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Customer Resource Center


Resource Center


Receiving Your Login Password

In order to get your initial password for logging into the ACD platform, you MUST follow the following :

1. Press the ACD button then dial *password (*72779673) on your phone. 2. The ACD line is busied out.

3. The system states “your password has been changed, thank you” and disconnects.

4. Within five minutes, the system calls the you back and provides an automated response with the user web portal passcode.

5. When the system calls the phone back, you MUST write down the caller ID displayed. This will be the username that you enter when accessing the ACD portal on the internet.

6. The system provides a 10 digit number that is used on the initial login. 7. Once logged in, the user can reset the password and personalize it.


Login to ACD Portal

Open up a web browser Go to:

Username & Password:

Your Username and Password will be provided during the Account Initialization

process described in the previous slide.


Main Screen

Ready / Busy –

Determines if YOU are ready or busy to accept the next routed call.

Agents Name – Displays the name of the person who is logged into the system. Click the drop down to logout or change the password.


Search Calls


Search Calls Filter

Start & End Date – Date range to search

Unique ID – EarthLink Tracking ID

ANI – Phone number of caller

Abandoned – Was the call abandoned?

Call Type – What was the call type? Recorded DID call, Outbound or Queue Call

Agent Name – Agents Name


Search Calls - Results

Call ID – Unique EarthLink ID Unique ID – Unique EarthLink ID

Recording – Link to listen to a recorded call Status – Status of call (Completed / Abandoned) Call Date – Date of Call

Agent Answer Time – Time agent answered call Release Time – Time call terminated

Release Side – Who ended the call

Abandoned – Was the call abandoned?

Hold Time – How long was the customer holding? Talk Time – Length of call with agent

Location – ID for location

Destination – Outbound calling # or Queue Number Transferred – Number if call was transferred


Download Reports


Download Reports Fields

Type of Report – Choose which report you want to download.

Location – Choose which location you want to download the report for. (If multiple locations apply.)

Start Date – Enter a start date.

End Date – Enter an end date.




Edit Queues to Monitor

• If you have multiple queues, you will be able to choose which you wish to


Queue Calls

Call ID – Unique EarthLink identifier

Status – Status of call (Ringing / Answered)

Call Date – Date of Call

Agent Answer Time – Time agent answered call

Hold Time – Length of call holding (in seconds)

Talk Time – Time agent has been talking (in seconds)

ANI – Calling parties number

DNIS – Queue Number

Agent Name – Name of Agent


Monitor Button

• Click on the call you wish to “Monitor”

• Click the “Monitor” button

• The supervisor’s phone will ring


• Click on the call you wish to “Whisper”.

• Click the “Whisper” button.

• The supervisor’s phone will ring.

• When the supervisor answers the phone, they will be able to talk to the agent.

Whisper Button

REMEMBER: The customer will NOT be able to hear the supervisor speaking, but if the


Call History

• Select a call and then click “History”.


My Agents

Agent Name – Name of Agent Extension – Agents ACD number Last Call – Date of last call

Phone Status – Will display “Phone Error” until agent has answered their 1st queue call

Web Status – Is the agent logged into the ACD website Paused – Status for calls (Ready or Busy)

Calls Today – Number of calls today


My Agents –

Monitored / All Agents

• Ability to view all the agents within the queue.


My Agents – All Queues

• Ability to view all queues.


My Agents –

Monitor More Agents


Adding Agents to Monitor

• Click on the agent(s) you wish to add to the monitor section.


My Agents –

“Make Busy”

• Select an agent you want to make their status “Busy”.


My Agents –

“Make Ready”

• Select an agent you want to make their status “Ready”.


My Agents –


• Select an agent you want to edit.


My Agents –

“Agent Details”


My Agents –

“Queue Assignment”


My Agents –

“Remove from Monitored”

• Select an agent you want to remove.


My Agents –

“Busy/Ready Log”

• Select an agent you want to run the report for.


My Agents –

“Busy/Ready Log”

Input the search criteria for Agent, Status Type, and Date



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