Mukwonago Community Library Board of Trustees

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Mukwonago Community Library Board of Trustees

Meeting date: Monday, October 26, 2015 Started: 7:00 PM Ended: 8:30 PM

Location: Mukwonago Community Library History Room

Purpose/Notes: Regular scheduled meeting

Chaired by: Ann Lininger

Minutes rec. by: Ann Lininger

Present: Jim Bodendorfer, Deb Calvey, Sue Ciechanowski, Shari Cooper, Julie Heisler, Darlene Johnson, Sandy Kaufman, Ann Lininger, Diane Magolan, DonnaWhalen, Kelly Whittier

Regrets: Shawn Waller


Ron Bittner (present)

Meeting Minutes:

1. Regular Order of Business

1.1. Call to order/roll call Sue Ciechanowski

Jim Bodendorfer

Sue Ciechanowski - Town of Vernon Darlene Johnson - Village Board Rep. Diane Magolan

Kelly Whittier - Town of Vernon Sandy Kaufman

Julie Ann Heisler - Town of Mukwonago Shari Cooper

Shawn Waller - School Disctrict Rep. - Excused Donna Whalen - Town of Mukwonago

Deb Calvey

Ann Lininger - Library Director

Status: Completed

1.2. Review Agenda Sue Ciechanowski

Jim made a motion to accept the agenda for the October 26, 2015 meeting. Darlene seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Status: Completed

1.3. Approve Minutes of Last Meeting Sue Ciechanowski

Darlene made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 28, 2015 meeting with the

correction of the spelling of Katie Jelacic. Shari seconded themotion. Motion carried, Jim and Kelly abstained.

Status: Completed

1.4. Comments from the Public Sue Ciechanowski


Status: Completed

1.5. Approve bills/expenses Sue Ciechanowski

Donna questioned a charge for $675 for online classes, Ann explained that those were containing education classes for staff members.

Diane made a motion to approve the bills and expenses reported to the October 26th meeting. Jim seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Ann made a recommendation to the board to leave the WCCF funds in the fund for 2016. Darlene made a motion to approve. Shari seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Completed date: 10/26/2015

2. Unfinished business

2.1. Discussion/Action on adding Recreation Program to Library Services

Sue Ciechanowski Ann explained the philosophy and background of the Recreation program and the Library. Ron Bittner was also available to answer questions.

Ron discussed he is supportive of a community based program that is centered at the hub of the library. The library has the pulse of the community. The Village is not looking to get into athletics as there are already programs at the YMCA and the school district. The Village will provide $10,000 in seed money to get the program started and self sufficient and $4,000 to do scheduling for fields.

Fields scheduling and dealing with teams is done all online via a cloud based database. No phone calls are required.

Booklets will go out to every household in a 15 minute radius of the library which will be a good marketing piece for both the library and the recreation program.

Shari made a motion to approve adding the recreation program for a trial period of one year. Kelly seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Completed date: 10/26/2015

2.2. Discussion/Action on Reorganization of Library staffing Sue Ciechanowski Ann presented the new plan of organization for the Mukwonago Library, she spoke about how the new organizational chart combines many positions that have few hours into fewer positions with more hours. She spoke about how this leads to opportunities for additional training and responsibility as well as better communication. She also spoke about getting people on the “right seats on the bus” from the business book Good to Great by Jim Collins.

Ann explained that now is a good time to make changes because of the additional responsibilities of the recreation program. Ann explained about the Village salary survey. The library staff is underpaid when compared to their peers at other comparable libraries.

There will be three departments: Circulation, Reference and Administration. There will only be two managers under the new chart the Director and the Head of Circulation instead of the five there are right now. The total staff count would go from 25 to 21 and one MLIS librarian would remain open in 2016 and be hired in 2017.

Shari asked about the inclusion of the position of Marketing Specialist. Ann explained that there are currently 3 people with the title of Administrative Assistant. Under the new Org Chart, one Office Manager will remain, one Administrative Assistant will be eliminated and one position will change into the Marketing Specialist. This position will have to have a background in marketing which will be especially helpful with the inclusion of the Rec Department and expanded offerings.

Darlene asked if anyone would be bumping salary from very low to very high. Ann answered that all positions had moderate bumps in salary to align with other Village departments.

Shari asked about positions changing from 40 hours to 37.5 hours. Ann explained that 37.5 is considered full time in the Employee Handbook and brings the library into line with the rest of the Village.

Sue asked when it would be implemented. Ann explained that she would like to implement as soon as possible to give people time to think about where they fit in and apply and also, if need be, put ads out for openings and interview new people. Ideally as much as possible will be organized and in place by the first


of the year.

Ann explained that not all employees would want to continue with the increased hours and responsibilities that come with the new jobs, and this gives them an opportunity to decide for themselves rather than being forced into a situation they are not comfortable with.

Donna asked if there would be a preference for current employees, and Ann replied that there would. Sue asked if the reorganization would happen even without the Recreation department and Ann replied that it would.

Jim mentioned that morale will be difficult, Ann agreed but she said that the library will be stronger in the end for making the changes.

Darlene asked what morale has been up to this point. Ann replied that the library is just like any other workplace in that change is difficult.

