How to Finger a Girl


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How to Finger a Girl

So you want to give her a good time with your hands but you aren’t sure what to do or would just like to up your game- not to worry.

Let me help. This part will be covering some basic techniques, interesting anatomy stuff you probably didn’t know. I cover the G-spot,Deepspot, Aspot, squirting and what not. Enjoy! For now, let me show you the basics of

fingering a girl (external).


In fetal development ‘male’ and ‘female’ genitalia are pretty much identical until a couple months in. That means that the tissues that later evolve in

either a penis or a vagina (correct term is vulva but who cares right). Thus, the tissues itself are pretty much corresponding even after its clear it’s a girl or boy.

Knowing this will give you a head start because it will help you get a better understanding of how a certain way of

touching/stroking/licking/sucking/biting/etc will feel to her- because it will feel somewhat similar for you. So what are the corresponding tissues?

Man Women

Balls Labia

Shaft Clitoral shaft

Frenulum Frenulum* Head of penis Clitoris


*the frenulum is the smooth silky tissue right below her clit but I’m sure you

knew that;)

Now in general, what we as men like, will also feel good to women. Just knowing this will really help you become gifted at fingering a girl.

Generally speaking this is what sort of stimulation the tissues enjoy best:

•Labia like pinching/stretching and soft sliding movements. •Shafts enjoy being stroked.

•Frenulum likes sliding and slight pressure.

•The clit likes suction/licking/and rubbing (but not like an idiot).

Just try it out on yourself. You wouldn’t stroke your ball sack would you? You wouldn’t pinch the head of your penis either. You need to be aware that

particular tissues like a particular way of stimulation (in general).

I often say ‘in general’ because everyone girl is different obviously. They are all wired differently, and their area will vary significantly in size, texture and color so always keep an eye on her subtle signals and adjust accordingly.

She Has a Small Penis-Seriously

Think of it like this: she basically has a small penis- after all, women have a shaft just like men do but it’s a lot smaller obviously. With men it’s about centimeters, with women it’s about millimeters. Men get erections, women get ‘herections’.

That means that you even though the tissues are very similar, you wouldn’t be stimulating her just like you would stimulate yourself. We men tend to choke-grip jerk off, and women would definitely not appreciate this.

Weird as it might sound- thinking of her area like a small penis will also help A LOT when you are eating her out (more on this later).

A little hint: more sucking, less flicking.

The Clit is Just the Tip of The Iceberg

Beneath her clit there is an entire structure of sensitive tissues that will bring her pleasure so don’t focus on the clit like a bull would run towards a red flag.

It pisses me off when people talk about the clit as if it’s some sort of magical

button- as they often do when talking about the G-spot. The clit is just the tip of the ice it really is.

Her clit is attached to the shaft (remember) and it goes in a wishbone shape with two legs called the crus. Her Gspot is not another wonderbar spot- it is just the back of her clitoral tissue. Just like assgasms are just the back of the deepspot.


that fill with blood when she gets aroused- these are called the vestibular bulbs.

The evolutionary reason for these bulbs are to ensure a tight vaginal cuff when she is being penetrated by a guy. So if she is aroused her entire area will fill with blood-causing it to look bigger and change in color.

However her vaginal opening will tighten a bit because the bulbs push her vaginal walls together:

Warming Her Up

Warming her up properly is not only about taking your time- it’s also about stimulating her ENTIRE area- and that means massaging her vestibular bulbs too. That alone will be appreciate by a lot of girls though you shouldn’t make

the mistake of taking fucking forever.

After all, how annoying can it be if you are super horny but a girl spends ages ‘warming you up’ instead of doing her ‘thing’. There is definitely a time and place for slow and lots of buildup obviously- but sometimes the length of ‘warming her up’ is exaggerated so keep that in mind. Warm her up-but don’t spend all afternoon doing so.

Tip 1: Stretch Her Skin

It’s a fact: stretched skin is more sensitive than ‘loose’ skin. That means that

just stretching her area a bit (or opening her up) will also make everything more sensual and sensitive for her. Simple yet effective.


