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Upgrade to


Improve your performance. Add fluid maneuverability and see colours accurately for better tissue analysis. Compared to conventional halogen lights, A-dec LED delivers 25% more illuminance at one-fifth of the power consumption.

If you already own an A-dec light, you may be eligible for special savings. For details about an upgrade, ask your Patterson Dental Representative at 1.800.873.7683.

To learn how A-dec LED gives you exceptional performance and

unparalleled ergonomics, visit



3D X-ray in Modern Dentistry

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What’s inside


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3D X-ray in Modern Dentistry New and cutting edge equipment Testimonials on digital technology equipment


Patterson Technology 2013

INTRODUCING SCHICK 33from Sirona, the latest addition to the industry-leading Schick Elite platform. Featuring the Elite platform’s unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module designs, Schick 33 gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images. With a dynamic image enhancer, image preference presets, and industry leading resolution, Schick 33 meets the diagnostic needs of every dental practice.





IMAGE PREFERENCE PRESETS simplify diagnostics for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics and restorative dentistry.

USER-DEFINABLE TASKS for multi-clinician practices make it easy to change settings according to preference or diagnostic task. SCHICK 33 FEATURES

MULTIPLE IMAGE SHARING OPTIONS allow users to save fi les in the format preferred by colleagues and insurers, including jpeg, ZIP and postcard.

DYNAMIC IMAGE ENHANCER allows users to simply and easily adjust image sharpness to suit their need.




INTRODUCING SCHICK 33from Sirona, the latest addition to the industry-leading Schick Elite platform. Featuring the Elite platform’s unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module designs, Schick 33 gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images. With a dynamic image enhancer, image preference presets, and industry leading resolution, Schick 33 meets the diagnostic needs of every dental practice.


Featuring the Elite platform’s unique interchangeable cable technology and remote module—paired with powerfully simple imaging software—Schick 33 gives you an unprecedented level of control over your high-quality digital images.



A DYNAMIC IMAGE ENHANCER BRINGS IT ALL INTO FOCUS. Schick 33’s powerful enhancement software also features a dynamic image enhancer that allows you to manipulate image sharpness quickly and easily. Just move the interactive image enhancer to the sharpness level you desire. It’s a simple enhancement that gives you sophisticated diagnostic capabilities. It’s a level of personalization that’s unbelievable... and unprecedented.


Schick 33’s clinical-specifi c mapping feature allows you to quickly see and save images based on your particular diagnostic needs. Simply click on the preset and your images will automatically default to settings designed for general dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, or restorative dentistry.

For a free in-offi ce demonstration, call your local Patterson representative, your local Patterson branch or 1-800-873-7683 today.



Dicom 5, Patterson Imaging, EagleSoft Imaging as well as more than 25 practice management software products.

Every Schick 33 system is installed, serviced and supported by Patterson Dental, dentistry’s most trusted partner for service, supplies, training and technology. Supported by Patterson 100% satisfaction guarantee and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty program.


/schicktech @schicktech


Upgrade your Imaging and your Image

Sirona Dental has just introduced Schick 33, a new intraoral digital sensor and image management system that is going to redefine the category. The Schick 33, which is available exclusively through Patterson Dental, is the most advanced sensor on the market, delivering an unparalleled combination of high-resolution imaging and dynamic image management in a modular platform. Schick 33 provides dentists with a wide array of digital imaging resources.

The new intraoral digital sensor delivers the highest resolution in the industry. It is paired with newly enhanced imaging software that enables dentists to review, store and share images from a variety of clinical perspectives.

Developed to help dentists integrate new digital technologies that can grow with their practice, Schick 33 utilizes the same replaceable cable and remote module design as the Schick Elite sensor. Schick 33’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing Schick platforms makes it an ideal choice.

Are you thinking of taking

your practice digital?

Without exception, the dentists we work with tell us the investment has paid off exponentially. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to put a price tag on the ways that digital radiography has improved their practices—which includes everything from better patient communication and compliance to enhanced diagnostics and patient face time. Once you switch to digital, you’ll ask yourself what took so long.

Take digital radiography

to the next level at your practice


Improving the Patient Experience

Digital radiography enhances the patient experience and assists dental staff in numerous ways. For example, it enhances a patient’s ability to understand problem areas, and empowers them to choose the most appropriate course of action. First and foremost, digital sensors are comfortable and unobtrusive. It reassures patients that they’re in good hands. It also significantly lowers radiation exposure and reassures patients that their safety is a top priority.

