Have you ever been to the Tillamook Forest Center?

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volume 10 • number 10


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A publication of Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Aloha, OR

Secure in His Love

Have you ever been to the

Tillamook Forest Center?

We stopped there about two years

ago as we were travelling the

Wilson River Highway down to

Tillamook. There are several

interesting displays about the

forests in the Northwest and

especially about the Tillamook

Burn. There were four forest fires

altogether between 1933 and

1951. I was thinking about the

Tillamook Burn as I saw the

smoke from more recent fires

color the sunset again.

I’m sure it is horrifying to be

surrounded by burning forest and

see the sky swirling with smoke,

embers and flames. It would

definitely be a “flight” rather than

“fight” moment for me.

How do

you see what’s going on when all

you can see is what’s surrounding

you? At the Tillamook Forest

Center, there’s a fire


tower you can climb and see the

forest. The tower gives you a

different point of view to see the


With all of the news about COVID

-19, the mounting death counts

and the on-going restrictions

and guidelines that have made

nearly every aspect of our lives

different and put us on edge,

maybe you feel like you’re in the

middle of the fire. All we can see

is the conflagration around

us. We need a tower we can







We’ve just finished our journey

through the Book of Psalms as

the basis for the daily devotions

I’ve been sending you.


psalms gave us a bit of God’s

Word each day as something of a

voice reminding us that, with

God, getting through whatever’s

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Bethlehem Lutheran

Church & Preschool

Phone: 503.649.3380 BLCfamily.org office@blcfamily.org

Scripture of the Month

Philippians 4:4


Youth & Children Worship & Music Preschool Dir.

Rev. Jeff Shearier Eric Oswald Kerry Bauer Laiva Hoffman

Bethlehem Mission Statement

“Building the family of God through


in front of us, is possible.

So, as we move forward let’s

continue to keep God’s Word as the

tower we can climb above the fires

and see things differently. Each

day, I will take a Scripture in which

our LORD speaks His assuring

words, “Do not fear” to our hearts.

I remember when I was young; I

shared a bedroom with my younger

brother. He wouldn’t go to sleep

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Secure in His Love


volume 10 • number 10

until I told him a story and I

couldn’t go to sleep until both my

mom and my dad poked their

heads into our room to say

good-night. My dad was the last one

because he’d walked around the

house, making sure all the doors

were locked and the house was

secure. I could rest hearing his

voice. Even if you don’t read the

devotion every day, listen to your

Father assure you that He has you

secure in His love.

October 4

Present Your Requests to God

(With an attitude of gratitude)

Philippians 4:4-8

James 5:13-16

Philippians 4:4-8

Matthew 14:22-33

October 11

The Peace of God Will Guard Your


(Even when nothing else can)

Philippians 4:4-8

2 Chronicles 20:1-15

Philippians 4:4-8

John 14:1-6

October 18

Meditate on These Things

(That God can help;

not on the size of the need)

Philippians 4:4-8

2 Kings 6:8-17

Philippians 4:4-8

Luke 10:38-42

October 25






Hello Bethlehem Family,

It has been recommended by the Administrative Council to make a

change to the by-laws that would modify the Treasurer position. This

change will allow the Treasurer-elect to have overlapping experience for

budgeting cycle prior. Here is the change to Bylaws:

Article 8 Section E of the by-laws. Changes are in red below.

Section E. Treasurer

The term of office of the Treasurer shall be for two years

and 3 months

beginning in odd numbered years.

The first 3 of the months of which, are

as a non-voting member of council as training time and to assist with the

following years budget planning

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about this.

We will have a Voter’s Meeting in November 2020 to discuss/vote on this,

provide updates of the current fiscal year and any changes based on the

Governor’s regulations on building usage.


Heather Cammack


She loves hanging out with her family and friends. In her spare time, she is writing a fantasy novel and volunteering at her local library. In the future, she hopes to work at a public library. Sarah is excited to share her love of books and crafts with our students.

Are you looking for a fun way to help the

preschool this year? Since we aren’t

going on field trips this year, we are planning on having our students pick

pumpkins at our “pumpkin patch” close

to the end of the month. If you would like to donate a pumpkin or more, please contact Mary. We are looking for 20 pumpkins. Please provide pumpkins that are not too big for a 3-4-year-old to carry (Sugar Pie Pumpkins usually work the best). Please bring pumpkins to the church or preschool no later than Friday, October 23rd. Thank you!

