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What is ModMed Pulse?

More than just a technology platform, ModMed Pulse is a valuable program designed to benefit all Modernizing Medicine employees. It is our go-to location for company communications, celebrating our culture, and helping all employees feel more connected to each other, the company, and our mission.

ModMed Pulse is a central hub for company information and employee resources, and provides easy ways to recognize and be recognized for doing great work and contributing to our culture. It is now where our Rockstar Recognition Awards will live. In addition, ModMed Pulse gives all employees access to a Wellbeing Center full of resources to be your best self - especially during this time.





ModMed Pulse:

Catch up on the latest company news and announcements

Quickly access important resources Send and receive Rockstar Recognition awards and eCards for great work, employee accomplishments or a special occasion

Access a Wellbeing Center full of videos, articles and tips to support your mental, physical, and financial wellbeing

And more!


ModMed Pulse

Getting started is easy. Just visit ModMed and login with OKTA.

We’re asking all

managers to help support

ModMed Pulse.



1. Log in to ModMed Pulse and spend a few minutes getting familiar with the resources, information, and recognition features

2. Take the 10 Minutes by Friday™ Recognition Challenge: Spend just 10 minutes each week identifying examples of how your team did great work and contributed to the success of our company. Then take a moment to share one example as a recognition by sending an eCard.

3. Encourage your team members to log in and visit ModMed Pulse regularly, and recognize their peers.


Set aside a time each week when you can log in from your computer or

smartphone to check out the latest news and recognize a team member!



We are always working to improve the 5 keys of employee engagement: meaning, autonomy, growth, impact, and connection. We call this the MAGIC of Modernizing Medicine.

Impact refers to being recognized for the impact you make!

Recognition is powerful, and the research proves that it isn’t just nice to do; it also has tangible business impacts. Something all managers should care about!

82% of employees believe that praise and recognition helped them improve their job performance (Gallup)

70% of employees say they wish they received more recognition (KRC Research Study)

78% of employees say being recognized helps them be more productive (Globoforce)

81% of employees say recognition makes them feel more committed (Globoforce)




Recognizing others for the work they do is an important part of building a strong workplace culture, and something we are dedicated to here at Modernizing Medicine.

While saying “thank you” is nice, there is a way to recognize others that turns a simple “thank you” message into something that has more impact.

The next time you send an eCard or verbally recognize someone for the work they’ve done, consider these three simple steps:

Step 1: Tell the action

Step 2: Connect to a focus area or one of our values

Step 3: Explain the impact

When sharing your recognition,

keep these recognition success

factors in mind:

Personalize the message. Be timely.

Make sure it’s specific and relevant. Be sincere and honest.



ModMed Pulse


Any employee can send an eCard with

a personalized message to a colleague. In fact, eCards should be sent in all directions: peer-to-peer, top-down, and bottom-up.

Special Shoutouts eCards: Recognize a team member for going above and beyond during this difficult time of a global pandemic.

Greetings eCards: Send a positive greeting to show a team member you’re thinking of them, for example, “Congratulations,” “Happy birthday,” or “Welcome to the team.” These messages make a big impact when it comes to bringing teams closer together and strengthening relationships.

Senders can choose to display an eCard digitally on the Social Recognition Wall where it will be visible to everyone in the company to comment on or react to with emojis.

To send an eCard, employees need to be activated on ModMed Pulse.


Thanks for helping others

Recognizing behaviors that are part of their job, but were well-executed

Delivering a great customer experience Showing increased flexibility on a specific task

Successful completion of a one-off task or small project

Clearly demonstrating a value that has made a difference to someone else Suggesting a small improvement to a process or task that positively impacts others or the company as a whole


PURPOSE: To recognize and promote outstanding behaviors aligned with our values.

ELIGIBILITY: All non-SLT members who exemplify a value that has significant company impact.

PROGRAM: Peer recognition program allows team members to nominate their peers who exemplify one of MMI’s core values.

Visibility: All nominations will be visible on the Modmed Pulse homepage.

Monetary Reward: Each employee will receive 250 points that will be added to their account at the beginning of each month. The points reset monthly, and you will lose whatever you do not give out. The goal is for you to contribute your full 250 points by submitting rockstar awards to deserving peers. You will have the ability to select different increments of points that will equate to rewards. The more points a recipient receives, can be saved and redeemed as gift cards from thousands of your favorite vendors.

NOMINATIONS: For a nomination to be eligible for consideration, two questions must be answered on the nomination form:

1. What observed behavior makes this person a nominee for the specific value award? 2. What was the beneficial impact of the behavior?


Company values are the core behavior of the organization. They guide how we act in our business dealings and toward our clients and employees to complete our mission.

Create Customer Delight - This recognition is for the team member who over-delivers superior service to their customers; internal and/or external.

Save Time - This recognition goes to the team member who creates the best and highest value use of time through better product features, streamlined processes and/or great service.

Innovate Boldly, Then make things happen. - This recognition goes to the team member that creates ideas and delivers solutions that matter.

Align passion with purpose This recognition goes to the team member who applies their unique skills, with passion, to achieve results.

Think big. Have fun. Do good. - This recognition goes to the team member who consistently exhibits exceptional behaviors and inspires colleagues to promote a positive experience of Modernizing Medicine for our team members, clients, partners and/or the broader community.


ModMed Pulse FAQS

How do I access ModMed Pulse?

Logging into ModMed Pulse is really easy! Just visit

and login with OKTA

Who will see eCards I sent to my teammates?

You can choose to share your eCard on the social feed or send it privately. If it’s shared, others will be able to comment or add emoji reactions.

Who do I go to with questions?

No matter the question, 24/7/365 help and support is available to you. We have a large selection of FAQs online to cover the most common questions, plus you can speak to someone directly via either LiveChat or email. Visit the platform and click the “support” link at the top right of the page.





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