Digital radiography enables staff to instantly evaluate and share X-rays with patients immediately. It also maximizes their time—it’s as quick as positioning the sensor and exposing the image. In short, what used to take us 10 minutes is now instantaneous.

New Software Delivers Image

Management Flexibility

Digital radiography changes the way you take and see images. The new Schick 33 accommodates the needs of every dental practice with an unprecedented level of control, unmatched image quality and unequaled diagnostics.

Schick 33’s powerful enhancement software features a dynamic image enhancer that allows you to simply and easily adjust image sharpness (from 0% to 100%). All you have to do is move the interactive image enhancer to the sharpness level you desire. It’s a simple enhancement that gives you sophisticated diagnostic capabilities.



ProMax S3 Extraoral Bitewing

ProMax S3 - Autofocus Panoramic

ProMax S2, Panoramic - Pan/Ceph

The PLANMECA ProMax S2 revolutionizes imaging, taking images that are consistently more diagnostic than most sensors, film, or phosphor plates. It features basic and advanced imaging options, such as a True Bitewing Program, which are all designed to maximize clinical efficiency. The ProMax S2 can also grow with any practice: it can upgrade to 3D, move from film to digital, or cephalometric capabilities can be added at any time.

ProMax S3, Panoramic - Pan/Ceph

The ProMax S3 offers the same basic imaging options as the S2, with the added benefits of optional tomographic capabilities, as well as advanced TMJ and sinus programs. Like the S2, it can upgrade to 3D, move from film to digital, and cephalometric capabilities can be added, all without purchasing a new unit. The ProMax S3 also features Autofocus, which uses a low-dose scout image of the central incisors to calculate placement of the focal layer, eliminating retakes caused by false positioning.

ProOne, Panoramic

The ProOne features an easy-to-use color graphic user interface (GUI) with touch

magnification for image verification, has a compact footprint, weighs only 148 pounds (67 kg), and can be used in almost any doctor’s office or imaging facility.

ProX, Intraoral X-ray

PLANMECA introduces its newest intraoral X-ray- the ProX. With a drift-free arm and a 0.4mm focal spot, ProX provides easy, precise positioning and high-quality, high-resolution images. The unique design concept makes intraoral imaging easier and more reliable than ever.

ProSensor, Digital Intraoral Sensor System

An intraoral imaging device must meet the strict demands of today's dentist. It must be sized to the patient, durable to handle the rigors of everyday use and come with unique features that make it stand apart in the industry. Meet the PLANMECA ProSensor, now with the only 10-year warranty in the industry.

For more inFormation on PLanmeCa Promax S2, Promax S3,

Proone, ProX, or ProSensor, PLeaSe ContaCt YoUr PatterSon DentaL rePreSentatiVe at


or ViSit US on tHe WeB @ WWW.PLanmeCaUSa.Com














Planmeca 2D/3D/SingLED_Layout 1 13-02-15 17:00 Page1


ProMax 3D - (ø8x8 cm), 3D CBVT Panoramic or Pan/Ceph

The unique PLANMECA ProMax 3D CBVT imaging unit meets a wide range of diagnostic needs. This intelligent and multi-purpose X-ray unit is designed to obtain complete information on patient anatomy in great detail. Volumes can also be positioned anywhere within the field of view, which offers custom imaging that is ideally suited for today's dental specialist or general dentist.

ProMax 3D s - (ø5x8 cm), 3D CBVT Panoramic or Pan/Ceph

For the clinician whose focus is only on a small area of interest, the ProMax 3D s is PLANMECA’s economical solution for cone beam imaging.

ProMax 3D Mid (ø16x16 cm), 3D CBVT Panoramic or Pan/Ceph

The ProMax 3D MID has the flexibility to take an image of a single tooth or a complete maxillofacial reconstruction, as well as the ear, sinus cavity and a portion of the respiratory tract used for sleep apnea diagnosis. The volume sizes range from 2.4 x 4.2 cm to 16 x 16 cm that capture the entire face.

ProMax 3D Max (ø23x26 cm), 3D CBVT Panoramic

PLANMECA’s ProMax 3D Max scans virtually any region of interest, from a single tooth to a full maxillofacial area, in a single acquisition. The large field of view is useful for a variety of imaging applications, such as mid-size and highly detailed localized images, or more expansive volumes. The PLANMECA ProMax 3D Max is the perfect 3D CBVT X-ray unit for any diverse practice.