We have started our school year! I am happy to report that we have a full class which meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This year we have a hybrid

class of 3’s and 4’s. Some fun little stats for you: we have 15 girls and 5 boys; we have 7 families returning from last year; and we have 15 in our 4-year-old PreK class and 5 in the Preschool

3’s program. While I am teaching them together, I am keeping some projects

and activities strictly for the 3’s and strictly for the 4’s so that each child is

served to his or her needs.

Sarah Willhite joined us this month as my aide this year. Sarah and her family are members of our church. She was an active member of our Youth Group and graduated from high school in 2019. Here is a brief bio on Sarah for those of you who do not know her very well:

Sarah is working at the preschool while attending her second year of college.

Preschool News

Bethlehem Lutheran


503.649.3380 blpaloha.com blc..preschool@frontier.com

Forest Hills Lutheran

Christian School

503.359.4853 www.fhls.org info@fhlcs.org 4221 SW Golf Course Rd Cornelius, OR 97113


School News

Thank you to everyone for your prayers for the staff, students, and families of Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School! September was a month like no other. From starting with COVID restrictions, to engaging families in need due to the wildfires, to air quality issues, it seems like

we’ve dealt with it all! One thing

continues to ring true – God is

faithful, and He takes care of all our needs in Jesus!

September ended on an extremely high note as we were able to gather for a physically distanced outdoor chapel. We revealed our one word

theme to our students –this year, it’s

all about PEACE. What a great word

to dive into as we look to Jesus’

words in John 16 where He says that in this world we will have trouble, but take heart, HE has overcome the world! Throughout the year, we will

continually be reminding students that Jesus is our peace, and no matter what we face, our lives are secure in Him.

The year continues to move on, and it

feels like we’ve found our groove! The students and staff have all figured out the remote learning environment, and we cherish the two hour face to face cohorts when they happen. Any chance we have to gather is a blessing, and we thank God for each and every moment!

Please continue to keep us in prayer as we share Jesus and His love with all those in our community! Mike Schiemann. <><



Dear Bethlehem, First the bad news: it's been a rough year

f o r a l l o f

us. Mentally,

socially, physically- sickness, anxiety, fire, smoke, murder hornets, the list goes on and on. If you haven't had to deal with that then at the very least you've been more alone than you have in a while. Even introverts are thinking- yeah this is enough. Being alone is the first thing God found was wrong with earth. I have friends who have lost jobs, one on the brink of losing their marriage, another maybe losing their home. It stinks. We want someone to blame. We hurt for our friends and want to be there for them, but it's tough because we're hurting too. It's easy to lash out and hunt for a scapegoat and forget to be kind and as we discussed last Sunday, even harder to be gentle. It's easy to be angry. These words from James

remind us to slow our roll: “Let every

person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the

righteousness of God” James 1: 19-

20 Getting angry about the situation likely isn't going to help much. Getting angry at our friends and ourselves certainly won't help. I hope and pray that we find ways of being empathetic

at this time.

Now the good news: I'm aware of more weddings this summer than any I can recall before, and it seems like many are giving birth this fall, and just in the last month lots of engagements have happened. It's been a time for introspection. A time where we realize we may have more time than we realized. There's not as much that must be done right now. It will get done eventually. The technology likely won't work, but it will sometime and we've been better about giving each other grace about that reality. It's been time for longer and deeper prayers and larger reliance on God. Simple joys like good food and taking time for a phone call with a friend matter more than they did before. It's a time for re-prioritizing life. What matters most? Family and faith have become a higher part of my list. The danger is that perhaps workaholism has taken over the void. But as we slowly come out of this or at the very least make a new normal, we can say what are those things I've missed? What do I need to let go of that I was doing before? The most obvious blessing is we've learned to be thankful for that we took for granted before- blue sky means so much more now than it did a few weeks ago. Time with friends, concerts, talking with strangers, going to the

Rest in Him

Youth & Children’s Ministry


volume 10 • number 10

Youth & Children


Each Sunday night from 5:30-7:30

we believe there will be a youth


likely zoom but we’re

hoping for at least one in

September to be up at church. Be


p a r t

b y

e - m a i l i n g



For 7th and 8th graders we do have a confirmation class on zoom starting in October at


Eric is doing children's sermons with kids each week! Let him know if you want him to film your kids or grandkids! There's also a lesson e-mailed out each week that you can do that ties in with the theme of each week. We're hoping by next month to have a Sunday School zoom class as well- look for details on that to come! If you'd like to be on the e-mail

l i s t e - m a i l E r i c a t


9:45 am. We do have a confirmation rite coming up on October 25 for those who finished up confirmation class last year most of whom are now in 9th grade so look for that as part of our

r e f o r m a t i o n d a y f u n !


