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The Malaysian Journal of Pathology Index: Volumes 17-19, 1995-97.


ABERRANT expression of MHC Class 11 antigens in lupus nephritis by PL Cheah, LM Looi, SF Yap and S Fleming (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 73.

ACINIC cell carcinoma of the salivary glands: report of two cases by AR Norraha, MA Siti Aishah, BS Gendeh and T Yau (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 54.

ACUTE lead poisoning in a young, male adult by TY Tengku Norita, C Idzham, MS Zulkifli, SK Cheong, TA Tengku Marina and AB Aishah (abstract). 1997; 9(1): 84.

ACUTE lithium and imipramine poisoning - a case report by AB Aishah, Y Norazlina, AG Mohd Nizam and SK Shaikh Jaafar (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 77.

ADDISIONIAN crisis with hypercalcemia in tuberculosis adrenalitis: A case report by M Swaminathan and MY Rozanah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 78.

ADENOCARCINOMA of cervix - a report of 16 cases by S1 Abdul Wahab, MA Siti Aishah and NI Nik Mohd (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 79.

ADRENAL cytomegaly associated with diaphragmatic hernia: report of a case by BB Ong and KT Wong (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 60.

ADRENAL cytomegaly associated with diaphragmatic hernia: Report of a case by BB Ong and KT Wong. 1996; 18(2): 121-3.

AGE estimation using third molar development by N Phrabhakaran. 1995; 17(1): 31-4.

An APPROACH to the investigation of thrombophila by BH Chong. 1997; 19(1): 11-5.

ANGIO-IMMUNOBLASTIC lymphadenopathy (AILD) - a case report by 0 Azizon, NH Hamidah, 0 Ainoon, SK Cheong and KS Phang (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 58.

ANTIBODY responses of dengue fever patients to dengue 2 (New Guinea C strain) viral proteins by AB Sazaly, A Azila, MS Narizah, S Norazizah and HY Chee. 1997; 19(1): 41- 51.

ANTICARDIOLIPIN antibody isotype profile and its clinical significance in lupus nephritis by MR Azizah, CS Loo, MN Zulkifli, M Shahnaz, M Zaki and BA Nasumddin (abstract). 1997;

19(1): 86.

ANTI-NUCLEAR, anti-mitochondrial, anti-smooth muscle and anti-parietal cell antibodies in the healthy Malaysian population by MR Azizah, M Shahnaz, MN Zulkifli and BA Nasumddin.

1995; 17(2): 83-6.

ANTINUCLEAR, anti-mitochondrial, anti-smooth muscle and anti-pariental cell antibodies in a healthy Malaysian population by MR Azizah, MN Shahnaz and BA Nasumddin (abstract).

1995; 17(1): 49.

APPLICATION of molecular techniques in the prenatal diagnosis of Thalassaemias by 0 Ainoon, J Joyce, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah and R Chandran (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 71.

APPLICATION of the Serodia-HCV Particle Agglutination for the detection of antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus by BG Ooi, M Sinniah, S Ismail and R Baharuddin. 1996; 18(2): 89-93.


18. AUTOSOMAL dominant thrombocytopenia: a family study by N Jackson, M Sukeri and M Hishamuddin (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 5 1.

19. BLOOD cholinesterase levels in the elderly and newborn by L Chan. 1995; 17(2): 87-9.

20. BLOOD group serology and bone marrow transplantation by N Menaka and GE Kua (abstract).

1997; 19(1): 76.

21. BONE metabolism: newer perspectives by Ali Noor Ghani. 1997; 19(1): 17-9.

22. The BUSINESS man and the laboratory: standards guarantee profits by J W Hamer. 1997;

19(2): 99-103.

23. CAG A gene of Helicobacter Pylori - Is it a marker of ulcerogenic strains by HF Harsha, N Parasakthi, SF Yap and KL Goh (abstract). 1997; 19(1), 78.

24. A CASE of human enteric myiasis due to larvae of Hermetia illucens (Family: Stratiomyiadae)

- first report in Malaysia by HL Lee, P Chandrawathani, WY Wong, S Tharam and WY Lim.

