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Division of Administration & Finance Customer Satisfaction Survey Summary Report. Payroll Services


Academic year: 2021

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Division of Administration & Finance

2015 Customer Satisfaction

Survey Summary Report

Payroll Services


Yes 77.4% 82

No 22.6% 24

Total 106

Payroll Services

1. Have you had at least one interaction with Payroll Services over the last 12 months?

77.4% 22.6% Yes No 0 20 40 60 80 100


Faculty 14.1% 12 Staff 85.9% 73 Total 85

2. Classification:

14.1% 85.9% Faculty Staff 0 20 40 60 80 100



Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied

Don't Know /

NA Responses

Ease of contacting staff members 8

9.8% 14 17.1% 16 19.5% 27 32.9% 15 18.3% 2 2.4% 82

The staff's ability to handle questions or requests 12 14.6% 15 18.3% 12 14.6% 28 34.1% 13 15.9% 2 2.4% 82

Professionalism of the staff 5

6.1% 14 17.1% 14 17.1% 31 37.8% 15 18.3% 3 3.7% 82

Staff's willingness to help or refer questions to the proper level or individual

10 12.2% 15 18.3% 14 17.1% 21 25.6% 19 23.2% 3 3.7% 82

Staff's knowledge of regulations, policy and procedure 11 13.4% 11 13.4% 16 19.5% 27 32.9% 14 17.1% 3 3.7% 82

Timely responses to initial contact via phone or e-mail (24 hours) 14 17.1% 10 12.2% 15 18.3% 24 29.3% 14 17.1% 5 6.1% 82

The confidentiality with which requests are treated confidentiality 4 4.9% 7 8.5% 13 15.9% 24 29.3% 19 23.2% 15 18.3% 82

3. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following items. If you cannot rate an item, or it is not applicable,

select "Don't Know / NA."



Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied

Don't Know /

NA Responses

Understanding your needs 10

12.2% 11 13.4% 19 23.2% 24 29.3% 13 15.9% 5 6.1% 82

Information found on the department website 8

9.8% 10 12.2% 17 20.7% 22 26.8% 8 9.8% 17 20.7% 82

Communication of information to the campus 10

12.2% 10 12.2% 17 20.7% 22 26.8% 7 8.5% 16 19.5% 82

Timely resolution of pay discrepancies 20

24.4% 15 18.3% 11 13.4% 15 18.3% 9 11.0% 12 14.6% 82

Online payroll forms 6

7.3% 7 8.5% 14 17.1% 24 29.3% 9 11.0% 22 26.8% 82

Level of comfort in returning for additional services if you need them

13 15.9% 14 17.1% 15 18.3% 20 24.4% 11 13.4% 9 11.0% 82

Overall satisfaction with services provided 14

17.1% 17 20.7% 15 18.3% 23 28.0% 12 14.6% 1 1.2% 82

4. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the following items. If you cannot rate an item, or it is not applicable,

select "Don't Know / NA."





Open Text Question 



Please tell us what you appreciate the most or what is working well for you

regarding our services:

Courtesy of staff.

Elaine is very polite and friendly Front office staff is very helpful getting my check on time Great Customer Service

I am happy now that I am receiving my pay check on time now.

I appreciate Elaine Magee going above and beyond to help me each time I call. She is always so kind and friendly and takes the time to help me find the correct answer to my question so I don't have to call back dozens of times for help.

I appreciate their service haven't had any problems always been helpful to me. I can't think of any.

I don't get chance to talk with payroll because they always tell our chief to contact them through a third party. I work for the police department and still have not received pay for my excess hours. It has been months.

Most of the time everyone who answers the phone is nice. Normal Payroll is processed.

not much

Nothing **** and **** are incompetent

Occassionally, someone steps up to the plate and assists, when others haven't been very helpful. profesional , prompt , very easy to deal with

professionalism and courteous prompt responses

Staff does their best to resolve issues. Staff is professional and responsive Staff payroll has always been great!

The only positive thing I have to say is that Elaine Magee is a good worker, beyond that the department as a whole is the worst on campus.

The quick turnaround.

The staff is supportive and willing to work with me when I have a problem. The staff really tries to get the answer to the questions.

The willingness to help as well as the courtesy in which they handle all affairs. The woman at the front desk is very friendly and helpful.

They serve the campus community as best they can. There have been many salary adjustmeets for faculty & staff in 2015.

Timely management of processing requests by the limited payroll staff, especially during busy days. Vanessa is AEWSOME…**** not so much, don't like dealing with her.


Please describe any difficulties you have had with any aspect

of our services:

Both staff and MPP will need more training. They do not have knowledge on how to do the calculations.

campus community does not understand payroll AR's. How to avoid them, and when they need to be paid back. Communication is limited. They seem to shy away from issues they create.

Customer service needs to improve dramatically from all levels and there has to be better answers to questions than "i do not know, that is the rule." Front desk service needs to improve dramatically.

