We do business as if our family name was at risk on every project. And it is. Taggart Construction Limited

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The Taggart Group:

Building Futures

We do business as if our family name was at risk on every project. And it is.

Jim Taggart, Chairman The Taggart Group

From assembling land to providing friendly service to loyal tenants, The Taggart Group delivers expert leadership in real estate development, planning, design, finance, construction, and management.

We develop commercial, residential, and industrial property for our own account and for third party developers. We own, manage, and syndicate commercial and residential investment properties.

We enjoy a strong reputation for technical expertise, integrity, and cooperation.

The Taggart Group includes four major operating companies with a workforce of over 350 employees:

Taggart Construction


Founded in 1948, Taggart Construction specializes in engineering and infrastructure construction including water works, environmental projects, roads and bridges.

Doran Contractors


Founded over 100 years ago and acquired by the Taggart Group in 1983. Doran is a general contractor/design builder/ construction manager and project manager.

Tamarack Developments


Founded in 1987, Tamarack offers a full range of housing, from custom-built luxury homes, adult life style communities to high rise condominium developments.

Taggart Realty


Founded in 1991, Taggart Realty Management Inc. specializes in property and asset management, acquisition, disposal, and development of commercial and residential real estate

We Are

The Taggart Group.

We Build Futures.



The Taggart Group:

Building Values

For more than 60 years, The Taggart Group has been satisfying clients across

Eastern Ontario and the St. Lawrence Valley with professionalism, technical expertise, and value.

Harold Taggart laid the foundation for Taggart construction when he started building homes in the 40s. After noticing a lack of excavation services, he bought a bulldozer and started Taggart Construction’s specialized engineering work.

Fired by his enthusiasm, Taggart Construction flourished and provided the energy for the continuing growth of The Taggart Group.

Integrated Strength and Reliability

• We confirm our reputation with every project

Our family name and our reputation are at risk on every project. We take that responsibility seriously and ensure that every step is done right.

• We have proven ourselves over time

Over 30 of our staff have been with us more than 25 years. This is a testament to the depth of our organization and the experience of our people.

• We apply broad expertise

We have more MBAs, CAs, P.Engs, M.Plans & LLBs than any other local development firm, and all provide their professional knowledge and training in all aspects of our business. We share best practices across business lines, and we rely on our strength in technical expertise.

• We regenerate our passion and enthusiasm

In the last three years, we have refreshed our organization with the ideas and energy of over 120 new people.

• We have strength in numbers

We are over 350 strong; a formidable force behind your projects.

We Are The Taggart Group.

We Build Values.


Jim Taggart


Harold Taggart


Ian Taggart

President Taggart Construction

Chris Taggart

President Tamarack Developments

Mike Taggart

Vice President Taggart Construction

Scott Parkes

Vice President Tamarack Developments

Jim Taggart

Chairman Taggart Group of Companies

Paul Taggart

President Taggart Realty Management



The Taggart Group:

Building Quality

Each company in The Taggart Group contributes a

characteristic strength to our interlocking mastery. Together, we are a significant player that can bring you the benefits of vertical integration.

Taggart Construction Limited demonstrates unbeatable expertise gained over 60 years of infrastructure


Doran Contractors Limited earned its reputation with over 100 years of leadership in general contracting/design build/construction management and project management.

Tamarack Developments Corporation continually impresses home buyers with progressive thinking, innovative designs, and superb service.

Taggart Realty Management routinely satisfies clients with its exceptional skill in the development, acquisition and management of income properties.

At the base of every Taggart company is teamwork, integrity, and long experience in land development, construction, and property management.

We Are the Taggart Group.