Next time you are fingering her (or fucking her) think of your favorite song.

It might not come as a surprise that women in general appreciate a guy with at least a basic sense of rhythm. Easy to understand, but for some, hard to implement.

By thinking of a song with a cool rhythm and playing it in your mind you can easily establish a rhythm that will:

•Be kinky enough to help her ‘push her over the top’. •Yet ‘stable’ enough to help her get there in first place.

Personally I often like songs of Bob Marley, Maduk and some lounge but hey, everyone is different. I just hope you don’t do any Justin Bieber shit. Oh, and Metallica is probably not your best bet either.

Tip 3: If She is About to Cum- KEEP GOING

If she is close to orgasm, don’t change ANYTHING you are doing. Why would

you? Doing what you are doing helped her get close in the first place.

It took me a while to really get this to be honest. As I noticed a girl would be close to cumming I’d change things up, Id went from circular motions to stroking or I’d slide a finger in her. Don’t do it. Keep the pace (rhythm) as it is, keep stimulating her like you did.

When actually having sex though, this doesn’t apply. Then you often need to ‘push her over the edge’ but going harder/deeper/faster but that’s just my experience.


There is one last thing I want to cover before talking about some actual fingering technique: the importance of stimulating her indirect. What do I

mean by that? It means you move the skin ABOVE the sensitive areas. For example: instead of going for her clit directly, you can push her hood down OVER her clit and rub it. This way you won’t annoy her, and the stimulation will be smooth and complete.

It has the following advantages:

•You won’t hurt or annoy her.

•You stimulate the ENTIRE sensitive area. •Helps her reach orgasm faster.

Now this might take some practice. You need to develop a certain level of awareness and sensitivity in your hands and fingers if you want to do it properly. For example, just trace your fingers over one of the veins on the inside of your wrist. You feel the vein beneath the skin right? Now slide and move the skin over that area.



something that will help her reach orgasm real fast if you do it right.

*of course you can (and should) also stimulate her (clit) directly from time to time- or a lot of times if she really likes it. Sex isn’t rocket science, it’s an art.


Ways to


a Girl


Clitoral Orgasm




Though there are numerous ways of stimulating a girl- I want to cover some basics with you. It’s best to watch the video but if that won’t work for you now

you can just continue reading. I made an overview with some pictures where I’m showing the techniques on a Fleshlight [so nsfw]:

*note that in some pictures the Fleshlight is flipped 180degrees:)

1. Massaging Her Vestibular Bulbs (warming up).

Massage her vestibular bulbs with your thumb and index finger in a rhythmic motion at various places. Don’t stay in one place, work the entire labia area (where the vestibular bulbs are).


2. Massaging Her Clit.

Massage her clit with your thumb and index finger in a rhythmic motion. Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure here- she’ll like it. A lot. If you do it correctly her clit will pop in and out.



3. Pinching Her Labia.

With your thumb and index finger softly pinch and roll her labia and work your way around but not in a predictable manner.

Remember, it’s just like your ball sack.


4. Applying Pressure On Her Fourchette.

Apply some pressure on her fourchette with one of your fingers while kissing her and doing other fun stuff. It’s just a nice subtle thing to add I think.



5. Rubbing Her Labia.

Gently rub her labia with all your fingers. Slide your hands over her area but make sure you don’t use dry hands- that’s fucking horrible.


6. Grabbing Her Entire Area

A good way to stimulate her vestibular bulbs, clitoral legs and her clit itself. You can massage her really nice this way. Use your thumb , index and middle finger.



7. Stroking Her Clit & Shaft.

Slide your index and middle finger between het lips- catching her clit. Then go in circular, up & down, or sideway motions in a nice rhythm. (REAL GOOD TO MAKE HER CUM).


8. Stimulating Her Clit Via Her Clitoral Hood.


then go in circular, up & down or sideway motions. It’s a really good example of stimulating her indirectly and will feel really good.


