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Converting Browsers into Buyers

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Hitachi PaybyFinance –

Magento Plugin

Installation Instructions v1.0




Converting Browsers into Buyers


Magento Compatibility 3 Features 3 Server Environment 4 Prerequisite 4 Installation Instructions 4 Configure services 4

Add a new service 4

Service selector widget 5

Product pages 5

Basket page 6

Checkout 6

Enterprise Idev OneStepCheckout 7

Customising look and feel 8

Billing country message 8

Known Issues 9

Deposits 9

Order Success Transactional email 9




Converting Browsers into Buyers

Magento Compatibility

 Magento Community (`1.7.*`, `1.8.*`, `1.9.*`)  Magento Enterprise Edition (`1.13.*`, `1.14.*`)


 Multi-sites/store environment.  Discount codes

 One Step Checkout Version 4  Webshopapps Matrix Rates

 Sage Pay Suite PRO v3.0.8 by Ebizmarts: Sage Pay Suite [Frontend – SERVER Integration]

 Sage Pay Suite Community Edition v3.0.19.1 by Ebizmarts: Sage Pay Suite [Frontend – SERVER Integration] 

 PayPal Express Checkout

 DataCash :: Hosted Card Capture  DataCash :: API




Converting Browsers into Buyers

Server Environment


Please ensure that the following TLS1.2 cipher is available on your server for secure communication with the Pay By Finance Server, a finance application cannot be processed without this.


Installation Instructions

1. Back up your database and files

2. Copy the files from the archive to your Magento document root 3. Clear the cache

4. If you are logged in as admin, log out and in again 5. Configure services

Configure services

A service describes how the customer will pay back the finance. It is used to calculate monthly instalment and defines in which conditions the finance service will be available for the product or the shopping basket. An eTailer can have more than one service.

Add a new service

In order to add a new service, you should have received the service data from Hitachi Capital. This data for each service consists of these parameters:

Type (ID): numeric, example: 31

Name: string, for example "Interest free" APR: numeric, for example 6

Term: numeric, for example 12 Defer term: numeric, example: 6 Option term: numeric, example: 0




Converting Browsers into Buyers

Deposit: percentage, for example: 10 Fee: price, example: 0

Minimum amount: price, example: 500

Multiplier, float (8 digit after the floating point), example: 0.09168000 RPM: float, example: 0.0

To add a new service, in the admin menu, select Pay By Finance > Services > Add Service. Fill in the service details and click Save. Repeat this for all services.

Service selector widget

Product pages

If the finance widget does not appear by default on your sites product pages, the following instruction will provide a guide how to do this.

Open the following file, if it does not exist, create it:

`app/design/frontend/{yourpackage}/{yourtheme}/layout/local.xml` And add this or edit the file with the following:

```<?xml version="1.0"?> <layout>

<catalog_product_view> <reference name="content">

<block type="paybyfinance/selector" name="paybyfinance.selector" as="pbfselector" template="paybyfinance/selector.phtml">

</block> </reference>

</catalog_product_view> </layout>

Open the following file:

`app/design/frontend/{yourpackage}/{yourtheme}/template/catalog/product/view.phtml` If the file is not in the folder of your theme, then copy it from this location:

`app/design/frontend/base/default/template/catalog/product/view.phtml` Add this line of code




Converting Browsers into Buyers

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('paybyfinance.selector') ?>

To only display the finance widget on product pages where finance is available, we provide a helper method which returns with a boolean type:

<?php if Mage::helper('paybyfinance')->isProductEligible($_product): ?> <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('paybyfinance.selector') ?>

<?php endif; ?>

Basket page

Open the file:

`app/design/frontend/{yourpackage}/{yourtheme}/templates/checkout/cart.phtml` And place the following code anywhere you want to display the finance selector widget:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('cartpbfselector'); ?>

In the rwd template, this step is not required as the extension pushes the widget to the `shopping.cart.table.after` reference.

Be aware, the default `app/design/frontend/base/default/templates/checkout/cart.phtml` template is overridden in favour of automatically adding the widget to the cart.


How to place the finance selector on the checkout pages if it's not appearing by default. The extension provides block by default on the right sidebar, this document will show how to add it to those templates where it's not appearing.

Open the following file, if it does not exist, create it:

`app/design/frontend/{yourpackage}/{yourtheme}/layout/local.xml` And add this or edit the file with the following:


<?xml version="1.0"?> <layout>

<checkout_onepage_index> <reference name="right">




Converting Browsers into Buyers

<block type="paybyfinance/selector" name="paybyfinance.selector" as="pbfselector" template="paybyfinance/selector.phtml"> </block> </reference> </checkout_onepage_index> </layout> ```

Note the actual XML could be different as different layout handles or section names might appear in a custom template. Regarding the layout handle or reference name, consult your trusted Magento developer.

Enterprise Idev OneStepCheckout

Configuring the module to work with OneStepCheckout requires two small changes to the code.

Add this block to the ./app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/onestepcheckout.xml layout xml here: <layout version="0.1.0">

<onestepcheckout_index_index> <reference name="content">

<block type="onestepcheckout/checkout" name="onestepcheckout.checkout" template="onestepcheckout/checkout.phtml">

<block type="paybyfinance/selector" name="paybyfinance.selector" as="pbfselector" template="paybyfinance/selector.phtml" />

</block> </reference>

</onestepcheckout_index_index> </layout>

Add this line of code where you would like the paybyfinance block to be displayed: <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('pbfselector'); ?>

For example, to have it below the payment method option you could add it between these two lines (approx line 185 at time of writing this instruction):

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('choose-payment-method'); ?> <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('pbfselector'); ?>




Converting Browsers into Buyers

Customising look and feel

Billing country message

The billing country message, by default is placed on the top of the Billing Information step on the checkout screen: > If you are paying by finance then goods MUST be delivered to your billing address. Products cannot be delivered outside of The UK.

To modify the position of this text, simply create a containing div tag anywhere in your template file, it's location by default is:


If the file does not exist, copy it from the base/default template and modify it in your shop's template. Add the following code anywhere:


<div id="paybyfinance-billing-country-message"></div> ```

Copy skin/frontend/base/default/js/paybyfinance/checkout.js to your template's skin folder to the below path: skin/frontend/{package}/{theme}/js/paybyfinance/checkout.js

And run a search and replace from: `$('co-billing-form')` to: `$('paybyfinance-billing-country-message')` Using vim this can be achieved with the following command:


:%s/\$('co-billing-form')/\$('paybyfinance-billing-country-message')/g ```




Converting Browsers into Buyers

Known Issues


Deposits can be for either a fixed amount, e.g. 25% or a range from 0-60%

The facility to enter a min/max deposit and specify what interval there should be would give eTailers more flexibility over the user experience.

Order Success Transactional email

When an order is placed Magento triggers the transactional email and then redirects the user to Pay By Finance at which point the application can fail or be abandoned.

If the application fails or is deferred, PBF will send a further email. The user experience would be enhanced if the order success transactional email made a comment that the order is placed and a separate email will be sent regarding the status of the finance application.

Discount Codes

When a discount code is applied the discount is taken off after the finance which means that the deposit can show as less than 10% if the 10% deposit is selected. A fix is being developed to apply the discount to the subtotal rather than to the total after finance.





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