We Build Quality




East Market High-Rise Condominiums, 500 Units, Ottawa Mondrian High-Rise Condominiums, 240 Units, Ottawa Landmark High-Rise Condominiums, 80 Units, Ottawa Land Assembly

Residential Land Assembly Kingston, 500 acres 2005–2007 Greenwood Park Land Development Project, 300 acres, Kingston Residential Land Assembly Ottawa, 1400 acres 2002–2007 Commercial/Retail Land Assembly Ottawa, 200 acres 2002–2007 Commercial Land Assembly Riverside Office Park, Ottawa Acquisition

Acquisition Kenson Building, Ottawa - Office

Acquisition Kenson Towers Apartment Building, Ottawa - Residential Acquisition Blue Heron Mall, Ottawa - Retail

Acquisition Regency Towers Apartment Building, Ottawa - Residential Acquisition Wentworth Plaza Apartment Building, Ottawa - Residential Acquisition Varley Apartment Building, Kanata - Residential

Acquisition Fitzsimmons Building, Ottawa - Office Environmental

Sandy Hill, Storm Water Management Facility, Ottawa R.O. Pickard Environmental Centre, Ottawa

City of Ottawa Snow Disposal Facility Lebreton Flats Environmental Clean-Up

Ravensview Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade, Kingston Renfrew Wastewater Treatment Facility

Rideau River Crossing, Underground Services, Ottawa Residential

Findlay Creek Residential Development, Ottawa Jackson Trails Residential Development, Stittsville Havenlea Residential Development, Barrhaven Chaperal Residential Development, Orleans

Greenwood Park Residential Developments, Kingston Half Moon Bay Residential Development, Barrhaven

Our Notable Projects


Parliament Hill, Centre Block, Underground Structure, Ottawa Plaza Bridge, Wellington Ave, Ottawa

Minto Place Tower, 4 Excavation, Ottawa Cataraqui Town Centre, Site Work-Kingston Queens University, Tindall Field Underground Parking Facility and Sports Field

Queens University Library Excavation and Site Servicing, Kingston Wellington Street, Royal Route Redevelopment, Ottawa Innes Road Redevelopment, Orleans

Highway 416 construction, Hunt club - Bayshore, Ottawa Palladium Drive Construction, Kanata


Development Signature Centre, Kanata - Retail Development Shops of Main St, Stittsville - Retail Development Crown Pointe Plaza, Orleans - Retail Development Jackson Trails Centre, Stittsville - Retail

Development & Disposal Community Square Plaza, North Grenville - Retail Acquisition, Redevelopment and Disposal, Kemptville Mall - Retail Acquisition and Redevelopment, 80 Plymouth St, Ottawa - Office Acquisition and Redevelopment, 359 Kent St, Ottawa - Office Project/Construction Management/Design Build Morguard, CBC Broadcast Headquarters, 181 Queen St. Ottawa Lumonics Facility, Rugby, England

Lumonics Facility, Munich, Germany Lumonics Facility, Farmington Hills, Michigan Lumonics Facility, Minneapolis, Minnesota Mitel Phase 5, Kanata

Morguard-Vantage Research Park, Kanata Morguard, Bantree Avenue Warehouse, Ottawa Cornwall Courthouse, Design Build, Cornwall, ON Public Private Partnership


Our financial reporting team

of professionals provides

timely, accurate and detailed

information on all projects

from construction and

development to income

property. We have the expertise

and experience to secure

interim and take-out financing

in the most efficient and

cost-effective way.

Pierre Bergeron CFO, Taggart Group of Companies



We give our clients a good foundation. Our many

repeat customers prove that. We are the first shovel in

the ground, the first ones on the land. You can have a

good start on any project. Just call Taggart.

Ian Taggart, President, Taggart Construction Limited


Taggart Construction Limited

Steeped in History,

Building for The Future.

Since phone numbers had five digits, Taggart Construction has played a central role in the development of much of Ottawa.

Our history helps when you need the wisdom and experience of consummate professionals.

The Taggart name is well respected in Ottawa; respect earned over decades with many, many clients.

This rich history, and its lessons learned, is yours with Taggart Construction. We are the benchmark for quality.

In 1948, we focused on sewer and watermains. Today, we have expanded our operations to include:

• Bridges • Road Building

• Sewage Treatment Plants

• Sewer and Watermain Construction • Retaining Walls, Box Culverts, and

other structures

• Solid Waste Management Facilities • Stormwater Management Systems • Water Treatment Plants

Taggart Construction is the largest infrastructure company of its kind in Eastern Ontario. For over 60 years, the depth and breadth of our team has served our clients faithfully.


Taggart Construction breaks ground at Chaperal, Orleans, Ontario. A 100 acre residential-commercial development by Tamarack Homes/ Taggart Realty Management, 2007.



Plaza Bridge, Wellington Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, 2000.