1995; 17(2): 109-1 1.

25. A CASE of kala-azar diagnosed by bone marrow aspiration by NH Hamidah, SK Cheong and J Abu Hassan. 1995; 17(1): 39-42.

26. A CASE of unsuspected endometrial stromal sarcoma - a case report by MK Noor Kaslina, MA Siti Aishah and NI Nik Mohd (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 80.

27. A CASE report on Acetaminophen overdose in a young child by WOL Jacqueline, H Zarida, TV Tan and A Sofiah (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 69.

28. CELLULAR proliferative activity in hydatidiform moles compared with non-molar abortuses by PL Cheah and LM Looi (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 73.

29. COAGULATION services in hospitals in Malaysia - the present status by I Roshidah, H Khalid and HR Gudum (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 5 1.

30. COMMERCIALIZATION of health services: implications for the laboratories by PA Riley.

1996; 18(1): 21-5.

31. COMPARATIVE study of a non-radiometric BACTEC system and a conventional blood culture system in a clinical microbiology laboratory by OF Yew, YM Cheong, AR Zaidatul and N Thanaletchimy. 1995; 17(1): 11-6.

32. COMPARISON of alpha-fetoprotein with some other tumour markers in Malaysians with hepatocellular carcinoma by JB Lopez, M Balasegaram, J Timor and V Thambyrajah. 1997;

19(1): 53-8.

33. COMPARlSON of two monoclonal antibody kits with cell culture isolation in the detection of respiratory virus antigens by NS Khairullah. 1996; 18(1): 27-30.

34. CONFIDENTIALITY and death by BB Ong and S Kaur. 1997; 19(2): 1 1 1-14.

35. CONGENITAL mesoblastic nephroma: clinicopathological, immunohistochemical and flow cytometric analysis by NA Sharifah and AH Zainal (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 75.

36. CORRELATION between histological grade and c-erbB-2 oncoprotein overexpression in infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast by LM Looi, PL Cheah and SF Yap. 1997; 19(1): 35- 9.


INDEX: Main Section.

37. C-REACTIVE protein in neonatal sepsis by I Zakiah, MN Musa and A Zawiah (abstract). 1997;

19(1): 75.

38. CYTOLOGICAL analysis of breast lesions: A review of 780 cases by G Jayaram, SF Alhady and CH Yip. 1996; 18(2): 8 1-7.

39. CYTOLOGY of Ki-l lymphoma by G Jayaram (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 53

40. DETECTION of cells containing cytoplasmic immunoglobulin in bone marrow by A Zawiah and I Zakiah (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 56.

41. DETECTION of Chlamydia trachomatis in urine samples by polymerase chain reaction and enzyme immunoassay by YF Ngeow, V Hema, M Zakaria, CH Lee, S Ramachandran. 1997;

19(2), 127-132.

42. DETECTION of false positives by incorporation of a confirmatory blocking test into a commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay specific for adenovirus antigen by BS Kirnpal-Kaur, KL Yap and SC Tan. 1997; 19(2): 133-36.

43. DETECTION of molecular abnormality: BCR-ABL gene in chronic myeloid leukaemia, by RNA analysis using reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) by JA Jabamoney, NH Hamidah, 0 Ainoon, G Thevi and SK Cheong (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 90.

44. DETECTION of mutation NT 1376 (G-T) in the G6PD gene of Malaysian chinese G6PD deficient patients by 0 Ainoon, JA Jabamonry, NY Boo, SK Cheong, PA Zainal and NH Hamidah (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 58.

45. DETECTION of point mutations in (IAT deficiency by sequencing of ds products of polymerase chain reaction using allele specific oligonucleotides by MD Norsiah, G Scobie and I Zakiah (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 80.

46. DETERMINATION of reference value for local 'healthy' population and for unselected mixed hospital population by B Jamilah and SL Ch'ng (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 49.

47. DISCRIMANT analysis of normal and malignant breast tissue based upon instrumental neutron activation analysis of elemental distribution by KH Ng, SH Ong, DA Bradley and LM Looi (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 78.

