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With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)



E.M.R.S.S. Course




Syracuse, 10




November, 2014

President E.M.R.S.S.

Francesco Cirillo

Scientific Committee: Franco Franchignoni (coordinator), Nicolas Christodoulou (responsible for the relationships with the European universities),

Jorge Lains, Xanthi Michail, Rolf Frischknecht, Paolo Boldrini, Vincenzo Saraceni, Alessandro Giustini.

Scientific Board: Raffaele Gimigliano (responsible for the relationships with the Italian

universities), Marco Franceschini, Roberto Casale, Calogero Foti, Mauro Zampolini, Amparo Assucena, Gulseren Akyuz, Francesca Gimigliano, Klemen Grabljevec, Milica Lazovic, Giulia Letizia Mauro, Pietro Marano.


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)

School venue:

Palazzo Vermexio Piazza Duomo - Siracusa

CONTENTS PROGRAM: – Monday, November 10th, 2014 – Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 – Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 – Thursday, November 13th, 2014 FACULTY


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)

Day 1: Monday, November 10 , 2014 - (9.30 am-18:00 pm)


Morning session

Chairmen: J. Lains, R. Frischknecht

09:30 - Welcome address by Institutional and Scientific Authorities

10:00 – Report on the activities of the 10 years of EMRSS - F. Cirillo

10:30 - The continuous training of young PRM specialists - opportunities in Europe and in the Mediterranean area:

The role of the Mediterranean Forum of PRM - J. Lains The role of the European Society of PRM - X. Michail The role of the UEMS PRM Section - N. Christodoulou The role of the UEMS PRM Board - R. Frischknecht

12:00 - Rehabilitation in the world according to the guidelines of the WHO - A. Giustini, A. Puglisi

12:30 – 13:00 Panel discussion

13:00 - Break

Afternoon Session

Chairpersons: X. Michail, N. Christodoulou

14:30 - An overview on core journals in PRM - F. Franchignoni


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)

Day 2:Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 - (9:00 am-18:00 pm)

From Theory to Practice

Morning Session

Chairman: F. Franchignoni - A. Giustini

09:00 - Assessment of the upper limb tele-rehabilitation – M. Zampolini

09:45 - Musculoskeletal ultrasound & injections in PRM – part I, the upper limb - L. Özçakar

13:00 Break

Afternoon Session

Chairman: M. Zampolini - M. Franceschini

15:00 – 18:00 - Musculoskeletal ultrasound & injections in PRM – part II, the lower limb - L. Özçakar

18:00 - End of the session.


11:00 - 12:00 - Board Room - Meeting of the Scientific Committee and Scientific Board- Planning EMRSS future activities.


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)

Day 3:Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 - (9:00 am-17:30 pm)

Morning Session

Chairman: V. Saraceni

09:00 - Instrumented evaluation of hypertonic and hypotonic muscle - M. Cioni

09:45 – Assessment of the walking training using electromechanical and robotic devices – P. Sale

10:30 - Break

11:00 - The use of Handwriting Electro Brain in Rehabilitation - P. Marano

11:45 - Electromyography and botulinum toxin injections - M. Vecchio

12:30 - Question Time - Tutor : P. Marano

13:30 - Break

( 10:30 Board Room- SIMFER -Bureau and meeting with the Sicilian regional group )

Afternoon Session

Chairman: R. Gimigliano - G. Letizia Mauro

15:00 - Prevention, assessment and comprehensive management of patients with osteoporosis - F. Gimigliano


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)

Day 4: Thursday, November 13th, 2014 - (9:00 am - 13:00 am)

Chairmen : C. Foti - R. Casale

09:00 – The use of exercise in Rehabilitation to stimulate the Neuronal Plasticity - Neurophysiology - V. Perciavalle

10:00 - New approaches to rehabilitation: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - F. Infarinato

10:45 - Break

11:00 - New approaches to evaluate in rehabilitation: The functional EEG analysis in the recovery of upper and lower limb - P. Sale

11:45 - New approaches to rehabilitation: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Transcranial Magnetic Simulation -F. Infarinato - P. Sale

12: 30 - Discussion


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)


Casale R. - Director of Neurophysiopathology Unit- Maugeri Foundation - Pavia Christodoulou N. - President of UEMS PRM Section - Cyprus

Cioni M. - Director of Graduate School PRM - Catania University

Cirillo F.- President of Euro Mediterranean Rehabilitation Summer School- Syracuse Foti C. - Professor and Chair of PRM, University of Tor Vergata - Roma -

Franchignoni F-Director of Occupational Rehab.Unit -Maugeri Foundation – Veruno

Frazzica G. -National Institute of Health -Rome

Frischknecht R. – President of UEMS – PRM Board - Switzerland

Gimigliano F. – Assistant Professor of PRM, Second University of Naples Gimigliano R. – Professor and Chair of PRM, Second University of Naples Giustini A. - Scientific Director of San Pancrazio Hospital - Trento

Infarinato F - Engineer manager - IRCCS San Raffaele - Roma Lains J. - President of Mediterranean Forum PRM- Portugal

Letizia Mauro G.- Professor and Chair of PRM, University of Palermo Marano P. - Director Rehabilitation Department - Villa dei Gerani - Catania Michail X. - President of ESPRM - Greece

Özçakar L.- Full Professor PRM, Hacettepe University, Ankara Perciavalle V. - Director Chair Physiology University of Catania

Puglisi A. - Managing Director of the Rehabilitation Dept. IOMI - GIOMI, Messina Sale P. - Med. Researcher MPR University Tor Vergata & IRCCS San Raffaele-Roma Saraceni V. - Past President of Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER), Rome


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)


News for participants:

Official language: English.

The conference is opened to all the Specialists in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine or trainees.

For the Specialists in PRM, that in the last 10 years have participated at the

EMRSS courses, the registration fee is € 80,00.

For all the Specialists in PRM (not former students of EMRSS) the registration fee is €160,00 .

CME : 24

The course is free for 10 Residents in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, from Europe reported from UEMS. Italian Universities will be able to enter some trainees ( the registration fee is € 80,00 ).

The Scientific Society adhering to Mediterranean Forum PRM can enter some trainees (the registration fee is € 80,00 )

In the website www.emrss.it will be reported B&B and Hotels in Syiracuse- Ortigia- that will apply special discounted prizes for accommodation.

The residents will be hosted for free at the B&B agreement in Syracuse -Ortigia- in double or triple rooms.

Lunches, dinners, and coffee breaks are can be done in bars and restaurants in Ortigia that will apply special discounts for all the course participants. Participants are free to organize their free time.


For further information you can send an e-mail to Eliana Cirillo


With the patronage of

Italian Society of PRM (SIMFER)





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