ProFace, (3D facial photo option - For ProMax 3D models ONLY)

PLANMECA ProFace is a unique 3D facial photo option available for the ProMax line of 3D dental imaging units. It produces a true 3D facial photo in addition to a 3D X-ray; one scan generates both a 3D photo and a CBVT volume. Alternatively, the 3D photo can be acquired separately in a completely radiation-free process.

For more inFormation on PLanmeCa Promax 3D, Promax 3D s, Promax 3D mid, Promax 3D max, or ProFace,

PLeaSe ContaCt YoUr PatterSon DentaL rePreSentatiVe at


or ViSit US on tHe WeB @ WWW.PLanmeCaUSa.Com






3D s



3D Mid



3D Max













Intraoral X-ray




• Variable kV, mA and time to optimize your imaging needs

• Fast, easy-to-use programmable control panel interface

• Steady arm provides smooth and precise positioning

• Available in four different arm lengths: 60 in., 65 in., 70 in., and 80 in.

• Optional integrated PLANMECA® ProSensor™ solution

• 0.4 mm focal spot for excellent image quality

ProX shown with optional integrated ProSensor - available separately




For more information on PLANMECA ProX™, contact

your Patterson representative.

ProX_Layout 1 12-11-26 15:59 Page1




ORTHOPHOS XG 3D with Galaxis Software



« Patterson Dental service over the past 28 years of my oral surgical practice has always been reliable and prompt. Ken Makela has been a knowledgeable and committed dental representative. Placing the SIRONA XG 3D conebeam CT in my office was problem-free, and has taken diagnostic imaging to the next level. There is now no more room for guesswork and all measurements are dependably accurate. 3D reconstruction has allowed a virtual image of the dentoalveolar structures and has helped in making a more definitive diagnosis. »

Testimonials on

digital technology equipment

Dr. Gordon B. Wong

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon • Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario

Dr. Ken hebel

Prosthodontist • London, Ontario « For 25 years I’ve placed implants using two dimensional panoramic images. The introduction of Cone Beam CT has changed the world of implant dentistry. This quantum leap in imaging greatly enhances my ability to treatment plan and place implants with predictable margins of safety. »


Patterson Technology 2013



Schick 33



« When I opened my practice recently I decided to have not just the best available current technologies, but the ability to integrate them seamlessly, as would be expected of a modern endodontic office. It was apparent Schick 33 had raised the standard of digital imaging. Diagnoses will undoubtedly improve as one can view the lamina dura, calcifications and canal paths more clearly. Schick also stands apart from their competition with the comprehensiveness of their customer service. Both my Schick and Patterson Dental representatives worked tirelessly to ensure the full functionality of the Schick software, set up as per my office’s unique needs. Their warranty program provided me ease of mind, knowing full well that I will always have the support I need when using my sensors. My greatest reassurance is that Schick and Patterson help me provide my patients the best care I can offer them. »

What would I do without my 3D ProMax?

I’ve been practising dentistry for about 20 years, the last twelve in Implantology. I do not know what I would do without my 3D ProMax! I have been using it everyday for the past 4 years! I am still impressed with its versatility and precision. It is sometimes used for taking a panoramic x-ray, a dental tomography but mostly for 3D scans! This dental equipment, which does not require more space than a conventional panoramic unit, offers an unequalled diagnostic opportunity to my staff and more particularly to my patients. Another undeniable advantage is being able to reduce a specific zone, respond to the diagnostic needs with less radiation.

Dr. Karam Ashoo

Endodontist • Georgetown Endodontics, Ontario

Dr. Martin hogue

DMD, Fellow ICOI • Granby, Quebec

Patterson Technology 2013


Our patients are more and more informed and demanding. Conse-quently, offering them an on-site service that is quick with less radiation makes enrolment easy.

“My patients are


The Romexis Reconstruction Software enables them to visualize the slices in the three axes in 3D format. The patients are impressed to see the images with the measurements and the layout of the nerves and recognize the relevance of the scan. This technology will help clients make well-informed decisions relating to their dental health.

Technology Era

More than four years ago I moved to the technology era, and I will never look back. This is particularly true in my new office carefully planned by the Patterson team where there are ten operatories connected through a

Planmeca ProMax 3D

The Romexis Reconstruction Software The new

dental office of Dr. Martin Hogue


network. Communication with patients and our team members is simple and easy. The operatories and the common radiology room are all equipped with Schick numeric sensors, which enable me to take x-rays of excellent quality every time instantly.