High School Bible study:

Kelly Hjelmeland and Matt Boelter will be leading a high school Zoom Bible study at 10am on Sundays as

well. Contact hjelmelands@gmail.co

m to get on the list to be a part!

library, going to the game, going to parties, all are little joys that I miss and am thankful I got to do for a long time before this and pray for the time they will come again. I think the bad news of this year is well known. Share with me what has been the good news for you.

Where is Jesus in all of this? Well He's with us so we're never really alone. He's the one who gives us all time and entered time to be with us. He's the one who tells us not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough worries of its own. I have problems right now if I think about my plans for the next year or four months, but if I think about today and yesterday and how Jesus has gotten me through that - I'm pretty confident Jesus will get me through tomorrow. He reminds me not to lay the blame on others. I am to blame for my sin and sin in general is what has brought all this suffering on earth not just in 2020 but all time and Jesus doesn't want us to suffer. He

has suffered for me

and taken my

ultimate suffering away. He's here

and He gives us love and hope and

will always be our good news!

God bless,

Eric Oswald DCE



We will continue to have Holy Communion

on Wednesdays & Thursdays by appointment.

Please email or call to make an appointment:

office@blcfamily.org pastor@blcfamily.org


Church Services resume in sanctuary

Every Sunday

8:30 am

In the Sanctuary

50 people maximum



volume 10 • number 10

Do you need help with anything?

(Shopping, etc?)

Contact the office and we will do our best to find help.

Update on Set Free Campaign

What an interesting time 2020 has been so far. When we started this Set Free Campaign, no one could have imagined the things that would unfold in our world. Yet, Bethlehem continues to be blessed, and our members bless us in their gifts of time, talents and treasures. As you may recall, we paid off the second mortgage in June which was a bit ahead of what we anticipated when the year began. In fact, as of late September we have received 32% of the pledges for the three year campaign. That is a testament to the faithful giving of all of you!

The Follow Up Committee (Heather Cammack - chair, Dave Dubberke, and Mark Temme) has been considering how best to share the details with you. Dave did a great job creating this graph showing the many facets of the funds. We will update this graph each quarter and thought we would provide the first look now. With all the uncertainty of 2020, we did not know what to expect, but God did. He has a great plan for us as we continue through these days that seems strange to us. He has been faithful to us, and we respond by following His direction. Thank you so much for your continued contributions to this campaign and the general fund. We look forward to sharing these details with you each quarter and celebrate the opportunities that this affords us for current and future ministry.



For more information on this event, please contact Ivan & Lesley Weichbrodt.

To help those affected by the forest fires, Bethlehem LWML and quilters have

agreed to donate some of the quilts they have made. My friend, Loretta Tucker,

is a certified Chaplain and lives in the Lyons and Detroit area. She is very

thankful for the donation and has agreed to give them to those in need. She,

also, explained there is a need for tarps to help insulate trailers and motor

homes this winter, vegetable and flower seeds/ bulbs to plant next spring and

cat and dog food for senior citizens’ pets.

Donations are to be placed in the Sonrise Room. Please have all donations to

the church by

October 7th

no later than

11:00 am

. At that time, Loretta will

load and transport all donated items in her Honda Pilot.

Loretta is very grateful that members of Bethlehem are willing to help.

La Vonne Hovland


Turn this page in to the office for a sweet treat!



volume 10 • number 10



Oct 10 Harvey and Ann Kempema (60)

Oct 19 Adam and Natalie St. Clair (1)

Oct 20 Kerry and Ruth White (47)

Oct 1 Patty Hornback

Oct 2 Roger Lindquist

Oct 4 Grady Dippon

Oct 7 Linda Kisly

Oct 7 Hank Modro

Oct 9 Deedee Heyne

Oct 11 Shelly Allen

Oct 11 Elaine Baker

Oct 11 Jarrett Bernhardt

Oct 11 Lil Harn

Oct 12 Jim Pierce

Oct 13 Linda Molholm

Oct 13 Jeffrey Shearier

Oct 15 Jaymin Bernhardt

Oct 15 Melody Chang

Oct 17 Brenda Zenger

Oct 19 Valorie Laws

Oct 19 Violet Stiteler

Oct 21 Dennis Fredrick

Oct 21 Mike Schiemann

Oct 22 Rachel Meier

Oct 23 Roger Dietz

Oct 24 Emma Healy

Oct 24 Tyler Schiemann

Oct 26 Joanna Stiteler

Oct 27 Lisa Koping

Oct 27 Abby Loseke

Oct 28 Dave Braem

Oct 28 Daniel Loseke

Oct 29 Greg Starts

Oct 30 Kevin Krahel




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volume 10 • number 10

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