Expansion in the Kingston area has been made

possible by a lot of hard work by long-term employees.

Doug Haight, Construction Manager, Taggart Construction Limited


Doran Contractors Limited: A Century of Excellence

Doran is the General Contractor, Project Manager, Construction Management, and Design/Build expert of The Taggart Group. Doran has built many of Ottawa’s landmarks as well as facilities in Kingston and for GSI Lumonics in Germany, England, and the United States. From heritage projects to high tech, Doran is continually ranked as superior by clients and industry professionals who consistently praise the Doran team for dependability, resourceful solutions, and safety.

Our century of experience shows.

We excel in construction challenges with special requirements. High-technology clients hire us with confidence, knowing we are comfortable meeting extraordinary requirements such as vibration isolation or clean-air handling.

We are a strong team. We are large, with extensive resources, uniquely suited for public-private partnerships. Doran systematically scores very high on all prequalification requests; a testament to their range of abilities, exemplary past performance and satisfied clients.

But we are not content to rest on our reputation.

Doran is taking the initiative in sustainable design and construction and is an advocate of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This Green Building Rating System was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and provides a set of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.


Of course, you want a trouble-free

project with no surprises. That’s a

given. Just tell us what you want

done and by when. We are an old,

established company always looking

to the future. We have experience,

expertise, and often become the team

leader on a project, even if it isn’t set

up that way.

Bill Pieterson, President, Doran Construction Limited


Individuals recognized for their knowledge of the LEED rating system are permitted to use the LEED Accredited Professional acronym after their name, indicating they have passed the accreditation exam given by the USGBC. Doran is training all of our professionals in LEED.

LEED is becoming the standard for sustainable, environmentally responsible construction and design. Doran is the standard for LEED construction. Our strength in general contracting, project management, construction management, and design build is showcased in landmark projects across Ontario.

CBC Building, 181 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Houses of Parliament centre block

underground construction


East Market, a 3 phase link residential condominium project. Developed and built by Tamarack Developments Corporation, 2003–2006.


A Home-Building Legacy

Tamarack has inherited a demanding legacy.

Over 60 years ago, Harold Taggart decided to build exceptional homes. Traveling through those communities six decades later, you can still see the enduring pride of ownership inspired by a man who set high standards in quality construction and customer satisfaction.

Today, Tamarack has taken customer service to a new level in Ottawa, Kanata, Stittsville, and Kingston with over 400 new housing starts per year. We are building communities, one home at a time.

We build for the lifestyle of the future. An open concept first floor so you can interact with your family from anywhere in the room. Family areas instead of formal living rooms. Increased opportunity to customize your home. This is Tamarack.

Six decades from now, you will see that Taggart-inspired pride of ownership in the homes Tamarack is building today. Innovative designs. Quality craftsmanship. Attention to detail. These are the hallmarks of a Tamarack home.


We Listen

And, to make sure we continually improve, Tamarack conducts new owner surveys reaching back two years. These surveys measure:

• Sales Representatives

• Paperwork and the Buying Process

• Tamarack’s Exclusive Home Owners Manual • Customizing Your Home in the Design Centre • Design Elements of the New Home

• Quality

• The Home Closing Process • Customer Service

We build quality homes in quality communities that are good investments. Houses that people are proud to call home. Harold Taggart would be proud.



Tamarack is also proud to be leading the way in ENERGY STAR homes.

ENERGY STAR for New Homes is an initiative to promote energy-efficient home building backed by Natural Resources Canada. This program is supported by Tamarack as a way to offer a more energy-efficient home to our customers.

Performance tested, third party verified and government backed—the ENERGY STAR for New Homes label is your assurance that your new home is built to exacting, energy-efficient guidelines.

Reducing Your

Carbon Footprint

Thanks to reduced energy use, an ENERGY STAR qualified home saves two to three tonnes of global warming greenhouse gases over a house built to the minimum Ontario Building Code. Smart home buyers are working with responsible home builders to help change the world.

Our New Culture

of Conservation

ENERGY STAR for New Homes can be a vital contributor to the culture of conservation that is taking root in Ontario. If we can help ease the demand for power, we all win.

ENERGY STAR is a dramatic improvement in indoor air quality and energy efficiency. And you’ll find it in every home that Tamarack builds.


