Champagne. Sparkling Wine

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Champagne by the glass (150ml)

Louis Roederer, Collection 242 £19.00 Nyetimber “Blanc de Blancs” 2014 £22.00 Louis Roederer, Rosé 2014 £27.50 Bauchet, “Seduction” Brut Rosé £18.50

Champagne by the bottle

16 Louis Roederer, Collection 242 £92.00

13 Ruinart, Brut £124.00

4 Pol Roger, White Foil £116.00

11 Taittinger, Brut Réserve £109.00

5 Bollinger, Special Cuvée £128.00

7 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Brut £133.00

18 Laurent Perrier, Brut £105.00

34 Krug, Grand Cuvée £398.00

2 Charles Heidsieck, Brut £124.00

17 Henriot “Souverain”, Brut £94.00

26 Ruinart, Blanc de Blancs £184.00

Sparkling Wine

27 Nyetimber £99.50


West Sussex, England N.V.

61 Moscato D’Asti (0.375ml) £44.50


Fontanafredda Estate Piedmont, Italy 2019


Afternoon Tea

A Journey Through St James’s


Afternoon Tea

A Journey through St James’s


H Forman & Son smoked salmon Cucumber and cream cheese

Honey-roast Wiltshire ham and mustard Savoury

Truffled egg and watercress brioche bun Scones

Plain and raisin, whipped clotted cream, strawberry jam Paxton & Whitfield Westcombe Cheddar, soft cheese and chives


Foster & Son’s chocolate shoe horn Henry Poole & Co shortbread ‘Tuxedo’

James. J. Fox chocolate cigar chocolate and hazelnut mousse Floris English strawberry and rose water cupcake

Lock & Co white chocolate and lime ‘Top Hat’

£45 per person

With a glass of Louis Roederer Collection 242 Champagne

£60 per person

Cream Tea

Your choice of tea and coffee Homemade plain and raisin scones Seasonal jams and Cornish clotted cream

£15.00 per person

With a glass of Louis Roederer Collection 242 Champagne

£30.00 per person


Selection of Teas

Our tea is supplied by Camellia’s Tea House – an artisan producer and importer, hand blending its teas here in London.

Just as with wine, tea is influenced by soil type and climate, in addition to differences in the farming and production process. It is thought there are

around 1500 variants of tea, produced in 36 countries.

We have carefully selected 30 exceptional teas for your enjoyment, including our own signature blends and very special premium rare teas.

Stafford Signature Blends

Specially selected by the team here at The Stafford, we offer four bespoke signature blends, which one will you try?

Stafford English Breakfast Blend

A full bodied, sturdy tea with delicate flowery and spicy undertones, made with high altitude grown broken orange pekoe black teas and a touch of Chinese Keemun Tea.

St James’s Blend

A wonderful fragrant and smokey black fusion tea, with hints of golden syrup and subtle flowery undertones. The blend combines broken orange pekoe black teas with the most distinct Lapsang Souchong Tea (where the tea leaves are hung in baskets over smoking pine wood fires to dry out); the result is a wonderful dark fusion tea which is ideal for pairing with meat.

Queen’s Stafford Blend

The Queen’s Stafford blend is a lovely balance between a refreshing and bright Keemun Tea and the citrusy notes and flowery fragrance of oil of Bergamot, orange blossoms, rose petals and jasmine bai mao huo tea.

Oyster Digestive Blend

With a base of clean, pure Japanese Sencha tea, the Oyster digestive blend is a wonderful digestive tea with an element of sweetness and fragrance of lemongrass and lemon verbena. The addition of lavender and rose hips presents a floral undertone which is balanced out with the slight bitterness of hibiscus.


Green Tea

Japan Sencha

Sencha, which means ‘steamed tea’, is by far the most popular tea in Japan.

It has a tender and sweetish note, with vegetal flavours with strong grassy notes and a hint of pine nuts to finish.

Semi-shaded Matcha

This is a ceremonial matcha, a classic tea used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This carefully grown and powdered, semi-shaded tea has a slight- ly nutty taste with a harmonious balance of bitter-sweet. Whisking creates a deep green, bubbly texture.

White Teas

China Pai Mu Tan

Also known as White Peony, this Chinese white tea from the Fujian province is well-known for its delicate and refreshing flavour. The multi-coloured leaves, ranging from faint green to pale brown, create a clear, light yellow cup with a pleasantly sweet aroma and smooth, mellow flavour with a hint of spiciness and even a touch of nuttiness. A definite favourite among white tea connoisseurs.


Black Teas

Darjeeling Jungpana Supreme 2nd Flush

Much sought after among connoisseurs of Darjeeling vintage, Jungpana is a tiny, beautiful and renowned garden nestled in the hills of the Kurseong Valley, Darjeeling, India. The garden is located on a steep slope near the Goomtee estate, which makes it incredibly remote and accessible only by foot. The tea has delightful hints of almond and walnut, a smooth texture and distinct fruit notes with a delightful long finish.