48. DNA Extraction from fine needle aspiration (FNA) samples by JA Joyce, NA Sharifah, 0 Ainoon, NH Hamidah and SK Cheong (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 87.

49. DNA ploidy analysis in colorectal carcinoma by Z Zubaidah Z, S Tong, ARA Gregory and CS Boon (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 80.

50. EDITORIAL - Publication bias and the Medical Editors Trial Amnesty by LM Looi. 1997;

19(2): 91-2.

5 1. The EFFECTS of EDTA contamination and varying storage conditions of serum total protein, albumin, calcium, magnesium, phosphate, alkaline phosphatase and alanine transaminase by AB Aishah, AR Fatimah and YN Foo (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 76.

52. EFFICIENCY of blood usage for elective surgery in the University Hospital Kuala Lumpur by EJ Lim, CG Lopez, SN Veera, N Menaka and A Aminah. 1996; 18(2): 107- 12.

53. EFFICIENCY of use of blood for elective surgery in University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur by EJ


54. EMERGING problems of antibiotic resistance in community medicine by N Parasakthi. 1996;

18(1): 9-13.

55. ENHANCED major histocompatibility complex (MHC) Class I1 antigen expression in lupus nephritis by PL Cheah, LM Looi, CT Chua, SF Yap and S Flerning. 1997; 19(2): 115-20.

56. EOSINOPHILIC abscess of the spleen in Schistosomiasis: a case report by M Swaminathan, MD Suryati Jusoh, Ishak MD Sood and Pakeer Oothman (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 82.

57. EPSTEIN-BARR virus (EBV) in Malaysian Burkitt's lymphoma by SC Peh, PS Colloby, H Pringle, I Lauder and G Pallesen (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 67.

58. An EVALUATION of the serum lithium method on Kodak Ektachem analyser by W Jacqueline, D Khadijah, M Suzana, A Noraini, YN Foo and AB Aishah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 85.

59. An EVALUATION of the usefulness of a culture system for the detection of Ureaplasma urealyticum in the endotracheal aspirates of neonates by ST Tay, AS Koay, NY Boo and MY Rohani. 1997; 19(1): 65-8.

60. EVALUATION of the use of Bactec anaerobic blood cultures in the detection of bacteraemia and fungaemia in children by PA Riley and N Parasakthi. 1996; 18(1): 3 1-4.

61. EVAN'S syndrome - a case report as seen in the IMR by R Kesavapillai and H Khalid (abstract).

1996; 18(1): 77.

62. EXPRESSION of myeloid-associated antigen of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia is not a predictor of relapse by MN Roswati, K Sivagengei, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah, 0 Ainoon, RR Khuzaiah and TS Hoe (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 89.

63. The FANCIES and the fallacies of specimen collections. The need to break bad habits by 0 Nor Hayati (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 55.

64. FIBRILLARY deposits: amyloids and tactoids by LM Looi. 1995; 17(1): 1-10.

65. FIBRILLARY glomerulonephritis: report of the first Malaysian case by LM Looi, PL Cheah and R Ghazalli (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 78.

66. FINE needle aspiration cytology - HUSM experience January 1988 - 1994 by 0 Nor Hayati and M Mazlan (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 59.

67. FINE needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) - an easier and a faster diagnostic tool for investigation of tuberculosis. Will it supercede microbiological examination by 0 Nor Hayati, Z Meor, M Mazlan, W Rahim and S Selvarajan (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 57.

68. FINE needle aspiration cytology characteristics of Wilm's tumour by NA Sharifah (abstract).

1996; 18(1): 75.

69. FINE needle aspiration cytology of secretory carcinoma of breast: a case report by G Jayaram, LM Looi and CH Yip. 1997; 19(1): 69-73.

70. GENE rearrangement in B-lymphoproliferative disease by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)


a preliminary report by NH Hamidah, JA Jabamoney, 0 Ainoon, AB Hamidah and SK Cheong (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 89.

71. GROUP A Streptococcal infections by F Jamal. 1996; 18(1): 15-6.


INDEX: Main Section HAEMOPHILUS influenzae infections of the female genital tract by R Latha and YF Ngeow (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 60.