The Legacy Continues

Happy people in quality homes, that’s our goal.

Customers are demanding more, they have an

expectation of higher service than they used to,

and they want more customization. That’s what

we deliver.

Chris Taggart, President,


We believe strongly in the community concept

and develop neighbourhoods that truly reflect the

natural amenities. We understand the true value

of each new home really comes from the rich

lifestyles we help create.


Regency Towers apartment building acquired in 1983.


We’ve been here since 1948,

and we’re here to stay. We

have the size, strength, and

personal service to help you

build your future, worry-free.

Paul Taggart, President, Taggart Realty Management

Kenson Building, Ottawa, Ontario. Acquired by the Taggart Group in 1987.


We have developed a portfolio of over 1.6 million square feet, including commercial office buildings, shopping plazas, industrial and commercial properties, multi-unit residential, and condominium buildings.

Now we manage that portfolio valued at over $180 million. For 25 years now, Taggart Realty Management has earned the respect of clients ranging from private investors to major financial institutions. We deliver complete peace of mind by offering professional services in maintenance, leasing, and comprehensive financial reporting.

How do we do it?

Vertical integration. We build beyond the requirements. Partnerships. We link investors, entrepreneurs, and financiers. Integrity. A sterling reputation carefully built over decades. Vision. We look beyond tomorrow to the day after and the day after that.

A partial client list includes Clarica, SunLife of Canada, National Trust, Trinity Developments and a number of private real estate companies.

In addition some of our tenants include major retailers such as Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, Farm Boy, Giant Tiger and Tim Horton’s.

Some of our office tenants include the Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario, the United Pipe Fitting Association of Canada and Public Works, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Association of the Faculties of Medicine of Canada, Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Association and Government Services Canada.

Recent projects have included the redevelopment of the Kenson Building on Metcalfe Street, the FitzSimmons Building on Carling Avenue, the Kellar-Williams Building on Bronson Avenue, and the Legion Building on Kent Street.

Design, construction, financing, office leasing, and property management all by Taggart Realty Management.

We see value where others don’t. We build value where others can’t.

Taggart Realty Management.

Seeing Farther. Seeing Clearer


Taggart Realty Management Inc.

Seeing Farther, Seeing Clearer.

Can you build me a

shopping centre and lease

out the properties?

We can do that.

Can you manage my

100-unit residential


We can do that

Can you fix the screen in

my kitchen window?

We can do that, too.

We’re Taggart Realty


359 Kent St. acquired and redeveloped in 2006/2007. Ottawa, Ontario.


Fitzsimmons Building, Ottawa, Ontario. Acquired 2002.


Signature Centre, Kanata. Developed in 2001

Signature Centre, Shoppers Drug Mart. Expanded to 21,000 sq. ft. in 2006


Shops of Main Street, Stittsville, Ontario, 2003.

Blue Heron Mall, Ottawa, Ontario. Constructed 2006

Blue Heron Mall, Ottawa, Ontario. Acquired in 1998, redeveloped in 2006.




acres of residential lands under

development in Ottawa


acres of residential lands under

development in Kingston


acres of Commercial lands under

development in Ottawa


future residential units


square feet of future commercial



acres under ownership (Total)


square feet of commercial/

residential income properties



square feet of commercial/

residential income properties



Taggart Group

at a glance.


Riverside Office Park 650,000 sq. ft. commercial development, Ottawa, Ontario.

100 acre residential development, Kingston, Ontario. Acquired 2007.

We arrived in Kingston in 1972 in response to winning a

servicing contract. Thirty-five years later we have grown

to be the largest infrastructure and land developer.

Barry Smith, Vice-President of Development, Taggart Investments Inc.


Kanata West Business Park, 140 acres acquired in 2006.



We are

The Taggart


• Engineering and infrastructure

• General contracting/project management

• Custom-built luxury homes, adult life style

communities and high-rise condominiums

• Commercial and residential development

• Investment syndications, property and

asset management

• Acquisition and disposal of income properties

We are the whole package.

We can help with financing, land acquisition,

infrastructure, planning, permits, building, and

managing after construction.

One company: experienced and cooperative.

One contact.

Make your life easier.

Contact us.

We Build


We Build


We Build






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