The rapidity with which the x-rays are taken enables me to care for the patient without waiting for the endless development delays, and it’s a positive contribution to the environment because of the absence of developer solutions.

This imaging technology associated with the CEREC technology, Odyssey Laser, microscope, intra-oral cameras and the Teneo Treatment Centre manufactured by Sirona demonstrates to our patients our commitment to not only meet their expectations but to surpass them! If your passion for dentistry and customer service is a primary concern, do not hesitate to use numeric technology.






And Track







The advanced LED design provides shadowless light without heat, consumes very little power (maximum 5 Watts) and has a standard life rating 10 times longer than a typical dental light halogen bulb. With a patented faceted reflector, autoclavable handles, and single LED construction, the PLANMECA SingLED operating light provides perfect, uniform illumination of the treatment area, ensuring true rendering of colour. The easy-to-clean LED light also features “Hands-Free” motion-sensor activation and intensity adjustment.

For more inFormation on PLanmeCa SingLeD, PLeaSe ContaCt YoUr PatterSon DentaL rePreSentatiVe at


or ViSit US on tHe WeB @ WWW.PLanmeCaUSa.Com


Planmeca 2D/3D/SingLED_Layout 1 13-02-15 17:00 Page3


8 white LED lights for bright, clear imaging in the darkest areas of the oral cavity

Universal fixed focal range delivers clear, crisp images from extreme close-up to full arch without local adjustements

Lightweight, portable and transfers easily between operatories

Standard USB cable connection (no capture card required) ensures universal compatibilit

y Easy one-click image capture (located on opposite side) Integrates seamlessly with CDR software Fully self contained system

Chair/table-mounted holder provides automatic on/off capability



Bring the power of the new IRIS Intraoral Camera into every operatory. This precision optical instrument features an easy to use 5-point Focus Wheel and unique USB connector that fits in a standard delivery unit. The elegantly streamlined profile has a much smaller, specially designed soft-tip with brilliant 8-point LED lighting and Sony’s Hi-Resolution CCD for the finest picture quality. Best in its class.

When quality and performance matter, see why Digital Doc is the #1 choice in intraoral cameras. To find out more call 1-800-518-1102 or visit us at

LEE ADVERTISING 925-680-0139 Job: Digital Doc IRIS

*Now Mac Compatible

non MAC version only







U S B I n t r a o r a l C a m e r a


Digital Doc IRIS Air Techniques Polaris Schick USBCam4 Florida Probe Planmeca ProX Schick Schick 33


Doctor, which new and cutting

edge digital equipment do you

want to add to your practice?


Schick Schick Wi-Fi Air Techniques ScanX



Patterson Technology 2013









Acteon SoproShade 717


Sirona SIROLaser Advance and Xtend Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid Sirona Orthophos XG 3D Midmark Dual Track Light Monitor Planmeca SingLED



CEREC Bluecam and Omnicam A-dec LED Light


CEREC 4.0 Software DentalEz EverLight









Patterson Technology 2013







Québec City Convention Centre

OCTOBER 3 TO 5, 2013








Presented by:

Register before

April 30, 2013

and receive

a special rate!

Ask your Patterson Representative for more details.



The most popular X-ray unit

in the world. Now with 3D!

Simply outstanding. The new ORTHOPHOS XG 3D combines all the advantages of digital panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging into a single easy-to-use system. Its optimized fi eld of view ensures greater precision and opens up new perspectives for your practice, such as simultaneous prosthetic and surgical implant planning with CEREC. The fully automatic 2D / 3D sensor, intuitive operation and a fi nding-based workfl ow make your routine practice even more effi cient. Enjoy every day. With Sirona.



3D X-ray technology is no longer just for specialists: Dual-use devices for panoramic and 3D-scans are optimized for routine tasks in any practice. They combine the advantages of 2D and 3D into one comprehensive unit. The 2D X-ray image with minimal radiation exposure for patients is now supplemented with the ability to capture the X-ray image in 3D. Increased diagnostic accuracy, when a panoramic or intraoral image does not allow a clear diagnosis, much faster patient education, fast and easy 3D-planning of implants and guided surgery are major benefits of CBCT technology (3D X-Ray).

Advanced Cone Beam technology uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam that transmits onto a solid-state area sensor for image capture, producing the complete volume image in a single rotation.