Errors related to staff sick and vacation time. Balances are not always correct on the H-13.

Faculty (especially part-time faculty) often lack information needed to understand payments, especially those that are for extra work done outside of a regular academic year contract. Timeliness of payment, especially for work done through extended ed, is an ongoing concern. When faculty are underpaid or not paid on time, the impact to personal finances can be considerable, and the process for rectifying is complex and slow. Overpayment to faculty resulting in balance due is also a problem.

Getting extension faculty paid on time. getting my boss's check on time

Have had several issues with **** from payroll, she's not professional, makes MANY mistakes that have affected my paycheck and my accumulated sick and vacation time. It's very frustrating to deal with ****. Issues take months to get resolved.

Having a student assistant at the front desk ask for and write down on a piece of paper your social security number is a breach of security policies. Did not receive a W2, go to the office and have someone look through a pile of them on a shelf, then finding yours is ridiculous. If they come back, notify the employee. Understand policies, the paperwork and understand basic math. Transactions that should take a couple of weeks, take months. Cannot recommend that people do any changes in payroll, there is a high % that something will be wrong and you will have to correct things for months. Overtime pay is not accurate.

I believe that the department is very poorly managed. It has gone from bad to worse in my opinion. I think that the huge turnover of employees, especially in regards to Managers is a clear indication that the Director does not know how to run her department efficiently. Never in my many years of dealing with payroll directly have I had the problems that I currently have experienced, whether for myself or my co-workers.

I don't have the freedom to walk in the office or call because I feel that I am bothering them. In one occasion, I called because I wanted a work verification letter and I was not given the assistance. I was questioned as if I wanted to do something wrong and in the end, did not get the assistance. I got my letter after sending an email and then a follow-up email because I did not receive a response the first time.

I have experienced difficulties in receiving my paycheck and in having accurate vacation/sick accruals. I have not had any.

If the employee is informed it takes 2 months for a direct deposit, it should be done within the stated time frame. If that is not feasible, then do not provide the client with an inaccurate information.


Please describe any difficulties you have had with any aspect

of our services:

If there is an error in a paycheck it needs to be resolved right away - it's "paycheck" which mean you need the money now. Having someone in Sacramento cut a new check and send in a few weeks is unacceptable when you need to pay your rent, bills, etc. now. Having a time sheet "misplaced under a stack of papers" is not the fault of the employee who needs to get paid. A check should be cut "right away." I understand the advantage of doing "check runs" on Wednesday & Friday, but there are circumstances where waiting for a "check run" is unreasonable especially when you haven't been paid due to CSUDH employee errors. Everyone makes mistakes, that's fine, but at least resolve the mistake right away. Another concern is an explanation of what is being taken out of a check. There's codes that are meant for Payroll employees, but I never know what they mean unless I call. Better clarification for the person receiving the check would be helpful and we'd bother Payroll less if we had a better understanding.

Instructors are never paid on time. In some instances instructor's pay has been delayed more than 90 days. It has taken over 6 months to get paid for hours owed since 2012. There has been a lot of turn over in the department and it seemed as if someone else was "taking over" the account. Then a procedure change to get it taken care of and I still haven't been paid. This has been very frustrating. Not only has payroll had a hand in this Manager can be unwilling to perform certain tasks originally maintained by Payroll. Will often debate certain requests, without acknowledging the need to provide adequate customer service.

Manager is very unhelpful and can be rude as if our issues are not important.

My first pay check was not released on time, and it was not until I went up to the office to inquire that it was taken care of.

Payroll has the tendency to shift the blame on other departments other than themselves. The manager talks to the customer in a demeaning manner. If you are paid in error (short or overpaid), it takes forever and a day to get resolved. They always tell you they would get back with you, but never do. In other words, they need to learn how to follow-up on issues and communicate to the customers in a timely manner.

Payroll Manager does not have any knowledge, very rude and will not aswer questions.

So many errors are made in Payroll it is unbelievable. I was just speaking with my coworker about the Payroll Department and how out of 36 months, only 2 months were completely fine in regards to receiving all of the checks for people in my department. It is just so aggrivating when you do all you can on your end to make sure things flow smoothly and then you have no control over the Payroll Department and how they process the paperwork. Additionally, since **** has come aboard as the Director, almost all of the seasoned and good employees have left. Dunia left, Michelle left, etc. etc. etc. They all left because they couldn't stand being under the direction of ****. I cannot begin to tell you how many times **** has personally screwed up my payroll from my department. I am still in shock that **** is knowledgable to be the Director.

Sometimes paperwork gets lost Staff and Director are not helpful.

The turnover rate in the department... Our department has gone through three payroll techs and its frustrating when your tasks or inquiries are not processed or answered in a timely manner.

There are often delays with student payroll even when the students have been hired properly and have submitted their hours on time. There is little information given to explain why delays occurred and when late checks will be ready for pick-up. This makes it difficult to explain the delay to the students who were expecting their checks. It is also difficult to know how to avoid these errors in the future.

