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Course Description:

The CIPS Europe and International Real Estate Course instills knowledge of the European real estate marketplace. The course provides:

 Methods for researching, analyzing, and applying market information.

 Skills for facilitating real estate transactions in European markets.

 Recommendations for building key contacts in real estate organizations, commerce, and government.

Course Outline


A. Learning Objectives

Identify how the social, economic, political, and geographical 1.

characteristics of European countries impact real estate.

Recognize how formation and development of the EU impacts member 2.

countries economically and culturally.

Develop market intelligence by researching factors that shape European 3.

real estate markets and assessing business opportunities. Develop a network of key contacts in real estate, business, and 4.

government in order to reach clients and customers and complete property transactions.

Gain ideas on methods for promoting markets, properties, and services. 5.

B. Course Overview C. Completion Exam

D. Countries Included in Study E. Test Your European IQ


1. Europe Today

A. Country Assessment Model B. Europe Lives Its History


C. European Union—“United in Diversity” Four Freedoms


Schengen Agreement—Freedom of Movement 2.

D. EU Structure and Decision Making

Council of Ministers and European Council 1. European Parliament 2. European Commission 3. Court of Justice 4. The EU Ombudsman 5.

E. Reform Treaty—Treaty of Lisbon Subsidiarity and Proportionality 1.

F. Future Expansion

EU Membership for Turkey? 1.

G. More Interrelationships

H. Council of Europe—Cultural Heritage

Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage 1.

Key Concepts 2.

Council of Europe Initiatives 3.

Cultural Heritage and Real Estate 4.

I. Religious Heritage

Christian Heritage 1.

Jewish Heritage Islamic Heritage 2.


2. Market Dynamics: Challenges, Choices, Trends

A. Test Your European Geography IQ

B. Challenge: Demographics

The Challenge for Real Estate? 1.


The Challenge for Real Estate? 1.

D. Challenge: Employment Youth Employment 1.

EU Youth Guarantee Aging Workforce 2.

The Challenge for Real Estate? 3.

E. Challenge: North–South Disparity The Challenge for Real Estate? 1.

F. Challenge: Future of the Euro

The European Central Bank (ECB) 1.

The Challenge for Real Estate? 2.

G. Choice: Integration or Separation? The Impact on Real Estate? 1.

H. Choice: National Banks or Banking Union The Impact on Real Estate? 1.

I. Choice: Europe 2020

Europe 2020—Economic Governance 1.

The Impact on Real Estate? 2.

J. Choice: Austerity or Government Stimulus Impact for Real Estate


Trend: Residential Real EstatePrice Trends 2.

House Price Trends 3.

Housing Bubbles—After the Burst 4.

K. Property Foreclosures

EU Mortgage Directive 1.

L. Internet Field Trip: Real Estate Expos M. Trend: Investor Visas

Investor Visa Requirements 1.


Competition for Prime Assets 1.

Prime Rent, Office € per M2 Per Year 2.

Cash Chasing Assets 3.

Sustainability as a Strategy 4.

O. Your Challenge: Business Building

Building Your European Business Network 1.

Internet Field Trip 2.

Keeping Up-To-Date 3.

P. 6-Minute Brainstorming Challenge


3. Does Culture Matter?

A. High Context and Low Context Cultures B. Do-It-Yourself Case Study

C. Pop-Quiz


4. A Look at Germany

A. Geography

B. 16 Federal States (Länder) of Germany C. Germany—25 Years After Reunification

Economic Convergence 1. Privatizing Property 2. Solidarity Tax 3. D. Social Convergence E. Real Estate Professionals F. When Germans Buy Homes G. When Germans Rent Homes


H. When Germans Buy Outside of Germany I. When Foreigners Buy in Germany

J. When Investors Buy in Germany K. Germany—Logistics Center of Europe L. Internet Field Trip: News and Information M. Doing Business in Germany

Beyond the Basics 1.


5. A Look at the United Kingdom

A. Geography

Colonies and Overseas Territories Economy 1.

B. Conveyancing

Real Estate Professionals 1.

C. When the British Buy Homes

British Real Estate Terminology 1. Housing Trends 2. D. Mortgage Lending Mortgage Review 1.

E. When the British Buy Abroad F. When Foreigners Buy in the U.K.

Foreign Buyers Dominate the London Housing Market 1.

G. Commercial Real Estate London


The Big 8 2.

H. Internet Field Trip: News and Information I. Doing Business in the United Kingdom


Beyond the Basics 1.


6. A Look at Spain

A. Geography

B. The Costas of Spain

C. Economy—Boom, Bubble, Bust, Comeback The Boom


The Real Estate Bubble 2.

Bust 3.

a) Repossessions and Evictions b) SAREB—Spain’s Bad Bank

c) Spain’s Shadow Economy and Crash Landlords Thrive Comeback?


The Future? 5.

D. Spanish Real Estate Transactions Ley de Costas


E. Buying a House in Spain

Spanish Real Estate Terminology 1.

F. Commercial Real Estate

Exchange-Traded Real Estate Funds 1.

G. Madrid and Barcelona

H. Internet Field Trip: News and Information I. Doing Business in Spain

Beyond the Basics 1.

A Note about Language 2.


VII. 7. Country Profiles

A. Bulgaria B. Czech Republic C. Denmark D. France E. Greece F. Hungary G. Latvia H. Poland I. Russia





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