HEMANGIOPERICYTOMA of the middle ear presenting as a "Glomus tumour": a case report by M Swaminathan, MA Wan Anna, G Balwant Singh and BW Scheithauer (abstract). 1997;

19(1): 80.

HIGH prevalence of autoantibodies in chronic hepatitis B carriers by SF Yap, KL Goh, NW Wong, PL Cheah and LM Looi (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 74.

HISTOMORPHOLOGICAL parameters in glomerulonephritis assessed by computerised image analysis by LM Looi, PL Cheah and KT Wong (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 82.

HOSPITAL acquired infections in a Singapore Hospital: 1985-1992 by G Kumarasinghe, H Goh and KN Tan. 1995; 17(1): 17-22.

HPLC for confirming diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism: a report of MSUD cases in Malaysia in 1993 by Y Noral'ashikin, I Zakiah, IMI Hussein and M Siti Aishah (abstract). 1995;

17(1): 50.

HUMAN papillomavirus in juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis: a University Hospital experience by PL Cheah and LM Looi (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 56.

A HYPOTHESIS: Low antischizont IgG in HLA-B*1513 positive Malaysian Aborigines [Orang Aslis (OAs)]- The result of efficient elimination of the antigen by T lymphocytes by BA Nasuruddin, S Lokman Hakim, K Hirayama and JW Mak (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 75.

The IMPACT of palm oil and its minor constituents on serum lipids, atherosclerosis and vitamin A status by N Chandrasekharan and K Sundram (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 72.

The IMPORTANCE of the medico-legal autopsy by K Nadesan. 1997; 19(2): 105-9.

INCREASED T cell percentage is associated with declining absolute numbers of CD4 cells in HIV seropositive patients by JS Dhaliwal, T Balasubramaniam, CK Quek, S Arumainnathanf and BA Nasuruddin (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 59.

An IN-HOUSE ELISA method for measuring surfactant protein A by KB Cheong, SK Cheong, NY Boo, M Jemilah and SH Ton. 1995; 17(2): 91-6.

(-( INTERACTION in (-thalassaemia traits by SK Gong, NH Hamidah, SK Cheong, 0 Ainoon and A Joyce (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 50.

IN-VITRO activity of Cefoperazone-sulbactam combination against Cefoperazone resistant clinical isolates in a Malaysian General Hospital by VKE Lim and YM Cheong. 1995; 17(2):


86. Is SINGLE test adequate for lupus anticoagulant screening by I Roshidah, CK Loh and TS Ahmad (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 79.

87. ISOLATION of ferritins from the spleen of a patient with thalassaemia major by SF Chin, K Sivagengei, SK Cheong , 0 Ainoon, NH Hamidah and KB Cheong (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 57.

88. ISOLATION of human surfactant protein A from amniotic fluid by KB Cheong, SK Cheong, NY Boo and SH Ton (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 57.

89. ISOLATION of human surfactant protein A from amniotic fluid by KB Cheong, SK Cheong,


90. LAMINA propria lymphocytes in ulcerative colitis: Immunohistochemical study by NS Nik Malihan and P Jayalakshmi (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 77.

91. LESIONS of the central nervous systems: A Malaysian experience with 1064 consecutive cases by Nor Hayati Othman and R Puri (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 65.

92. LIMITED placental examination by AR Hayati, TY Khong and Zainul Rashid (abstract). 1997;

19(1): 76.

93. LIVER changes in thalassaemia and outcome of bone marrow transplantation by LM Looi, PL Cheah and HP Lin (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 56.

94. LOSS of heterozygosity analysia in nephrogenic rests and Wilm's tumours by polymerase chain reaction by NA Sharifah and Kankatsu Yun (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 75.

95. LYMPHOCYTE predominant Hodgkin's disease in Malaysian patients by SC Peh, JH Pringle and I Lauder (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 74.

96. LYMPHOCYTE subsets in systems lupus erythematosus by SK Cheong, SF Chin and NCT Kong. 1997; 19(2): 121-25.

97. LYMPHOPROLIDERATIVE responses in Mycobacterium leprae in healthy family contacts of leprosy patients by HK Gill, K Fadzilah, BA Nasuruddin and JS Dhaliwal (abstract). 1995;

17(1): 52.