Assam Bargang

Assam Bargang tea comes from an estate located on the north banks of the Brahmaputra river in the Sonipur district in Northern India. Full bodied and robust with creamy texture and malty undertones, it is perfect for those looking for a more powerful Assam brew. Dark golden brown with some viscosity and perfect with milk.

Earl Grey

Earl Grey’s distinct flavour is a result of combining high quality Chinese black tea and oil of bergamot, originally used to protect the flavour from mould and tar during long sea voyages. This beautifully scented tea with its flowery and citrusy flavour remains the embodiment of the finest English tea.


Tregothnan is Britain’s first tea estate. Sitting eight miles from the coast with the deep sea creek of the Fal Estuary running through the estate, the warm and wet conditions are perfect for a thriving tea plantation. The Afternoon Tea blend is light and exotic, with hand-plucked Tregothnan and the finest imported Darjeeling leaves. Quintessentially British and delicately refreshing with invigorating citrus notes.

Oolong Teas

Tie Guan Yin

Tie Guan Yin, or the “Iron Goddess of Mercy”, is considered to one of the most famous Chinese teas. This premium oolong tea was created during the Qing Dynasty in Anxi, Fujian Province,in a beautiful mountainous landscape.

With well-balanced floral taste, a harmonious creamy finish, the light yel- low infusion offers a refreshing aroma and a gently sweet flavour with fruity undertones.


Herbal Infusions


Peppermint is well known for being a fantastic digestive and also a circulatory stimulant. It also has decongestive properties which can help with catarrhal congestion, cold relief and headaches. This premium whole leaf peppermint has a mild sweet undertone and its crisp freshness can be enjoyed all day long.

Chamomile Flowers

The Great Taste Award winning Chamomile Flowers tea is an all-time favourite when it comes to calming the nerves, soothing irritability and relieving pain in the digestive system. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Traditionally it has been known to ease colds and flu, symptoms associated to allergy, cystitis and eczema. The lovely Chamomile flowers produce a golden cup with a creamy and sweet infusion.

Very Berry

An exciting, pure fruit tea consisting of a wide selection of berries and a few other dried fruits, such as papaya. The deep red cup is characterised by a vivid fruitiness and a pleasing sweetness that is balanced by the tart hints of hibiscus.

Rooibos Orange & Cactus Fig

A very popular rooibos blend, packed with fascinating ingredients such as papaya, liquorice and orange. The distinct creamy sweetness of rooibos is complemented by fragrant citrus tones and fruity finish, proving to be an exciting, caffeine free alternative to many fusion teas.

Zest Tea

This is a delicate and refreshing herbal tea which is believed to benefit the digestive system, but also to have a general soothing and calming effect on the body. It contains lemongrass, lemon peel and ginger and is marked by a tangy aroma and an invigorating lemon flavour with a spicy finish.


Fusion Teas


An Indian black tea that has been infused with a range of traditional spices to produce a deliciously spicy and warming brew. It is often brewed in hot milk, known as Chai Latte, to produce a healthy and much more interesting

alternative to coffee. Featuring a wonderfully balanced plethora of Indian spices with predominantly cinnamon and clove taste and a spicy ginger finish.

Jasmine Pearls

This tea comes from the Fujian province, China, and is also known as

“Phoenix Dragon Pearls”. The dragon represents the green tea whilst the beauty of the phoenix is found in the jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are blended with tea leaves and hand-rolled together. As the pearls unfold, a wonderfully sweet jasmine fragrance is released. Each leaf is hand-crafted into little pearls and 6 times scented by fresh jasmine leaves. Each sip offers a profound jasmine flavour with a slight astringency making this an unforgettable experience!

White Apricot

A Gold Taste Award winning fusion tea that combines the refined character of a white tea with the honey like sweetness of apricot pieces. The flowery

undertones of marigold and rose round of the flavour, creating a truly delightful and refreshing tea.


Oolong Tea

Dan Cong Golden Stem

This stunning premium tea is made on Fenghuang (or “Phoenix”) mountain, Guangdong, Chaozhou region. The Chaozhou people have been producing this tea for several hundreds of years which involves roasting the soft tea stems to produce an elegant flowery and honey aroma and taste.

Black Tea

Yunnan Old Tre

This delicious rare tea, also known as “Fengqing Hong Cha” was made and cultivated from an old tea tree that grows in the high-altitude mountains of Yunnan (over 1,200m) in Fengqing region, China. The dry tea has brown black curly strips with visible golden tips which provide a sweet, dry apricot and tobacco aroma.




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