Groups and individuals at work

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Groups and individuals at work

1. Full title

The functioning and performance of individuals and groups in organizations

2. Research group

Work and Organizational Psychology

Director: Annelies van Vianen 3. Members of the group

Senior staff

Bianca Beersma, Carsten de Dreu, Arne Evers, Lindred Greer, Michel Handgraaf, Madelon van Hooff, Annebel de Hoogh, Ute-Christine Klehe, Aukje Nauta, Jan te Nijenhuis, Bernard Nijstad, Irene de Pater, Marc Schabracq, Olga Smit-Voskuijl, Femke ten Velden, Annelies van Vianen

Postdoctoral fellows

Myriam Bechtoldt


Matthijs Baas, Rosina van Bloois, Bram Duyx, Marije de Goede, Jessie Koen, Katharina Lürken, Ilona McNeill, Barbara Nevicky, Paul Preenen, Marieke Roskes, Shaul Shalvi, Daniel Sligte

4. Membership Research Schools and other Research Institutes

Research of the group is embedded in two research schools, the Kurt Lewin Institute, and IOPS.

5. Research topics

Our goal is to develop and test theory that explains how psychological processes and principles at the individual and group-level alone and in interaction predict motivational and affective states (e.g., organizational attraction and commitment, group affective tone, work motivation),

cooperation and coordination among individuals and groups (e.g.,

organizational citizenship behavior, conflict management), individual and group decision making (e.g., task, career, and personnel decisions, negotiated agreement, decision failures), and individual and group performance (creativity and innovation).


these themes concern: career development, personnel selection, self-regulation and motivation, aging, and work and health. At the team level and at the

interface of individuals and teams our main research themes concern:

negotiating and decision making, team composition and processes, creativity and innovation, and leadership.

In our research we explicitly take a multi-level multi-method approach, assuming that work-related processes can often be better understood when taking into account both individual and group levels of analysis, and by assuming that each method has its vices and virtues. Thus, our work employs laboratory experiments, cross-sectional and longitudinal field studies, and meta-analytic reviews to build and test theory.

We do engage in applied work but our emphasis is on theory development and testing. Because our primary focus is on basic psychological theory that applies to work-related processes and phenomena relevant to organizations, our work is published in and discussed with colleagues both within as well as outside

(organizational) psychology.

6. Program development

December 2009 Edwin van Hooft was appointed as associated professor. This position strengthens the program’s focus on the multi-method approach and research on self-regulation and motivation. Ute Klehe was appointed as

associate professor (starting September 2009), which strengthens the program’s research on personnel selection and job search behaviours. Matthijs Baas was appointed as assistant professor (starting September 2009), which strengthens the program’s research on creativity.

Bernard Nijstad was appointed as a full professor of decision making and organizational behaviour at the University of Groningen.


7. Composition of research input of academic staff in 2009

FTE wp1 wp2 wp3 Total

Full professors (HL) 1.05 1.05

Associate professors (UHD) 1.27 0.13 1.40

Assistant professors (UD) 3.08 0.15 3.23

Other tenured research staff 0.00

Total tenured research staff 5.40 0.13 0.15 5.68

Non tenured research staff 0.48 0.48

Ph.D. students (AIO) 3.93 2.84 2.42 9.19

Research assistants 1.13 1.13

Total non tenured research staff 5.53 2.84 2.42 10.79



1. Academic publications 1.a. Refereed articles

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1.e. Conference Papers


1.f. Scientific reports

Nijenhuis, J. te (2009). Selectietests in een multi-etnische maatschappij: Groepsverschillen in IQ, bias en discriminatie [Selection tests in a multi-ethnic society: Group differences in IQ, bias, and discrimination]. The Hague, the Netherlands: Royal Netherlands Army, Central Personnel and Organisation Service, Behavioral Sciences Division.


2. Ph.D. Thesis

2.a. Internally prepared


2.b. Externally prepared


2.c. Doctorates at other faculties/universities, co-supervised by program members

Giacomantonio, M. (March 2009). Now you see it, now you don’t: Interests, positions, and psychological distance in integrative negotiation. Sapienza Università di Roma. Promotores: L. Mannetti & C. K. W. de Dreu.

3. Professional Publications

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4. Publications aimed at the general public

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5. Other results 5.a Book editors


5.b Journal editorships

Dreu, C. K. W. de

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology(guest editor) 5.c Inaugural lectures


5.d Prizes


Management, Chicago 2009 for C. K. W. De Dreu & L. R. Weingart (2003), Task versus relationship conflict and team performance: A meta-analysis.

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5.e Organisation of conferences and symposia

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5.f Research grants

Dreu, C. K. W. de (01.09.2009 – 31.08.2013). NWO-Grant 432-08-002 “The dynamics and consequences of representative negotiation: Towards a multi-level framework (with L. L. Greer, G. A. van Kleef, and N. Ellemers); €600.000.

Dreu, C. K. W. de (01.09.2009 – 31.08.2011). Bijzondere Leeropdracht Raad voor de Rechtspraak (Special Research Assignment by the Dutch Judicial Council) “Psychological Processes in Group Decision Making in Multi-Member Courts.

Koen, J., Klehe, U. C., & Vianen, A. E. M. van (01.10.2009-1.10.2010). Grant Pantar Amsterdam for ‘Motivation to work.’

Nauta, A., Pater, I. E. de, Vianen, A. van, & Hoogh, A. de (August 2009 - August 2013). Grant from the Sociaal Fonds voor de Kennis Sector (SoFoKleS), The Netherlands, for the Ph.D. project of Rosina van Bloois ‘Lifetime employability and adult work relationships.’


5.g Keynote speeches at conferences


5.h Collaborations

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