98. MAGNESNM, copper, zinc, iron and manganese contents in normal human skin of different parts of the body by AW Shahrom, H Zarida, HM Halim, M1 Abdul Rahman and M Mohd Yusof (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 72.

99. MALIGNANT rhabdoid tumour arising in the oral cavity by PL Cheah, KH Ng and CH Siar (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 56.

100. MALIGNANT rhabdoid tumour of the central nervous system: a case report by M Swaminathan, Julia Munchar, Thomas Krausz and Benedict Marius Selladurai (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 83.

101. MALONDIALDEHYDE and conjugated diene contents in normal human skin by AW Shahrom, H Zarida, M Jamaludin, A Noraini and MI Abdul Rahman (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 72.

102. MEASUREMENT of androstenedione levels by an in-house radioimmunoassay by MSL Lo, ML Ng, LL Wu and BAK Khalid. 1996; 18(1): 53-8.

103. MEASUREMENT of free thyroxine index using ABBOTT T-upgrade kit by AB Aishah and YN Foo (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 77.

104. MENINGEAL involvement in a case of multiple myeloma by NH Hamidah, 0 Ainoon, SK Cheong, H Zaridah and AB Aishah (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 58.

105. METHANOL as an alternative fixative for cytological smears by MP Kumarasinghe, SR Constantine and RL Hemamali. 1997; 19(2): 137-40.

106. MIGRAINE and tension-type headache amongst medical students by M Shahnaz, MR Azizah, AR Tariq and BA Nasuruddin (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 85.

107. MINIMUM inhibitory concentration determination of penicillin in Streptococcus pneumoniae

- a comparison between the E-test and standard agar dilution by AW Zubaidah, J Farida, P Sabiha, Y Halijah and K Sukeri (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 67.


INDEX: Main Section,

108. MITOCHONDRIAL myoencephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes (MELAS):

a report of 3 cases by KT Wong, WK Ng, CT Tan and J Anderson (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 67.

109. MOLECULAR genetics and prenatal diagnosis of the thalassaemias by SL Thein. 1997; 19( 1 ):


110. MONITORING of lithium therapy by AB Aishah and YN Foo. 1995; 17(1): 43-6.

11 1. MORPHOLOGY and surface markers in acute myeloid leukemia by H Afifah, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah, 0 Ainoon, K Sivagengei, RR Khuzaiah and TS Hoe (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 89.

112. MUCINOUS carcinoma of breast - profile of 8 cases by G Jayaram, CH Yip and SF Alhady (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 76.

1 13. MYCOBACTERIAL infection by AA Mahayiddin. 1996; 18(1): 17-9.

114. NUCLEOLAR organizer regions distribution in cytology smears of breast lesions by J Hasnan and G Jayaram (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 66.

115. NUCLEOLAR organizer regions distribution in fine needle aspiration cytological smears from breast lesions by J Hasnan and G Jayaram. 1996; 18(1): 35-41.

116. NUCLEOTIDE 1376 G->T mutations in G6PD-deficient Chinese in Malaysia by 0 Ainoon, NY Boo, SK Cheong, ZA Zainal and NH Hamidah. 1995; 17(2): 61-5.

117. BCL-2 ONCOPROTEIN expression in leukemia cells by SK Cheong, K Sivagengei, KB Cheong, 0 Ainoon, NH Hamidah and R Kuzaiah (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 71.

1 18. OVARIAN granulocytic sarcoma: a case report by 0 Hanita and M Lily (abstract). 1997; 19(1):


119. OVARIAN mucinous cystadenoma with osteoid and chondroid component in giant cell stromal nodule: a case report by M Swaminathan, S Subathra, Harold Fox and Ashar Abdullah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 79.

120. P53 OVEREXPRESSIOn in breast disease (preliminary results) by WM Wan Muhaizan and NA Sharifah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 81.

121. PAP smear study: The sequalae. Is there a need to change the sampling tool by Nor Hayati Othman and CA Mukarramah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 77.