There is a lack of training on how to properly complete all of the payroll forms They are slow and have to much turnover of staff in department


Please describe any difficulties you have had with any aspect

of our services:

They don't understand their job, they don't follow policy or know the union contract of the departments they serve. They are Thieves because oddly every time they make a mistake its in the favor of the University. Employees need to be paid on time. not 4 years latter, we even found out they had not issued a check to the VP of Admin & Fin in months

Timely manner and rude service

To this day, I still do not have leave information on my paycheck stub. I've been asking since Fall.

Try to change your address. HR will refer you to Payroll. Payroll will refer you to HR. If you change your address in my.csudh.edu, your mail will still go to your old address (example: W-2). Why, when you've already taken

appropriate action. Seems senseless. No one is ever at the front desk if you go to the Payroll office. Various payroll issues, i.e. missing paychecks, workers not having access to peoplesoft timesheets, lack of effective communication from department supervisor

We have not had a consistent payroll technician in over 5 years. Payroll's employee turnover is unacceptable. My department's payroll is one of the more difficult to process. But yet our payroll is always given to the less

experienced technician. Employees checks have been deposited into the wrong employee's account. Employee's have worked overtime requesting CTO and instead were paid. Payroll with notify us that an employee's check is ready for pick-up, but when we go to cashier's window they inform us payroll has not sent down the release paperwork. I have contacted payroll directly regarding making changes to my direct deposit. I was instructed to come to the office. Person on phone said the forms were on-line, but she didn't know where and didn't have time to look. Long story short Payroll is a department that I really don't like interacting with.

When I was hired, I had to pay for my 1st month of insurance 8 months after I was hired. Luckily it was a low amount, but 8 months to notice a discrepancy is unacceptable.

When I was on modified work due to an injury, the paperwork to place me on worker's comp was not processed in a timely manner. As a result, I did not receive any pay for several weeks. I did get an advance once, but there were too many problems in getting everything corrected.


What suggestions, if any, do you have for improvement of our


Allow faculty greater access to their pay histories through People Soft as is available on other CSU campuses. Provide some notation on pay stubs that gives a more specific description of what off-cycle payments are for. Pay faculty for off-cycle work in a more timely fashion.

Be more customer service oriented.

Better staff. More staff? Better communication with HR.

Both staff and MPP will need more trainings. Need to hire real technical staff and MPP who had real experience on payroll process, understand basic Mathematics, honest, and are willing to help employees.

Evaluate the department in order to unveil reason behind employee turnover. Fix pay issues right away. Don't sit on them.

Fix the above. Pay people on time. fix the issues and fix them quickly

Get more permanent staff personnel hired to help with the load Payroll currently has. Get more staff...there are overwhelmed...

Go to customer service training, learn to help people who come to your office with a smile. Attend trainings for policies and procedures so when we call we will receive the correct answer on the first call instead of the fourth call. Great Department

Have more willingness to help.


Hire more experienced payroll technicians. Find why the department is not able to retain employees. It could be a management issue that needs to be addressed.

hire more staff Hire more staff.

Hire people who know what they are doing and be able to retain them. Stop hiring temporary people to perform confidential work. Once the veteran employees left, processes started devolving. Hire a manager who knows what he/she is doing, who understands the policies and procedures, and can retain competent staff.

Hired a Payroll Manger with excellent customer service skills I think this department is perfect.

I think you have to start from the top up and get employees who actually know what they are doing!

I would suggest that when there is an error on payroll's behalf, there should be a sense of expediency in rectifying the mistake. Payroll staff members should also feel a sense of urgency to correct their errors and follow up with the individual impacted by their errors.

Keep your employees. Seems like large turnover.

Manager needs to have a better attitude and approachable. More qualified staff.

More Staff

More training for admins on how to fill out the payroll forms. Especially when they are new. There should be more communication between payroll and the cashier's office regarding the passing out of checks.

Need more staff.

Pay Instructors on time, even 30 days is rediculous. Provide access to payroll data.

Providing more information about addressing student payroll policies, delays, and problems would be helpful. Set a higher priority for processing new hires, especially those hired from other campuses. We wait to long for sick and vacation leave balances.


What suggestions, if any, do you have for improvement of our


Terminate **** and get someone competent, You get what you pay for so hire someone qualified and PAY THEM accordingly.

They should have a tracking system on resolving issues. This tracking system should include HR and every departmental payroll liaisons.They should have a tracking systems on resolving issues. This tracking system should include HR and every department payroll liason person.

Training and development; customer service incentives

Update your systems. I wonder how long ago you have update the soft and programs in your department. You need to keep up with technology. Paycheck information should be displayed on the website prior to the release of check, and not a couple day after. Simple suggestions as above may not appear significant; however, allow the employee to plan their financial affairs.

**** should take her job serious, be professional and know how to process payroll correctly. work on the weekends


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