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1. Results of the AlcLib07 Survey


Academic year: 2022

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CAS Information Services Newsletter Fall 07 (October)

1. Results of the AlcLib07 Survey

2. New document delivery service at Rutgers University Libraries 3. Online searching in the Time of Google –Thus Spoke the Librarian 4. New acquisitions

5. Contact info (with bonus email-alias tip)

1. Results of the AlcLib07 Survey

Thank you for completing the AlcLib07 Survey. The results will help us assess and redesign services provided at the CAS Library. We were glad to read all your comments, they show that you care about the library and give us hope that together we can improve both the physical and the virtual library.


In sum, the results confirmed the observations and hearsay: the CAS-wide expectations to improve infrastructure and technical services as well as extend research-related services. In addition to this newsletter, the redesigned web site will hopefully satisfy the need to keep current on new services, while also

providing access to full-text journals in the areas of research at CAS. In response to the survey results, currently we are exploring the possibilities how to extend hours.

Your opinion matters. I would like to ask you to continue to support the library and share your thoughts and suggestions with us, or just stop by to say hello.

2. New document delivery service at Rutgers University Libraries

The Rutgers University Libraries is also working to facilitate ever faster delivery of requested articles and books not only from our own collections but extending it to interlibrary loan requests for materials outside the Rutgers system. The new interface features a single request form for articles whether they are owned by Rutgers or not, and automatic interlibrary loan for article requests that cannot be filled on campus.

See the following library web page for a description of the new pilot program that for the first time permits you to order articles and books at no charge from libraries located on your own campus:



Previously this service was restricted to requests for materials stored in the Libraries Annex and materials held on remote campuses. I have tried it, the turnaround time is amazing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

3. Online searching in the Time of Google –Thus Spoke the Librarian

As a librarian I feel obligated to recap in librarianese that there is more to online searching than the use of Google or Google-type single search boxes, a.k.a federated search. The Rutgers University Libraries subscribe to important databases of specific interest to our CAS community, all accessible on the library web page at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/indexes/indexes.shtml.

I’d be happy to work with your assistants and students too to find the best resources and best search techniques for your research.

4. New acquisitions

Finally, briefly about purchases. Currently we are reviewing the CAS Library journal subscriptions and the book acquisitions practice. The goal is to

consolidate print and electronic access while tailoring it to the actual research needs at CAS. The journal subscription prices show a significant increase in 2008, so we may have to cancel titles to free up funds if we decide to acquire the most widely needed journals online. However, we still have funds available for new books, so please don't hesitate to send me your book requests, as well as

recommendations for any new journals or other types of resources.

Some of the recently shipped titles:


Adams liquor handbook; 2007.


GROUP 2007

Addiction: Why can't they just stop?: New knowledge. New treatments. New hope RODALE 2007 Adolescent drug-crime relationship: Desistence and gateway theories

across user levels.

Whiteford, Scott W., 1973-



Beer: a history of brewing in Chicago. Skilnik, Bob


BOOKS 2006

Cigarette smoke and oxidative stress SPRINGER 2006

Cocaine and heroin abuse research NOVA SCIENCE 2006

Consuming habits: global and historical perspectives on how cultures define drugs. ROUTLEDGE 2007


Co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders: a practitioner's guide.

Smith, John,

1956- JASON ARONSON 2007

Crossing the psycho-social divide: Freud, Weber, Adorno and Elias.


George ASHGATE 2007

Drug abuse handbook CRC PRESS 2007

Drugs and pregnancy: a handbook.

Little, Bertis


Drugs and the future: brain science, addiction and society; David Nutt...et al.



Drugs: policy and politics OPEN UNIVERSITY 2006

Inside dope: how drugs are the biggest threat to sports, why you should care, and what can be done about them.

Pound, Richard w



Intersecting child welfare, substance abuse, and family violence. Fong, Rowena



Later, at the bar: a novel in stories.

Barry, Rebecca, 1968-



Medical marijuana law.

Boire, Richard Glen





PRESS 2006

Recent developments in alcoholism; v. 12: alcoholism and women PLENUM 1995 Therapist's guide to evidence-based relapse prevention


ACADEMIC PRESS 2007 With child: Substance use during pregnancy, a women-centered approach



5. Contact info (with bonus email-alias tip)

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone 732-445-4442, or email:


[For those who asked me how to create an alias:

You can set up aliases such as

firstname.lastname@rutgers.edu. Go to Rutgers Intranet Services at

https://rulink.rutgers.edu/caladmin/login.php3 and log in with your NetID. Find Manage mail delivery/vacation messages. Choose Forward mail to address in PDB. One of the aliases will be the netid@rutgers.edu. The other two can be created by the user but must contain a special character: "- _.$'" (double quotes are not included). The alias has the benefit of having a shorter domain (no rci- dot) and allowing for a different username.]


I am also available after hours for one-on-one consultations. Please call ahead to find the door open.

Finally, let me know if you find this newsletter useful and/or what else you would like to read about. I am sending it from Sakai, the online Collaboration and Learning Environment software supported by Rutgers University at https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal/.

Thank you for your time.

----Judit H. Ward


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