When is semana i? From September 21st to the 25th, 2015






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What is


Semana i is a week of the fall semester where students and teachers will participate on activities that are conceived and taught differently from the

traditional classes taken on a classroom. These activities will

encourage students to learn by doing and could go from regional

field trips and study tours to other cities and countries to special interactive and experiential learning, workshops and more.

The idea is for students to acquire not only knowledge, but also other types of competencies seen as necessary to perform effectively in a globalized, highly technological, hyperconnected world of the 21st century. These activities aim to develop one or more of the following competencies:


Entrepreneurial and innovative thinking Critical thinking

Problem solving

Ethics and citizenship Global perspective

Intellectual curiosity and self-learning Collaborative work

Communication and foreign languages

When is semana i?

From September 21st to the 25th, 2015

How will these activities be conformed?

Activities can be of: 16 hours 24 hours 40 hours.

Activities of 24 hours will be conducted from Monday to Wednesday, activities of 16 hours from Thursday to Friday and activities of 40 hours will be conducted during the 5 days of the week.

Students will have to complete 40 hours of work in total, that is, student who choose an activity of 24 hours will also have to take a 16 hour activity to complete the 40 hours required.

These activities will be part of the work load of your regular semester classes. That is why they will be graded by the organizing teacher of each activity. To get a grade, students will have to submit some type of work at the end of the activity. The grade of this activity or activities will count as a percentage of the grades of the classes you will be taking during the semester.


Do I need to speak Spanish to

participate on these activities?

The language of instruction of these activities could be Spanish

or English. If you are fluent in Spanish you could join any of the activities

depending on your area of study. However, if you are not, don´t worry, you can

select from a number of activities in English. Please remember that some activities could be limited to students from certain majors or specialty areas.

Does it cost to participate on Semana i?

Because of the nature of some activities, some will have a cost to be paid by the student; however, most of the activities will have no cost.

Where can I see the list of activities to choose from?

A Preliminary list of all activities planned for semana i is included on the document DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES SEMANA i, which you can download here. This document

will give you an idea of the activities planned and help you decide which one is best for you. Please have in mind that this is only a preliminary list of activities and that changes may occur by the time you have to make the final registration of the activities.

How can I register for a particular activity?

Registration for these activities will take place during the second or third week of classes; however, it is necessary that you fill out the PRELIMINARY REGISTRATION FORM SEMANA i.

Once you fill out this format, please sent it to the International Programs Office staff member of your Campus.

With this Information we will better advise you on the selection of your activity and register you directly on that activity.

So what is the next step to participate on Semana i?


1.- Once you download the document DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES SEMANA i , the first

thing you need to do is to find out which activities will be available to you. To do this, have in mind the following variables of the activity, since they will limit the number of activities you could participate in:


1.- Area(s) of study (or major).-

Some activities are very specialized

and, therefore, will be limited to some majors. You need to check if the activity offered is related

to your area of study. For example: If you are a business

major, then you can only participate on the activities that specifically allow business students to participate in.

How can you check if your area of study is included on a particular activity? It is very easy. The column called ACADEMIC AREAS THAT CAN PARTICIPATE will

show the acronym of the majors allowed to participate on each activity. To find yours, please refer to the following list of majors:


(Acrónimo) Majors in Spanish (Área de Estudios en Español) Majors in English (Área de Estudios en Inglés) Business and Economics

LAE Administración de Empresas Business Administration

LAF Administración Financiera Financial Management

LCDE Creación y Desarrollo de

Empresas (Emprendimiento)

Business Creation and Development


LCPF Finanzas y Contabilidad Finance and Accounting

LDF Leyes y Finanzas Law and Finance

LDP Leyes y Ciencias Políticas Law and Political Sciences

LEC Economía Economics

LED Derecho Law

LEM Mercadotecnia Marketing

LIN Negocios Internacionales International Business

LPM Publicidad y Comunicación de Mercados Advertising and Marketing Communications

Humanities and Social Sciences

LAD Animación y Arte Digital Animation and Digital Art

LCMD Comunicación y Medios Digitales Communications ad Media Digital

LLE Literatura Española Spanish Literature

LMI Periodismo y Estudio de Medios Journalism and Media Studies

LP Psicología Psychology

LPL Ciencias Políticas Political Sciencs

LPO Psicología Organizacional Organizational Psychology


Engineering and Architecture

ARQ Arquitectura Architecture

IAB Agrobiotecnología Agrobiotechnology

IBT Biotecnología Biotechnology

IC Ingeniería Civil Civil Engineering

IDA Ingeniería Automotriz Automotive Engineering

IDS Desarrollo Sustentable Sustainable Development

IFI Físico Industrial Industry Physics

IIA Industrias alimentarias Food Industry

IID Ingeniería en Innovación y

Desarrollo Innovation and Development Engineering

IIS Ingeniería Industrial y de Sistemas Industrial and Systems Engineering

IMA Mecánico Administrador Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Industrial


IME Mecánico Electricista Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical


IMI Producción Musical Digital Digital Music Production

IMT Mecatrónica Mechatronics

INCQ Química y Nanotecnología Chemestry and


IQA Ingeniería Química Administrativa Administration Chemestry Engineering and

IQP Ingeniería Química con especialidad de Procesos Sustentables

Chemical Engineering with an specialization in

Sustainable Processes

LDI Diseño Industrial Industrial Design

Information Technologies and Electronics

INT Negocios y Tecnologías de Información Business Information Technology

ISD Robótica y Sistemas Digitales Digital Systems and Robotics

ITC Tecnologias Computacionales Computer Sciences and


LATI Administración en Tecnología

de Información Information Technology Management

Health Sciences

IMD Ingenieria Biomédica Biomedic Engineering

LNB Nutrición y Bienestar Nutritions and Wellness

LPS Psicología Clínica y de la

Salud Clínical Psychology


2.- Language of instruction.-

If you are fluent in Spanish you can

participate on activities taught in Spanish,

if not, concentrate only on the ones that specify that the language of instruction will be English.

3.- Cost of the activity.-

If you don´t want pay for an activity that has a cost, concentrate only on the activities that will be free for students.

4.- If International students are allowed to participate on the activity.-

For legal or immigration issues, some activities are restricted to international exchange students. Verify the ones that have no restriction for international students.

5.- Minimum and maximum semesters of study.-

Some activities require students to be on an advanced semester. Make sure that you can meet this requirement on the activities that you like.

2.- Mark the activities that you are interested in and that you meet all the admission requirements (language, area of study, etc.)


4.- Send it to the Academic Director of the International Programs Office described above.






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