Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Spring of 1982 Courses Taught: Spanish at all levels






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Ramón Magráns

Austin Peay State University

Department of Languages & Literature Clarksville, TN 37044

(931) 221-7847

Academic Positions Professor of Spanish

Austin Peay State University Fall 1982 to present

Courses Taught:

English as a Second Language at all levels Latin at all levels

Spanish at all levels

Graduate courses in Spanish: 510A, 510B, 5610, 5620 and others

Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Spring of 1982

Courses Taught:

Spanish at all levels Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Fall of 1981

Courses Taught:

Spanish at all levels Part-time Instructor

Texas Tech University

Fall of 1979 to Spring of 1981 Courses Taught:

Spanish at the elementary and intermediate levels Education

Ph.D. in Spanish with a minor in Linguistics and Portuguese Texas Tech University, Spring, 1981

M.A. in Spanish

East Texas State University, Spring, 1979 B.A. in Pre-Medicine (Psychology and Spanish) East Texas State University, Spring, 1969


Page 2 Dissertation Dos lados del ser, dos seres de lado: estudio del indio brasilero

durante el período romántico.

A study of the literary treatment of the Brazilian native during the Romantic period. Included are the modern translations into Spanish of Jupira and Iracema, two key novels of the time.


Countless interviews with newspapers, radio and television about many subjects relating to the Hispanic world.

Hacia la muerte gloriosa...In progress.

Nuestra Gente, a text for elementary Spanish. In progress.

El indio brasileño en la obra de Alencar y Guimaraes. Madrid: Editorial: Gredos, 1995.

“Anti-totaliarism in Animal Farm and Time of The Hero”, Vargas Llosa: Opera Omnia. Madrid: Editorial Pliegos, 1994.

¡Hablemos español! Cuernavaca: Mexico: Centro Bilingue, 1994. Revised and republished five more times since then.

“The Three Wise Men”, a translation of the play “Los tres reyes magos”, APSU: Madrigal, 1992.

“La soledad and La ciudad y los perros”, On Vargas Llosa. Madrid: Editorial Pliegos, 1989.

“La llamada de la madriguera”, On Carlos Fuentes. Madrid: Editorial Pliegos, 1989.

La novela brasileña romántica. Mexico City: Editorial Porrúa. Accepted for publication for the collection Sepan Cuantos... “On Lezama Lima...” Kentucky Romance Quarterly.

“Iracema and Jupira: The Trajectory of The Mameluco”, South Eastern Latin Americanist, 1985.

“Anti-totaliarism in Animal Farm and Time of The Hero”, South Eastern Latin Americanist, 1985.


"Study Programs in Mexico" Mid-Continent Symposium. Nashville, January, 2004.

"Establishing Exchange Programs Abroad” Universidad Internacional Congress, Mexico, December, 2003.

“La mística de Carlos Fuentes”, Cuernavaca: Centro Bilingue, 1992. “America’s Melting Pot”, APSU, Afro-American Cultural Center, 1992.

“The Cuban Missile Crisis: Thirty Years Later”, APSU, 1992. “Cuba: Before and After Castro”, APSU, 1991.


“La soledad en Carlos Fuentes y Gabriel Garcia Márquez”, Cuernavaca: Centro Bilingue, 1990.

“Castro and Cuba”, Five Rivers Resource Conservation and Development Association, 1990.

Presentations (continued)

“On Mexico and Its Cultures...” St. Bethlehem Elementary, 1990. “The House of Bernalda Alba”, APSU, 1990.

“An Hispanic View of Life in the U.S.” Children’s International Education Center, Public Library, 1990.

Translated and read a poem by Prof. Malcolm Glass in “The Glass Ménage”, APSU, 1990.

“The House of Bernalda Alba”, APSU, 1989.

“On Neruda and Mistral”, a reading and panel discussion, Public Library, 1989.

“Alurista y su visión Nahuatl”, an introduction to a reading by Alurista. APSU, 1989.

“El aura de Carlos Fuentes”, The Expressions of Evil Conference. West Georgia College, 1987.

“La llamada de la madriguera: Aura”, International Conference on Carlos Fuentes, Mississippi State University, 1987.

“A Path of Sorrow: Iracema and Jupira”, Tennessee Philological Conference, Tenn. State University, 1986.

“Black Beans with Ketchup: The Cubringo”, Multi cultural Symposium, TexasTech University, 1986.

“Iracema and Jupira: The Trajectory of The Mameluco”, Mid-America Conference of Latin Americanists, Univ. of Kansas, 1986.

“Hispanic and The U.S. Army”, Hispanic Day Key Speaker, Ft. Campbell, 1985.

“Hispanics and Blacks: A Similar Path”, CORE speaker, Clarksville, TN., 1985.

Introduction to the Gabriel Garcia Márquez Symposium. This was organized by me. APSU, 1983.

Awards and Recognitions

Director and initiator of the Study Abroad Programs in Spain and in Latin America since 1982.

Academic Council representative, 1998 to 2001

Member of the Faculty Senate, 1998-2001. Served in this capacity seven times.

Member of the Presidential Search for APSU, 1994. Member of various search committees.


Page 4 Led PI NU, to two "Best Diversity Organization" awards at APSU.

President, Faculty Senate, 1993-1994. Vice-President, Faculty Senate, 1992-1993. Tower Fund Grant, 1992.

Advisor of the Year, APSU, 1991.

Elections Committee Member, Sigma Delta Pi.

Board member of HOPE (Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education), 2002 to present.

Awards and Recognitions (continuation)

Received Key to the City of Clarksville, May, 2005. Creator of the Hispanic Culture Center, First in TN., 2005.

Received Certificate of Merit for the Advancement of Relations between Mexico and the US from the major of Cuernavaca, Mexico and the Governor of the State of Morelos, summer 2004

Oustanding APSU online professor, RODP, APSU, fall 2003.

Directed and initiated PI NU, APSU’s branch of Sigma Delta Pi. The Chapter has received Outstanding Honors three times.

Big Apple Award, STEA, APSU, 1988. Faculty Development Grant, APSU, 1989.

Keynote Speaker at the Hispanic Celebrations, Ft. Campbell, 1984 and 1994. Research grant, Univ. Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, 1982.

Advisor to several area associations. Community Service

Translator and interpreter for various area churches, the courts, the police department, the hospital and local and area businesses.

Promoted and managed to have an Hispanic channel included in the local cable system.

Served as member of the board of Clarksville Girls Softball League. Helped place Spanish-speaking students in several area businesses to help overcome language barriers between the customers and the businesses. Established various displays of Hispanic material at the APSU library, the local museum and the local library.

Established the Hispanic Language Festival at APSU to promote Spanish among the various area high schools.

Worked with various political figures promoting minority matters. Established and coordinated the teaching of English to area Hispanics.

Promoted and helped Yolanda Echevarria to receive the outstanding Hispanic leader awards offered by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Established language tutoring programs for area students and for local and area Hispanics.

Member of the Board of HOPE, Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education.





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