Contribution of the United Nations to the Improvement of Public Administration: A 60-year History







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Contribution of the United Nations to the Improvement of Public

Administration: A 60-year History

A selected list of publications on Public Administration,

Public Economics and Public Finance - 1951-2007



(a) Public Administration – General

1. Standards and Techniques of Public Administration with Special Reference to Technical Assistance for Under-developed Countries, 1951.

2. A Short International Bibliography of Public Administration, 1953. 3. International Bibliography of Public Administration, 1958.

4. Public Administration Aspects of Community Development Programmes, 1959. 5. A Handbook of Public Administration, 1961.

6. The Use of Organization and Methods Programmes in Public Administration, 1961. 7. Public Administration Problems of New and Rapidly Growing Towns in Asia, 1962 8. Administrative Aspects of Social Planning, 1965.

9. Administration of National Development Planning, 1966.

10. The Central Organs of the Civil Service in the Developing Countries. 1968. 11. Appraising Administrative Capability for Development, 1969

12. Administrative Aspects of Planning: Papers of a Seminar, 1969 13. The Administration of Organization and Methods Services, 1969 14. Administrative Aspects of Urbanization, 1971

15. United Nations Directory of National Agencies and Institutions for the Improvement of Public Administration. Revised Edition. 1973.

16. Organization and Administration of Environmental Programmes, 1974 17. Public Administration and Finance for Development, 1975

18. Development Administration: Current Approaches and Trends in Public Administration for National Development, 1976


Two volumes containing detailed information on the list of publications published by the Division for Public Administration and Development Management since 1989 is found in the CD-ROM.


19. Introduction and Administration of Position Classification and Pay Plans, 1977

20. Strengthening Public Administration and Finance for Development in the 1980s: Issues and Approaches, 1978

21. Survey of Changes and Trends in Public Administration and Finance for Development, 1975-1977, 1978

22. Manuel pour l’amélioration de la gestion dans l’administration publique, 1979 23. Public Administration Institutions and Practices in Integrated Rural Development

Programme, 1980

24. United Nations Directory of Agencies and Institutions in Public Administration and Finance, 1981

25. Réflexions sur la mise en place de structures institutionnelles pour les institutes d’administration publique et de gestion, 1982

26. Network for the UN Programme in Public Administration and Finance, 1982

27. Issues and Priorities in Public Administration and Finance in the Third UN Development Decade, 1983

28. Regulatory Administration for National Development: Report of an Interregional Seminar, 1984

29. Administrative Innovations Series, 1988

30. Role of Public Administration in Environmental Management, Vol. I and Vol. II, 1991 31. Administrative Modernization in Central and Eastern European Countries, 1992

32. Vitalizing African Public Administration for Recovery and Development, published for and on behalf of the United Nations by Kumarian Press, West Hartford, CT, USA 33. Publications on Public Administration and Finance, 1974-1994

34. Cambios y tendencias en administración publica y finanzas, 1996 35. Towards a New Paradigm for State Action in the Social Sphere, 1996 36. Publications on Public Administration and Finance, 1977-1997

37. Rethinking Public Administration: an Overview, 1998

38. Public Administration and Development: Improving Accountability, Responsiveness and Legal Framework, 1998

39. Monographies sur les reformes de l'administration publique de quelques pays africains. 1999

40. Etudes comparatives des statuts généraux de la fonction publique, 1999

41. List of Publications in Public Administration and Development, 1989-1999

42. Publications in Public Administration and Development, 1992-2002

43. African Institutes of Public Administration: New Challenges, New Role, New Perspectives, 2001


44. Public Administration and Globalization: Enhancing Public-Private Collaboration in Public Service Delivery, 2005

45. Implementing the Millennium Development Goals: Challenges and Responses for Public Administration, 2007

(b) Administrative/ Civil Service Reform

46. Enhancing Capabilities for Administrative Reform in Developing Countries, 1983 47. Reforming Civil Service Systems for Development, 1985

48. Size and Cost of the Civil Service: Reform Programme in Africa, 1992

49. Aspects méthodologiques de la reforme des fonctions publiques africaines: le cas des pays francophones au sud du Sahara, 1997

50. Administrative Reforms: Country Profiles of Five Asian Countries, 1997 51. Administrative Reforms: Country Profiles, 1998

52. Restructuring and Reform: Business Development Opportunities in Military Industry Conversion to Civilian Markets, 1999

(c) Decentralization/ Local Government

53. Decentralization for National and Local Development, 1962

54. Decentralization and Administrative Modernization in Central and East European Countries, 1995

55. Administrative Decentralization: Strategies for Developing Countries, John M. Cohen and Stephen B. Peterson, Kumarian, Press; West Hartford, CT, 1999, 207 p