ORTHOPHOS XG 3D: Cristal clear 2D and 3D image modalities through ASTRA (2D), MARS (3D) and High-Definition mode

Greater diagnostic accuracy HD Quality with a volume of 8 x 8 cm FOV. With the aid of 3D imaging you can view abnormalities from any perspective.

This type of imaging exposes a patient to less radiation than traditional CT scanners, which is not higher than the radiation dose a patient would receive on a flight from New York to Frankfurt and only slightly higher than a full series of digital periapical radiographs.

3D X-Ray

in Modern Dentistry

Patterson Technology 2013


CBCT imaging provides comprehensive data and the ability to dynamically manipulate that data, viewing anatomy from multiple perspectives. The range of application covers nearly all aspects of dentistry when the required information cannot be obtained by traditional 2D-images.


CBCT scans are ideal for implantology due to the high quality of the produced images and the low dose of radiation exposure. They allow the restorative dentist to optimally plan and place dental implants with benefits throughout the complete care, from diagnosis to treatment to post-op examinations. The 3D-volume shows all structures needed for minimal invasive implant placement (including the jaw boundaries, adjacent teeth, nasal fossa, mandibular canal, maxillary sinus, mental foramen, and incisive canal).

• Locate and determine the distance to vital anatomic structures

• Measure alveolar bone width and visualize bone contours

• Determine if a bone graft or sinus lift is needed

• Decide whether surgery can be performed in own restorative practice without complications (3D typically increases this number of cases, because of much better information about 3D structure of nerve paths, soft tissue and bone)

• Select the most suitable implant size and type • Optimize implant location and angulation • Increased case acceptance

• Reduce surgery time • Build patient confidence

Digital impression scanning and design capabilities of CEREC combined with the diagnostic accuracy of Sirona’s XG 3D

Combining CBCT-Data with CAD/CAM-Data allows the restorative dentist to consider the prosthetic and surgical conditions simultaneously. This increases clinical safety and patients’ trust. With the superimposition of optical impression and design of the requested restoration from CEREC and the 3D X-Ray image of the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, patients have a clear understanding of the treatment process and decide more frequently in favour of the suggested treatment.

The visualization and analysis of the data is made in the highly efficient GALAXIS software. The CAD/CAM data with the prosthetic proposal is



The combination of 2- and 3-dimensional x-rays is optimal in orthodontics. Traditional 2D- planning is fast, sufficient in most cases and exposes patients to less radiation. If needed a (collimated) 3D-volume allows a more comprehensive orthodontic diagnosis of vital structures when the information cannot be obtained adequately by lower dose conventional radiography: • Localized 3D assessment of an

impacted tooth (tooth’s position in relation to surrounding vital structures, nearby teeth and their roots) including consideration of resorption of an adjacent tooth • Locating supernumerous teeth • TMJ assessments of condylar anatomy in three dimensions • Planning for placement of orthodontic anchorage and for placement of temporary anchorage devices (TADs)

They appreciate:

• Being part of the planning procedure (only possible when 3D diagnosis and planning software are intuitive and easy to use)

• The optimization between perfect aesthetics and minimal invasive surgery

• The clinical safety of guided surgery

The two hottest topics regarding CBCT and implantology are virtual surgery planning and surgical guides. Surgical guides based on CEREC and ORTHOPHOS XG 3D can be ordered with a couple of mouse-clicks from SICAT (a Sirona company). The benefits are faster and more relaxed surgery and fewer complications.

Sirona’s XG 3D CBCT enables to determine the exact position of impacted teeth.

The combination of 2- and 3-dimensional x-rays is optimal in orthodontics. Patterson Technology 2013


Endodontic front tooth case in a axial view. Endodontic front tooth case in a tangential view

The third dimension increases clinical safety and your patients’ trust.


Conventional radiography is more practical and better suited for everyday endodontic procedures. Nevertheless in multi-rooted teeth, volumetric data from CBCT scans can provide serial, axial, coronal and sagittal views of the root canal anatomy that are not possible to obtain from conventional radiography. Therefore HD-CBCT with small volume is indicated for selected cases:

• Preoperative planning of surgical endodontic procedures

• Suspected, or established, inflammatory root resorption or internal resorption • Periapical osseous lesions

• Root fractures and traumas of the dentoalveolar complex

Oral and maxillofacial


The use of CBCT-scans is widely used in oral and maxillofacial surgery (for e.g. displaced teeth, fracture diagnostics, sinus diagnostics, cysts, retained roots, orthognathic surgical procedures). As dentists perform typically minor oral surgery, they mainly use it when conventional radiographs suggest a direct inter-relationship between a mandibular third molar and the mandibular canal.