9. Slide Up Her Clitoral Hood.

AFTER she is warm dup and super aroused, with a WET finger and trimmed nails SLOWLY slide one finger under her hood a bit and SLOWLY stimulate her clit directly by going in circular motions (remember- millimeters not centimeters is what counts).


10. Stroking Her Shaft.

With your index and middle finger stroke her shaft by making sure you ‘trap’ her shaft and clit. Go up and down or in circular motions.


There are numerous ways of making a girl feel good with your hands, here just covered the basics .

How to Finger a Girl (Make Her Squirt)

Want to know how to give a girl a squirting orgasm? How to make her feel

good with your hands? How to stimulate her G-spot, A-spot and Deep-spot? No worries- I’ll show you how in this article and video. In case you’re

wondering, I actually get laid- a lot. Unlike most people talking about this stuff.

Whether you are already pretty damn experienced or just starting out-

knowing how to please a lady with your hands is a great skill to have and there will be some gems in here for even the more experienced amongst you

reading this. Prevent average sex by taking charge of your sex life- I mean that.


Important Principles

Before we go into the juicy stuff I want to cover two essential principles first that you need to keep in mind when fingering a girl ‘internally’ namely:pussy dynamics and movement vs pressure. Let me explain.

Principle #1-Pussy Dynamics

Pussy dynamics are the signals she (her pussy) will give to you while you are fingering and changing your approach based on that. The signals could mean

two things:

•“This feels good”. or

•“Please do something different”.

When you are fingering a girl there will always be a ‘dialogue’ between her pussy and your hand and/or fingers. This ‘dialogue’ as I like to call it, is basically the direct ‘feedback’ you’ll get when fingering a girl.

If you are doing something she enjoys- her pussy will let you know.

If you do something she doesn’t enjoy- nothing will happen.

Being in the moment and able to read those subtle signals is a nice skill to have I’ve found when it comes to fingering a girl. So what does it mean? It simply means that instead of jamming your fingers in (I hope this isn’t you) you slowlyMASSAGE your way into her pussy by massaging her pelvic floor

muscles, her side walls, and the upper wall of the vagina.

When you are ‘doing good’ she will let you know (subconsciously) and her pussy will give some signals that ‘it feels good and you can go in deeper’.

The most important ‘signals’ I’ve found are these:

You feel a fast twitch or contraction- it generally means: “that feels really good baby- please continue/go deeper”.

She makes a sudden movement- it generally means: ”baby please do

something different, this doesn’t feel good (enough)”.

Based on these signals you ‘adjust your approach’. Women as we all know, need a little ‘buildup’ so take your time and warm her up by MASSAGING every inch’ so she is good to go.

That’s what’s pussy-dynamics is all about.

Principle #2-Movement Vs Pressure


The deeper you go the better it is to apply some pressure and focus less on movement. Generally speaking- the vast majority of the nerve endings will be

around the entrance of her vagina. So the deeper you go, the less sensitive her pussy will be with the exception of some ‘hotspots’ (G-Spot, A-spot, and Deep-spot).


motions’ and shit like that won’t work. She needs some pressure. By pressure I don’t mean as if to press that big red button launching an Atom bomb while you got Kremlin on standby- I mean you use common sense and apply some pressure.

Think of it like this:

•Your tongue has a lot of nerve endings so kissing (movement) feels good. •Your lips are less sensitive so a biting will also feel good (pressure).

Makes sense?

Onward to stimulating her G-spot, A-spot and Deep-spot. You might be wondering…

Where EXACTLY Can I Find the







I’ve drawn out a diagram for you with the blue lines representing the sensitive areas (the hotspots). I’ll be covering each one in depth and show you how to

stimulate these areas (or at least how I always stimulate them with good resultsJ).

Generally you’ll be able to find each area the following way: G-spot


her vaginal walls. For most girls it’s located more to the right but some have the tissue sticking out more to the left.


Generally feels silky and smooth. Locate it by sliding your index and middle finger in (keep in mind: pussy dynamics) and pushing down with one hand right behind her pubic until you feel this ‘angle’ going downward.


