, please provide your Kaplan reference:

If no, where did you previously study?

Why did you decide to study with Kaplan Financial?

Additional Learning Support (Please circle your answer) Do you consider yourself to have a learning diffi culty,

disability or health problem? Yes/No

If yes, do you require any additional support? Yes/No

Please provide suffi cient details to enable us to give you the required level of support during your course. All information will be treated as strictly private and confi dential.

Please select the option which best describes your ethnic origin:

White British White Irish White other Black British Black African Black Caribbean Black other Asian British Asian Indian Asian Pakistani Asian Bangladeshi Chinese Asian other Mixed African Mixed Caribbean

Mixed Asian Mixed other Other origin Unknown Undisclosed




Company name

Company reg no.

Training manager’s name Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss

Training manager’s tel no.

Training manager’s email address

Work address




I confi rm that I have read, understood and accept the terms & conditions and privacy policy detailed on www.kaplanfi nancial.co.uk and www.kaplanpublishing.co.uk Student signature


YOUR STUDY MATERIALS (A signature will be required upon delivery)


Please deliver to: My Home address My Employer’s address Or an alternative delivery address



Registered offi ce: 100 Cannon St, London, EC4N 6EU. Registered in England no. 1028790

Total course fees £


Please complete this form and return it to the below email address:


DATA PROTECTION ACT – Your sponsor will be informed of your results, progress and attendance unless your sponsor chooses not to receive this information

MARKETING POLICY – From time to time we would like to contact you with course information, news and offers which we think you might fi nd useful. If you would prefer not to receive these please tick here EXAM RESULTS – Within the terms of this agreement you agree to Kaplan Financial obtaining your exam results from ICAEW (ACA). If you do not wish the ICAEW (ACA) to share your results with Kaplan tick here

www.kaplanfi nancial.co.uk www.kaplanpublishing.co.uk icaew_courses@kaplan.co.uk

Professional Level Paper (please tick your course) Exam sitting

FAR: Financial Accounting & Reporting June 2015

AA: Audit & Assurance June 2015

BPT: Business Planning Tax June 2015

BS: Business Strategy June 2015

TC: Tax Compliance December 2015

FM: Financial Management December 2015

Advanced Level Paper (please tick your course) Exam sitting

ACS: Advanced Case Study July 2015

CR: Corporate Reporting November 2015

SBM: Strategic Business Management November 2015

ICAEW (ACA) - Live Online Enrolment Form


Evening classes run from 6pm – 8.30pm UK time.

Please tick which of the options apply I’ll be claiming my fees in PART through company expenses I’ll be claiming my fees in FULL through company expenses I’m NOT claiming my fees through company expenses I enclose a cheque for £ made payable to Kaplan Financial Limited.


For any enquiries regarding your booking, please telephone 01908 540 050.




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