56. Decentralization: Conditions for Success. Lessons from Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, 2000

57. Decentralization and Poverty Reduction: Africa and Asia Experience, 2004 58. Decentralization: Poverty Reduction, Empowerment and Participation, 2005 59. Local Government in Selected Countries – Ceylon, Israel, Japan, 1963 60. Local Government Personnel Systems, 1967

61. Credit Institutions for Local Authorities, 1972

62. Local Government Reform: Analysis of Experiences in Selected Countries, 1975 63. Local Governance: Report of the United Nations Global Forum on Innovative Policies

and Practices in Local Governance, 1996

64. Local Government and Civil Society in Small States, 1999

65. Redesigning Methods and Procedures for the Delivery of Local Services in Small Island Countries, 1999


(d) E-Government

66. Benchmarking E-government: A Global Perspective - Assessing the UN Member States, 2002

67. World Public Sector Report 2003: E-government at the Crossroads, 2003 68. UN Global E-government Survey, 2003

69. UN Global E-government Survey, 2004

70. UN Global E-government Readiness Report 2005 - From E-government to E-inclusion, 2005

71. Compendium - E-government Innovative Practices (Edition I), 2005 72. Compendium - E-government Innovative Practices (Edition II), 2006 73. Report of the Expert Group Meeting on E-Participation and E-Government:

Understanding the Present and Creating the Future, 2007

(e) Electoral Administration

74. Elections: Perspectives on Establishing Democratic Practices, 1997 75. Manual of the Administration and Cost of Election (ACE) website, 1998

(f) Ethics, Transparency and Accountability

76. Role of SAIs in Fighting Corruption and Mismanagement, 1996

77. Public Service in Transition: Enhancing its Role, Professionalism, Ethical Values and Standards, 1999

78. African Public Service: New Challenges, Professionalism and Ethics, 2000 79. Professionalism and Ethics in the Public Service, 2000

80. Promoting Ethics in the Public Service, 2000

81. Public Service Ethics in Africa, Vol.1 and Vol.2, 2001

82. L'éthique de la fonction publique en Afrique, vol. 1 et vol. 2, 2001

83. Auditing for Social Change: A Strategy for Citizen Engagement in Public Sector Accountability, 2005

84. Public Sector Transparency and Accountability in Selected Arab Countries: Policies and Practices (Available in Arabic, French and English), 2005

85. Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability in the Public Sector: Re-Building Trust in Government through Implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, 2007


(g) Governance

86. Redesigning the State in the 1980s and 1990s

87. Metropolitan Governance: Patterns and Leadership, 1995 88. Eco-partnership Tokyo,1998

89. Governance in Africa: Consolidating the Institutional Foundations, 1999

90. Building Partnerships for Good Governance: The Spirit and the Reality of South-South Cooperation, 2000

91. Anti-Corruption Symposium 2001: The Role of On-line Procedures in Promoting Good Governance, 2001

92. Report of the International Colloquium on Regional Governance and Sustainable Development in Tourism-driven Economies, 2003

93. Report of the Ad Hoc Expert Group Meeting on E-governance and Changes in Administrative Structures and Processes, 2004

94. Reconstructing Governance and Public Administration for Peaceful, Sustainable Development , 2003

95. Searching for Innovations in Governance and Public Administration for Poverty Reduction: Concepts, Experiences and Lessons for the Future, 2003

96. Innovation and Quality in the Government of the 21st Century - Report of the 5th Global Forum on Reinventing Government , 2004

97. Innovations in Governance and Public Administration: Replicating What Works, 2005

98. Engaged Governance: A Strategy for Mainstreaming Citizens in the Public Policy Processes, 2005

99. Decentralized Governance for Democracy, Peace, Development and Effective Service Delivery, 2005

100. The Quest for Improved Public Sector Performance: Innovations for Better Governance and Public Administration, 2006

101. Public Administration and Democratic Governance: Governments Serving Citizens, 2007 102. Innovations in Governance from around the World - Success Stories from the Winners of

the United Nations Public Service Awards - Fifth Anniversary (2003-2007) 103. Building Trust through Civic Engagement, 2007

104. Managing Knowledge to Build Trust in Government, 2007

105. Regional Workshop Report on the Poverty-Environment Nexus: Building Institutional Capacity, Partnership Development and Participatory Governance, 2007

106. Participatory Governance and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) , 2007 107. Toward Participatory and Transparent Governance, 2007


108. Innovations in Governance in the Middle East, North Africa, and Western Balkans: Making Governments Work Better in the Mediterranean Region (Available also in hard copy and CD-Rom) , 2007

109. Public Governance Indicators: A Literature Review, 2007

110. Governance for the Millennium Development Goals: Core Issues and Good Practices, 2007

111. The Challenges of Restoring Governance in Crisis and Post-Conflict Countries, 2007

(h) Human Resources/Personnel management

112. Selection and Recruitment in the Public Service of Developing Countries. 1968. 113. The Development of Senior Administrators in Developing Countries. 1969