3D in all perspectives. With the aid of 3D X-rays you can view abnormalities from any chosen perspective.

Wisdom tooth case seen in an axial view.

Wisdom tooth case 3D image in a volumetric view.

Periodontal assessment

The diagnosis of periodontal diseases may be supplemented by radiological examination. Conventional two-dimensional radiographs have significant limitations in demonstrating the periodontal attachment of teeth. Two-dimensional images do not show irregular bone defects or buccal/lingual attachments clearly. The attraction of a three-dimensional image is, therefore, considerable. HD-CBCT is especially indicated in cases of infra-bony defects and furcation lesions. Considering the wide range of

indications, more than 25% of your patients might benefit from 3D which makes a 2D/3D X-Ray machine highly profitable. It requires about the same space as a traditional 2D X-ray machine and provides all the advantages of 2D and 3D imaging. In all types of challenging diagnostic situations, it helps to have direct access to a 3D X-ray. It is a must when dentists like to increase the number of implant cases and when they like to combine it with their CEREC machine. For all those cases a

cylindrical FoV of 5 x 5 and 8 x 8 cm is sufficient. 5 x 5 is optimal for endodontic and orthodontic questions and 8 x 8 is large enough to view the entire jaw of a patient using just one image. Yet, it is still small enough for rapid diagnosis and low radiation exposure.

3D X-Ray increases clinical safety and your patients’ trust. With 3D images patients have a clear understanding of the diagnosis and decide in favor of the suggested treatment, quickly and more frequently.

Patterson Technology 2013


Integrated implantology

Only with CEREC and 3D X-ray from Sirona

B-52 8-5D -V 0

Easy implant planning. Increased case acceptance. Precise surgical guides. Secure implant placement. Increased turnover. Better aesthetic results. Happy patients. Investment in the future. Increased margins. And all this with the seamless digital in-house process with CEREC and 3D X-ray. Learn more about at Enjoy every day. With Sirona.

3D X-ray meets CAD/CAM.

Guided implantology in one visit


Patterson Technology 2013


What’s stopping you?

The best support in the industry.

Seamless integration with more digital solutions. A range of data conversion and training options. CDAnetTM and ITRANSTM Certified.

All backed by Patterson’s long history and commitment to your success.

What’s stopping

you from making

your practice

more productive

and profitable?


Version 15.5 is Shipping Now!

Visit for more information

Contact your Patterson representative or call 866-449-7282 or email us at for more information.


Patterson Dental’s hardware systems are built to bring clients the most enhanced technology and software in the marketplace.

Our systems feature industry- leading Microsoft® Windows® software, including Windows Server 2008 R2 for greater control over server and network infrastructure and an enterprise-class foundation for workloads.

Patterson Workstation Version 3.0

The system is designed to optimize Eaglesoft around Windows 7 and the new Intel Core i5 processor. Perfect for operating rooms, front desk and consult room computing! Item 07-5886601

Key Features: • Very low acoustics • Low power consumption

Patterson Workgroup Server Version 3.0

This system is designed for peer-to-peer networking for up to 10 users, and the Intel Core i5 processor is optimized for Eaglesoft performance. Item 07-5886619

Key Features:

• Three removable hard drive trays • Low power consumption • Small footprint

• Soft RAID 0,1 and 5 compatible

Patterson Dedicated Server

This system is optimized for performance and reliability around Windows Server 2008 R2; the Intel Xeon processor delivers the performance and reliability needed to support up to 50 users. Item 07-5886627

Key Features:

• 1+1 Redundant Power Supply • Soft RAID 0,1,5 and 10 compatible • Six hot-swap hard drive trays

Patterson Performance Server

This server is optimized for Windows Server 2008 R2 networking for up to 150 users, with increased performance and reliability. Item 07-5886635

Key Features:

• 1+1 Redundant Power Supply • Hardware RAID 0,1,5 and 10 compatible • Six hot-swap hard drive trays • Intel Xeon processor • Incredible storage capacity

Patterson All-in-one

The new All-In-One System is designed to optimize Eaglesoft around Windows 7 and the Intel Core2 Duo processor combined with a very small footprint.