122. PAP Smears: a Kelantan experience. Is it an effective screening method for cervical cancers by 0 Nor Hayati, CA Mukarramah and AW Rahim (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 53.

123. PARASITIC infections among Orang Asli community in Pangsun, Ulu Langat by AG Mohamed Kamel Mohamed and K Mohamed Sham (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 52.

124. PATCH test


a simple in vivo investigation for contact dermatitis by WF Ho, BA Nasuruddin, AT Gan, T Ganesapillai (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 59.

125. The PATTERN of Ki-67 and bcl-2 expression in lymphoid malignancies by PL Wang and SC Peh. 1997; 19(1): 59-64.

126. The PATTERN of Ki-67 and bcl-2 expression in lymphoid malignancies by SC Peh and PL Wang (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 83.


127. PERCUTANEOUS fine needle aspiration biopsy of lung and mediastinal lesions by A Roziana, NA Sharifah, A Samad and A Yahya (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 66.

128. PHAGOCYTE chemiluminescence in HIV positive subjects by A Haniza, M Shahnaz and A Nasuruddin (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 50.

129. PHENOTYPE of alpha-l -antitrypsin deficiency in Malaysia by I Zakiah, M D Norsiah and SH Musa (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 49.

130. POLYCYTHAEMIA - the IMR experience by K Radha and H Khalid (abstract). 1995; 17(1):


131. Ki-l POSITIVE anaplastic large cell lymphoma presenting as a lytic bone lesion by 0 Nor Hayati, N Jackson and R Roslan (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 55.

132. POSTMENOPAUSAL osteoporosis: epidemiology, pathophysiology and treatment by Nik Mohd Nasri Ismal. 1997; 19(1): 21-5.

133. POSTPARTUM associated hemolytic uremic syndrome: a case report by M Swaminathan, PY Soo and SG Lau (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 8 1.

134. PRECORE mutants in chronic hepatitis B carriers negative for Hepatitis B e-antigen by SF Yap and YC Chen (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 90.

135. PRESENCE of pro-opiomelanocortin peptides and corticotrophin-releasing factor in human placenta by ML Ng, DL Healy, A Rajna, M Fullerton, C O'Grady and JW Funder. 1996; 18(1):


136. PREVALENCE of (-amyloid deposition in normal aging non-demented brains in a Malaysian population by BB Ong, LM Looi and R Sarvesavaran (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 52.

137. PREVALENCE of IgG and 1gM anticardiolipin antibodies in healthy blood donors by MR Azizah, MN Azila, M Shahnaz, Y Norita, T Abdul Karim and BA Nasuruddin (abstract). 1996;

18(1): 66.

138. PRIMARY thrombocythaemia (PT), polycythaemia mbra vera (PRV) and chronic neutrophilic leukaemia (CNL) compared by H Khalid and Z Zubaidah (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 80.

139. PRIMITIVE neuroectodermal tumour mimicking acute lymphoblastic leukemia - a case report by Hamidah NH, SK Cheong, TS Hoe, K Sivagengi, KS Phang and 0 Ainoon (abstract). 1996;

18(1): 70.

140. PROCESSING haematological data in a network environment by AG Zainal and SK Cheong.

1995; 17(2): 77-81.

141. PROLIFERATING cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma - an aid to conventional histological grading by RI3 Zain, F Sakamoto, P Shrestha and M Mori.

1995; 17(1): 23-30.

142. PROLIFERATING cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) index in thyroid follicular neoplasms. H Thuaibah and NA Sharifah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 77.

143. The QUALITY Assurance Program (QAP) for Pathology Laboratories of the Ministry of Health, Malaysia by I Zakiah, HH Lim, G Duraisamy, Y Rohani, N Thanaletchimy and A Mohamad Taha (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 69.


INDEX: Main Section 144. A QUANTITATIVE study of mast cells in Kimura's disease by KT Wong and S Shamsol

(abstract). 1996; 18(1): 69.

145. RACIAL charactersitics of human teeth with special emphasis on the Mongoloid dentition by Y Hashim, N Phrabhakaran and DKN Murali. 1996; 18(1): 1-7.