Darlene asked if there would be problems, Ann replied that there would be some problems, but in the end there will be a more efficient more effective workplace, and that there isn’t anything that can’t be overcome.

Donna asked if Ann had gone over the plan with peers. Ann replied that she had spoken to people who had gone through it and although things were difficult at the beginning it was worth it at the end. She also mentioned that the new job descriptions had been vetted by the labor attorney.

Darlene asked if everyone would be abandoning ship, and said she did not expect that.

Shari said that she thought it was reasonable to require staff to take on new responsibilities over the course of their career.

Shari asked if the library would go back to staff meetings, Ann said that we have always had staff meetings.

Jim asked if the new job descriptions were ready, Ann said that they were.

Donna made a motion to approve the reorganization as presented. Diane seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Completed date: 10/26/2015

2.3. Discussion/Action on LED proposal from Logical Green Solutions

Sue Ciechanowski Sue invited the Electrical Engineer from Total Mechanical to take a look at the proposal from Logical Green Solutions. He discovered that the lamps that are suggested as replacements for our fluorescent tubes have been recalled due to fire hazard. Ann checked with the manufacturer, Cree, in Sturtevant and found that we would not be getting any of the recalled tubes.

He also had concerns about the age of the ballasts, but the library has had ballasts in the new portion of the building go out in the month of October.

Ann pointed out that the LED project is a large cost savings but not a complete “slam dunk”. The cost remains $19,000. It could be paid for out of the budget from this year.

Jim asked about the payback time, Ann replied that it would be about 4 years. Darlene continued to question the drop in price.

Shari asked what would happen when the ballasts went out, Jim said they should last longer since the power going through them would be less.

Jim said he did not like to be an early adopter of any technology, he would like to wait for it to get better and cheaper.

Jim made a motion not to proceed with the relamping at this time. Darlene seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Roll Call Vote: Jim – yes Darlene - yes Dianne - yes Kelly - no Sandy – yes Julie – no Shari – yes Donna – no


Deb – no Sue – yes

Completed date: 10/26/2015

3. New business

3.1. Discussion/Action on Preliminary Budget Sue Ciechanowski

Ann said that the new total for the budget is $948,764. The Village is proposing funding the library with $419,514 after the budget workshop, but this figure has not yet been voted on. The figures from the County remain the same from July. The other income figures such as lost materials, fines and faxes are based on current usage projected forward. $8,000 of building fund balance will be used to update technology.

Wages and benefits are based on the numbers after the reorganization. All other expenses have been kept to a minimum. The book budget only increased slightly but will keep the library within the standards required by WCFLS. Additional funds have gone into training. The budget for repairs and maintenance has been increased to help with mechanical issues.

Darlene pointed out that the repair budget had gone up by 40%, Ann said this was based on actual usage. Jim asked if there were figures if the staff were only given a 2% increase rather than follow the salary survey. Ann replied that she did not have those figures, but recommended following the Village’s lead. Donna asked when the final budget would need to be approved. Ann said that she wouldn’t be able to provide a final budget until after the Village Board approves their agenda in November.

Jim asked what we were going to do about healthcare cost. Ann said that she had budgeted for the worst case scenario so costs may go down.

Donna made a motion to accept the proposed budget until the final budget is presented. Sandy seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Completed date: 10/26/2015

3.2. Anonymous letter Sue Ciechanowski

Ann discussed the response that she had included in the packet for the board. She also included a letter written by a staff member.

Ann discussed the timing and the anonymous nature of the letter.

Donna reminded the board that public employees are able to come to the board with their concerns regarding management, and that she was concerned over the defensive tone of Ann’s response. Ann replied that she had not meant to be defensive, she was just trying to get the facts out and she apologized if her response seemed defensive.

Donna suggested that it would be a good idea to view the letter as an opportunity to bring up communication issues with the staff.

Ann discussed the daily check-in meetings that she has been having with staff to help with communications and keeping everyone informed.

Shari asked if monthly staff meetings were still going on, Ann replied that they were, and that at the last staff meeting a new format was tried where the first few minutes were for announcements, then there were two workshops for staff, and finally everyone came back together for the end of the meeting.

Sue asked about the lack of posting of positions that were referenced in the letter. Ann replied that she had recruited people to fill both of those positions, which is why they were not posted, but that the immediate supervisors were given an opportunity to interview the candidates without Ann present and make recommendations.

Donna suggested that in the future a panel format of interviewing and an interviewing matrix should be considered.

Status: Completed

4. Reports


4.1. Date Next Meeting Sue Ciechanowski November 23, 2015

Status: Completed

4.2. Board President Remarks Sue Ciechanowski


Status: Completed

4.3. Village Representative's Report Darlene Johnson

Darlene spoke about the Committee of the Whole and the hearing for the new apartment building.

Status: Completed

4.4. Board Member Remarks Sue Ciechanowski

Status: Completed

4.5. Continuing Education Sue Ciechanowski

Short takes for trustees videos will begin in January.

Status: Completed

4.6. Library Director Report Ann Lininger

Ann invited the board to look at the information included in the packet.

Status: Completed

Sue Ciechanowski

4.7. Future Agenda Items


Jim made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. Darlene seconded the motion. Motion carried.




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