It feels smooth and silky just like the A-spot. Locate it by sliding your index and middle finger in pushing down and going all the way in. I have average sized hands and I can still reach it generally speaking so you should have no problems ‘getting there’.

A Word On Ass-gasms

It’s the back of the Deep-spot.If you take a girl in the ass you will be stimulating the BACK of her DEEPSPOT. For some reason people claim this to be some new magical spot and their ignorance is annoying to say the least. Because the inner linings and walls between her rectum (butt) and deep-spot are very thin you will be hitting and stimulating that sensitive hotspot from the other side. This is the reason girls like anal sex.

Fingering the


A lot of misconceptions seem to be out there when it comes to squirting and G-spot stimulation. I’m here to create clarity and settle this once and for all.

The G-Spot (Graffenburg spot) is basically the back of the entire clitoral and urethral network. Though studies such as one of the Masters & Johnson studies regarding sexuality and anatomy weren’t sure if there actually is such a thing as a ‘G-spot’ I’ noticed that 90% of girls LOVE it when you stimulate this spot the so I’m reclaiming the existing of the G-spot.

The G-spot is essentially a tube of erectile spongy tissue around her entire urethra called the urethral sponge as shown in the beautiful Picasso like drawing below I made for you:



And when this spongy tissue fills with blood (aka she gets aroused) her G-‘spot’ will appear (side view):


That explains its name: g-SPOT but we now know that it’s not just a ‘spot.

Knowing this will serve two purposes:


•You can make her squirt more easily.

Things I Usually Do

There are a lot of things you can do to stimulate a girls G-spot but to make it easy for you I’ve made some pictures of what I often do and have great results (if you wanna call it that) with:

#1- Vertical push on her G-Spot & Rubbing.


#2- Sliding Around her Urethral Sponge.


#3- Massaging her G-spot.


#4- ‘Grabbing’ her Pubic Bone & Moving Up and Down.



‘How to make a girl squirt’ is what you often read. Let’s make a distinction

here real quick women can: •Squirt (think showerhead). Or they can:

Gush (think dripping).

In most cases, women won’t SQUIRT- at least not initially. That is because they really need to PUSH out the fluid and it takes some practice. So in most cases- she will first gush.

Let me tell you my experience & thoughts on making girls squirt (had a couple that were big squirters, some gushers, and some that were as dry as the

Mohavi desert).

Often the G-Spot is associated with squirting. And for good reason- a girl who is in touch with her pussy and comfortable with a guy who knows how to stimulate her properly might squirt- even if it’s just a little bit of fluid that comes out (which is usually the case in the beginning)

Squirting is a skill that- just like any other skill- takes some practicing. Beyond stimulating a girl, making her feel comfortable (with you) and REALLY warming her up there is not much you can do.

In the end in order to squirt she needs to:

•Be comfortable with you (establish strong emotional connection). •Be super warmed up (massage her-especially her pelvic area). •Be extremely aroused (finger her a bit- mind pussy-dynamics). •Be stimulated the right way (use the techniques explained earlier). •Have a strong mind-pussy connection (good sexual experiences on her part).

•’Push’ the fluid out (doing ‘reverse kegels’). If any of these is missing- it won’t happen- ever.

Making her feel comfortable is a big one by the way. If she feels inhibited in ANY way it won’t happen. You need to create a strong connection with the girl and make her feel really good if you want to share this experience with her.

Some tips to make her feel relaxed:

•Let her know you aren’t afraid of bodily fluids (tell her). •Make sure she pees before sex (so her bladder is empty).

•Give her a sensual massage (and take your time- after all, she’s beautiful). Massaging her and warming her up is super important. You need to focus on ‘loosening up’ her entire pelvic region in particular- everything needs to be warmed up if you want to make her feel good.


A Word on Bladder Infections

Happen When She Doesn’t Push the Fluid Out.

Something I also want to mention: bladder infections. Girls often suffer from bladder infections and though it can be a result of a wide variety of causes it could be because she was close to squirting but ‘held back’ PUSHING the fluid BACK in the urethra.