114. New Approaches to Personnel Policy for Development – Personnel Administration for State Building, 1974

115. Human Resources for Effective Public Administration in a Globalize World, 2005 116. Changing Perspectives on Human Resources Development, 1994, New York 117. Changing Perspectives on Human Resources Development, 1997

118. Capacity-building in Selected Least Developed Countries: the African Lusophone Countries, 2000

119. Leadership and Social Transformation in the Public Sector: Moving from Challenges to Solutions, 2003

120. Human Resource Recruitment and Best Talent Retention Tool Kit for Public Sector, 2005

(i) Management

121. Public Industrial Management in Asia and the Far East, 1960 122. Supply Management, 1978

123. Handbook on the Improvement of Administrative management in Public Administration: measures to enhance the effectiveness of organization and methods in government. 1979. 124. Management Development: Senior Administrators, 1987

125. Public Joint Ventures in Developing Countries: Organization, Management and Critical Issues, 1989

126. Management of Government Information Systems: Elements of Strategies and Policies, 1989

127. Metropolitan Management, 1991

128. Measures to Enhance the Capacity of Management Improvement Agencies in Developing Countries, 1991


130. Social Management: Some Strategic Issues, 1996

131. Towards a New Paradigm for State Action in the Social Sphere : Guidelines for an Action Plan for the Strengthening of Public Administration and the Management of Social Policies, 1996

132. Enterprise Management in Countries with Economies in Transition, 1997 133. Tracking the Reforms in Aid Delivery, Management and Accountability, 2003

(j) Management Information System

134. Modern management and Information Systems for Public Administration in Developing Countries, 1985

135. Software Development for Public Personnel management, 1991

136. Studies preceding the Acquisition of Mechanized Data Processing Equipment, 1966. 137. Orientation Course in Mechanized Data Processing Equipment, 1966.

138. Government Information Systems: A Guide to Effective Use of Information Technology in the Public Sector of Developing Countries, 1995

139. Privatization of Public Sector Activities with Special Focus on Telecommunications, Energy, Health and Community Services, 1999

140. Interaction between the Public Sector and Technological Innovation: Government Policy towards Research and Development, 1999

141. Enhancing Public Sector Performance through ICTs, 2007

(k) Policy Analysis

142. Methodology of Policy Analysis and Development: Some Major Issues, 1981 143. Improving Public Policy Analysis: Study Material for Top Executives, 1994 144. Women, Development and Public Policy, 1995

145. Civic Engagement in Public Policies: A Toolkit, 2007

146. Opportunities and Challenges of Civic Engagement in Socio-economic Policies in the Arab Region, 2007

(l) Public Sector Report

147. The Role of the Public Sector in promoting the Economic Development of Developing Countries, 1979.

148. World Public Sector Report: Globalization and the State, 2001 149. World Public Sector Report: E-government at the Crossroads, 2003

150. World Public Sector Report: Unlocking the Human Potential for Public Sector Performance, 2005


151. Innovations in the Public Sector Compendium of Best Practices: Winners of the United Nations Public Service Awards (2003 to 2005), 2006

152. Report of the 5th UN Public Service Awards & Awards Ceremony, 2007

(m) Training

153. Training and Administration of Personnel in Public Service, 1956. (ST/TAA/M/10) 154. Training in Public Administration, 1958.

155. Handbook of Training in the Public Service, 1966 156. Handbook of Civil Service Laws and Practices, 1966. 157. Local Government Training, 1968

158. Pautas para la Evaluación de Proyectos, 1972

159. Manual sobre Empleo de Consultores en Países en Desarrollo, 1972

160. A Practical Guide to Performance Improvement Programming in Public Organizations, 1977

161. Curricula Design for Management Development, 1982

162. Management Training of Scientific and Technical Personnel in Public Services of Developing Countries, 1984

163. Managing the Development Project: A Training Curriculum, 1992 164. Understanding Knowledge Societies, 2005

165. Excellence and Leadership in the Public Sector: The Role of Education and Training, 2007


166. A Manual for Economic and Functional Classification of Government Transactions, 1958 167. The Administration of Economic Development Planning: Principles and Fallacies, 1966. 168. Manual for the preparation of industrial feasibility studies, 1978

169. Organizational Systems for National Planning, 1979

170. Guidelines for Development Planning Procedures, Methods and Techniques, 1987 171. Implementing Sustainable Development, 1995

172. The Role of the Market in the Provision of Public Goods and Services: Balancing Market Failure and Government Failure, 1999

173. Formalizing Micro credit: Crossing the Bridge Between Non-governmental Organizations and Commercial Banks, 1999

174. Development of Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Transitional Economies, 1999 175. Globalization and the State: Challenges for Economic Growth and Human Development,