Item 07-5884408 Key Features:

• Computer built into monitor • 19’’ screen with touch • Built-in speakers • Low power consumption

• IP64 waterproof and dustproof bezel design • VESA mountable



Assess Perio Risk

The Risk Assessment Screen helps the patient understand the connection between the perio exam data and their total body health. It calculates a patient’s risk of peri-odontal infection or

reinfection based upon their specific risk factors, including smoking habits, age, oral hygiene, medications, etc. and assigns the patient a Low, Medium, or HighRisk score.

Keep Better Records The Periodontal Screen and resulting chart printout can be used by the clinician as a “treatment map” to quickly identify

areas needing adjunctive therapies or to easily compare previous exam visits to keep track of patient progress.

Customize Your Exam

The exam can be customized to record all or some of the following: dentition, med-ical history, risk assessment,

recession and hyperplasia, gingival attachment, pocket depth, bleeding, suppuration, furcation, plaque, mobility, MGJ, and diagnosis.

Improve Patient Health

Increase patient acceptance of periodontal therapies for a disease that has few typical or motivating symptoms (pain, aesthetics). Therapy can begin in the

earliest stages of the disease, often

preventing early bone loss, surgery or serious complications from

systemic disease (including death from cardiovascular disease or diabetes).





Periodontal Probing & Charting Systems



What Is It?

Our FP32 Software. The best periodontal charting software on the planet. Simply put, it’s the core of both our Florida Probe

and GoProbe Systems.

What Does It Do?

It allows you to Probe, Chart, Educateand

Motivateyour patients to care about their perio health. Sounds and images generated from the software during the exam engage the patient in a high-tech,co-diagnosis

experience that educates and motivates them to be compliant with recom-mended therapies.

How Does It Work?

During the exam, the “talking” software simultaneously calls out, displays, and records

pocket depths and other perio exam information for the patient and clinician’s benefit.

Personal Page

Risk Screen

Visit Settings




Increase Productivity

The System acts as your computerized assistant for the periodontal exam –only one examiner required. This increases office productivity, because you won’t need other staff members to chart while you are probing.

Protect Your Practice

Use the periodontal chart to create a “treatment map” for scaling and root planing, subgingival antimicrobials or even laser use. When combined with thepatient diagnosis sheet, the duo becomes a legal record and informed consent to protect your practice and reduce legal exposure from the number one lawsuit in general dentistry.

Generate New Hygiene Revenue

One more quadrant of scaling and root planing acceptance per day at $250/Quadrant, working a 4-day week, adds $50,000 per year in production. This is only the beginning: 3-month re-care, adjunctive therapies and diagnostic fees add to this hygiene-driven increase. Active Florida Probe offices routinely increase hygiene and perio production by $10,000 per month.

laptop not included.

Pt. Diagnosis Sheet Perio Chart Printout

Wireless Keypad Computerized Probe la p to p n o t in clu d ed .



is Best For Your Practice?

outfits 2 operatories.


Patterson Technology 2013


CAESY Cloud:

Great CAESY content is just a click away!

Patterson Dental is proud to offer our customers CAESY, Clinically Advanced Education Systems. This premier patient education system contains more than 280 full-motion video presentations featuring full-color graphics and dynamic 3D

animation and narration. More than 16,000 users rely on CAESY clinical content to educate their patients.

Now there’s a new way to access CAESY content – online via CAESY Cloud! With one click, you can access these valuable presentations from multiple locations and multiple devices throughout your practice – at the same time!

Connect to CAESY Cloud today! Contact your Patterson representative, call the Patterson Canada Technology Centre at 866-449-7282 or visit


• New videos and features are pushed online as they become available • Low monthly start-up and subscription fee

• No installation required – access from anywhere

• Access on many media devices, including iPads and iPhones, Droid devices & more

• Multiple licensing options


• $295 one-time enrolment fee

• Simple concurrent-use licence subscriptions starting at $59/month (for up to 5 concurrent users)

0-5 Concurrent Users 6-10 Concurrent Users 11-15 Concurrent Users 16-20 Concurrent Users Unlimited Users One-Time Enrollment $59/month $98/month $137/month $176/month $215/month $295

see it.

hear it. believe it.

PCTC120008_w/ pricing chart 12-02-07 15:00 Page1




Call 866.449.7282 or email us at

to book your in-house demonstration today!