Both of you need to LET GO and let that animalistic side surge.

IMPORTANT: Squirting is NOT Urine

A lot of people think that when a women squirts she is urinating. This is a lie for three reasons:

•The fluid comes out the Skene glands and not the urethra itself.

•The fluid itself contains more glucose (which is why it will taste sweet ). •It smells different.

Scientists are still not entirely sure how the process works exactly but we do know that the fluid has a different consistency, smells different, tastes

different and comes out a different ‘exit’.

She Needs to Pee AFTER Sex

It Means She Was CLOSE.

When a girl goes to the bathroom after sex to ‘pee’ it could mean she was close to squirting- whether it was a little or a lot doesn’t matter.This is because, as I showed you earlier, her G-Spot (which you stimulate when you want her to squirt) is close to her bladder and applying pressure on her bladder and urethral sponge will make it feel as if you is about to pee.

No worries though- all is good.

Fingering her


Not a Lot of Guys Will Know This Trust Me

The A-spot is a very sensitive ‘hotspot’ on the ‘upper’ side of her vagina, right above her cervix. It can be difficult to find it if you never ‘looked’ for it but in

my experience about 50% of the girls really enjoy it when you stimulate this spot and they can orgasm from it pretty damn hard.

Because the A-spot is deeper within her vagina it is a bit less sensitive so when stimulating this spot we need to start applying some pressure as I explained earlier. We can still combine some movement with pressure though to get the best of both worlds.

In most cases you will need to PUSH DOWN her belly a bit- or to be exact, the area just behind her pubic bone. This is because the spot is deeper and it can be a bit difficult to reach it if you have smaller hands.


Watch for the Cervix

You don’t wanna hurt her do you?

Most women won’t appreciate it if you hit her cervix because this can be painful for her. Be careful- the A-spot (and Deep-spot) and ‘above’ and

‘below’ her cervix so you need to be extra careful not to hit it with your fingers. Go in slow and if you feel something ‘harder’ than that is her cervix you are in the wrong place.

Proceed with caution.

Tip From DONG: Hitting Her A-Spot When You Are Inside

When you are fucking her it can be very nice if you push down on her belly while you slide in really deep because you can hit her A-spot better. It’s just a little ‘trick’ I found and I actually enjoy doing it a lot and so do the women so try it out next time you are getting jiggy.

How to Finger Her A-spot

I hate the word ‘technique’. Nonetheless, I want to show you how I often stimulate the A-spot. It’s best to watch the video but if you can’t watch it right now you can still checkout these pictures & descriptions:

#1- Sliding & Applying Pressure.


#2- Massaging & Applying Pressure.


Fingering the Deep-spot

The Deep-spot is maybe the most sensitive ‘hotspot’ with the exception of her clit located deep in her vagina, below her cervix, on the ‘lower’ side of her vagina. I’m not gonna lie, reaching this spot with your hands can be difficult if

you have average sized hands. If this is the case- just get as close as possible. I’ve seen videos of girls talking about the deep-spot and they often joke that that is where the vacations, cars and free suits are. A guy that rocks their world knows how amazing it can feel to a woman if she fingers/fucks her deep-spot.

Personally it was a big epiphany for me to see how sensitive girls are when you stimulate the deep-spot. Pretty much every women whom I’m fingered this way really liked it and some came pretty hard from just stimulating the deep-spot alone- but not all of them.

As I often says- every girl/woman is different so what ‘works’ for one might not ‘work’ for the other and that’s cool. Life would be pretty fucking boring if it would be the same every time.

What I often did was something along the lines of stimulating the A-spot- because they are basically the same except the deep-spot is BELOW her cervix (unless she has a tilted uterus but hardly any woman has that so no worries).


#1- Sliding & Applying Pressure.


C’est Tout

So there you have it- a tutorial on how to finger a girl and stimulate her G-spot, A-G-spot, and Deep-spot. As I said before this is all based on my

PERSONAL experience so always be critical and see for yourself what works and what doesn’t. Check the video if you haven’t already- that should clarify a lot of things.



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