(a) Financial Management - General

176. Report on the Technical Assistance Conference on Comparative Fiscal Administration, 1952. (ST/TAA/M/3b)

177. Reclassification of Government Expenditures and Receipts in Selected Countries, 1958 178. L’administration et les finances publiques au service du développement: Etudes

d’l’évolution et des tendances 1975-1977

179. Government Financial Management in Least Developed Countries, 1991 180. Guidelines of Performance Contracting: A Practitioner’s Manual, 1996 181. Integrated Financial Management in Least Developed Countries, 1999

182. Transparency and Accountability in Government Financial Management, 1999 183. Economic Governance: Guidelines for Effective Financial Management, 2000 184. Financial Management in Transitional Economies, 2000

185. Improving Resource Mobilization in Developing Countries and Transition Economies, 2002

186. Globalization and New Challenges to Public Finance: Financial Management, Transparency and Accountability, 2003

(b) Accounting

187. Un Sistema de Cuentas Nacionales, 1970 188. Manual de Contabilidad del Gobierno, 1970

189. Government Accounting in Economic Development management, 1978 190. Accrual Accounting in Developing Countries, 1984

191. Planning and Control of Public Expenditures: Lessons of Experience, 1987 192. Government Accounting in Financial Reporting in Developing Countries, 1987 193. Computerization of Government Accounting in Developing Countries, 1991 194. Trends and Issues in the Analysis of Public Expenditures, 1999

(c) Auditing

195. Handbook on Government Auditing in Developing Countries, 1977 196. Public Auditing Techniques for Performance Improvement, 1979

197. Government Auditing and Internal Management Control Systems in Developing Countries, 1985


198. Audit Standards in the Public Sector: An Analysis of Comparative Experience, 1987 199. Audit of major Development Programmes, 1987

200. Application of Audit Standards in the Public Sector, 1989

201. Application of Government Auditing Standards in Developing Countries, 1990 202. Role of Supreme Audit Institutions in Auditing Public Works, 1998

203. Report of the Symposium on the Independence of Supreme Audit Institutions, 2004 204. Symposium on the Application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

in the Audit of E-Government: A Strategy for Efficiency, Transparency and

Accountability - Report on the 18th UN/INTOSAI Seminar on Government Auditing, 2005

(d) Budgeting

205. Budgetary Structure and Classification of Government Accounts, 1951 206. Government Accounting and Budget Execution, 1952

207. Report on Budget Management Techniques in Selected Developed Countries, 1978 208. Rapport sur les techniques de gestion budgétaires dans quelques pays développées, 1978 209. Government Budgeting in Developing Countries, 1985

210. Budget Reform in Developing Countries, 1999

211. Participatory Planning and Budgeting at the Sub-national Level, 2005 212. Citizen Participation and Pro-Poor Budgeting, 2005

(e) Privatization

213. Privatization in Latin America in the Early 1990's, 1999

214. Privatization and Regulation in Developing Countries and Countries with Economies in Transition, 1999

(f) Public Enterprises

215. Some Problems in the Organization and Administration of Public Enterprises in the Industrial Field, 1954. (ST/TAA/M/7)

216. The Role of Public Enterprises in the Formulation and Implementation of Development Plans in Centrally Planned Economies, 1967

217. Administration of Public Enterprises: Selected Papers, 1967

218. Medidas para mejorar el rendimiento de la Empresa Pública en los Países en Desarrollo,1973


219. Measures for Improving Performance of Public Enterprise in Developing Countries, 1973 220. Organization, Management and Supervision of Public Enterprises in Developing

Countries, 1974

221. Financing of Public Enterprises in Developing Countries: Coordination, Forms and Sources, 1977

222. Performance Evaluation of Public Enterprises in Developing Countries: Criteria and Institutions, 1984

223. Economic Performance of Public Enterprises: Major Issues and Strategies for Action, 1985

224. Role and Extent of Competition in Improving the Performance of Public Enterprises, 1989

225. Performance Contracting for Public Enterprises, 1996

226. Public Enterprise Reform and Performance Contracting: the State of the Art. 1999 227. Public Enterprises: Unresolved Challenges and New Opportunities, 2005

(g) Taxation

228. Taxes and Fiscal Policy in Under-developed Countries, 1955.

229. Sales Tax Administration: Major Structural and Practical Issues with Special Reference to the Needs of Developing Countries, 1976

230. Customs Organization and Administration in Developing Countries, 1977 231. Guidelines for Improving Tax Administration in Developing Countries, 1997

232. Manual for the Negotiation of Bilateral Tax Treaties between Developed and Developing Countries, 2003

(h) Training

233. Annotated Bibliography on Staff Training and Development in the Public sector and on Public Finance Management, Accounting and Audit, 1983





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