Bring the latest and greatest patient education into your practice with CAESY Enterprise Suite 9! With over 70 new and updated topics to help your practice grow, Suite 9 contains the most requested topics and the latest in dental

technologies, plus new live-action video, fresh 3-D animations and superior software navigation.




• Esthetics section is completely updated • Updated Periodontal Disease modules

• CEREC CAD/CAM presentation in Technology is updated to include the new CEREC Acquisition Center (AC) powered by Bluecam

Smile Channel 9

• Veneers and All-Porcelain Crowns are completely updated in Esthetics Did You Know?

• Technologies in Dentistry has several updates




• Panoramic X-ray is new in Initial Visit

• Five new presentations in Periodontal Disease • Caries ID is new in Technology

SmileChannel 9

• Four new presentations in Smile Style

• New Tech Minute series in Technology, featuring cone beam, CAD/CAM and more

• Two new Did You Know? programs


Patterson Technology 2013


Data is the most important asset in your practice.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect it.

You show up to your practice one morning expecting a busy day with fully booked

operatories only to find that your server is dead. Patients lining up and you have no

access to any information. Now what? With UpTime


powered by DDS Rescue


you can

safeguard your practice against a server crash, power outage or natural disaster and be up

and running again in minutes versus days or even longer.

The DDS Rescue System Includes:

• Onsite redundant server • Online backup to secure Canadian data centre • Easy installation via web interface • Canadian Data Centre with 24/7 monitoring • 3-year replacement warranty (up to 1 unit per year) • Red-carpet recovery service Technical Specifications: • Linux operating system • Quad core CPU • Several systems available to accommodate practices of all sizes: 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB RAID1 or larger • GPS tracking device built into unit • Simple web interface with 5-minute set-up

Contact your Patterson representative or call 866.449.7282 or email us at

Because youcan’t afford

the alternative

Available Spring 2013 – Exclusively

Through Patterson Dental Canada


What Is UpTime?

Onsite System

A Redundant Server at Your Office

UpTime™ includes an onsite unit – a redundant server – for common network failures, which, in most cases, can get your office back up and running in 10 minutes. Think of it as a high-tech spare tire for your practice.

Online System

Your Programs & Data – Stored Securely in the Cloud

In addition to backups on your onsite redundant server, the system routinely copies these fi les to the cloud. Your programs and data are backed up online and stored in multiple, encrypted facilities. If your offi ce is destroyed, your complete server can be accessed via the web so you can view fi les and manage your business remotely.

Canadian Data Centre with 24/7 Monitoring Every Backup Is Verifi ed

Onsite and offsite systems are monitored and tested to make sure all backed-up data is current, should you need a fast restore.

Easy Installation And Help If You Need It

You do not need a network professional onsite to install UpTime. Simply plug the UpTime unit into your network and the rest will be handled remotely.

Why UpTime?

• Fastest and most predictable restore possible. In most cases, get your offi ce up and running in 10 minutes or less • Most reliable backup possible. Never worry again about the quality of your backups

Built for dental. UpTime is PIPEDA and

HITECH compliant. Your data never leaves your practice unencrypted

Q: What’s your most

valuable asset?

A: Your data!

The dental offi ce of today derives its value from patient information and equipment. Without your patient information, where would your practice be?

UpTime Powered by DDS

Rescue is “Business Continuity”

· Instant recovery with no network reconfi guration · Saves you from downtime costs

· Managed system ensures recovery

Contact your Patterson representative,

call us at 866.449.7282 or email us at

for more information

Because youcan’t afford


Patterson Technology 2013



Precise, fast and versatile

The CEREC MC XL delivers professional, long-lasting results in just a few minutes.


Precision and ease of use redefi ned CEREC Omnicam and Bluecam are easy to operate and set new standard in precision.


Integrated implantology with CEREC

Combine CEREC digital impressions and computer-aided design with the diagnostic security of Sirona’s 3D X-ray systems for genuine integrated implantology.


The world’s largest digital dental network CEREC AC Connect gives dentists access to thousands of lab owners and technicians throughout the country via a web-based portal.


The most intuitive and intelligent software in the history of dental CAD/CAM

CEREC® 4.0 Software springs the CEREC system forward with powerful new features including a new user interface designed for faster and easier progress through design steps, work direct-on-tooth and multi-tooth simultaneous design tools.

For more information, please contact your Patterson Dental representative.



From digital impressions

to the final in-house milling process, CEREC makes one visit dentistry possible.




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