146. RADIOIMMUNOASSAY of acetylcholine receptor antibodies in healthy blood donors by MY Fariza, MR Azizah, Y Zaiton, M Shahnaz, T Abdul Karim and BA Nasuruddin (abstract). 1997;

19(1): 75.

147. The RELATIONSHIP between plasma potassium levels and induced haemolysis by D Khadijah, W Jacqueline, M Suzana, A Noraini, YN Foo and AB Aishah (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 85.

148. RECOVERY of forensically important insect larvae from human cadavers in Malaysia (1993- 1996) by HL Lee. 1996; 18(2): 125-27.

149. RETROSPECTIVE study of sinooth muscle tumours of the gastrointestinal tract by M Swaminathan (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 79.

150. A REVIEW of the serological results obtained in a routine diagnostic laboratory for Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections by ST Tay and YM Cheong. 1995; 17(1): 35-8.

151. The ROLE of serology in the treatment and follow up of patients with H pylori infection by N Parasakthi, KL Goh and NW Wong (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 76.

152. SEEKING representation in policy-making governmental bodies by S Abu Bakar. 1997; 19(2):


153. SERUM calcium and magnesium in chronic renal failure patients by AB Aishah, YN Foo and M Zaki (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 84.

154. SERUM typhus antibodies in Malaysian aborigines presenting with pyrexja by A Norazah and MY Rohani (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 79.

155. A SICKLE cell trait presenting with a sigmoid megacolon - a case report by AB Hamidah, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah and 0 Ainoon (abstract). 1997; 19( l): 88.

156. The SIGNIFICANCE of ionized calcium measurement in patients with abnormal serum total calcium by H Zarida, AB Mariahyati, M1 Abdul Rahman, M Suzana and AW Shahrom (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 70.

157. STMULTANEOUS medullary carcinoma, occult papillary carcinoma and lymphocytic thyroiditis by A Darwish, AA Satir, T Hameed, S Malik and N Aqel. 1995; 17(2): 103-7.

158. SKIN adnexal neoplasmas - a histopathology study by P Jayalakshmi and LM Looi (abstract).

1995; 17(1): 54.

159. SOLITARY rectal ulcer by P Jayalakshmi, NW Wong and MD Shahrudin (abstract). 1996;

18(1): 79.

160. SPECTRUM of beta-thalassemia mutations in Kelantan by Pin Chan Dam, Chamnong Nopparatana, J Normah, MY Narazah, KE Choo and Vicham Panich (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 88.

161. SPECTRUM of Histiocytosis Syndrome in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia - a review of 29 cases by HM Hishamuddin, MT Nik Noor Azmi, A Ibrahim, I Harith, 0 Norhayati, M Zamri,


162. STEROID-induced osteoporosis: a cause for concern by TT Tan, IS Lau, NCT Kong and AG Zainal. 1997; 19(1): 27-33.

163. SURFACE membrane antigen expression in adult acute leukaemias by YM Chin and Z Zubaidah (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 76.

164. SURFACTANT protein A (SP-A) in neonatal respiratory distress syndrome by KB Cheong, SK Cheong, NY Boo, M Jemilah and SH Tan (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 86.

165. SURFACTANT protein A and stable microbibble formation in tracheal aspirates by KB Cheong, SK Cheong and NY Boo. 1996; 18(2): 101-5.

166. A SURVEY on transport of diagnostic specimens to Ministry of Health Laboratories by M Shahnaz, U 0 Khairul, R Azriman, R Ganeswrie and M Jegathesan (abstract). 1995; 17(1): 55.

167. A SURVEY to assess the impact of cytochemistry, immunophenotyping and cytogenetics on the diagnosis of acute leukaemia in the University Hospital in 1995 and their clinical implication by MH Saw, AR Afiizah and N Menaka (abstract). 1996; 18(1): 68.

168. TESTICULAR feminisation with seminoma in the left gonad: a case report by M Swaminathan and WM Wan Muhaizan (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 81.

169. TRENDS of haemoglobinopathies diagnosed in IMR (1986-1995) by NAZ Abidin, R Ahmad, NM Yasin and SY Bock (abstract). 1997; 19(1): 87.

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